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  • 1. FROM THE CHANCELLORCheck out new building progressThese days, one of the most interesting views of theUniversity of Nebraska at Kearney is through the largenorth window in my office in Founders Hall. As I movethrough my daily schedule of appointments, I often glancethrough that window to catch a glimpse of the progressthat is being made on UNKs new residence halls.Construction teams conspire with all manner and sizes ofmachinery, and daily developments are not difficult tochart. When you have a spare minute, I think you mightenjoy checking it out for yourself on UNKs "Web Cam"at refreshing result of the construction is the num-ber of students that detour past that same large window You’ll getin my office. They file by singly and in groups, books and orbags (and cell phones) in hand, heading to and from class- Never or other commitments. Approximately 400 of them Kearwill take a giant step forward on Friday, December 15, as Chancellor Kristensenthey receive their diplomas at UNKs WinterCommencement. As they reach this milestone, there isno doubt that you, as alumni, have played a tremendous INSIDE THIS ISSUErole in their success - through the legacy you have left,your past and present accomplishments, and your gener- 2 VIC’S CORN POPPER In 1980 when he was teaching in Omaha, Vicous support of your university. Especially at this time of Larson and his wife, Ruth, started a popcorn busi- ness for added income. The result is a product thatyear, it is appropriate for all of us, students, faculty and is now available nationally.staff, to say "thank you!" We couldnt do it without you. 10 HOMECOMING HIGHLIGHTS A week of activities featured events for alumni, students and friends at Homecoming 2006.On behalf of your friends and colleagues at UNK, I wishyou a safe, joyous, and relatively stress free holiday season. 13 NATIONAL TChampionships in wrestling and NCAA National OURNAMENTS AT UNKAnd as you make your New Years resolutions for 2007, I womens basketball will be contested in the UNKhope you will include your alma mater on your list: stay Health and Sports Center in March.engaged, visit often, share our good news whenever andwherever possible. 1 Larry Edwards RESIDENT, BOARD is the 4 ALUMNI P 64 of Fort Collins, Colorado, new president of the Alumni Association.My best regards! Go Lopers!Sincerely, ON THE COVER PRIDE OF THE PLAINS MARCHING BAND Flag squad member senior Adrienne Olin of Paonia, Colorado, helps put Blue and Gold spirit into the Homecoming celebration. Under the direction of Dr. GaryDouglas A. Kristensen Davis and Dr. Neal Schnoor, the marching band plays a key role in creating enthusiasm with performances at parades andChancellor sporting events. Photo by UNK senior Stephanie Fielder.UNK Today l Winter 2006
  • 2. 3 Top FEATURE + Dr. Gary Pederson: Docs D Optometrist of + the Year r. Gary Pedersen of Grand Island was named the Nebraska Optometric Associations Optometrist of the Year in October. The honor goes to the member who has contributed time and talent in the most out- Dr. Brian Buhlke: Young Physician of the Year standing manner forA the better- Dr. Brian Buhlke D.O. Retrieval medical director at Genoa ment of the 93 of Central City has System for Community Hospital. v i s u a l been chosen as the his heroic While at UNK, Dr. Buhlke health andNebraska Medical Association efforts in an was the recipient of the Award welfare ofYoung Physician of the Year. organ pro- of Academic Excellence from Dr. Gary the public Dr. Buhlkes nominator curement the College of Natural and Pedersen and to thedescribed him as "selfless and during a Social Sciences and the profession.dedicated to the field of medi- Nebraska Department of Biology. He was Dr. Pedersen grew up incine." He is currently a UNMC ice storm. also chosen for membership in Franklin and attended Kearneypreceptor, who gives talks to the Dr. Brian His efforts Mortar Board for his academic State College from 1971 tocommunity and school on a reg- Buhlke were pub- achievements and social 1974 before entering theular basis. He writes a biweekly lished in involvement. Illinois College of Optometryarticle in the local paper, "Nebraska He recognizes Dr. Doug in Chicago. He graduated"Healthful Living," on topics Medicine, a gift of life." Lund and Dr. Brad Ericson for magna cum laude in 1978.that the community selects. Dr. Buhlke attended the Des their mentorship. Dr. Pedersen was an associ- He is the medical director for Moines Medical University and Dr. Buhlke, who lives in ate for two years in Northfive EMS services representing completed residency at the Central City with his wife Amy Platte before he purchased athree Nebraska counties. He was University of Iowa, Mason City, Fries 95 and their two children, practice in Grand Island inrecipient of the Health and graduating as chief resident. is dedicating the honor to his 1980. He has worked sinceHuman Services Medical family for their unwavering sup- 1986 in a group practice nowDirector of the Year in 2004. Dr. IN 2002, he returned to port. His parents, Don and Judy, known as EyecareBuhlke volunteers regularly at Nebraska and joined Lone Tree live in Kearney. Professionals of Grand Island.the Third City Clinic in Grand Medical Associates in Central "Everything in medicine He has been a member ofIsland, a United Way Clinic for City. In 2003, he joined Park requires your familys support the Nebraska Optometricindigent patients. Street Medical Clinic in Genoa. and consideration. Often times, Association board of directors In 2005, Dr. Buhlke was rec- He is chief of staff at Litzenberg its your family who gets neg- and has headed the Volunteerognized by Nebraska Organ Memorial County Hospital and lected in the end," he said. Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH) organiza- tion in Nebraska for 17 years. Dr. David Demuth: Family Physician of the Year He has taken more than 17 VOSH trips to more than sevenD countries. r. David Demuth of N a v y Demuth. He received the Rotary Club York has been selected b e f o r e "Patients think the world of Distinguished Service Award as Nebraskas Family moving to him. We have gotten letters from for 1992-93 and the SertomaPhysician of the Year by the York where people who are not even his Service to Mankind Award forNebraska Academy of Family he has prac- patients," she said. 1994-95. Nationally, Dr.Physicians. ticed medi- Pedersen received the 1996 cine for 26 ONE OF his patients, Helen National Head Start ORIGINALLY from rural years. Grosshans, who nominated him, Humanitarian Award.Staplehurst, Dr. Demuth did pre- Marcia said she recalled a time whenmedicine at Kearney State Dr. David DeRoin, her husband, Don, nowCollege from 1968 to 1971 Demuth executive deceased, needed medical care.before graduating from UNMC vice presi- "He came over after he wasin 1975. He then went to Waco, dent of the through with his rounds at theTexas, for a three-year family Academy of Family Physicians, hospital that night. It must havepractice residency program and said the organization received been 9:30 p.m. He didnt evenserved two years in the U.S. many letters praising Dr. charge us one penny." Winter 2006 l UNK Today l 1
  • 3. FEATURE PI g is POP NG UP pos rythin itiv ve ef E or College years but large enough to provide a full college experience.propelled Larson "Several of my life-longto success in friends were the result of living in the dorm and being in theeducation and Sigma Upsilon Nu (Theta Xi)business fraternity. You might say we grew up together since we were By Jim Rundstrom living away from home for the first time and had to depend on Editor each other to get through all theN ationally-distributed stupid things we did." and a household name, Larson said that almost with- Vics Corn Popper was out exception, his professorsnothing more than an idea for a were people oriented who trulysecond income when Omaha cared about their students.educator Vic Larson 65 and his "My freshman English profes-wife, Ruth, started the business sor was Mrs. (Miriam) Drake,in 1980. MOM AND ‘POP’ SHOP: Vic Larson ’65 and his wife, Ruth started who had taught my mother in the At the time, the Larsons had Vic’s Corn Popper in 1980 to supplement their teaching income. 1930s. She had remembered mystarted a family and were looking mom and frequently asked aboutto help with their expenses. "It her which really made me feelwas tough making it on a offered a product that a lot of In 1990, Larson got a call like she cared."teachers salary," he said. people seemed to want and we from Scoular. "They wanted to Dr. Floyd Krubeck was chair- Larson approached the Korn built a reputation of providing a know the history of how Vics man of the Vocational EducationPopper, a Lincoln business that consistent high quality popcorn started. I met with them and a Department and one of Larsonshe had fond memories of while product. Our business grew and day or so later they called and most influential teachers.growing up in the Capital City. grew, primarily by word of told me they would like to get me "He always had time for me"We always stopped there," he mouth. Being first in this type of back into the business," he said. when I needed to talk with some-said. "They had the best popcorn business was important, too," The result is Larson now has one about school, my future as aanywhere. Larson said. three Omaha stores. teacher and life in general. The Korn Popper agreed to Vics Corn Popper grew to the Although not active in the Through the years I have thoughthelp start Vics Corn Popper in a point that in 1984, Larson said stores on a daily basis, "I do pay about Dr. Krubeck many times."small hole-in-the-wall" location they needed to make a decision the bills so I know whats going One conversation with 50th and Leavenworth Streets whether to go full time or sell. on. I really enjoy hanging Krubeck has stuck with mein Omaha. "We decided to accept an offer around the stores to talk with throughout my career in educa- "We made 15 bucks the first from several investors, remain as many of our customers who have tion and business experience. Heday; $250 the first month," a part owner and allow them to been regulars for many years. It told me that people learn byLarson said. "But by the end of grow the business. A year later boosts my ego when they tell me doing and that is why so manymonth three, the store was turn- we got out of the business com- we have the best popcorn any- students of all learning levels doing a profit." pletely and concentrated on our where. In fact, I get emails at well in vocational classes. I have Hybrid white popcorn was the family and my full-time employ- least once a week from all over tried to apply that when I was inkey, Larson said. Ninety-five ment with the Omaha Public the United States telling me how the classroom and when workingpercent of popcorn sold at the Schools." good our popcorn is. Those posi- with employees in our stores."time was yellow. Their intent was Larson, who has a masters tive comments and our great Larson said many of the skillsto introduce gourmet white pop- degree from UNO and a doctor employees are two of the main learned in education have beencorn in selected flavors and other of education degree from UNL, reasons that I enjoy owning the applied to running Vics Cornspecialty items. The popping spent 31 years with Omaha business and plan to continue for Popper business.method chosen was to use pure Public Schools, including 27 some time." "Being well organized, treat-corn oil and flour salt so that as years as an administrator in the Larson said his years as a stu- ing all people with respect, moti-kernels exploded in the kettle, the vocational office. dent at Kearney State and his vating people to be the best theydesired flavor would coat the However, he never strayed far years as a professional educator can be, having a positive outlook,entire piece. from his Vics Corn Popper roots. helped with his Vics Corn and of course, working hard are During the next four years, the The Scoular Grain Company, Popper career. just a few characteristics thatLarsons added two more stores a world-wide agricultural mar- "My college experience at transcend education and runningand several satellite sites. "Its keting company headquartered in KSC was probably my most a business."one of those things that just grew Omaha, assumed control of Vics memorable and enjoyable life To get in contacton its own so to speak. We in the late 1980s and expanded experience outside my family. It with Larson, go to the distribution throughout the was a perfect fit for me - small www.vicspopcornomaha.com2 l UNK Today l Winter 2006 country. enough to not be overwhelming
  • 4. FEATUREDr. H ertner ’94 ays on track the other before theyve gone the st professional 4000 meter dis- tance, the race ends immediate- ly. Otherwise, it goes the full distance. Team Pursuit - this 4000 By Jim Rundstrom meter race is similar to the Editor Individual Pursuit except it involves two teams of ridersW hen Dr. George instead of two individuals. Hertner 94 was look- There are four men on each ing for a home after team, and they ride in a singlemedical school, he found it in file pace line. Each of the fourColorado Springs. riders takes a turn at the front, He had graduated from changing the lead every lap orUNMC in 1998 and finished a every half lap. The front riderresidency at the University of swings up the tracks banking,South Carolina. A job offer from letting his teammates pass, andColorado Springs Memorial then drops back down to catchHospital in the Department of on the back of the line. OnlyEmergency Medicine as well as CYCLING: Dr. George three of the four riders need tothe Department of Hyperbaric Hertner credits riding in the go the full distance because theMedicine fit his medical inter- Bike Bowl in college for his new teams total time is taken as theests. Although he grew up in passion of velodrome racing. third rider crosses the line.Kearney where his father, Dr. Mass Start Races - these areJohn Hertner, is a professor of like strategy pumped up with as well as at the Olympic much more common especiallybiology and chairman of the fast action and adrenaline. The Training Center. He finished this in Colorado. These includedepartment, he was born in crowds and the announcers with year ranked third among all rid- Keirin races, in which ridersColorado Springs. blazing music are inspiring." ers by the Colorado Velodrome jockey for position behind a sin- "I have great friends from It hasnt taken Dr. Hertner Association. In contrast to many gle motorbike used to pace theKearney and the Sig Tau house long to make his mark. riders, he said sometimes he riders, most closely resembleshere, family in Denver, and I He recently competed in competes in races where he is the old Roller Derby with riderslove the mountains and activi- Manchester, England, at the the only person with a real job. jostling and jabbing each otherties in the area," he said. "I World Championships against Dr. Hertner said his most with elbows to get into thecouldnt pass it up." more than 400 of the worlds common races include: sweet spot behind the motorcy- Those activities now concern best track cyclists from 22 coun- Individual Pursuit - two rid- cle. Then, just before the lastvelodrome bicycle racing where tries. He raced in two different ers start on opposite sides of the lap, the motorbike pulls off thehe rides for Excel Cycling after events but saved his best per- track and chase each other for a track, and the riders sprintturning pro two years ago. formance for the Muratti Cup given distance. If one catches madly to the line. "I first became interested in where he finished as the Bronzebicycle racing somewhat in col- When not cycling . . . Medalist.lege. I raced mountain bikes and The Muratti Cup race hasparticipated in the Bike Bowl," been contested since 1899 and ishe said. However, during med- known as the race of champions. Dr. George Hertner has spent pher for the exhibit as well. I alsoical school and residency, there It is a scratch race with riders part of the past two winters in the participated in an archeological dig inwas little time for exercise, let starting at the same time. Like a Amazon with a group of researchers central Brazil, the results of whichalone competition. running event, the riders all from National Geographic and the should be published soon,” he said. That all changed when cover the same distance, with Smithsonian. Last year, Dr. Hertner was thefriends introduced him to track the winner being the first rider The Miami Museum of Science in physician taking care of Lancecycling at the velodrome. Dr. to cross the finish line at the end conjunction with researchers from Armstrong during the Tour of Hope,Hertner said this brought back of that distance. National Geographic, Smithsonian a nine-day bicycle ride acrosswhat he was missing since col- and the Denver Museum of Natural America held each year to raiselege track and field where he DR. HERTNER said that History worked to develop an awareness for cancer research. Dr.was a middle distance runner for although speed is important, tac- exhibit called "Amazon Voyage: Hertner provided the medical sup-the Lopers. tics and teamwork are equally Vicious Fishes and other Riches." port for Lance Armstrong and oth- He said racing at the track vital. Groups of riders often take This project is now a traveling exhib- ers including a group of people try-has all the great parts of a bike it, recently on display at the ing to raise awareness for cancer an early lead, then work togeth- Smithsonian, which focuses on the research as they road bicycles fromrace - attacks, sprints, break-a- er to increase it while their team- "perils" of the Amazon such as ana- San Diego to Washington D.C. Hisways, team work and fast finish- mates try to block and slow condas, as well as, discussing biodi- interest in doing this stems from hises. "All of this racing is done in down the rest of the field. versity and the culture of central passion for bicycles and he is a can-a very fan-friendly environment "On a small track, the leaders Brazil. “My contribution was focused cer survivor after being diagnosedwhere you can watch the entire may gain an entire lap on the on providing medical care and a and treated for melanoma in 1997.race. This is different from any other riders and then join in with spare hand in specimen collection "So, there shouldnt be any short-other form of cycling. It is very the main group again." which got pretty interesting when age of things to do in the neardifferent from watching run- Now in his fourth season of we were capturing large caiman, future," Dr. Hertner said.ning, too. Cycling on the track is track racing, Dr. Hertner trains snakes and swimming with the pira-more of a combination of chess- in and around Colorado Springs nhas. I was a contributing photogra- Winter 2006 l UNK Today l 3
  • 5. FEATURE Fire nearlydestroyedrenovationplansW hen a group of investors, that includ- ed six UNK alumni,were three days into gutting andrenovating a building in the OldMarket area of Omaha in 2004,their project nearly went up insmoke. A welders torch set thebuilding ablaze and collapsed allthree floors and the roof, leavingonly the exterior brick. Plans for the brewpub restau-rant didnt look promising. After long discussions withthe City of Omaha, insurancecompanies, building contractors,historical societies and others, PHI DELTA THETA: Nearly 70 Phi Delta Theta fraternity alumni attended a reunion at Jobbers Canyonthe decision to rebuild was made Restaurant and Brewery in the Old Market district in Omaha in November.The restaurant is owned by sixand Jobbers Canyon UNK alumni, four of whom are Phi Delta alumni. Rob Pugsley said this was their first event in several yearsRestaurant and Brewery started and the fraternity is working to contact others for additional events. Their website is www.phideltatheta-taking shape, according to Rob ’98, one of the UNKalumni investors. 1804 journal as "a proper place Fruits, vegetables and food- along the cobbled brick streets, Rob, along with UNK alumni for a trading establishment and stuffs lined the cobbled streets explore the buildings and hearCharley ’94 and Melody Snyder fortification . . . the soil well along 11th and Howard Streets, from the locals how the OldPugsley ’93, Ryan ’96 and adapted for brick." the site of the current restaurant. Market contributed to the latterBecky ’96 Wiens Bertucci, Joel Whether it was wagon trains, This was an area in which decades of the 19th century.Staehr ’98 and others forged steamboats or railroads crossing many of the citys largest and Today, the restored buildingahead with their project. through the area, Omaha most notable wholesale busi- has three floors - a first floor thatJobbers Canyon opened in became a magnet for the mid- nesses built their ultimate ware- consists of a quaint bar and din-October 2005. The brewpub western growth and prosperity. house structures in the early ing area, a second floor thatbecame an instant hit and was The first mercantile and 20th century. The area, listed as showcases five stainless steelrecently voted "Omahas Best warehouse center to be estab- a National Historic District, con- brewing tanks which serve asNew Restaurant" by the Omaha lished in Omaha was called tained 27 warehouse-style build- the back drop to a beautiful 20publication, The Reader. "Jobbers Canyon" also known ings. The name refers to the job- seat bar, and a third floor that The name "Jobbers Canyon" as "The Old Market." Even the bers who worked in the ware- can accommodate 200 peoplehas a rich history in the Old hand crafted micro brews carry houses and the canyon-like for diverse gatherings. The thirdMarket District, dating to 1804. the names of colorful characters effect the buildings created. floor, called the Loft, also has a Captain William Clark from Omahas past, like The restoration of the Old view of the Old Market. Thedescribed the Omaha area in his Underworld Anna Unfiltered Market District today preserves restaurant also operates a thriv- Wheat, Doc Brown Ale and its noteworthy place in time, ing catering business for off-site4 l UNK Today l Winter 2006 Fatty Flynn Stout. Rob said. "You can still stroll events, small or large.
  • 6. vina: recruiting challengesTraslaFaces new FEATURER ecruiting students is porate internship program." a total enrollment of 500 when similar to what St. Peter Claver nothing new for Andres Traslavina said the corporate all four high school classes are will have - shirts and ties for Traslavina 01, MSE05. community has been supportive filled. Even though the school is young men, dress blouses andAfter earning his bachelors of the concept, he said. They part of the Archdioceses of the skirts or slacks for women," hedegree he spent five years work- understand the opportunity stu- Omaha Catholic School net- for the admissions office dents will have to enhance their work, students will be recruited Traslavina said Cristo Rey ispromoting UNK. education by acquiring work from various faiths and not for everyone, but it is for Now he has a new challenge. experience and knowledge of diverse backgrounds. students who qualify for free Traslavina is director of the corporate world. "Cristo Rey or reduced-price lunch pro-admissions/marketing, responsi- The Cristo Rey school con- brings back memo- grams and who want a quali-ble for recruiting freshmen for a cept was begun in Chicago in ries of my own ty, college prep Catholic High School in 1996. Since then it has expanded youth back in "We are looking for youngOmaha that will open next fall. to 12 other cities across the Bogota, Colombia, people with passionateThe school, St. Peter Claver country. where standards desire to make the most ofCristo Rey, is a college-prep "With nationwide drop out were high, academ- themselves for their ownschool, designed for students rates high, models such as the ics were rigorous sake, for the sakefrom low-income families. one Cristo Rey offers can serve and preparing of their par- Traslavina said it is the only as a safety net for students who to attend col- ents andschool in Nebraska of its kind would, in other circumstances, lege was the families,because it will feature a work- get involved in drugs, gangs, only option. and for thestudy approach. underage drinking and other dis- We had a sake of the "The school is unique in that tracting activities taking dress code communi-students will hold entry-level them away from pursuing m u c h ty whereclerical jobs off campus to cover their education," he t h e ymost of their tuition," he said. said. live.”"They will spend four days a Located in southweek in class and one day at Omaha, St. Peterwork through the schools cor- Claver Cristo Rey will haveM a r k S e i e rOutstanding National Biology Teacher for 2006M ark Seiers 75, County, crosses Madison MSE82 students only County and Platte County and need to walk out their ends in Colfax County. Thefront doors to see the impor- creeks north and south branchestance of what they are learning converge northwest of Newmanin his biology classes. Grove and run through Lindsay, "The kids find a real value in Platte Center, Columbus andresearch that gets them out in Schuyler before emptying intothe real world," said Seier, a 32- the Platte River.year Newman Grove Schools Seiers students take waterteacher who has been named samples and observe the water,Outstanding Biology Teacher vegetation and animal life in thefor 2006 by the National waterway. A variety of tests,Biology Association of Biology such as measuring pH, nitrogenTeachers. and phosphate levels and turbid- For the past four years, a ity, are performed with the datasmall group of Seiers students collected turned over to thehave been doing research on watershed group and NRD.Shell Creek for the Shell Creek Over time, the data collectedWatershed Improvement Group. on the creek should begin toThe group is a branch of the reveal trends that will promoteWahoo-based Lower Platte better conservation practices,North Natural Resources Seier said. "The watershed proj-District. Students have spent ect allows students to see real- was Kearney State College. HONORED: Dr. Mark Seiersummers doing research to world applications for their "Ive been able to develop a (right) was honored at astudy water quality in the creek. classroom learning." good biology program with the Homecoming reception by Dr. The watershed drains a 465 Seier has taught biology and help of excellent support from Ed Scantling Dean of the Collegesquare mile area, nearly 300,000 chemistry at Newman Grove the school, parents and commu- of Education.acres, and begins in Boone since graduating from what then nity," Seier said. Winter 2006 l UNK Today l 5
  • 7. ALUMNI NEWS Alumni Association goes international u o o o e o nament organizers Ken Vergith awarded to Texas students who BAHAMAS and Dave Slagle said the groups goal is to endow the scholarship V attend UNK. This years recipi- ents are Tervel Dlagnev andB TEXAS ahamian alumni gath- at $5,000 as soon as possible. Chance Hartman. Dlagnev is ered in Freeport in Gifts to that fund may be sent to from Arlington High School. He November to become the UNK Alumni Association. is a biology major and wasthe first group to have an event Make checks to the NU North Texas alumni gathered national runner-up as a heavy-outside the United States. Foundation, earmarked to for lunch in November. Nearly weight wrestler last spring. Vice chancellor Finnie Lincoln Loper Scholarship 30 attended the event at Dave Hartman is a theatre major fromMurray, international education Fund. and Busters organized by board Round Rock High School.director Jerry Fox and alumni They also announced that the members Mary Howington and Anyone interested in makingdirector Jim Rundstrom shared date for the third Lincoln Loper Candy Fernau. a gift to the scholarship fund cannews from UNK with more than golf scramble will be Sunday, One highlight of the pro- do so by sending a check,30 attendees. The event was September 16, at the Yankee gram was a report by Joe payable to the NU Foundationorganized by Cecilia Bodie, who Hill Country Club. The Lincoln Davenport that the Texas and earmarked for Texaswas elected first president of the Lopers will also host an evening Alumni Scholarship had reached Scholarship, to PO Box 2678,Bahamian Alumni Association. of Sousa music on Thursday, $11,500. The scholarship is Kearney, NE 68848-2678.Crystal Cooper served as master February 15. That event is alsoof ceremonies for the evening. open to alumni and friends.The dinner program also includ- Upcoming Eventsed a welcome from Kayla Sat, Feb 3: Southern California AlumniBullard, prayer from TennilleSmith, Bahamian pledge led by Ft. Collins, Luncheon in Buena ParkShorn Malcolm and raffle ofUNK items by Latoya Smith. COLORADO Sun, Feb 4: Phoenix, Arizona, Alumni Luncheon Mon, Feb 5: Tucson, Arizona, Alumni SocialAlso assisting with the eventwas Gia Stubbs-Minns. Nearly 30 alumni and friends Thurs, Feb 8: Sousa Band Alumni Social - Omaha attended an after-work social in Thurs, Feb 15: Sousa Band Alumni Social - Lincoln Fort Collins in October. Organized by past president Sat, Feb 17: Northwest Alumni Luncheon Portland Sun, Feb 18: Northern California Alumni Luncheon Lincoln Tom Smith, current alumni pres- ident Larry Edwards of Fort - Bay Area LOPERS Collins and board member Larry Feather of Grand Junction, the Thurs-Fri, May 3-4: Golden Anniversary event was the first in Fort Celebration, Class of 1957 Sixteen foursomes participat- Collins.ed in the second Lincoln Lopergolf scramble in September.Proceeds from the golf and the BAHAMAS: Dr. Timothy Williams, Ceeney Russell-Butcher, Cassandra Albury, Kayla Bullard, Latoyaraffle generated $1,600 to begin Smith, Quistal Stubbs-Cooper and Cecilia Bodie helped make the first alumni gathering outside thea scholarship with the NU United State a big success. Director of International Education Jerry Fox (back) is also pictured.Foundation. That scholarshipwill go to a graduate of aLincoln high school. Golf tour-BAHAMAS: Kelly Albury,Kiera Ramsey, Gayety Williams-Robinson and Kayla Bullardattended the alumni dinner inFreeport.6 l UNK Today l Winter 2006
  • 8. ALUMNI NEWSFORT COLLINS: Tom and Carol Ballain socialize with Denny FORT COLLINS: Carrie Sears and Thomas Tweedy enjoy theRenter at the Fort Collins alumni cocktail party. welcoming atmosphere of an alumni gathering.LOPER CUP: Undergraduate golfers defeated the alumni inthe 8th annual Loper Cup, a competi-tion played with a format similarto the Ryder Cup.Undergraduate golfers NickHodge and Nick Swaneyare on either side ofcoach Dick Beechner.Alumni players C.J.Farber of Kearney andDr. Steve Samuelson ofFremont are on theright. LINCOLN GOLF: Mick McConkey, Rick Kort, Chuck Bacus, Dick Dworak celebrate their victory at the Lincoln Loper golf gath- ering in September. NORTH TEXANS: Joe Davenport, Dave Walker, Sharon Finn, Lucas Dart, Ken Nickman and Nancy Lloyd enjoy conversation and reminiscing about Kearney at Dave and Busters.NORTH TEXANS: Sue andBarry Samsula visit with FrancisOsentowski at a Dallas luncheon. Winter 2006 l UNK Today l 7
  • 9. CAMPUS NEWS UNK ranking improves GOLD TORCH: U NK is again ranked as one of the top col- Lighting the path of opportunity leges in a 12 state region, according to U.S.W News and hat do alumni women W o r l d and UNK undergrad- Reports uate women have in "Americascommon? They can learn a lot B e s tfrom each other. Colleges The Gold Torch Society met a n n u a lin September at the UNK ranking.Alumni House for its seventh U N Kannual meeting. placed 18th Sponsored by the UNK among pub-Alumni Association, The Gold lic universities and 65 overallTorch Society provides 25 in a region that includeswomen alumni the opportunity Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,to return to campus and share a Kansas, Michigan Minnesota,weekend of networking, motiva- Missouri, North Dakota, Southtional activities and special Dakota and with a select group of 25 The universitys freshmanUNK undergraduate women. GOLDEN ADVICE: Maureen Nickels ’74, Jacqueline Hubl, soph- retention rate of 83 percent is omore from Nebraska City and Barbara Ann Schroeder ’74 formed higher than any of its tradition- "THE SOCIETYS alumni al peer group campuses.members are vibrant, successful an invaluable bond during The Gold Torch Society Retreat weekend Smaller class sizes and lowwomen from a variety of back- in September at the Alumni House. student-to-faculty ratio of 17-1grounds including finance, edu- were major factors contribut-cation, mangement and astrono- members are: Maureen Nickels Zimmer 91 from Kearney. ing to the," said Jim Rundstrom, exec- 74 from Chapman; Tammie Lexie Hollertz 00 from The magazine ranked moreutive director of the UNK Blaha 84, Dr. Kimberly Carlson Lincoln; Brenda Snodgrass than 1,400 colleges and uni-Alumni Association. "The rela- 92, Denise Christensen 80, Christensen 83 from Minden; versities in various categoriestionships formed will be invalu- Krista Sheldon Fritson 88, and Norma Deeb 70, Barbara on academic reputation, gradu-able because of the Gold Torch Tammy Hayden 90. Schroeder 74 and Jeanette ation and retention rates, facul-Society." Lee Ann Hogins 82, Dee Keller Wojtalewicz 84 from ty resources, student selectivi- Alumni are nominated for a Dee Schutte Kitzleman 90, Julie Omaha; Tiffanie Welte Gauchat ty, financial resources andthree-year membership in the Slaughter Larsen 77, Kimberly 92 from Papillion; Jennifer L. alumni giving.society. Student membership is M. Ziola Oliphant 89, Marsha Johnson 94 from Atlanta,for one year and is by applica- Rodehorst Wilkerson 90, Sandy Georgia; Alison Peck 94 fromtion only. Rosse 93, Catherine Luebbe Hilo, Hawaii; and Holly Nikels UNK alumni Gold Torch Sanchez 99 and Renae Riddle 93 from Bettendorf, Iowa. Family of the Year T he 2006 Family of theFall enrollment reaches 6,468 Year, chosen on Family Day during the fall, has deep ties to UNK. TheF all enrollment increased giving a hint of future direction, all 93 counties in Nebraska. award went to the family of to 6,468, its highest head- not only for UNK but for public On-campus enrollment is Justine Derr, daughter of Bob count since 2000. The fig- higher education in Nebraska down, though these numbers, 80 and Judy Derr of Kearney.ure represented a 0.4 percent and the region. especially undergraduate, are In addition to Justine, aincrease from last year. Graduate headcount is up sig- expected to increase with the junior majoring in family Chancellor Doug Kristensen nificantly, 12 percent. This years completion of three new resi- studies and social work, oldercharacterized the fall numbers level is the highest since 1996. dence halls in the next two years. sister Jenna is also a UNK stu-as "encouraging in this tough The trend is being fueled by an Chancellor Kristensen said, dent. Both are members of thecompetitive environment, espe- increase of 34.2 percent in off- "The numbers also indicate to us Sapphires Dance Team. Jennacially with the continuing campus, online graduate students, areas where we need to reapply is a biology major who plansdecline in numbers of high achieving an all-time record our energy in telling UNKs to graduate in May and attendschool students in Nebraska. enrollment in this category. great story of the high quality medical school.Just to be holding our own, Ethnic representation is at an scholarship of our students and Their mother, Judy, is alsooverall, is really a positive state- all-time high. International and faculty, the many wonderful a UNK student. She will grad-ment about UNKs ability to American minority students career and graduate/professional uate in May with a major inattract and hold students." total 779. school successes of our alumni, social work. Their father, Bob, Nonresident headcount is up and the unparalleled community earned his degree in construc- SOME OF the trends within by more than eight percent, support at UNK and in Kearney tion management.the overall, steady enrollment while Nebraska students are that helps students and faculty Two other children, Olivianumbers are significant, perhaps down by one percent. Students achieve that success while 14 and Margaret 9, have visit- have come to UNK this year enjoying a wonderful quality of ed UNK classes with their8 l UNK Today l Winter 2006 from 41 countries, 44 states and life." mother.
  • 10. $150,000 Foundation grants benefit FOUNDATIONband and communication disordersU NK received two opportunities for students to grants totaling obtain practicum hours with $150,000 from the diverse clients."University of Nebraska The Department of MusicFoundation. and Performing Arts already has The grants were made to the put its $50,000 grant to usemusic department and the com- replacing aged and irreparablemunication disorders department. musical instruments. A $100,000 grant will make Dr. Valerie Cisler, chair ofit possible for the Department of the department, said the depart-Communication Disorders to ment concentrated on obtaininginvest in a custom-made mobile "family woodwind and percus-clinic to provide speech, lan- sion instruments. The goal is toguage and hearing testing serv- help ensembles achieve unifor-ices at off-campus sites, includ- mity in sound quality withining at schools, preschools, day- each instrumental centers, agencies and "When we had eight sousa-events. phones from nearly as many Service areas include decades and models, the possi-Kearney, Lexington, Arapahoe, bility of achieving that unifor-Cambridge, Minden, Ravenna, mity was remote," Dr. CislerHoldrege, Elm Creek, Gibbon said. "The new instruments pro-and Grand Island. vide a much richer, fuller quali- "The mobile clinic will allow ty of sound."us to provide services in a qual- The music department is SOUND OFF: A grant from the NU Foundation helped replaceity, sound-controlled environ- coming out of a 35-year period old and irreparable musical instruments.ment," said Dr. Kenya Taylor, during which there was noformer professor who is now budget available for replacing ty of instruments for practice, Foundations grants committeedean of Graduate Studies and old instruments, resulting in the technique classes and perform- awarded 10 grants totalingResearch. need for major repairs and ance and for the lack of ade- $1.05 million for 2006-2007 "It also allows us to expand replacements, she said. quate budget for the repair and across the university campuses.our services and increase our "On our last accreditation site replacement of instruments," Dr. Much of the annual grants comeoutreach throughout the western visit, we were cited for the lack Cisler said. from unrestricted donations topart of the state while providing of sufficient numbers and quali- The University of Nebraska the foundation.Weins FirsTier room at Cope Student athlete initiative leaders M embers of the Rosella Meier, Dan Mowrey, J. Leadership Group for Scott Nelson, Jeff Norblade, the Student Athlete Rich Osentowski, John Payne, Initiative were announced dur- Randy Rasmussen, Dr. Brad ing the fall. Rodgers, John Sahling, JoAn The initiative is an on-going Scott, Dr. L.R. Smith, Brenda effort to improve athletic and Van Lengen, Ken Vergith and Al recreational facilities, as well as Zikmund.NAMED:The community room of the Ron and Carol Cope Stadium build a substantial athletic Athletic Director Jonat Foster Field was named the Weins/FirsTier Special Events Room. scholarship endowment with McBride said the initiative is anPosing for a picture at the ceremony are UNK Athletic Director Jon private support. important step in bringing out-McBride, Jack and Elena Weins and Chancellor Doug Kristensen. The leadership group mem- standing students to our cam- bers are among those who have pus.T he community room on large portion of that gift benefit- pledged at least $1,000 to the During a November the third floor of the ed the athletic renovation/addi- initiative. phonathon, student-athletes, Ron and Carol Cope tion with the remainder to be They are Dan Bahensky, Bill coaches and administrators con-Stadium at Foster Field was used to make improvements in Beavers, Dick Beechner, Claire tacted athletic alumni to discussnamed the Weins/FirsTier the Health and Sports Center. Boroff, Don Briggs, Butch the importance of the initiative.Special Events Room in cere- Weins is the majority owner Brown, Tony Caputo, Wayne Jon Abegglen, vice president ofmonies at halftime of the UNK- of FirsTier Bank, with locations Gappa, Brian Hamilton, John the foundation on the KearneyAdams State football game in in Colorado, Nebraska and Higgins, Doug Holtmeier, Jerry campus, said many donors haveOctober. Wyoming. He also owns Hueser, Dr. Shane Jensen, Mitch come forward with their largest- FirsTier Events Center in Johnson, Susan Johnson Hood, ever gift to their alma mater as a THE NAMING was in Kearney, the Tri-City Storm Brad Kernick, Loren Killion, result of the effort.recognition of a $250,000 gift hockey team and First Inn Gold Tom Kropp, Steve Lancaster,by Joel and Elena Weins. A Motel in Kearney. Mark Lundeen, Mike McGlade, Winter 2006 l UNK Today l 9
  • 11. HOMECOMING 2006 BRATS AND DOGS: Alumni Association board member Fred Arnold tends to grilling at the Loper Luncheon. Colorado, the all-time leading and queen. The crowning was limbo, banner, spirit, trike, lawn scorer for the womens basket- part of a Thursday night celebra- display, float and lip sync com- A ball team; Jerry Stine 67, tion that featured the popular lip petition. backdrop of beautiful MAE76, of Bertrand, a four- sync competition. More than The always popular Loper October fall weather year letterman in track who was 2,500 students attended the Luncheon tailgate at the Alumni set the scene for a successful coach and athletic event that was won by Alpha House attracted more than 250 Homecoming 2006 that was director; Hylke Hike Van der Omicron Pi Sorority and Pi following the Homecoming filled with a myriad of activities Wal 62, was a NAIA national Kappa Alpha Fraternity. parade. for students, alumni and friends. steeplechase champion in 1962 Mantor Hall and Mens Hall Other events included a gather- Five alumni received awards and runner-up in 1961; and Bill combined to win the sweep- ing of the Loper Gridiron Athletic from the Alumni Association at Windhorst 78, was a four-year stakes competition among stu- Club, a group of former football the 27th annual awards banquet. letterman and first-team NAIA dent organizations. The weeks players, at the Ramada Inn follow- Receiving Distinguished All-American as an offensive events for students were the ing the football game. Alumni Awards were Dr. Norris lineman. Haring 49, professor emeritus Dr. Dan Mowrey 73 was the of special education at the 26th Don Fox Chemistry University of Washington; Lecturer. Dr. Mowrey, who Nancy Montanez Johner 94, received the Alumni undersecretary of agriculture Associations Distinguished for food, nutrition and con- Alumni Award in 1995, is a sumer services; Dr. Gary Smidt research advisor in the Animal 59, professor emeritus in the Health Division of Eli Lilly and College of Medicine at the Company. He has worked for University of Iowa where he Eli Lilly since receiving his was a professor of physical ther- Ph.D. in statistics from Iowa apy; and Ron Williams 71, State in 1980. president and chief executive Dean Dahlke 63 received the officer of Gary-Williams Gary Thomas Distinguished WAVE: Sue Batie of Cypress, Energy Corporation in Denver. Music Award. Dahlke, who California, who received the ROYALTY: Stacy Jegel and Sue Batie 73 of Cypress, retired in 2003, spent 40 years Distinguished Alumni Service Joel Hochstein were elected California, received the as an instrumental and vocal Award, waves to the parade 2006 Homecoming Queen and Distinguished Alumni Service teacher with Bertrand crowd. King. Award for her 30 years of con- ✩ Community School. tributions to the Southern Mark Seier 75 of Newman California Alumni Association ✩✩ Grove was recognized by the where she has served as presi- College of Education for his dent, vice president, secretary award as the Outstanding and treasurer of that organiza- tion. Biology Teacher for 2006 by the ✩✩ ✩ National Biology Association of Five individuals were induct- Biology Teachers. ✩ ed into the Athletic Hall of ✩ ✩✩ In sporting events, Colorado Fame. They are Steve Altmaier 77 Mines defeated the Lopers 20- ✩ ✩ 14 in the Homecoming football ✩✩ of Kearney, who spent 24 years✩✩ game. The Loper volleyball ✩✩ as the voice of the Lopers for team won two matches during ✩✩ Kearney radio stations KGFW- AM and KQKY-FM before the weekend over RMAC rivals ✩ ✩✩ ✩✩ ✩ Metro State and Colorado ✩✩ moving to other duties with the Christian.✩✩✩ stations last spring; Ginger Keller Marx 94 of Seibert, LOPER LUNCHEON: The Alumni House is always a popular ✩ ✩ Stacy Jegel, a junior from Topeka, Kansas, and Joel✩✩ 10 l UNK Today l Winter 2006 ✩ ✩ stop for a pre-game tailgate party. More than 250 attended the Hochstein, a junior from ✩ annual event. Hartington, were named king ✩ ✩✩ ✩✩✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩
  • 12. HOMECOMING 2006 REUNION: Professor Mary Iten visits with Ginger Keller Marx and her husband, David, at a reception hosted by the College of Education. Marx was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame. IN STEP: Performances by the "Pride of the Plains" marching band are always a popular part of the halftime activities.✩ PARADING: Larry Edwards and Kent Holen enjoy the AWARD RECIPIENT: Homecoming parade crowd. Undersecretary of Agriculture Holen served as alumni presi- Nancy Montanez Johner was dent the past year. Edwards was one of four alumni to receive elected president at the fall IN THE SPIRIT: The winning team from the spirit competition Distinguished Alumni Awards. board of directors meeting. showed off their cheer at the volleyball game Friday night. ✩ LIP SYNC: More than 2,500 students participated in an evening of activities that included lip sync competition among campus organizations and the crowning to the Homecoming royalty.✩ ✩ ✩ ✩✩ ✩✩✩ ✩ ✩ ✩✩ ✩✩ ✩ ✩✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ W i n t e r 2 0 0 6 l U N K To d a y l 11 ✩ ✩ ✩✩ ✩✩ ✩✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩✩✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩
  • 13. LOPER SPORTSLickteig comes fromout of nowhere By Buck Mahoney Kearney Hub Sports EditorK aci Lickteigs creden- tials certainly didnt foreshadow what hap-pened. No college coaches gave hera recruiting call, and no oneexpected she would somehowbecome UNKs first-ever nation-al qualifier for the NCAADivision II cross country cham-pionships. She finished 39th atthe national meet, missing outon All-American honors by one NATIONAL QUALIFIER: In her first year of cross country, Kaci Lickteig became UNKs firstsecond. woman to qualify for the NCAA championship meet. "I cant believe it. I neverthought I would be there," Shamrock Shuffle, a two-mile, stronger - that much pain for that all going through the same painLickteig said. St. Patricks Day run at many miles," she said. and torture. Everybody is Why? Cottonmill Park. She won her Lickteig took classes at always uplifting you." "I wasnt very good," division with a time that wouldnt Central Community College in After a slow start, evenLickteig said of her one-year impress any serious runner. Grand Island after high school. among her own team, shecross country career at Centura But she was on the road to She was running more and moved to the front of the packHigh School. running again. more. Her times were getting finishing eighth in one meet, "Its a way to get away from better, too. third in another and 17th in the SHE WON the 15th place the world. I love it. Its some- After two years at CCC, she RMAC, no easy task.medal when she finished last in thing I have a passion for," looked around at physical thera- Conference members and tradi-a race of 15 runners. Lickteig said. py schools and found UNK. She tional powers Adams State and The highlight of her high She also ran with her mother wanted to run, too, and took her Western State finished first andschool cross country career, she in the Lincoln Marathon. times from summer road races second at the national meet withsaid, came at the Ord Bothered by a leg ailment, the to see if they were good enough the individual champion and sixInvitational "the first race I did- last 18 miles became a painful for the Lopers. other runners among the top 20.nt walk in." endurance test "after the Aleve "Its amazed me. Im in awe." Three years ago, when her worked off," but she learned a COACHES WELCOMED Lickteig said. "I thank the Lordmother bought a treadmill, valuable lesson that cross coun- her to the team. he blessed me with this talent. . .Lickteig admits she couldnt run try races are much shorter and "I love the team atmosphere And how Ive progressed withfor 10 minutes without stopping. no matter the pain, the finish and being involved with every- my times and getting betterBut it was her mother who con- line isnt that far away. body," Lickteig said. "We moti- training with the team has donevinced Kaci to enter the 2004 "That marathon made me vated each other because were me wonders."Fall Sports earned All-American honorable per game, the lowest since the was the Special Teams Player of Volleyball mention honors. Bunger lead the team in kills (469) and set a 1987 teams 14.3 points. A season-ending 20-13 win the Year.H Cross Country aving to replace eight school record for attack attempts over RMAC newcomer Western players from last years in a single season (1,416). New Mexico gave UNK its sixth national runner-up vol- Sophomore Julie Minicz of win, the fifth time since 2000leyball team, The Lopers Waverly was named to the sec- the Lopers reached that mark. UNKs cross country teamsregrouped, compiled a 28-8 ond all-conference team. Head coach Darrell Morris is finished fifth (women) andrecord, captured the RMAC East now 49-25 at UNK. eighth (men) among 132 teamstitle, tied for the leagues best Senior safety Paul Jimenez of in the tough RMAC meet.mark and qualified for an eighthstraight trip to the NCAA Football Chico, California, was named to the RMAC first team for the third Adams State and Western State went on to capture first and sec-Tournament. consecutive year. ond in the womens national Senior outside hitter Kellie UNKs football team com- Center Jack Hiett of Arvada, meet. Adams State was second,Bunger of Grand Island, a unan- piled a 6-4 record with a defense Colorado, was named the Western State third andimous All-RMAC selection, that will be remembered as one leagues Freshman Offensive Colorado-Colorado Springs sev- of the best in history. The 2006 Player of the Year while sopho- enth in the mens division of the12 l UNK Today l Winter 2006 squad allowed just 14.5 points more Kirk Peterson of Nelson national championship.
  • 14. LOPER SPORTS Winter Sports n rT he long winter sports from Florida Southern, has had career points and another solid season got an early start in November with high some early success. Other top swimmers are senior Becky year will propel him into nation- al recognition. He was named Track & Fieldexpectations. Tompkins of Scottsbluff and the RMAC pre-season player of National champion senior sophomore Jena Lynch of year. Sophomore guard Ryan Lance Pfeiffer of Eustis heads a Lincoln. Moore of Beatrice was named Wrestling strong contingent of track and With top returning diver the pre-season defensive player field athletes. Jennifer Kirkland of Kearney of the year. The out- UNKs wrestlers expect to be sidelined, freshman Annie door shotin the hunt for a national title Moyer of Lincoln and sopho- FELLOW SENIOR starters put champi-with the tournament to be held more Ellie Jorgensen of North 6-7 Chad Burger and 6-1 James on, thein the Health and Sports Center. Platte have been the diving lead- Lane, both of Colorado Springs, three-time Since Marc Bauer took over ers. give UNK a solid trio to start A l l -the program prior to the 1999- with. American2000 season, UNK has won sixRMAC/West Region titles, had Men’s Basketball will team up withsix top 10 NCAA finishes andplaced national runner-up last Nationally ranked and cap- Women’s Basketball Lance Pfeiffer sophomore Dan Tobeyyear and in 2003. ping off a 23-8 season a year Fifth-year head womens of Waco, A Loper squad that features ago, the mens basketball team coach Carol Russell, who has another All-American, to form athree seniors will be led by returns four starters in quest of won 85 games in her tenure, has tough combination in the throws.national champion Brett another regional tournament four starters back from last Junior Ross Fellows ofAllgood of Bennington at 133 berth. years squad that finished 21-8. Kearney was a NCAA qualifierlbs. and national runner-up Co-head coaches Tom Kropp The Lopers would like to get as a freshman, fellow juniorTervel Dlagneve of Arlington, and Kevin Lofton said they were back to the NCAA Tournament Darrel Branz of York was amongTexas, at heavyweight. optimistic heading into the year. after a two year absence. the RMACs best hurdlers last The team also features All- "The big thing we have to look UNK has extra incentive to year, junior Joshua Hofer ofAmericans Trevor Charbonneau at is our early season schedule," get an NCAA bid this year as North Platte should be one of theof Clay Center, Kansas, at 125 Kropp said. Kearney is the host of the Elite Lopers top sprinters and Derricklbs. and Jeff Rutledge of Lincoln "We are Eight Tournament in March. Murphy of Cheyenne shouldat 141 lbs. National qualifiers going to give UNK another national con-Matt True of Mitchell at 149 have to play "WERE PRETTY opti- tender in the jumps.lbs., Paul Sutton of Wahoo at well on the mistic. Our future is bright as The womens team will be in174 lbs. and Dan Hospodka of road." our young kids got a lot of min- a bit of a rebuilding mode withGretna at 174 lbs. return. Leading utes last year," Russell said. the loss of key athletes. the veterans Heading the list of returnees Sophomore Kelli Dring of is 6-6 sen- is senior guard Liz Fischer of Kearney will be among the nations Swimming Dusty Jura ior forward Dusty Jura Leigh, a second team All- RMAC East Division pick a best in the long and triple jumps with distance runners Jacquelyn Coach Teresa Osmanskis o f year ago. She led UNK in scor- Dibbern of York and Kaci Lickteigswimming and diving squad that Columbus, ing at 14.0. of Dannebrog expecting to make afeatures 16 athletes, including an All-American who led UNK Junior forward Melissa push for nationals.five divers. in every statistical category in Hinkley of Lincoln and Jade Junior Megan Heathers of 2006. Meads of Elm Creek, last years Ravenna and Samantha Murphy TRANSFER MIKI Wilson Jura is on pace to become the RMAC Freshman of the Year, of Franklin will lead a youngof Powell, Wyoming, a transfer fourth Loper to reach 2,000 will play key roles for Russell. group of throwers. For the latest UNK to host two NCAA Division II on ALL 16 national selected and the 2008 Womens Elite hosted the national event with tournaments in March UNK Sports visit U NK has been to host upcoming Eight Basketball Tournament, the first being in 1995. NCAA national events also held in March. Those tour- UNK has hosted two other in two sports. naments will be played at NCAA national events, the The 2007 Division II UNKs Health and Sports 1994 Cross Country National Wrestling Center. The 2007 event will be Championships at the Kearney Championships will come to played March 21, 22 and 24. Country Club. In 2005, the the Kearney Events Center on The 2008 tournament will be Lopers hosted the national vol- March 9-10. March 26, 27 and 29. leyball tournament to record- The NCAA Championship For wrestling, the event will breaking crowds. Committee awarded the 2007 be the second time UNK has Winter 2006 l UNK Today l 13
  • 15. ALUMNI NEWS 8 LARRY EDWARDS leads Association - Fred Arnold Sue Batie Candy Fernau Andy Romatzke Eight begin three-year termsL arry Edwards ’64 is the are Maureen Gaffney Nickels newly-elected president ’74 president-elect; and of the UNK Alumni Brenda Snodgrass Chad Rutar Deb Schwenka Bob StephanieAssociation. Christensen ’83 of Minden, Warren Vogel Edwards, who lives in Fort secretary. Maureen Nickels isCollins, the Uniserv Director for theColorado, is Nebraska State Educationowner and Association. Brenda in 2004-2005, completed his community relations managerCEO of The Christensen is Office Manager term on the executive committee. for TierOne Bank. She alsoLight Center, of Post Rock Gas, an Affiliate of Eight board members were earned a doctor of educationa lighting Seminole Energy in Holdrege. elected to three-year terms that degree from UNL in 2002.sales comp- began with the annual meeting. Candy Fernau ’96 of Dallas,any in Fort SEVEN BOARD members Andrew Romatzke ’01 of Texas, owns her own company,Collins he completed three-year terms on Kearney is an attorney with the Card Diva, that provides creditfounded in Larry Edwards the board of directors and are law firm of Ganz, Romatzke and card processing, electronic1971. He has now trustees of the association. Stamm. check guarantee, gift card servic-served on the They are Jenny Apel Lydiatt ’93 Deb Schwenka ’76 of es and other merchant services.National Board of the American of Colorado Springs, Colorado; Minden is a first grade teacher Bob Warren ’64 ofLighting Association, Bank Casey Anderson ’95 of Omaha; with the Minden Public Schools. McMinnville, Oregon, is retiredOne, Centennial Banks, First Duane Tucker ’68 of Hayward, Fred Arnold ’83 of Fairbury from Evergreen InternationalWestern Trust and the Fort California; Connie Swanson is owner of The Fairbury Airlines where he was a pilotCollins Country Club. Franzen ’64 of Hastings; Tanis Journal-News and McBattas and vice president of flight oper- He assumed the duties at the Hall-Goedert ’94 of Overland Packing & Printing. ations.associations annual board of Park, Kansas; Bob Whitehouse Chad Rutar ’97 of Omaha is Sue Batie ’73 of Cypress,directors meeting in conjunction ’67 of Papillion; and Cindy a financial advisor with California, is in the bankingwith 2006 Homecoming activi- Sims Pille ’79 of Papillion. Renaissance Financial. business in Southern California.ties. Edwards replaces Kent Chuck Lindly ’52 of Rapid Stephanie Hueftle Vogel She is a long-time officer of theHolen ’61 of Holdrege. City, South Dakota, who served ’89, MAE ’96 of Lincoln is vice Southern California Alumni Other officers for 2006-2007 as Alumni Association president president and corporate and Association.Two alumni elected to NU Board of RegentsT wo alumni were elected president of Phares received the UNK is a past president of Omaha to the University of P h a r e s Distinguished Alumni Award in School Administrators, Nebraska Board of Financial 1984. Nebraska High School SportsRegents in November. Services Inc. Bob Whitehouse 67 of Hall of Fame Board of Bob Phares 62, former Papillion is a retired educator Directors, Youth Emergencymayor of North Platte, was HE HAS who won his first term on the Services Board of Directors andelected for a six-year term. He been past presi- board. He spent a member of the University ofhad been appointed to the board dent of the 34 years with Nebraska Presidents advisoryby Gov. Dave Heineman in Bob League of Omaha Public committee.August. Whitehouse N e b r a s k a Schools. When Whitehouse completed a Phares was first elected Municipalities he retired he three-year term on the Alumnimayor of North Platte at the age and chair of was Omaha Association Board of Directorsof 28 and served two terms from North Platte Chamber of Bryan High in October. A four-year letter1969 to 1978. He is currently Commerce. He has been a mem- School princi- winner in track and basketball, ber of the University of Bob Phares pal. Whitehouse was inducted in the14 l UNK Today l Winter 2006 Nebraska Presidents Council. Whitehouse Athletic Hall of Fame in 1988.
  • 16. 1963Kathy Kuchar spent 34 years teaching Indianapolis. He is the 2006 Professor of the Year. 1967 vice president of academic affairs at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi. She had been CLASS NOTESart at Fort Hays State University inKansas before retiring in 2001. She con- Dr. Richard Ender retired as professor dean of the College of Arts and Sciences 1972tinues to be active in the art world by emeritus after 28 years at the University at Central Missouri State University. Chuck Schwartz of KOOQ-KELN sta-teaching art workshops around the coun- of Alaska-Anchorage. During his career 1970 tions in North Platte is secretary andtry and in her home studio in Hays. Her he was department chair, director of Carol Lungrin received the treasurer of the Nebraska Broadcastersartwork is exhibited at Gallery A in Taos, urban observatory, director of institu- Michaelanean Society Award at the Alpha Association.New Mexico, and at Hand Artes Gallery tional research, chief information officer. Phi International Fraternitys 2006 1973in Truchas, New Mexico. Examples of her He was a board member of Alaska Convention. The award is presented for Tim Aylward has completed his 22work can be seen at Housing Finance Corporation and loyalty and support at the local level. years as head football coach at Pius X1965 Anchorage Telephone Utility. He now Carol served as president, treasurer and High School in Lincoln. He is chair of theSarah Jane Day Graham is teaching at lives in Scottsdale,Arizona. in several positions of the UNK alumnae physical education department, athleticRound Hill Elementary School with the 1968 chapter for 13 years. She and her hus- director and assistant track coach. HeBroken Bow Public Schools. Al Klaasmeyer is vice president of band, Dick, now live in Mesquite, Nevada. was named the USA Football Champion1966 Nebraska Hospital Association 1971 Award winner for Nebraska. His wife,Carol Remaly Pohlenz MSE77 of Subsidiaries in Lincoln. He has been a Dehn Renter of Grand Island is presi- Gaylene Thies 77, is a medical technol-Republican City retired in June after 48 hospital administrator for 23 years, most dent of the Nebraska chapter of the ogist for Bryan LGH Hospitals. She is theyears in education. She began her career recently with Community Memorial National Association of Certified technical supervisor in charge of point ofteaching in Ansley. She taught in Hospital in Syracuse. Valuation Analysts State Chapter care testing for Bryan LGH East and West.Republican City and Franklin where she Judy Sikes teaches family and consumer Foundation. Renter has been with Marla Bauerle-Hill is principal ofwas also a counselor and media specialist. science at Callaway. Countryman Associates, Certified Public Danville High School in Illinois. She beganDee Schaad is a professor and chair of 1969 Accountants, since 1973 and serves on her career at DHS in 1981 as a homethe Art Department at the University of Dr. Virginia Wheeless is provost and the firms board of directors. economics teacher. After her position was eliminated in a reduction in force at the end of that school year, she went to Oakwood High School, where she also worked primarily as a home economicsSwanson ’85 first woman to earn teacher until 1992, returning to teach at DHS in 1994. She was assistant principal from 2001 to 2004.PGA Golf Professional of the Year 1974 Debra Jacobs is principal at Pike High School in Indianapolis.K 1976 athy Nelson Swanson womens league play at a local Bev Holbein Patterson is a first grade 85, a PGA teaching club. teacher with Broken Bow Public Schools. professional at That year, Swanson found Melvina Clinger Bundy is a fourth andMinneapolis Golf Club, herself out of a job a director of fifth grade teacher with Broken Bow Public Schools.achieved two major milestones security at the Carlton Celebrity 1979this fall, including becoming the Theater in Bloomington because Ron Schneider is the new branch pres-first woman in Association his- the theater was to be torn down ident of FirsTier Bank in Kearney.tory to be named a Section PGA to make room for the Mall of 1980Golf Professional of the Year. America. She took a part-time Karne Trambly is the K-12 counselor with Litchfield Public Schools. Swanson was also elected position at Dahlgreen Golf Club. 1984president of the Minnesota PGA "I had the opportunity to get Wendel Cass EDS06 is superinten-Section in October, joining into the golf profession and I dent and elementary principal withNorthern Californias Sue Fiscoe have been hooked on the game Wallace Public Schools. He has been a professional educator for 32 the only women to hold that ever since," she said. "I met my 1987office. husband in 1987 (Purple Hawk Kevin Peterson is publisher of the The Section presented Country Club head professional Wayne Herald.Swanson the Golf Professional Jonathan Swanson) and it really Philip Phip Ross, an English teacher at Southeast Community College (SCC) inof the Year award, the culmina- began a wonderful career. I have Lincoln, has been awarded a Fulbrighttion of a career in which she has never had a day when I did not Scholar grant to teach composition atserved 12 years as Section co- want to get up and go to work." EARTH University in Guacimo, Costachair of the Junior Golf Swanson said she was hon- PGA RECOGNITION: Rica. Ross will travel to Costa Rica in April to teach at the university for fiveCommittee. She was a finalist ored and privileged for the honor Kathy Swanson pictured here months. Ross has taught at SCC the pastfor this years Section Teacher of that was bestowed on her by the with National President of the four years.the Year award. Section. "I am so proud of all the PGA Roger Warren was 1988 Swanson was a two-time All- 600+ members in our section. Judith Blakeman MAE is K-12 music named Golf Professional of the teacher with Arcadia Public Schools.American in softball for the We all work together to makeLopers. In 2000, she was induct- our section one of the best. Golf Year and president of the Launa Kudrna works for Methodist Minnesota Section. Hospital in Omaha as a community coun-ed into the UNK Athletic Hall of has meant so many good things selor. She earned her masters degreeFame. She still holds a number to my family. All the work is so from UNO in clinical social work in 1990.of school records, including hits very worth it. I am looking for- Her position is funded by the Methodist Hospital Foundation allowing services to(239), triples (38), total bases ward to the next two years as would be very proud." be offered free of charge.(449) and runs in a career (221). president, knowing that our Swansons career has also Terry Wilhelms is administrative serv- Although she was a prolific Minnesota Section PGA board included positions as ices manager with Eakes Office Plus. Heathlete at Eden Prairie High of directors is comprised of the Woodhaven Country Club in and his wife,Tammy, live in Hastings.They have three children.School in Minnesota where she best PGA professionals. I feel Palm Desert, California; Purple 1990earned an unprecedented 12 let- lucky to be working together Hawk Country Club, Edinburgh Debra Clark Schilz was elected presi-ters - four in tennis, four in bas- with such great PGA members. I USA Golf Club and Minneapolis dent of the Independent Insuranceketball, two each in softball and dedicated my Golf Professional Golf Club, a private club estab- Agents of Nebraska at their fall conven-track, she never played golf until of the Year award to my dad lished in 1917 in St. Louis Park. tion. She is vice president and agency manager with Western Insurors inafter college, picking up the (DeWayne) who died from lung The Swansons are parents of in earnest in 1986, when cancer in 2005 and I wish he two children, Matthew 11 andshe joined her mother in were here today, I know he Lauryn 9. Winter 2006 l UNK Today l 15
  • 17. CLASS NOTES Tom and Heather Lux Tang 99 of Colorado Springs, traveled to China in law firm in Omaha and Lincoln. 1999 July to adopt daughter, Ella Meilien. She Alison Gitt has been promoted to facil- ✬ ΑΦ ✬ ΑΦ ✬ ΑΦ ✬ was born February 16, 2005 in Yiyang, Jiangzi.They have three other children, son Devon, and daughters Kaiya and Miyana. ity manager for Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Department in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Alpha Phi sorority at UNK was named the Most 1998 Tracy Pelster is attending Palmer College Outstanding Collegiate Chapter on a small university campus Corey Santo Bergsten and her hus- of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. band, Lamar, live in Winona, Kansas, 2000 during the Alpha Phi International Fraternitys Biennial where Lamar is a teacher at TriPlains Mary Ellen Schwab Beshaler is guid- Convention in June.The chapter was also recognized for their School. Corey is a stay-at-home mother ance counselor at Callaway Public Schools. excellence in scholarship programming, excellence in financial for their daughter, Lacey Jean, born May 4. Ron Ready MAE, EDS05 is 7-12 princi- Stephanie Noden Deeds MSE of pal and activities of Callaway Public Schools. management and excellence in public relations. Lincoln has been promoted to regional Cory Grint MAE is principal at Sargent The Delta Xi chapter at UNK is one of 140 collegiate chap- vice president for Arbonne International, Public Schools. a health and wellness company. Annette Moser received her Ph.D. ters throughout the United States and Canada. Cory Dosland is a teacher and coach from UNL in May. She is a visiting assis- with North Platte Public Schools. tant professor of chemistry at UNK.1991 of the KC Olathe operation of Cintas Chad Eickhoff is outreach coordinator Amanda Serle Renfro is a family andDan Schiefelbein is the superintendent at Corporation. He and his wife, Cari with Winneshiek Medical Center in consumer science teacher at LibertyWalthill Public School. In addition to earn- Kuebler 95, live in Olathe, Kansas.They Decorah, Iowa. He and his wife, Mindy Middle School in Missouri. She and hering his masters degree from UNK in 1991, have two children, Aidan James and were married in November 2005. husband have two-year-old twins, Jocelynhe earned his specialist degree in 2000. Bennett Duane. Nichole Chada Kneep MS02 is a unit and Jaxson. Amanda will graduate from1992 1996 director and family therapist for William Woods University in May with anBob Caldwell was named President/CEO Childrens Home Society of South athletic administration degree.of Hampton Enterprises Inc./Hampton Brent Estsergard has joined the diver- sified professionals claims team of Zurich Dakota working at Black Hills Childrens Mary Billings Senff works at AppliedCommercial Construction, Inc. in Home in Rapid City, a residential facility Underwriters in Omaha. She and her hus-September. Hampton is one of Lincolns North America, a division of Zurich Financial Services group based in Zurich, working with youth ages 3-14 with beha- band,Jeff,were married September 4,2005.oldest and largest companies in commercial vorial and emotional issues. She and her Nancy Spresser Smith teaches kinder-real estate, land development and commer- Switzerland. He manages veterinary pro- fessional liability claims and works in the husband,Tracy, have two sons. garten at Broken Bow Public Schools. Shecial construction. Caldwell was previously Chicago office. Ryan and Dana Kottich McCabe live and her husband, Dustin, have two chil-general counsel for Linweld, one of the in Papillion where Ryan is a physical ther- dren, Brandon 10 and Kara 3.nations largest independent welding supply 1997 apist and owns a private physical therapy 2001and gas companies. He and his wife, Beth Laura John Christensen has been pro- clinic, Premier Physical Therapy, and Dana Jay and Melanie Johnson Dostal 00Krause 93, have a daughter, Annely 3. moted to E-commerce E-mail and site con- is a physician assistant in ER at Bergan live in Omaha where Jay is an assistantCaldwell earned his law degree from UNL tent manager for Oriental Trading Mercy Hospital.They have two daughters, principal at Millard North High Schoolin 1996 and his MBA from UNL in 1998. Company, Inc. She and her husband, Joe Taylor 3 and Peyton 1. and Melanie is a special education teacherDr. Brent Gage has been named assis- 97, live in Omaha. Joe is a chemist and David McClure of Omaha is an associ- at Millard South High School. They havetant vice provost for enrollment manage- supervisor for Novartis Consumer Health. ate attorney with Woods & Aitken LLP, a two children, Breanna 3 and Mason 1.ment at Northern Illinois University inDeKalb. Brent and his wife Andrea havetwo sons, Carter and Luke.1994Sarah Elizabeth Vaughn lives in thegreater New York City area and is a com-poser. She recently finished a compositionthat was commissioned by Christs Church 1950’s alums gather in Tennesseein Rye, New York. Other works have beenpublished by Santa Barbara MusicPublishing. Her music has won nationalacclaim by the ACDA Choral Journal.Stacie Lundgren Winkelmann is atrooper with the Nebraska State Patrolin Lincoln. She and her husband, Phil, anofficer with the Milford PoliceDepartment, were married in 2004.Theylive in Milford.1995Cara Whited Colvert has been promot-ed to an underwriting analysts with StateFarm and has relocated to the corporateheadquarters in Bloomington, Illinois.Laura Steel Ghormley has transferredto the Office of Ombudsman inAnchorage after working at the AlaskaDepartment of Law the past four years.Newsha Makooi has launchedExit272.comTM to facilitate free onlineadvertising. seeks to provideusers a way to connect with their com-munity members regarding services anditems for sale and wanted. Users can post TALKIN’ IN TENNESSEE: A group of UNK alums, who get together every three to five years,online ads for free and search for items recently renewed old friendships in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The group, hosted this year by Lucyand services. does not han-dle any online transactions and only facil- Hahn, spent four days shopping, dining out and reminiscing.itates community connections. Those alums from the 1950s who attended were: Back Row: Paul Wagner and Karen Wagner,Jeffrey Mooney has been promoted tofire captain for the Green Valley Fire Fort Collins, Colorado; Earl Rademacher, Kearney; Al Lybarger, Murietta, California; Don Lewis,District in Tucson, Arizona. He is the B- Bloomington, Indiana; Don Welch, Kearney; Middle Row: Bob Hanson, Fort Collins, Colorado;shift captain of a ladder company and is Duane Freeman and Bev Freeman, Hastings; Addie Lybarger; Joan Rademacher, Dick Hawes,the technical rescue team coordinator.Ryan Williams is the general manager Hastings; Marcia Welch; Front Row: June Lewis, Jean Hansen, Phyllis Hawes, and Lucy Hahn, Westbury, New York. The group chose Estes Park, Colorado, and its Irish-Scottish Festival for the next reunion in16 l UNK Today l Winter 2006 three years.
  • 18. CLASS NOTES What’s happening? Gordon Eggers MAE is the 7-12 industrial technology teacher with Cory Ciccone is a medical school stu- dent at Lake Eire College of Osteopathic Litchfield Public Schools. Medicine in Bradenton, Florida. Lt. James Hill is an aviator in the U.S. Joe Horky MSE is principal at Navy. He is an electronic warfare mission Northeast Elementary School in commander on the EP-3E. He and his Kearney. wife, Christina, live in Oak Harbor, Tammie Robinson Runions MSE is Washington. They have two sons, an English teacher with Hayes Center Jaymeson 8 and Cameron 5. Public Schools. She and her husband, Marcus Farley Kloepping has relo- James, have a daughter, Mollie JoLee. cated to Des Moines, Iowa, from Chris Schwager is a regional director Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with Henkel for Wal-Mart in Bella Vista, Arkansas. Corporation. In April he was selected for Shirley Schmidt Squires MAE is a Henkels 2005 Sales Leadership special education teacher with Gordon- Conference held in St. Thomas. Rushville Schools. Zachery VanEiest is a radiation thera- Matthew Sullivan is a law student at pist with Mary Lanning Hosptial in Oklahoma City University School of Law. Hastings. He and his wife, Trisha, live in Julie Tetschner MSE is a counselor Doniphan. They a son, Benjamin 1. with Humphrey St. Francis Schools. 2002 Boyd Weller is an officer with the Steve Ortmeier has completed his first Kearney Police Department.GOLDEN CELE- year as a pilot for Mesa Airlines. He flies United Express and America West MarriagesBRATION: Three Express out of Chicago. He and his wife, Kathryn Alt 04, MSE06 and Brentcouples met in Tiffany Conley 97, live in San Diego with Gehring 06 June 24 in Humphrey. They their two children, Caden and Tristen. live in Bellevue where Brent is a businessAugust at Solitude Rhoda Ottun Woods is an English and teacher and coach at Bellevue East andMountain Resorts in speech teacher with Sargent Public Schools. Kathryn is a speech language pathologistUtah to celebrate 2003 with Papillion-LaVista Schools. Briana Duffy graduated with a bachelor Megan Anderson 06 and Nathantheir 50th wedding anniversaries. They were all engaged the of science in education degree from Peru Blazek June 10 in Kearney.same evening at a Phi Tau Gamma fraternity dance and were State College in 2005. She is the gifted Jill Andreasen 05 and Zach Friesen and talented facilitator at Lewis and 05 September 30 in Henderson.married in 1956. They are Jim and Nancy Wise Buterbaugh of Clark Middle School in the Omaha Public Emmy Arens 05 and Blake PowerSalt Lake City, Utah, Dayne and Bernie Ecklund Smith of Lone School District. November 4 in Ainsworth.Tree, Colorado, and Larry and Ally Holtman Ferguson of Garrod Fernau is a teacher and coach Kaysie Bowman 04 and Travis Haas with Ansley Public Schools. December 9 in Kearney.Boulder, Colorado. Jim, Dayne and Larry were roommates on Bia Duarte Hyatt is an assistant princi- Mindy Brady 04 and Christopherthe third floor of Mens Hall. They also were dorm council pal for Crossroads Alternative High Heilman September 3. School with Alief High School. She and Abby Carr 02 and Jason Evansmembers. The inset picture is the Smith wedding with the her husband live in Sugar Land. February 25 in Kearney. They live inFergusons on the left and the Buterbaughs on the right. Deependra Rayamajhi graduated in Imperial, Missouri. June from Bellevue University with a Nicole Clark 05 and Josh Weaver July Alumni Send your update for UNK Today to: UNK Alumni Association, Campus Box 21, masters degree in computer information system. 2004 29 in Gothenburg. Marcus Donner 05 and Jessica Update Loveless June 24 in Madison. Kearney NE 68849-6120 or “sign” our online Allison Bowker works for Omaha Heather Fries 03 and Trevor Pierce Public Schools in the multi-handicapped guestbook at 02 October 7 in Minden. primary classroom at Oak Valley Jennifer Glessman 97 and Colin Elementary School. Sumner April 23 in Las Vegas. Jennifer is Matt Jochum and his wife, Amanda captain on a Hawker jet for Netjets 05, live in Omaha where Matt is assistantFirst Name Middle Initial Last Name Maiden Name manager at Scheels All Sports and Aviation. Colin owns an appraisal busi- ness in Sacramento where they live. Amanda is a registered dietitian at HyVee. Misty Herbert 03 and Russel Becker Lana Miller Schneider is assistantStreet City State Zip+4 August 5 in Oahu, Hawaii. manager with Wal-Mart in Moscow, Elizabeth Hoehner 04 and Jeremy Idaho. She and her husband, Greg, have Yilk 05 June 24 in Kearney. three children, Riley 6, Tyler 3 andPhone Sandra Hollister 06 and Jason Hawley Delaney 1. May 26 in Castres, St. Lucia. Pamela Hilton Snow MA is executive Rebecca Knapp 96 and Heath Tuttle director of the Nebraska CulturalDate of Birth E-Mail Address December 18 in Mexico. Rebecca is a Endowment in Omaha. sixth grade teacher at Park Middle Janice LaFayette is a second grade School in Lincoln. teacher at Druid Hill Elementary schoolGrad Month & Year Major/Minor Amber Kotschwar 02 and Samuel in Omaha. Nelson September 30 in Lincoln. Rebecca Roe is K-2 teacher with Casey Lewis 01 and Timothy Smith Oconto Public Schools. October 21 in Kearney.Employer Name Occupation 2005 Billie Jo Livermore 05 and Blake Erin Arnold is assistant volleyball coach at UNK. Anderson 06 July 22 in Omaha. Katie Ludden 05 and Rob Bishop 02Spouse Name Is he/she a grad of UNK UNL UNO UNMC Year Derek Buckley is an art teacher at September 9 in Kearney. Katie is a parae- Lincoln Southwest High School. He and his wife, Andrea Hiatt 04, live in Lincoln. ducator for Beatrice Public Schools andNews Melissa Carbonneau is a kindergarten gymnastics director for Beatrice YMCA. teacher at Cedar Elementary, part of the Rob is program director for Beatrice Beatrice Public School system. YMCA. Tamela Jo Smith is a social studies Sarah Mahlin 94 and Jimmy Feckner teacher with Broken Bow Public Schools. 93 October 14 in Las Vegas. They live in 2006 Citrus Heights, California. Amber Thompson Brown MSE is K-4 Amber Marshall 04 and Ryan Ross resource teacher with Holdrege Schools. 04 June 3 in Grand Island. David Cushing MSE is a middle school science teacher with Cedar Hollow School in Grand Island. Winter 2006 l UNK Today l 17
  • 19. CLASS NOTES son, Aiden Sanakul, born October 31. David and Emily Classen Bahl 97 of Papillion are parents of a son, Bryson born August 7. Dr. Hurd is completing his surgery residency at University of Tennessee Medical Center. Edward, born October 5. They have two Mick and Eileen McDole Jahn 96 of other children, Jordyn 4 and Broden 2. Kearney are parents of a son, Heath Chad and Mary Stegman Baker 92 of Alexander, born September 13. They also Lincoln are parents of a daughter, Emma have a son, Matthew, and daughters, Sarah Katherine, born April 21. They also have and Courtney. two sons, Maximilian 7 and Alexander 4. Traci and Scott Javins 98 of Kearney Rick 91, MSE02 and Renee Florell are parents of a son, Rylan August, born Bauer 92 of Elm Creek are parents of a September 26. daughter, Ashley Jo, born August 22. Both Casey 92 and Julie White Jensen 90, are teachers in Elm Creek. They have MSE98 of Aurora are parents of a three other girls, Justine 9, Allison 6 and daughter, Kaylee Sue, born October 9. Whitney 4. Harlan and Alison Peck Jones 93 of Eric 99 and Bridget Ellingson Frisco, Texas, are parents of a daughter, Bredenkamp 02 of Kearney are par- Jessica Kaye, born March 23. They have UNK Today, official alumni publication of the Ken Vergith ’78 - Lincoln ents of a daughter, Ivy Carol, born two sons, Trevor 5 and Ryan 4. University of Nebraska at Kearney is pub- TERM EXPIRING 2008 October 22. Kim and Brett Joneson 92, MAE01 of lished three times a year by the Alumni Tammy Adelson Hayden ’90 - Kearney Garrett 99 andAmy Larson Burns 99 North Platte are parents of a son, Caden Association, Kearney, Nebraska 68849. Third of Fremont are parents of a son, Garrison Matthew, born April 24. Brett is a teacher Greg Shea ’89 - Kearney Joel, born May 2. Garrett is a floor manag- class postage paid, Kearney, NE 68847. and coach at North Platte High School. Marsha Rodehorst-Wilkerson ’90 - Kearney er at Lous Sporting Goods in Fremont. They also have a son, Cole 9. Judy Johnson Hall ’64 - Lincoln Amy teaches third grade at Bell Field Kristina and Brent Karsten 02 of Phone: (308) 865-8474 Bill O’Neill ’95 - Omaha Elementary. They have two other children, FAX: (308) 865-8999 Kearney are parents of a son, Xander Jerry Stine ’67, MSE ’76 - Bertrand Jaren Patrick 4 and Hayden Roy 1. Louis, born February 2. E-mail: m Mark 97 and Holly Waller Carnes Internet: Mary Howington ’62 - Fort Worth, TX Steve 91 and Jody Real Kiburz 92 of Shelly Marks ’02, MSE ’05 - Atlanta, GA 01 of Kearney are parents of a daughter, Greeley, Colorado, adopted twins, Isabel Christa Boroff Spencer ’88 - Overland Park, KS Londyn Vea, born August 23. Sophia and Daniel Joseph October 24. Dave and Kiffany Dulitz Conner ’00 They were born April 8, 2005. Steve BOARD OF of Kearney are parents of a daughter, works for Aztech Softward and Jody is a DIRECTORS EXPIRING 2009 Sophia Lee Ann, born May 14. They also self-employed speech language patholo- OFFICERS Fred Arnold ’83 - Fairbury have a son, Hunter. gist. They have three other children, Larry Edwards ’64, President - Fort Collins, CO Sue Batie ’73 - Cypress, CA Miguel and Brenda Scheppers Cortes Caleb 10, Joshau 9 and Hannah 6. Maureen Nickels ’74, President-elect - Chapman Candy Fernau ’96 - Dallas, TX 98 of Omaha are parents of a daughter, Brenda Christensen ’83, Secretary - Minden Andy Romatzke, J.D. ’01 - Kearney Mia Rose, born October 27. They also Chad Rutar ’97 - Omaha have a son, Julius John. MOVING? DIRECTORS Deb Schwenka ’76 - Minden Lucas 97 and Kim Koch Dart 99 of Kearney are parents of a daughter, Lydia TERM EXPIRING 2007 Bob Warren ’64 - McMinnville, OR RaeAnn, born August 29. They also have a Ronald Cropp ’65 - Kearney Stephanie Hueftle Vogel ’89 - Lincoln son, Nolan. Erik Estes ’01 - Highlands Ranch, CO Kevin and Andrea Hofts Dzingle 00 Don’t miss Larry Feather ’66 - Grand Junction, CO ALUMNI ASSOCIATION STAFF of Kearney are parents of a daughter, Shane Jensen ’96 - Kearney Jim Rundstrom ’64 - Payton Grace, born September 22. your next Keith Jorgensen ’50 - Mission Viejo, CA Executive Director and Editor Brad 92 and Lori Ehmke 94 of UNK Today! Teresa Thomsen Paper ’84 - Iola, KS Michelle Widger ‘90 - Julesburg, Colorado, are parents of a son, Lee Ann Hogins ’82 - Kearney Assistant Director and Assistant Editor Jace Preston, born July 22. They have two If you’re moving, Suzanne Exstrom - Office Associate other sons, Brennan 7 and Jared 4. Rich Rehnberg ’71 - Holdrege Cynthe and Luke Ford 04 of Papillion please attach are parents of a daughter, Ella Grace, your old mailing born September 4. Luke is a teacher atKelli McBride 04 and Jesse Arens 04 Reno, Nevada. Papillion LaVista South High School. labelAugust 12. Kelli teaches family and con- Katherine Semin 06 and Derek Justin 95 and Julie Swanson to the right.sumer science at Ainsworth Community Bailey 04 July 1 in Kearney. Halbgewachs 94 of Kearney are par-Schools and Jesse is a loan officer for Leroy Sprague 58 and Joan Castlebary ents of a daughter, Carly Justine, born Provide yourFirst National Bank of Ainsworth. October 21 in Redding, California. November 1. new informationBrian Moritz 00, 04 and Rebekah Ashley Stec 06 and Casey Clausen Stephanie and Brian Hemmer 01 ofFritzler October 21 in Kearney. June 3 in Grand Island. Kearney are parents of a son, Carson below andImogene Murillo 87 and Cameron Angie Stiff 98 and Scott Classen May Michael, born July 31. return to:Swearingen September 2 in Kearney. 20 in Kearney. Brad and Lona Poland Henry 04 ofGale Nichols 04 and Matt Albrecht Marsha Vodehnal MAE97 and Eric Fort Eustis, Virginia, are parents of a UNK Alumni94 June 10. They live in Aurora, Colorado. Edquist June 3 in Grand Island. daughter, Tessa Rae, born October 5. AssociationKelly Ondrak 98 and Adam Sortino Amanda Weir 99 and Kenny Kirby Forrest 94 and Tanya PetersonMarcy 25 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. September 10, 2005. They live in Holoubeck 94, MSE99 of Kearney Campus Box 21Kelly is a technical writer for CSG Wilmington, North Carolina. are parents of a son, Zane Henry, bornSystems in Omaha. Ronda Warford 92 and Lowell August 5. Kearney, NEJulie Ostdiek 05 and Brad Bornemeier Duerksen June 3 in Kearney. Michelle and Greg Hood 95 of Lincoln 68849-6120.August 19 in Hastings. Amber Westerbeck 05 and Brinton are parents of a son, Sean, born August 8.Audrey Peterson 06 and Justin Strohmyer 06 October 28 in Kearney. Greg is the administrative operationsPatterson September 2 in Neligh. Christina Whitney 01 and Jeffrey manager with Nebraska Health and NameAbby Pinkerton 04 and Chris Clark Weber December 21, 2005 in Bellevue. Human Services System. They also have aNovember 25 in Lincoln. They live in Columbus, Georgia, where daughter, Danielle 2.Lydia Pochop 06 and Weldon both are pursuing careers in theatre arts. Paul and Adana Moore Horst 95 of Year GraduatedLoewenstein II 06 May 26 in Kearney. Brandon Zavala 00 and Becky Vester Olathe, Kansas, are parents of a son, JackSarah Poston 04 and Neil Hammond September 9 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Kenneth, born March 22.June 24. Matt 00 and Stacy Rice Houska 00 New AddressTroy Powers 92 and Joni Galusha Births of Omaha are parents of a son, HenryNovember 18 in York. Matthew and Janell Musil Armstrong Hunter, born August 7.Janah Rimpley 05 and Scott Nickel 98 of Grand Island are parents of a son, Bret and Amanda Deutsch Howard City State Zip+4July 1 in Kearney. Thomas Edward, born October 31. They 01 of Boise, Idaho, are parents of aJackie Sack 04 and Mike Fitzgerald also have a son Charles. daughter, Maizey Ranae, born June 8.03 May 27 in St. Paul. Ben and Michelle Frauendorfer Huls Phone Mitch and Michele Davis Arnold 00,Jaime Schoneberg 01 and MBA03 of Kearney are parents of a 94 of Kearney are parents of a daughter,Christopher Jasmine September 16 in son, Huston Chance, born August 18. Katelyn Ann, born September 3. Ikrom and Stacey Sentelle Artikov Dr. Aaron and Elissa Bosley Hurd 98 E-mail Address18 l UNK Today l Winter 2006 03 of Des Moines, Iowa, are parents of a of Knoxville are parents of a son, Lucas,
  • 20. Melissa and Ryan Knapp 02 of ElmCreek are parents of a daughter, Halle CLASS NOTESRenae, born July 24.Stephanie and Jason Kounovsky 93 of T alumni publish books wo Gary Gillham 73 of Hastings died T September 18. He was 55.Kearney are parents of a son, Cody John, wo alums have pub- Studies Department teaching Sgt. Jeffrey Hansen 97 of Cairo diedborn November 2. August 27 from injuries he received inBarry and Shayla Hanke Kriha 94 of lished books. international relations and Iraq. He was 31.Omaha are parents of a son, Bryce global policy studies, similar Marcia Mader Johansen 67 ofAnderson, born August 31. Dr. Robert Shanks 67 has to what he taught at the USAF Dannebrog died October 22. She was 61.Rusty and Cassandra Halllowell Gene Lammers 62 of Grand IslandLashley 00 of Lincoln are parents of a released, A Fathers Stories Air War College. died September 6. He was 66.son, Lawson Bode, born August 30. They for His Children, A Lesley MacFarlane Loutzenheiseralso have a son, Mitt 2. 62 of Wahoo died November 14. SheMark 01 and Jennifer Jezbera Christian Reader for Val Vierk 96 is releasing was 95. A career educator, she was theLiljehorn 01 of Beatrice are parents of Students Grade 5-9. It is her second book about her first librarian at North Platte Juniora son, Isaac Scott, born July 24. College in 1965.Alan and Jami OBrien Lind 99 of Tilden available on Amazon and fathers memoirs from his Dr. Dan McPherson of Custer, Southare parents of a son, Jacob Lyle, born June Barnes and Noble or through time in the U.S. Coast Guard. Dakota, died October 15. Dr. McPherson28.They also have a daughter,Alexis 2. the publisher Xulon Press in It is titled, Sailing the served as chair of the Department ofMarty 05 and Tara McCann Madden Education Administration at UNK from02 of Bennington are parents of a son, Florida. Troubled Sea - A Nebraska 1982 to 1993. He was 74.Tyler Thomas, born August 24. Boy Goes to War. Her first Pamela Jo Watts Meyer 86 of GrandDee and Nathan McClenahan 92 of Island died September 20. She was 42.Kearney are parents of a son, Luke DR. SHANKS, who lives book, published in 2005, was Avis Hendrix Nelson 49 of ChadronWilliam, born September 19. in Prescott, Arizona, is an titled Gold Stars and Purple died October 14. She was 85.John and Jodi Boughtin Meyer 05 of adjunct professor at Northern Hearts - the War Dead of James Olson 47 of Lincoln diedOmaha are parents of a daughter, Alaina November 16. He was 82.Marie, born September 14. Arizona University. He is also Ravenna, Nebraska. Timothy Nelson 59 of Randolph diedKristin and Sean Murphy 94 of Lincoln an adjunct professor with Vierk works for the November 27. He was a teacher andare parents of a daughter, Makenna Lyn, Educational Service Unit speech patholo-born June 10. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Department of Sociology, gist supervisor. He was 71.Jerry 97 and Connie Jezbera University (ERAU) Global Geography and Earth T errence Randy Pahl 67 of Tempe,Neubauer 99 of Kearney are parents Security and Intelligence Sciences at UNK. Arizona, died from injuries suffered in a bicy-of a son, Fletcher Allen, born July 25. cle accident August 13. He had beenDanielle and Josh Peisiger 03 of employed as a contamination specialist byKearney are parents of a son, Dylan TRANSWEST GEOCHEM Labs.He was 61.Steven, born November 5. Colonel Robert Pruckler DDS ofApril and Rob Pugsley 98 of Elkhorn Gregory and Tracy Olmstead Gering and was principal at Rawlins, Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, diedare parents of a son, Colby David, born Weiland 99 of Overton are parents of Wyoming. She was 55. September 4. He was 55.October 25. a daughter, Emma Jo, born July 10. Kenneth Carlson 36 of Kearney died Janice Jones Schuh 40 of Glendale,Susan and Jason Rowling 94 of San Brett and Kristy Hatch Weis 97 of Sepember 21. He was a professor emeri- California, died August 12. She was 89.Antonio are parents of a son, Jackson Kearney are parents of a son, Zachary tus at UNK where he taught industrial Jason Smith 04 of Cozad died AugustAlexander, born November 13. Alan, born October 2. arts for 38 years before retiring in 1982. 24. He was 29Troy 00 and Janisha Jurjens Ruda 01 Andy 00 and Robyn Bredenkamp He was 92. C. J. Cal Sutherland 38 of Kearneyof Cozad are parents of a son, Dawson Weismann 01 of Gibbon are parents Genieve (Sue) Christiansen ’68 of died October 19. He was a career edu-Amos, born August 1.Troy is the sprayer of a son,Tyler Adam, born October 11. Ansley died November 26. She was 62. cator in Kansas, Nevada and Nebrask7amarketing rep for Husker Ag Sales of Stacia and Bo Whaley 96 of Kearney Martha Wilson Deist 65 of whose service include serving as anLexington. Janisha is a respiratory thera- are parents of a daughter, Margaret Mae, Longmont, Colorado, died September 12. administrator at Kearney State College.pist for Great Plains Regional Medical born May 22. They also have a daughter, She was 90. He was 93.Center in North Platte. Grace, and a son, Cade. Willa Jean Billie Fishburn 50 of Grand Deb Caspers Weitzel 95 of GrandNathan 00 and Tina Madsen Sherrill Dana and Jennette White Tompkin Island died September 11. She was 78 Island died October 30. She was 50.02 of Council Bluffs, Iowa, are parents of 97 of Wood River are parents of aa son, Jeremiah Theodore, born July 25. daughter, Kaycee Sue, born October 18.Troy and Wendy Willets Shotkoski Jennette teaches third grade at Kenesaw98 of Columbus are parents of a son, TWO Spring 2007 Public School and Dana owns EclipseSpencer Joseph, August 4.They also have Drafting and Construction.a daughter, Emma 2. Kevin and Monica Dow Whitmore 98John and Tamara Kanode Snider 01of Kearney are parents of a son, Trayvin of Clay Center are parents of a son, Kaleb Martin, born May 1. Monica is a personal CAREER FAIR EVENTSBlaine, born July 30. banker for First Bank & Trust Co. mChad and Amy Bogard Softley 01 ofKearney are parents of a daughter, Marc 01 and Melissa Wilcoxson Willis 00 of Kearney are parents of a ALUMNI: Are you an employerElizabeth, forn April 19.Jerod 02 and Michelle Troyer Spahr daughter, Isabella Louise, born October 8. looking to hire? Marc is a sales associate with Morton02 of Milford are parents of a son, Cole Buildings. 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  • 21. 20 l UNK Today l Winter 2006
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  • 23. UNK TODAYKearney, NE 68849-6120Alumni AssociationUniversity of Nebraska at Kearney MONA Gallery JUN KANEKO lithograph Museum of Nebraska Art Collection I n 1942, Jun Kaneko was Glass, and A.S.A.P. He He creat- born in Nagoya, Japan where ed series of large-scale sculptures he studied painting during from 1982-1983 at his Omaha his high school years. He came to Project, from 1992-1994 at his the United States in 1963 to con- Fremont Project in California, tinue those studies at Chouinard and currently at his Mission Clay Institute of Art when his focus Project in Kansas. His prolific was drawn to sculptural ceramics roster of diverse work appears in through his introduction to Fred numerous international solo and Marer. He studied with Peter group exhibitions annually. His Voulkos, Paul Soldner, and Jerry work is included in more than 40 Rothman in California during the museum collections and his has time now defined as the contem- realized over 25 public art com- porary ceramics movement. The missions around the world. He following decade, Kaneko taught has been honored with national, at some of the nations leading art state, and organization fellow- schools including Scripps ships and an honorary doctorate College, Cranbrook Academy of from the Royal College of Art in Art, and Rhode Island School of London. Design. The Museum of Nebraska Jun established his third stu- Art, official collection of the dio in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1990 State of Nebraska, is located at KEARNEY, NE 68847 PERMIT NO. 14 where he primarily works. He UNK. The Museum, 2401 U.S. POSTAGE NON-PROFIT PAID has also created work in several Central Avenue, is open to the experimental studios including public Tuesday through Saturday European Ceramic Work Center, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Otsuka Omi Ceramic Company, Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. It is Fabric Workshop, Bullseye closed major holidays.