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Crewing presentation v5 1


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  • 1. CREWING FOR A CHAMPION“True champions aren’t always the ones that win, but those with the most guts” Mia Hamm
  • 2. WHAT DEFINES A CHAMPION?• Going for the win• Last place• A PR• First Ultra• Just trying to finish• Sometime into the race, character will define the champions
  • 3. A LITTLE ABOUT ME• Trainer for the last 15 years• Been running my whole life• 2008 Brazil 135, 62:20• Crewing • 2006 Crewed Mario Lacerda, Brazil 135 RD at Brazil 135 and Badwater • 2007 Crewed Valmir Nunes at Badwater, 1st place, 22:51, current record • 2008 Crewed Ray Sanchez at Badwater • 2009-11 Crewed Marcos Farinazzo at Badwater, 1st place 2009 • 2009 Trainer and crew for Lisa Tamati, Run through NZ, 2,250KM in 43 days • 2011-Present Crewed Brian Recore and Iso Yucra in 7 Ultras including Badwater and SD100.• Training • Personal Trainer (runners and horse riders) • Trained Mario Lacerda, Iso Yucra
  • 4. DIFFERENT RUNNERS AND RACES• Runners • Fast, slow, walkers, run/walk • Male/Female • Serious, chill, etc. Does that change into the race • Some are very organized, others not so much • Communication Skills - What language do they speak? • Customs and culture• Races • Road course, Trails, point to point, out and back, 1 mile, 3 mile, 20 mile loop….. • Heat, cold, mountains, rain….
  • 5. CHOOSING THE RIGHT CREW• Generally the runner chooses the crew• Experience and Ability• Specific skill, like medical, organization, logistics, trainer, massage, nutrition, etc.• No sleep required• As a runner, do you like them enough to spend countless hours with them• Will they fit in and get along with the team• Some races, teams are together for days
  • 6. CREW RESPONSIBILITIES• ONE CHIEF, but as a crew, take control• Lots of Type A personalities• Put your personal differences and goals aside, it’s all about the runner!• Badwater jobs: Driving, pacing, food, Water/drinks, Meds/s upplements, ice, spray, log book, pics/videos, DJ, logistics/pace, mass age…..• Be prepared to suffer• Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Take care of the runner.• Get to the finish line as fast as you can, safely.• Keep a positive environment
  • 7. HAVE A PLAN AND KNOW IT• Study the race • The course, the rules, aid stations, etc.• Know your runner • What food does he/she like? • Supplies • Clothes • Habits• Keep a log• Be flexible, improvise, and adapt
  • 8. ORGANIZATION• Logistics• Navigation• Put it back where it belongs, everything has its place• A few seconds to keep organized saves time later• Bins for different items
  • 9. CHALLENGES OF CREWING• Takes lots of patience• CREW: Cranky Runner, Endless Waiting• Races very emotional, RAW• Highs and lows• Don’t take anything personal, people will say and do things they don’t mean• You will be exhausted
  • 10. ADVANTAGES OF BEING ON A CREW• Recon a race, course• Learn the behind the scenes• Helps with applications for some races (Badwater)• Help a friend, family member• For some, the races are life changing. Runner and crew.• Travel and new experiences• A majority of expenses paid by runner
  • 11. TRAINING• What is your role going to be?• Prepare/Train like you’re running• Train w/runner if possible• Badwater; heat training, hydration, nutrition, elec trolytes
  • 12. WHAT CREWING MEANS TO ME• I love the adventure, the people and place• If I’m not running, why not crew or volunteer• Going to battle for my runner, give them everything I have• Being part of something incredible• I love to see the suffering, the pain, and to see people dig down deep and triumph• Human Spirit at it’s best!
  • 13. THE REWARD - FINISH• Emotional • Someone cries, always• Party • Most runners love beer• You will be inspired• Make lifelong friends and maybe even meet your future spouse• Very rarely a negative experience for me
  • 14. Have fun and be safeQUESTIONS AND ANSWERS