119 fees


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119 fees

  1. 1. Charges• Registration Charge:All Telecommunications outlets who deal with telecommunications equipment shallregister with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and renew the registrationannually as long as they continue dealing with telecommunications equipment. Therequired fees as followed:Renewal Fees(RO)Registration Fees(RO)Company/ Est. Grade160160International70150Excellent3060One2035Two1520Three1010FourAs per Grade10Companies Under FormationAs per Grade10Addition of new branchAs per Grade10Fee charged for amendment oraddition of another activity• Importation Charges:The pricing framework of Importation Charge is based on two options as follows:1. One-Off Charge: This form of registration allows the import of equipment in a fourweeks windowCost = R.O. 80/- [Eighty Omani Rials only]2. Annual Registration: This form of registration allows the import of equipment at anytime during a 12 month period.Cost = R.O. 600/- [Six Hundred Omani Rials only].• Release for telecommunications equipment intended for personal use.
  2. 2. Cost = R.O.15/- [Fifteen Omani Rials only]• Type Approval Charge:Each Telecommunications Equipment Model has to be Typed Approved.1. Type approval fees for Telecommunications Terminal equipment<Total Fee inR.O< <CertificateFee in R.OApplicationFee in R.O(Non-Refundable)< <Type of EquipmentNo< <10025< <75Telephone Set<110075Modem and Other TerminalCard.2125100xDSL Modem<3125100Fax Machine<4125100Cordless phone and DECTphone<5125100Key Telephone System (1-below 100 Ports)6150125Hybrid key System (100-200ports)<7< <200175PABX (above 200 ports)<810075Other ISDN BRI equipment9175150Other ISDN PRI equipment1010075Other terminal equipment11
  3. 3. 2. Type approval fees for Telecommunications Radio equipmentTotal Feein R.OCertificateFee in R.O< <ApplicationFee in R.O(Non-Refundable)Type of EquipmentNo10025< <75Short Range Device1125100Mobile Radio or HandheldRadio2150125Microwave Radio/Links3125100Satellite CommunicationTerminal4175150Core Network Equipment5125100Radars610075Paging System710075Receiver equipment810075Wireless Access Point ( 2.4 &5.0 GHz)9125100Marine equipment exceptMobile10125100Aeronautical Equipmentexcept mobile1110075Medical Devices12125100GSM mobile13< <10075Optical Communicationequipment141251003G terminal1510075Other Radio Equipment16• The required feed to Issue a new letter or certificate for dealer or importer isR.O. 10/- [ Ten Rials Omani only]• Storing Radio Equipment Fee:Fees for radio equipment stored by dealers registered with the TRA and intended for saleafter obtaining permission from TRA = R.O. 5/- [Five Omani Rials only] per equipmentper year• Import and Re-export of Radio Equipment Fee:Permission fee for importing and re-exporting of radio equipment without allocatingfrequency or utilization in Oman = R.O. 5/- [Five Omani Rials only] per equipment.
  4. 4. • The penalties for violation the decision as following:PenaltyReason for penaltyNo.Double the registration fee as penalty +registration fee i.e.; 3 x registration fee.-Intl grade: 3 x registration fee-Excellent grade: 3 x registration fee-Grade one: 3 x registration fee-Grade two: 3 x registration fee-Grade three: 3 x registration fee-Grade four: 3 x registration feeDealing in various telecom activities includingprovision of Internet in commercial outlets andpublic places before registering with theAuthority1Grace period granted for 2 months, then apenalty at 10% of renewal fee for each monthof delay. A part of a month will be treated asa full month.Delay in renewal of registration2RO 20 for each set in addition to storage feesStorage of telecom devices/ radio equipmentbefore obtaining approval from the Authority3Grace period granted for 1 month, then apenalty of RO 10 for each set in addition torenewal feesDelay in renewal of application for storage oftelecom radio equipment4RO 20 for each setSelling or delivery of imported or storedtelecom radio equipment to user beforeobtaining necessary radio license from theAuthority5As per grades as follows:-IntI, Excellent or grade one: RO 150 +import permit fee-Grade two: RO 100 + import permit fee-Grade three: RO 40 + import permit fee-Grade four: RO 20 + import permit feeImportation or introduction of telecomequipment into Oman before obtaining importpermit from the Authority6RO 100 for each model in addition to typeapproval feeDealing in telecom equipment/ devices nottype-approved in Oman7RO 15 for each setImport of telecom devices/ radio equipmentfor re-export without assigning frequencies orlicensing them for use in Oman withoutobtaining permit from the Authority8RO 15 for each setFailure to notify the authority upon receipt oftelecom radio equipment from user for purposeof selling, maintenance or export9RO 15 for each setIf a dealer reprogrammes telecom radioequipment for a user before obtaining approvalfrom the Authority10RO 50 to RO 100 maximumDealing in calling cards no licensed in Oman11