Vessel Efficiency competition company elevator pitches - London


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Elevator pitches to the London Vessel Efficiency Information day

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Vessel Efficiency competition company elevator pitches - London

  1. 1. Vessel Efficiency Information Day Elevator Pitches Transport Knowledge Transfer
  2. 2. Dr Ashutosh Sinha Director SSA Trade Association SSA is the voice of the UK Marine Industry representing :  Shipyards 20 years of experience in  Equipment Manufacturers European and UK  Service Providers Maritime Projects  Maritime Universities  Project Management  Port Operators  Consortium formation  Marine Supply Chain.  Dissemination SSA are actively involved in 10  Exploitation European funded marine R&D projects
  3. 3. Dr Ashutosh Sinha Director Vessel efficiency callTopics we are interested in leading: Light weight / reduced maintenance of equipment and machinery onboard ships by using composites Ship energy consumption and onboard management efficiency Low carbon shipping: o Modelling the global shipping system o Technologies for low carbon shipping o Shipping, ports and logistics o Shipping economics and life cycle costs o Regulation, policy and the shipping stakeholder space o Operations for low carbon shipping 365 vessel efficiency: no breakdowns by fabricating the components on board using additive manufacturing Develop new coatings with combined self-healing (SH), antifouling (AF) and anticorrosive (AC) properties
  4. 4. TW (Bill) Page –recent MD and President of Wartsila in the UK and member of Wartsila Ship Power and Oil and Gas international management -19 years and up to date experience in all areas of ship power and propulsion -Now MD of Whale.What? I am bringing new innovative technology to the marine industry that is going to enhance reliability and enable ship machinery condition and efficiency to be monitored and improved in new ways.How? Research and development, new innovations, from Huddersfield University department of Computing and engineering.Seeking Collaborative partners to implement our new ideas, or that need our kind of real life experience and access to innovative technology.
  5. 5.  Engine Emissions predictive monitoring mapping Acoustic and ultrasonic condition monitoring Acoustic Active noise cancelling Acoustic environmental monitoring. Condition monitoring of hydraulic systems and slow moving devices. Phase monitoring flows eg oil pipe lines. Smart components for fasteners Power as a transducer TW(Bill) Page 23-11-12 or
  6. 6. We provide Design & Engineering of FRP Composite Structures Partner required to Minimum weight undertake load monitoring maximum efficiency strong & durable Potential use of FRP inReduced thro-life cost ships: Superstructures Decks, hulls etc David Kendall Optima Projects Ltd T +44 (0)7774 887037 david.kendall@
  7. 7. •The portion of total energy consumption using fossil fuels is around 34% so how do we make fuel go “longer” ?•Emulsion fuel technology is considered one of the most promising solutions •Possible Nox reductions up to 60% •Possible PM reductions up to 80% •Possible fuel cost reductions up to 10-15% •ROI on equipment in weeks, rather than months•We make emulsion fuels•Who benefits? •Marine Industry (large boats) •Power Generation (if used as prime power)
  8. 8. IT WORKS, IT’S IN PLAY TODAY and WILL FLOURISH SCARLETTS FUEL SYSTEMS Ltd Sales Director: Graham Grant +44 7921 459727
  9. 9. Fugro GEOS Ltd  Fugro GEOS is a UK based company with a global reach for specialist services.  It is a provider of marine weather forecast services.  It undertakes extensive forecast modelling of the atmosphere, waves and currents.  It has unique technology for web delivery of metocean data and static data.  It has access to satellite technology for product delivery.  Looking for partners with vessel response capability.  Contact details  Mark Calverley, Consultancy , Tel 01491 820546.Date
  10. 10. Marine Efficiency• The University of Portsmouth Institute of Industrial Research has worked on a wide range of commercial collaborations that draw upon our expertise in managing and extracting important information from large data sets.• Our customers range from Process Machine Manufacturers to Flight Data Analysis businesses to suppliers of High Performance Computers.• All of these customers share the same fundamental problem – extracting key bits of information from vast and ever growing data sets.
  11. 11. Marine Efficiency• The Marine sector presents us with some unique emerging opportunities. As with most industries there are vast amounts of ever growing data sets being generated that contain important elements of information embedded within tremendous amounts of noise.• We are already collaborating with an SME that installs sensors on Marine Vessels to monitor engine performance.• We seek further collaborators in the Marine sector to develop embedded intelligent software systems that can analyse data from all aspects of vessel performance to improve energy usage on board ships.
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  14. 14. Southampton Marine& Maritime Institute -Support for companies for TSB Vessel EfficiencyCompetition• Over 300 researchers working on maritime research• Over 40% of annual £100m research income if from collaborative research with industry• Strong track record with TSB and FP7 funding• Top UK University for working with SMEsKevin Forshaw27th November 2012
  15. 15. Specific project ideas / assistancefor Vessel Efficiency Competition• Support for composite material modelling, across the temperature scales (cryogenic to fire), loading rate scale (static to dynamic) and micro to macro scale analyses (physical chemistry to application).• Drag reduction technologies and methods to enhance propulsive efficiency through advanced synthesis of experimental, computational and theoretical fluid dynamics.• Guidance on and research into coalescence between supply chain and internal departments for easy integration of Marpol and beyond.• National Centre for Advanced Tribology’s extensive expertise on high- performance Anti-fouling, low-friction and anti-corrosion coatings.Kevin Forshaw / / 07770 701923
  16. 16. Babcock International Group• Babcock International is a leading engineering support services company, delivering commercial and military technical projects• With wide maritime involvement, were particularly keen on advancing: – Asset management – Technology that maximises maritime asset integrity – Ways of reducing through life costs of platforms For example: Through life support to oil & gas vessels – Platform and system design – Hull efficiency and effectiveness (design, coatings) – Payload movement, cargo handling – Communication systems that support improved operational effectiveness – Technology that increases automation or assists unmanned vehicle operations• Our broad range of exposure across the whole sector means we may well be able to help support your ideas for innovation and our proximity to major customers can help lead the way to exploit a route to market• Contact: Peter Vincent (
  17. 17. US Project• SME • Lead or join another project• R&D and Software Development • Software approach for increasing• Maritime expertise efficiency through integrating • Data monitoring and logging • Routing • Data Analysis • Fuel consumption / speed / required • Navigation and routing destination arrival time / weather • e-Navigation • Vessel trim • Mobile & satellite comms • Bottom cleaning • Monitoring actual fuel consumption, vessel speed, rpm etc Tim Thornton – – 07985 927376
  18. 18. Over 80% O.P.C. mechanical (75% electrical) Smart Propulsion Systems 1kW to 5MW Hydrodynamic L/D of 22 tested - 80 predicted Smart hydrofoil-assisted hull technologies Air resistance predominant Innovative sections Active Propulsion, Hulls & Control Technologies Extensive Engineering/Manufacturing Know-how Masters of cavitation & the air/sea interface 20 years / £10m of R&D Proprietary Integrated CFD Codes Technologies aid renewable energy targets 8 years and thousands of hours of testing – up to 1MW NOW TRENDUSV/Interceptors WFSVs/Crew Boats Corvettes New Generation RoRo Ships
  19. 19. Some Key Collaboration Partner Requirements Active Propulsion, Hulls & Control Technologies Extensive Engineering/Manufacturing Know-how Masters of cavitation & the air/sea interface Join us in the Efficiency Revolution Boat & Ship Yards – Lightweight structures CFD & aero/hydrodynamic test facilities – air lift and drag Advanced composites moulders - hydrofoils Gas Turbines – mechanical (vertical) and generation High-power transmissions - drive legs Large generators & electric motors, installations Navigation & Collision Avoidance Systems Airborne sensors - UFOs and incoming wave pattern
  20. 20. No rigging to foul spars, so better Automatedupwind sailing angle operation lowers crew costs and increases H&S No rigging to foul 60% Thrust from wind cargo handling 40% Thrust from engine powered by waste Dry Bulk Chemicals Passenger / cruise
  21. 21. FLAGSHIPS OF OUR FUTUREDiane Gilpin
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  23. 23. Part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult Transport Knowledge Transfer Network
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