ERRAC and how proposals for Horizon 2020 have been developed - Andy Doherty
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ERRAC and how proposals for Horizon 2020 have been developed - Andy Doherty



Presentation 2 of 8 from Horizon 2020 for Rail event held 8th Nov 2013. ...

Presentation 2 of 8 from Horizon 2020 for Rail event held 8th Nov 2013.
Brief overview of SHIFT2RAIL, current state of progress, and how companies and universities can engage with it.
Synergies between Challenge 2050, Horizon 2020, SHIFT2RAIL and the GB Rail Technical Strategy.



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    ERRAC and how proposals for Horizon 2020 have been developed - Andy Doherty ERRAC and how proposals for Horizon 2020 have been developed - Andy Doherty Presentation Transcript

    • ERRAC – Horizon 2020 Shift2Rail – Latest position Andy Doherty V8 Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 1
    • What is ERRAC? ERRAC is the European Technology Platform for rail. It was set up in 2001 ERRAC aims at revitalising the European rail sector and make it more competitive, by fostering increased innovation and guiding research efforts at European level. Representatives from all the major European rail research stakeholders are gathered: q Operators, q  Infrastructure managers, q  Manufacturers, q  The European Commission, q  EU Member States, q  Academics, q  Users’ groups. ERRAC covers all forms of rail transport: from conventional, high speed and freight applications to urban and regional services. Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 2
    • Vision and objectives of the railway sector The 2011 EU Transport White Paper foresees a global freight transport activity to increase, with respect to 2005, by around 40% in 2030 and by little over 80% by 2050. Passenger traffic would grow slightly less than freight transport: 34% by 2030 and 51% by 2050. The 2011 EU Transport White Paper foresees a global freight ransport activity to increase, with respect to 2005, by around 40% in 2030 and by little over 80% by 2050. Passenger traffic would grow slighy less than freight transport: 34% by 2030 and 51% by 2050. Taking into account this general transport trend, the ERRAC initial updated vision for 2050 is fully matching the 2011 Transport White Paper : the rail share of both the freight and passenger markets will double by 2050, at the same time the rail freight and passenger market volumes will more than triple by 2050 as compared with 2000. Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 3 3
    • Vision and objectives of the railway sector Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 4 4
    • Vision and objectives of the railway sector Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 5 5
    • Vision and objectives of the railway sector Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 6 6
    • ERRAC ROADMAPS • Roadmaps published in 2012: ERRAC-ROADMAPS • Input developed in the following areas, all addressing the ERRAC SRRIA priorities: - Noise and vibration, energy - Passenger and freight - Urban mobility (in cooperation with ERTRAC) - Safety and security - Competitiveness • Roadmaps: input for FP7 and Horizon 2020! Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 7 7
    • ERRAC- Structure New Terms of Reference Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 8 8
    • FOSTER Rail: Strategic objectives & structure Ø  FOSTER RAIL is a €1.6M EC funded project (CSA) Ø  Update of the Strategic Rail Research & Innovation Agenda (SRRIA) Ø  Project launched in May 2013 ⇒  Expected publication = early 2014 Ø  Defining implementation plans, including innovation roadmaps and business implementation, based on the research agenda and roadmaps and on the monitoring of the existing programmes Ø  Developing links and coordination strategies between the transportrelated ETPs and technology platforms existing at national level in MS/AS Ø  Building the interfaces between ERRAC and SHIFT²RAIL Ø  Increasing visibility of research and innovation activities, and contributing to the dissemination of results Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 9
    • EC Funding Perspective •  Historically – EC has provided significant Framework funding for transport research but rail – only €20m / 30m per annum (projects in TRL1-3) – ERRAC has been influential in guiding the call topics to which the UK has achieved significant involvement – EC has been frustrated with low take up/implementation from Framework projects – EC developed together with the aerospace sector the JTI (joint technology initiative) concept at TRL 4-7 to improve take up – EC has provided VERY significant funding to Air and Road, through JTI (Joint Technology Initiative) and PPPs. Clean Sky JTI and SESAR and Green Car PPPs. Now it is agreeing Phase 2 for a number of these activities. Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 10
    • EC Perspective •  ERRAC provides guidance to the EC on the future vision and role of railways in Europe •  The European White Paper on transport sets challenging target for rail •  Horizon 2020 will provides a significantly increased budget for rail to assist the development of the Single European Rail area •  UNIFE and a consortium of Railway companies have proposed a Rail JTI to EC •  EC has made budget provision in Horizon 2020 for a Rail JTI •  This has now developed into a JTI proposal entitled SHIFT²RAIL – Funding target €1.2B (usual 50% funding arrangement) – Full scale demonstrators (TRL4-7) – Existing framework project funding process to continue in Horizon 2020! – ERRAC to run a Strategic Board - setting whole railway strategy and measuring remit compliance •  The EC expects that most of this increased funding will be directed through the Shift2Rail JTI – this is an on going discussion Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 11
    • Horizon 2020 Update •  H 2020 includes for 2014 both Shift2Rail AND Open Calls •  ERRAC has provided topic areas for first call of the Horizon 2020 annual research programme to be launched on the 11th December •  At the moment there are 3 very general topics (see next slide) •  The call is expected to be circa €58PA but there is possibility of a 4th topic to be added with more funding. •  The EC will allow a number of pre S2R projects (titled Lighthouse projects) to be considered in the 3 topic areas •  The bad news is there is no funding for rail general H2020 open calls planned for 2015, there will be calls but in the S2R process •  This is part of an unacceptable plan by EC to reduce rail research funding to transfer it to aerospace sector •  ERRAC has its Plenary 15 Nov and will be initiating a consortium building process •  This Seminar is a start to planning UK involvement! Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 12
    • Proposed Open Calls •  MG.2.1-2014. – Intelligent Infrastructure •  MG.2.2-2014. – Smart Rail Services •  MG.2.3-2014. – New Generation of Rail Vehicles •  The details are on the document provided! •  *Note the topics could be Lighthouse projects to Shift2Rail Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 13
    • Open calls •  How and where do we use the RTS/NRTS plans to develop proposals? •  Other useful inputs – Challenge 2050 – UIC Rail Technical Strategy Europe (in production) – Other industry strategies? •  The sessions this afternoon to discuss Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 14
    • So what is Shift2Rail? A railway opportunity Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 15
    • Shift2Rail Update •  In June 2012 14 companies signed a MOU to form an initial S2R consortium and to make a proposal that would seek EC funding for a rail JTI. (this included NR) •  The Consortium made proposals in July 2102, improved it in Jan 2103 and has sort its approval •  Politically the Commission (Vice President Kallas) has now committed to Shift2Rail. DG Move will be responsible for the initiative. •  H2020 has high level budget provision for a rail JTI •  BUT Shift2Rail will follow the Institutional PPP SESAR model, which makes the regulation easy, but does involve an additional step of an open call for the major or core partners •  The Greek Presidency has agreed to sponsor through European Parliament early next year •  SO IT IS HAPPENING! Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 16
    • SHIFT²RAIL – ERRAC interface ERRAC SHIFT²RAIL  Strategic   Council   SHIFT²RAIL  Economic   and  Technological   Intelligence   Observatory     JTI  management     All  market  actors   invesAng  in  innovaAon   within  the  scope  of   SHIFT²RAIL   RepresentaAves  from   the  railway  sector   stakeholder  associaAons   Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 (Technology  InnovaAon  Drivers  +  European  Commission)     IP1   IP2   IP3   IP4   IP5                         JTI  members                                             System  requirements  and  ImplementaAon  groups                     17
    • Updated status of the initiative: Membership Status Ø 21 major rail stakeholders have already committed to providing significant resources over the long-term to the S²R objectives. Ø 29 new industrial partners have signed a MoU to contribute to the preparation phase: Consorzio IBI, D'Appolonia, ELH, ENOTRAC, ETF, Evoleo Technologies, FCC Construction, Ferrovial, Indra, Ineco, Interporto Bologna, OHL, Rhomberg Rail, Robosoft, Saft, Selex ES, Strabag Rail, Systra, Tata Steel, Technosite, UniControls, VibraTec, VÚKV, Wascosa, Wiebe. Signature is pending/expected from Ardanuy, Bonatrans, LucchiniRS, Neopul, Newag, Sirti and Skoda. Ø 4 European Railway Undertaking and Infrastructure Managers have already signed a MoU: ADIF, DB, FS and SNCF – as well as Ø 1 Urban Operator: Wiener Linien. In discussions with PKP and NS. Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 18 18
    • Updated status of the initiative: Membership Status Ø  15 Research Centres have already signed a MoU: CEFRIEL, DLR, Fraunhofer, Huddersfield University, IK, IK4, KTH, La Sapienza (Università di Roma), Luleå Uni. of Technology, NewRail, Polimi & Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, UNIGE (University of Genova), Virtual Vehicle. Signature is pending/expected from FIDAMC, IFFSTAR, Loughborough University, RSSB and Technalia. Ø  MoU signed with the European Network of Clusters of SMEs (ERCI) and ongoing exchanges with the European rail research Network of Excellence (EURNEX) and the European Association of Research and Technology Organisation (EARTO) Ø  Collaboration with other rail sector associations in ERRAC: CER, EIM, ERFA, UIC, UIP, UITP Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 19 19
    • SHIFT²RAIL IPs/SPDs overview (Innovation stream): R&I priorities IP1 Energy & Mass Efficient Technologies for High Capacity Trains IP2 Advanced Control & Signaling Systems Develop a new generation of signalling and control systems, building on current ERTMS, to enable intelligent traffic management with automatically driven trains and optimise capacity, reliability and minimise life costs. Develop the future generation of trains that will be lighter, more energy efficient while being able to reduce today’s travelling times, causing less track damage and less impact on the environment, thereby delivering a lower whole life cost. IP5 Technologies for Sustainable & Attractive European Freight Define all technological and process breakthroughs necessary to contribute to the realisation of one of the key goals from the White Paper: 30% of road traffic switching to rail and inland waterways by 2030 and 50% by 2050. IP3 Cost Efficient High Capacity Infrastructure IP4: IT Solutions for a Seamless Attractive Railway Realise one of the key goals from the White Paper: By 2020, establish the framework for a European multimodal transport information, management and payment system. through the development of open IT architecture framework. Deliver a new railway infrastructure system (including both infrastructure and energy subsystems) that provides a breakthrough which will radically improve capacity and performance and reduce costs. System management working groups across research priorities focusing on: Environment Management (Noise & Vibration, Energy, etc.), Integration Mobility Management, EMC/Interference Management, etc. Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 20 20
    • Timescales •  S2R Consortium will submit a high level proposal to EC in early November •  EC and Consortium to agree regulations around SESAR format •  EC will then submit to European Council in December •  The Proposal will go through European Parliament in Feb to April sponsored by the Greek Presidency •  EC will make open call for TID members in April/May •  Recruitment and establishment of S2R JTI will commence in the Summer 2014 •  S2R will make open calls for Associate Members in summer •  S2R will start open calls for the initial 25% of the Research areas of S2R in the autumn 2014 •  Go live Jan 2105 Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 21
    • Technical Scope •  The S2R objectives are 100% aligned to the UK RTS •  The UK RTS and now the NRTS have been fully embedded in the scope of S2R •  NR has been hugely influential in setting out the detailed work scopes of the S2R to the benefit of UK Railway •  Some parts of the NRTS and the NR technology roadmaps could be delivered by S2R, especially as S2R will focus on demonstrated and test products •  The scale of funding available to S2R will enable the railway industry to go significantly further than it has been able to do in the past, more innovative, more radical, more able to make step change! Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 22
    • Summary - what all this means for UK railway •  In addition to all UK rail funding (RSSB, EIT, EPSRC etc) •  Represents a significant increase in rail research activity •  European Funding available – Horizon 2020 Open calls (imminent!) – Shift2Rail (2015) •  Open Calls •  NR Partner? •  BUT we now need to develop potential projects (with avenues to solutions) and form consortium to bid! Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 23
    • UK Position? •  NR will seek a full TID position in S2R. •  NR is discussing with the ORR for €30M of matched R & D funding in CP5 (to make our part of a €60M commitment) •  TSLG has agreed that UK railway industry should try to develop a combined UK input, and we have one! •  NR will act as umbrella and bring in all parts of UK industry as part of its remit and offer –  NR will need to sub contract/partner with others to deliver its activities (i.e. suppliers, SMEs, Universities etc) •  BUT UK supplier involvement low. •  Need for more UK partner companies, the risk of being left behind Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 24
    • The Beginning! Date 11.06.13 AMD V4 25