4R70W Interchange


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This article goes over the differences between the 4R70W and 4R75E transmissions.

Shown courtesy of Gears Magazine.

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4R70W Interchange

  1. 1. 4R70W Interchange PLAYING WITH FIRE4R70W SPEAKERInterchange by Jon RodriguezW hen I first started and widths, etc. Reverse building, one of the hardest Well to make sure it wasn’t the engineer. Figure out interchangeability things to overcome wasn’t parts, I changed everything. And if my and your stock as a rebuilder will gothe difficulty of remembering where new part didn’t look exactly like the old up with the guy who signs your pay-all the parts go or fumbling with snap one, I crossed my arms and said, “No checks.rings. Those hurdles were easy to over- way, José!” Welcome to another edition ofcome after rebuilding a few units. As time and transmissions stacked Playing with Fire. This month’s issue The times that make this industry up on my resume, I learned that a part is going to cover the interchange do’shard are when a unit you rebuilt comes doesn’t always have to match exactly and don’ts between the 2004-2007back under warranty. It’s worse than for it to work. I also learned that some- late 4R70E/75E and earlier 1993-2003getting denied a date when you see your times it does, so never assume those 4R70W. When covering the inter-name on top of a transmission in a car extra holes are just to make the part change, we’re going to go in the samethat you remember from not too long lighter. The approach that makes a order as if we were dismantling theago. Was it the parts or technique? Or rebuilder successful is to look at the part unit, starting with the valve body andwas it the $%#(@! R&R guy? and see what it does. Follow the tracks, working our way down to the last bear- count the teeth, measure the heights ing in the case. Figure 16 GEARS October/November 2008
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  3. 3. 4R70W Interchange Figure 2Electronics ferent frequency that the PCM uses to valve body, separator plate, and gaskets Use the diagrams (figure 1) to signal the solenoid. match, all valve bodies from 1996-2007make sure you have the correct con- Using an early solenoid in a late will interchange. In 2000, Ford elimi-nector for your application. The shift application will cause low line pressure nated the 2-3 capacity modulator valvesolenoids, TCC solenoid, and wiring rise at light to medium throttle, and lineup and the 2-3 accumulator plateharness are the same from 1998-on, and excessive line pressure at heavy throt- (figure 2).if they plug into the harness, they’re the tle. Using a late solenoid in an early Using an earlier, complete valvecorrect ones. application will create high line pres- body on a late application won’t affect The most important change is the sure at light to medium throttle and low performance or durability. In someEPC solenoid. The EPC solenoid from pressure at heavy throttle. The best way cases, where the 2-3 accumulator spring1998-2004 (XL3Z-7G383 AB) and the to be sure you have the correct solenoid cover damages the unprotected plate onsolenoid from 2005-07 (5C2Z-7G383 is to check the part number. the 2000-and-up valve bodies, you canAB) have the exact same resistance improve durability by using a 1996-(2.48-5.66 ohms) and connection. The Valve Body 1999 valve body with the accumula-difference is the internal design that For the sake of interchange, we’re tor plate, to help protect the separatorwas changed to accommodate the dif- going to make this easy. As long as the plate.8 GEARS October/November 2008
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  5. 5. 4R70W Interchange Figure 3 Figure 4 The 1993-1995 valve bodies aren’tinterchangeable with the later versionsbecause the alignment pins are a dif-ferent size. But there are aftermarketadapters available to make late valvebodies fit earlier cases. Ask your localparts supplier about availability.Pump Body Pump bodies are identical exceptfor the intermediate piston design.The 4R70E/75E uses a bonded rubberpiston and wave-style piston return Figure 5spring (figure 3). The wave-style springrequires a seat that sits in the case so thewave spring doesn’t eat into the alumi-num. Use figure 4 to reference properinstallation. The two different designs can beinterchanged as a complete set withoutcausing any problems. Never attemptto interchange intermediate pistons orsprings. If you use a 4R75E pump in anearly 4R70W, always install the wavespring retainer into the early case or it’ll Figure 6damage the case.Stator Support The stator supports are identical inhydraulic design, but there’s an impor-tant difference in the forward seal-ing ring lands. The 4R70E/75E usesa plastic ring that’s much thinner thanthe 4R70W cast iron design (figure 5).The outer dimensions of the two ringsare identical, so as long as you use thecorrect rings for the stator support, youcan interchange them freely. Figure 6shows the differences in the ring lands. The other difference is the for-ward clutch apply hole: Ford changedthe machining process for the forward Figure 710 GEARS October/November 2008
  6. 6. 4R70W Interchange Figure 8clutch apply hole and turned it into a slot instead of a roundhole. This is strictly cosmetic and will have no effect on for-ward clutch apply. Figure 9Intermediate Mechanical Diode In 2007, Ford introduced a new design mechanicaldiode: They increased the number of ratchet teeth in thediode and changed the assembly process. The new diode hasa snap ring that holds the element retainer in place instead ofthe earlier pressed design (figure 7). The height dimensions have changed slightly where thesnap ring rides on the reverse input drum. The new designdiode supersedes the previous design, and when used on anydiode-style drum, will increase the clearance between theinner race and the snap ring by about 0.020”. We recommendusing an aftermarket-designed spiral snap ring in place of thestock snap ring to prevent snap ring failure.Reverse Input/OD Drum No changes made; these drums are fully interchangeable.Forward Drum The 2004-and-up forward drum has three apply holes,120º apart, verses the earlier version having only one (figure Figure 108). This design change is cosmetic and won’t affect forward Figure 1112 GEARS October/November 2008
  7. 7. In These Uncer tain Times I t ’s Go o d t o K now you c an st ill Count on Slauson N o c o r p o r a t e m e r g e r s , n o f l ashy g i m m i c ks . J u s t t he h i g h e s t qu a l i t y par t s a t a r easo n ab l e p r i c e. Use d , N ew & Reb u i l t H a r d Par t s S o f t Par t s Electrical Components Figure 12 Fl y w heelsclutch apply if interchanged.Forward Clutch Hub O r d e r o n l i n e a t S l auson .c o m No changes made; these hubs arefully interchangeable. O f f e r i n g q u a l i t y p r o d u c t s f r o m t h e s e f i n e ve n d o r s :Sun Shell There have been some big changesto the sun shell (figure 9). First, theydesigned it to be a lot stronger; themetal is thicker and the new design isriveted. Thanks to these changes, thereshouldn’t be any more problems withthe sun shells breaking. The height from the bottom ofthe sun gear to the bearing surface hasbeen reduced by 0.030” to make roomfor the thicker, two-piece bearing (fig-ure 10). You’ll need to replace the sunshell, bearing and forward sun gear as Phone Hours:a set when updating to the newer partsin a 4R70W, to keep the endplay cor-rect. Ford sells this complete service kitunder part number 4L3Z-7D234-AA.GEARS October/November 2008 13
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  10. 10. 4R70W Interchange The single most important changewith the 4R70E/75E sun shell is some-thing you can’t see, but will prevent thetransmission from leaving your shop:The 4R70E/75E sun shell is non-mag-netic. For the input speed sensor usedin today’s 4R70E/75E transmissions towork, the sun shell must be non-mag-netic. This allows the sensor to createthe signal from the stamping on theforward drum. Using a magnetic sun Figure 13shell in later units will cause harsh orno shifts, with possible ratio and inputspeed sensor codes.Sun Gear Ford shortened the length of thesun gear by 0.010” to make room forthe thicker, two-piece bearing. 0.010”may not seem like a big difference, butit’s enough to affect your endplay. Theeasiest way to identify the late gear isthe ID groove at the splined part of thegear (figure 11). Just like the sun shell,you can only use the newer sun gear inearly units as a set that includes the sunshell, bearing and sun gear. Ford sellsthis complete service kit under partnumber 4L3Z-7D234-AA. Figure 14Center Support To make room for the input speedsensor, the 4R70E/75E center supporthas an extra notch cut out (figure 12).If you install a 4R70W support in a4R70E/75E case, the input speed sensorwon’t fit all the way into the case. If you’re in a pinch, you can grinda notch into a 4R70W support to makeroom for the sensor.Anti-Rattle Spring Finally, Ford has come up witha better design anti-rattle spring. Theupdated spring is a V-shaped strip ofspring steel that won’t eat into thecase or center support (figure 13). Thisspring will retrofit all the way to the Figure 15AOD and is a great way to save severe-ly worn cases. The part number for the Planetary ing easier. Interchange between yearsupdated spring is 2L3Z-7F277-AA. The planetary gear sets in both won’t pose a problem. units have the same ratio and dimen-Low Roller Clutch sions. The only difference is how the Direct Drum and Hub The low roller clutch is the proven rear cover is attached: The 4R70E/75E No changes made; the direct drumdesign that Ford has used since the uses a welded design; older versions and hub are fully interchangeable.AOD. No changes were made and the use rivets to connect the bottom coverroller is still the same as the one used in to the top of the gear set (figure 14). Ring Geara Turbo 400 low roller clutch. That area never had any real issue; the A new design output speed sensor change is strictly to make manufactur- was incorporated for the 2004 model16 GEARS October/November 2008
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  12. 12. 4R70W Interchange The only difference is the speedometer drive gear that’s machined into the shaft. A late shaft with- out a gear won’t work in early applications with a vehicle speed sensor. Bearings The new case-to-rear hub and front hub- to-sun shell bearings are wider (figure 17), but height has remained the same. The sun gear-to- sun shell bearing has changed from one piece to a two pieces (figure 18), and the combined thickness of both pieces has increased by 0.040”. If you want to use the later bearing in earlier models, you’ll also have to use the late-style sun shell and sun gear. Ford sells a complete Figure 16 service kit under part number 4L3Z-7D234-AA. All other bearings and the pump washer haveyear (figure 15). The new sensor uses the 24 extended parking remained the same.pawl lugs for the exciter ring; the old sensor used the six holes That about covers it: I hope this edition of Playing withmachined around the ring gear (figure 16). Fire covered any questions you may have had on interchanges Mismatching an early ring gear in a late transmission will between these units. If there’s anything else you’d like toreduce the output speed sensor signal by 75%, so the trans- know, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer your ques-mission won’t shift out of first gear. Using a late ring gear tions.in an early transmission will produce an output speed signal Until then, remember: Pay attention to the design of the400% faster, so the transmission will shift into fourth gear by part in question when working with interchanges, and chancesthe time you hit 10 MPH. No interchange possible. are good you won’t get burned when Playing with Fire! A special thanks to Roger Rodriguez at PaylessRear Hub and Shaft Transmissions in Fresno for his help with this article. The output shafts and rear hubs are fully interchangeable. See Us in Booth 926 at ATRA & 5853 at APEX. Aluminum Cast Iron Trany Coat ® Available in Aluminum or Cast Iron Finish “Refinish your rebuilt transmissions! Don’t just paint them!” Make your rebuilds look new using G-TEC’s environmentally- formulated coatings that apply like spray paint, but won’t trap heat in the transmission or torque converter like enamel and epoxy paints do. This allows positive heat transfer, prolonging the life of the rebuild. Trany Coat covers blemishes, and won’t smudge or dissolve on contact with ATF. Refinish your transmission cases, transfer cases, and torque converters. Trany Coat is VOC compliant and available in 16 oz. aerosol cans. www.g-tec.com sales@g-tec.com 800.725.6499 417.725.640018 GEARS October/November 2008
  13. 13. Figure 17 Figure 18GEARS October/November 2008 19