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TransInsure - The slippery road of change
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TransInsure - The slippery road of change


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In many organizations big projects tend to fail. In this slideshow we have brought together many experiences from different organizations. The slideshow is meant to be funny with a serious overtone. …

In many organizations big projects tend to fail. In this slideshow we have brought together many experiences from different organizations. The slideshow is meant to be funny with a serious overtone.

Depending on your role in the Insurance company you will recognize in these slides how projects most of the time fail or not delivering the promised results.

The challenge is to implement Digital Insurance rapidly with 100% achievement and no failure. This is not an easy task and good preparation of a big program to implement Digital Insurance is therefore necessary.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. © TransInsure. The slippery road of change Disclaimer: In many organizations big projects tend to fail. In this slideshow we have brought together many experiences from different organizations. The slideshow is meant to be funny with a serious overtone.
  • 2. Performance… © TransInsure. Product……….. Competition… Workload…..… Regulations….. Business is NOT so good
  • 3. © TransInsure. Expectations are always high
  • 4. Clear communication Customer loyalty Social media integration Big Data Digital Structured & creative Paperless Solution driven Trust High (internal) volume capability Business in charge (not IT) Lead management system Self service Straight Through processing Reliable IT Simple & streamlined processes Cloud computing Low cost Multi Access Excellent Call Centre © TransInsure. Excellent service All-in-1 policy High retention Simple policy wording Let’s brainstorm…….what do we need? Direct online sales
  • 5. © TransInsure. Roadmap is unclear
  • 6. Start a project…………. a huge project Not all skills available Business as usual needs attention © TransInsure.
  • 7. Vendor managementProject proceduresOn-boardingRoadshow Project closing Project budget Templates Risk mitigationGantt chart Functional design Vision Concept Responsibilities Deliverables Consensus Steering Committee Quality management Target Operating Model Project accounting Gap Analysis Strategic plan Approach Analysis Project Library Progress report Roadmap Program Director Stakeholders analysis Excel Project charter Planning UAT Job descriptions Assumptions Program office Activity plan Communication Scope Critical success factors Engagement Sourcing Issue management Decision making unit Dependencies Governance Quick scan SharePoint Risk analysisWorkstream plan Timesheets Detailed design Marketing knowledge plan Concerns Financial reporting IT plan Digital knowledge Project skills Program plan Masterplan Roles Enterprise architecture MS project Reporting Workstream leader Big Data knowledge Procurement Insurance knowledge PowerPoint Cost Requirements Meetings Sponsor Change management Project mandate Scoping Project manager Benefits Program Manager Global design Social media knowledgeAssessments Timelines Project KPI’s Methodology Principles Stakeholders Transformation Implementation plan Evaluation Starting points Schedule Meeting minutes Resource management Project commissioning Benefit realizationWork breakdown structure Project framework Critical path method Resource allocation Performance baseline © TransInsure. Project initiation Objectives Bring in some consultants
  • 8. © TransInsure. and…. some money
  • 9. Have meetings.. more meetings …..propose solutions Set scope © TransInsure. Set principles Set timelines Phase 1 Phase 2
  • 10. You don’t understand our business We tried this already That’s not how it works Our customer does not need this Who told you this? It is not that simple We need more mandatory fields This will increase our claims ratio These specifications are not right We need more underwriting control We will loose our jobs Too expensive This will increase our expense ratio We have change requestsThis is bad for business These principles are wrong We still need an application form Your assumptions are wrong We still need signatures We should redefine the principles This is not our priority Dangerous IT will never deliver Involve staff This will never work The scope is too big This will create a channel conflict Why were we not involved in the beginning this You do not know how our agentsis more important right nowI have no time for Underwriter has to approve all quotations first BAU work Why do we need to change? This failed in the past © TransInsure.
  • 11. Based on valuable input….add & change requirements Change scope: Change principles © TransInsure. Back to the drawing board Change the concept
  • 12. Change leadership © TransInsure.
  • 13. Re-plan © TransInsure. Phase 1 Phase 3 Change timelines Phase 2 Phase 4
  • 14. + add more consultants © TransInsure. ……add some more money
  • 15. Not really good….. Drama….. Worse than expected….. Terrible….. OMG….. Told you so…. What did you expect?….. Stakeholders are shocked…… This will never work….. © TransInsure. Finally the UAT Project weariness… Worked so hard…. Down the drain…. Sponsor…helpless anger.. and finally someone to blame…
  • 16. INPSYCH Psychiatristtransformation stress Clinic Specialized in Insurance For appointment call: 954789145 24/7 emergency: 965788446 (guaranteed within 1 hour help) © TransInsure.
  • 17. For more information: TransInsure. Who will take the lead? Digital Insurance Transformation Email: