2011 Pegasus Conference: Pecha Kucha Presentation


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2011 Pegasus Conference: Pecha Kucha Presentation

  1. 1. THE DAWNING OF CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION Spirit Journeying and the Future of Systems ThinkingPresented at the Annual Pegasus Systems Thinking in Action Conference: Because Sustainable Success Doesn’t Just Happen. Sam Watson-Alván Jenelle Strine www.transformandrenew.org
  2. 2. Systems Thinking represents one of the cutting edges of human reason and of the epistemology of westernculture. And that is part of the problem . . .
  3. 3. We need a way of relating and connecting with the world that is not tied to western ways of knowing.Beyond complexity, the complications of many of our systems are leading us to unsustainability.
  4. 4. Over the years and through more than a dozen Pegasus Conferences we have observed the struggles of the fieldtrying to break through its own glass ceiling of language and consciousness, inching up slowly and somewhatfeeble towards concerns that have more to do with right being than with right doing.
  5. 5. Success has been ambiguous and tension is felt almost as if we were trying to make a break with theintellect to explore the noetic and spiritual realms—but how to do that from where we stand?
  6. 6. How far are we willing to take our thinking skills before we accept the future demands a different set ofsensing faculties for knowing the world that is not limited by the five sense and reason?
  7. 7. There is nothing that our minds can tells us about why the life of this baby matters enough to mobilize thehealth care system on its behalf. We simply sense that is the case—we just know.
  8. 8. In this picture of a Native American sweat lodge, most of us western-minded intellectuals see a wigwam made ofbranches and covered with canvas and a camp fire ablaze. But the multi-sensory, cosmic consciousness of themedicine man knows this as a complex model of the universe, an engine set in motion in order to perform miraclesoutside of space and time.
  9. 9. We cannot grasp the fullness of systems like the sweat lodge or like this forest with the mind. They can only beunderstood with the heart-centered faculties that allow for a full awakening of the part [us] as whole.
  10. 10. Indeed, the complexity of the universe cannot be known externally through objectification or thought. But itcan be sensed by bridging the divide between subject and object, through the open heart—with great love.
  11. 11. There are no limits to the possibilities but we must first become absolutely concerned in theway suggested by Tolle in this slide.
  12. 12. The battle is truly between two polar opposites seldom understood as such: on the one hand, love, and on theother, reason. For hatred and indifference are not the opposites of love but reason is what stands between us andour greatest potential.
  13. 13. These hands know something important. We can sense that but thought cannot explain it. In fact, thought hasnothing to do with it or with anything that is important to a sustainable future.
  14. 14. Sustainable success is another term for evolution, and no it doesn’t just happen. It means conscious, intentionalascension to higher realms of being than those limited by reason and the five senses that support its logic.
  15. 15. None of this is new. Ancient peoples have known this for millennia. Their elders and holy men and womenhave been trying to teach us, to help us remember for centuries, through rites of passage, dreams and visions.
  16. 16. The journey of conscious evolution is a matter of the heart, not of the head. It requires surrender into magic ratherthan effort and invention. It requires sensing, feeling, intuition and being; rather than doing, thinking and trying.
  17. 17. This is a spiritual matter. The longest journey in life is only 18 inches long, from intellect to affect. Moreabout sensing than thinking. More about feeling than inquiry. More about truth than reason.
  18. 18. Coming together means we take up our positions in the heart. There is nothing reasonable about theconsciousness of love or the peace it can induce. The truth that defies all understanding, how long can it gomissing from our discourse?
  19. 19. For Systems Thinking to become a rallying cry at this time of great turning, the field must concern itself with thelargest possible context. Creation itself is the matter and what is at stake here. Can we be up to the task for itsstewardship?
  20. 20. THE DAWNING OF CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION Spirit Journeying and the Future of Systems Thinking Sam Watson-Alván Jenelle Strine www.transformandrenew.org