Trying to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back - 3 Impulses to Avoid When Trying to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back


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“I’m trying to get my ex girlfriend back, but I’m really not sure what to do next. Help!” That is a phrase that is heard often. Below, you will not only find out steps to take to get her back, but also 3 impulses you need to avoid!

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Trying to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back - 3 Impulses to Avoid When Trying to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

  1. 1. Trying to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back - 3 Impulses to Avoid When Trying to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back “I’m trying to get my ex girlfriend back, but I’m really not sure what to do next.Help!” That is a phrase that is heard often. Below, you will not only find out steps totake to get her back, but also 3 impulses you need to avoid!
  2. 2. When you are trying to get your ex girlfriend back, there is also a realization that youmust come to before you read any further…there is NO surefire, guaranteed methodfor getting her back. Some relationships simply are done and nothing you can do willchange that. This is a fact that you may indeed need to wrap your head around atsome point.However, if you are searching for answers about getting her back, you are most likelyserious about at least trying, so let’s look at a few things that have proven effective forother men in the past, and also some impulses you will want to avoid at all costs.
  3. 3. Impulse #1: You may want to yell and scream at them for breaking up with youMany guys in your situation feel upset and perhaps betrayed that their girlfriend leftthem. This is a natural emotion. However, you need to put it to the curb if you areserious about getting her back.Instead: Be civil to her and treat her nicely. Return things to her that were at yourhouse or apartment. Try to keep things light…joke around with her. Make theenvironment a pleasant one and not one that is tense. Treating her civil may not seemlike a big deal right now, and may even be difficult depending on the specifics of yourbreak up, but it could play a large role in the two of you reconciling.
  4. 4. Impulse #2: You may want to decide how things are going to happenOften guys are so anxious to get their previous relationship going again, that they donot care if their girlfriend is still in town or far away. They just want it to start rightback up again ASAP. This tends to be a mistake.Instead: You need to let your ex girlfriend decide how things are going to develop (Iknow..that is not always an easy pill to swallow). However, if you are serious aboutgetting your ex girlfriend back, you need to let the relationship develop againnaturally. It is not something that can be forced. Guys often like to be in control, sothis impulse often is the most difficult one to deal with.You need to be the guy that she sees at social events now and then. Maybe havelunch with her here and there. Get to be her friend again. But take it slow and yourchances of getting her back will greatly increase.
  5. 5. Impulse #3: You may want to force the issueAgain, it is often a natural tendency for men to want to be the driving force behindthings. Guys will often contact their ex right away and demand an answer from themas to getting back together. For obvious reasons (she just broke up with you….hello!!!)this is an impulse that often leads to driving your ex girlfriend even farther away.Instead: Give your ex girlfriend space and instead of focusing on her, focus on yourselffor a bit. Get back on your feet and show her that you can indeed live without her,even though you may indeed desperately want her back. By showing her that youhave moved on with your life, she may begin to see what she gave up in the first placeand the feelings that led her to fall in love with you in the first place may begin toreignite.
  6. 6. These are just a few quick tips to help when trying to get your girlfriend back. If you areREALLY serious about getting your ex back and want to find out exactly you need to do,before you do anything else, you need to watch this video: Watch Video Now. HR Maguire is dedicated to helping people resolve their relationship and marital issues. His articles are a must read for anyone who is looking to either salvage or further enhance their relationship.
  7. 7. These are just a few quick tips to help when trying to get your girlfriend back. If you areREALLY serious about getting your ex back and want to find out exactly you need to do,before you do anything else, you need to watch this video: Watch Video Now. HR Maguire is dedicated to helping people resolve their relationship and marital issues. His articles are a must read for anyone who is looking to either salvage or further enhance their relationship.