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This is an integrated marketing campaign for Glidden Paint at Walmart. It was entered into the NSAC AAF Competition. The campaign was created as part of my capstone class for college and was completed …

This is an integrated marketing campaign for Glidden Paint at Walmart. It was entered into the NSAC AAF Competition. The campaign was created as part of my capstone class for college and was completed with the helped of my whole class.

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  • 1.        TableofContents TABLE OF CONTENTSEXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 SITUATION ANALYSIS 2-3 RESEARCH 4 KEY INSIGHTS 5 TARGETING 6 CREATIVE BRIEF 7 MEDIA STRATEGY 8 CREATIVE/MEDIA 9-17 HUB USER EXPERIENCE 18 MEDIA CALENDAR/BUDGET 19 home |hōm| noun 1 the place where one lives permanently, esp. as a member of a family or household • the family or social unit occupying such a place • a house or an apartment considered as a commercial property • a place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates • informal a place where an object is kept. (New Oxford American Dictionary) While a dictionary can provide you with a literal and comprehensive definition of home, it can not capture and reflect the true emotional meaning of home. How do you define home? What does home mean to you? How do you experience home? How does the meaning of home change over time? Where do you find the “you” in home? EVALUATION & METRICS 20
  • 2. ExecutiveSummary       Executive Summary The do-it-yourself home improvement landscape represents an industry that is quickly gaining momentum. This growth represents an opportunity for Walmart and Glidden to tap into a market with expanding potential. Currently, only 66% of DIY consumers are aware of the fact that Walmart actually sells paint, while approximately 90% of DIY consumers are aware that home improvement centers sell paint. With this campaign, Glidden Brilliance strives to close this gap and build awareness around the fact that Walmart sells paint at all 3,500 stores across the United States. (Glidden Case Study) We worked to gain deeper insights into the Walmart customer’s paint shopping experience. We mapped out the different motivations for home improvement projects which described how to drive these consumers to consider the paint department as a destination for DIY projects. Through multiple research methods, we uncovered the subconscious motivation that fuels consumers to shop for paint. Being a category saturated with consistently shallow messaging concerning product features, we discovered a compelling point of differentiation that will resonate with broad audiences. Our key insights uncovered the strong emotional connection between painting and the translation of your style and who you are into your space. The transformation of your house into your home is central to every painting or home improvement project. Our campaign will reach and engage with DIY consumers on a variety of media channels, directed specifically at each segment’s media consumption habits and behavior. Through our dynamic and integrated strategy, we aim to reposition Walmart as a purveyor of paint, while at the same time, increasing consideration rates for purchasing Glidden Brilliance at Walmart. 1
  • 3.        SituationAnalysis 2 Since its founding in 1875, Glidden has contributed several innovations to the paint industry, including the first latex-based paint in the 1940s and the first environmentally friendly paint (“low VOC”) in the 1990s. However, in the beginning of the new millennium, Glidden began to lose relevance among consumers, threatening its position as the most widely distributed paint brand in the United States. Glidden experienced a 40% drop in market share between 2003 and 2008, losing ground to more in-demand brands such as Benjamin Moore, Behr, Valspar, and Sherwin Williams. Glidden renewed its commitment to consumers in 2009, grounding their rebranding on the principle of simplicity through product redesign, collateral material, color simplification, and paint aides. These modifications instilled confidence and inspiration in consumers, motivating them to tackle home improvement projects. Proving that Glidden really does get you going, the brand took even bolder strides in 2010 by producing a line of paints exclusively for Walmart called Glidden Brilliance. This replaced Sherwin William’s Dutch Boy brand paint which, combined with ColorPlace, sold 22 million gallons of paint annually. Through secondary research, we learned more about the home improvement shopping process and the paint selection process. As a whole, the paint category has a considerable lack of brand loyalty. Only 30% of consumers credit their experience with a paint product as a reason for selecting that brand again. However, home improvement specialty stores, like Home Depot and Lowes, have dominated paint sales within the market. Exclusive partnerships between paint brands and home improvement distributors, have been the stronghold of this success. Partnershipss, like the one between Behr and Home Depot, have taken advantage of quality customer service matched by quality paint to create a positive brand experience among customers. (JD Power & Associates) The paint market is dominated by product trends including 2-in-1 paint and primer combinations and low-VOC paints. All paint brands offer these product varieties to cater to consumers’ utilitarian needs. However, these trends fail to create a lasting connection with users. The partnership between Glidden and Walmart has not proven to be the lucrative endeavor that Glidden originally envisioned. Walmart’s 140 million visitors a week gives Glidden a large potential consumer base, however, inconsistencies in customer service and product displays have prevented consumer interaction. By improving these sectors and capitalizing on the connectivity between Walmart’s paint and home decor departments, Glidden can close the perceptual gap, convincing consumers that Walmart is a go-to home improvement and design center. In reaction to the continuing economic recession, the do-it-yourself (DIY) trend has experienced a rise in popularity. As Americans become more budget-conscious, they have turned to DIY tools to complete home improvement projects. The DIY Paint Market generated $9 billion in sales in 2012, enjoying an overall increase of 10.27% from 2010. (Global Industry Analysts) Glidden has the opportunity to capitalize on the growing DIY trend by highlighting its simpler approach to the painting and shopping processes. (Glidden Case Study, JD Power and Associates, Forbes, Consumer Goods Technology) Situation Analysis
  • 4. SituationAnalysis       3 Situation Analysis The paint industry is currently enamored with color. Pantone Color Trends dominate the marketing efforts of Glidden’s primary competitors: Behr, Sherwin Williams, Valspar, and Benjamin Moore. A focus on color fails to express the emotional experience of painting and redefining one’s home. U.S. DIY Paint Market = $9 billion (45% of the total U.S. paint market) DIY Market Leaders: Specialty, Design, & Hardware Stores: 36% or $3.25 billion Home Depot: 39% or $3.50 billion Lowe’s: 20% or $1.80 billion Walmart: 5% or $450 million (Glidden Case Study, Home Depot Annual Report 2012, Lowe’s Annual Report 2012)
  • 5. 4        Research 297 189 19 3 Focus Groups Survey Responses Man-on-Street Interviews In-Depth Interviews METHODOLOGY Research Overview We set out to fully understand the target consumers’ cultural makeup, purchasing power, and approach to inspiration, and their experiences with home improvement, life transformation, and the painting & shopping processes. The DIY market became crucial to the research because it is where the majority of Walmart shoppers exist. We explored research from a variety of secondary sources, including industry reports, news outlets, and generational segment reports, and used the aforementioned insights to conduct a questionnaire and a series of in-depth interviews to gain a fuller understanding of the DIY landscape. We also conducted three focus groups that followed Clotaire Rapaille’s method of uncovering the subconscious code for specific products. Upon analyzing the results, we determined that the code for paint was self-establishment. Our primary and secondary research analyses also uncovered that consumers place high value on their living space, and that creating a sense of home was of high importance despite their living circumstances (i,e, renting or owning a house). Transforming a living space into a home held the greatest potency among respondents. We also conducted a series of man-on-the-street interviews where we asked our respondents to fill in the statement, “Home is...” The key insight for this research tactic revealed how respondents understood that ‘home’ was a universal emotional concept. They defined home in their own way, steeping with memories and unique experiences, and projecting a vivid image of the DIY landscape. Ultimately, our insights presented an opportunity for Glidden Brilliance’s to help consumers redefine their home. “Customers are inspired to breathe new life into a static room.” —Mark, Walmart Employee, Bellingham, MA What do consumers look for in a paint brand? What does the process of painting mean to our target? What unites the segments and makes them distinct from other Walmart shoppers? What does DIY mean to the segments? Understanding that color dominates the current paint market, we wanted to figure out what the most important factor in selecting a paint brand is for shoppers. In addition to this, with DIY as a rising trend, we wanted to explore what inspires consumers to engage in projects of their own.
  • 6. KeyInsights       5 Case Study Our Survey 23% 63% 18-29 30-49 50+ 11% 22% 33% 1% 33% 0% 37% 46% 7% 10% 11% 20% 47% 16% 6% Sense of Accomplishment Save Money Competence & Previous Experience Control and Personalization Enjoyment Why do you DIY? Primers are most likely to DIY out of enjoyment while Base Coats try to save money. Sealants reason competence and previous experience as the biggest reason to DIY. Would you consider buying paint at Walmart? Our surveys show that there’s an opportunity to grow 40% in consideration among DIYers. Key Insights 25% 50% 75% 100% 18-29 30-49 50+ Price Color Ease Durability What do you look for in paint? While Primers and Base Coats care most about price and color selection, Sealants view durability and ease of use as most important benefits.
  • 7.        Targeting 6 Targeting As Glidden transforms its brand identity, it seeks to connect with a consumer base that is also in the midst of growth and transformation. Glidden’s consumers are experiencing redefining changes in their home space -- from moving into their first apartment, to starting a family, to reclaiming their homes as empty-nesters. This pivotal period of transition encourages the Glidden consumer to take on DIY home improvement projects. Consumers begin to define their space with these projects, allowing them to create an entirely self-reflective home. PRIMERS (24.3MM) "Who am I?" Primers consist of 18-29 year-old female millennial renters. They are most likely moving into their first place and developing an independent physical and mental space for the first time. This segment is driven by a desire to be self- expressive. As novice DIYers, they fear failure in home improvement projects, but are also the most adaptive of the segments. Primers pursue DIY projects as an outlet to seek new challenges and exciting experiences.81% are always expressing themselves in different ways. 66 69% will not let anything stop them from getting what they want 66 62% value their living space within a structure 66 33% do-it-themselves for hedonic reasons of self-fulfillment and joy 66 2x as likely to engage digital sources & social media while pursuing and completing DIY project BASECOATS (41.9MM) "Who are we?" Basecoats are 30-49 year olds starting a family. They are transitioning from self- centered endeavors to selfless living as they focus on the family unit. Basecoats are extremely budget-conscious and concerned with creating a safe environment for their new family. Mothers are the primary decision-makers for their households, as they are most confident in completing home projects independently. 66 80% of household spending is controlled by female head-of-house. 66 54% of female respondents have tackled a painting project within the past year. 66 42.9% pursue DIY to save money. 66 38.1% cite competence and experience as motivators for DIY. SEALANTS (29.5MM) "How do we get back to us?" Sealants are the most confident and settled out of the three segments in their personal identity and space. Primarily over the age of 50, sealants are seasoned DIYers and are confident in their personal style. This segment has shifted their focus from family to legacy, motivating them to create a space that is a cradle for their family to return to—a place for true comfort. 66 94% have been involved in home painting projects. 66 75% believe passing down family values & life lessons is more important than financial legacy. 66 86% say that family stories are important for keeping family history & memories alive. “Home is a place I keep coming back to. It can exist in many places.” —Jessie, New York “Home is where the people you love are.” —Leah, Kansas “My concept of home has changed with time...Home is comfort, relaxation, and peacefulness - home is good dinners and family. Home is where I want to be.” —Timothy, New York (MTV Millennial Edge Study, ERA Real Estate, McMahon &Tate Home Improvement Survey, Mintel) (Forbes, Style at Home, McMahon & Tate Home Improvement Survey) ( McMahon & Tate Home Improvement Survey, CNBC, Allianz Life Insurance Company)
  • 8. CreativeBrief       7 Creative Brief BRANDING Glidden needs to become more than just a logo to potential customers. In order to truly connect with its audience, Glidden’s branding needs to reflect whom the brand is and why it is worthy of customer consideration and loyalty. McMahon & Tate has created a core value-based approach to branding Glidden and genuinely connecting it to the motivational beliefs, values, and aspirations of the target segments. The connection to the brand and the consumer is then reflected in the Brand Strategy Statement and communicated through the brand’s positioning. START WITH WHY (SHARED BELIEFS): • Painting is underscored by humanity • The concept of home is uniquely personal • Home communicates your personal style and reflects the essence of who you are ALIGN WITH HOW (SHARED VALUES): • Stylish • Unconventional • Highly individualized, yet family-focused • Self-expressive • Dependable • DIY CONNECT WITH WHAT (THE TRANSFERENCE OF VALUES TO THE PRODUCT) • Simple • Accessible • Quality • Hassle Free • A good value BRAND STRATEGY STATEMENT: Painting is more than selecting the colors, matching accentuating furnishings, or refreshing the walls of one’s home. Painting is the first step in the active transformation of where you live to where life happens - of living space to home. Glidden believes that your house is not your home until it bears the imprint of your unique style and reflects the essence of who you are. Glidden has created the Brilliance Collection - dedicated to taking that first step with you. POSITIONING STATEMENT: Glidden Brilliance: You’re Home CAMPAIGN STRATEGY AND CREATIVE BRIEF Our primary research revealed that: The code for painting is self-establishment, whether it’s redefining your identity in your childhood home, your first apartment with roommates, or your house within the context of your neighborhood. The concept of home is deeply personal and varies widely from person to person. However, all respondents expressed that home is a feeling and sense of familiarity , as it is a physical structure. Consumers are driven to purchase by the following price, ease of application, durability and color selection The competition is actively marketing to only two of these factors: Unique, expansive, and proprietary color palettes and two-in-one paint and primer products. A key revelation regarding the category is that any manufacturer has access to its competitors’ color recipes. This insight becomes the cornerstone of McMahon & Tate’s retail activation strategy. CREATIVE STRATEGY: Establishes phases of the campaign based on the Consumer Journey Funnel and intersect with the consumer at each stage of the journey. At each intersection build on the target’s understanding and belief that Glidden is synonymous with home when it comes to paint. VOICE: All executions should communicate a sense of comfort and inner-familiarity delivered through the voice of the everyday non-painter. The delivery can vary between fresh, unexpected, slightly quirky, but always honest and authentic.
  • 9.        MediaStrategy 8 Media Strategy The Glidden “You’re Home” campaign will begin in May 2014 and run through September 2014. The five-month campaign is a manifestation of our overarching strategy and will be implemented across traditional and non-traditional platforms to deliver timely, quality, and engaging content to all three target audience segments. Strategy: A pulsing media strategy will be implemented according to the consumer’s journey in the painting process in order to reach and engage with consumers at multiple media platforms and touch points. Dividing the media budget based on its objectives, Glidden will achieve both quality and quantity in terms of audience impressions, clicks, and conversions. Excite: The Getting You Phase: Create buzz, grab attention, & heighten awareness • Cable TV • Nontraditional and Public Relations • OOH Inspire: The Getting You Going Phase: spark interest, generate ideas & motivate action • Online Advertising • Print Media • Mobile • Social Media • Nontraditional Engage: Keeping You Going Phase: further interaction, nurture consumer relationship & develop communication • Online Advertising (AdNetworks, Retargeting, Dynamic Creative Optimization) • Mobile Display Advertising • Digital Content Hub • Nontraditional • Social Media • SEO Objectives: Through an integrated multi-platform media strategy, Glidden will build awareness of paint offerings at Walmart and heighten consideration to purchase Glidden Brilliance, while at the same time closing the perceptual gap. Sell: The Going Phase: attract customers & drive purchase • Point of Purchase • Mobile Evangelize: The Going Beyond Phase: acknowledge success, share fulfillment & repeat excitement, inspiration, engagement, and sale • Social Media • Digital Content Hub TACTICS:
  • 10. Excite       9 Excite The Getting You Phase: Create buzz, grab attention, & heighten awareness Cable TV $2,319,692.62// Impressions: 195,960,200 The campaign will air 30 second cable spots during early fringe primetime and late fringe to reach a specific target with geographic flexibility at a very efficient cost. Glidden will focus on the top Designated Market Areas (DMAs) for reach and the top DMAs for the highest proportion of Walmart shoppers for narrowed and quality targeting. TV dollars are subject to concurrent optimization based on ROI performance and partner network delivery. Networks: HGTV, DIY Network, Bravo, The Learning Channel Specific Shows: House Hunters, Color Splash, Fresh Start, Real Housewives Atlanta, Extreme Cheapskates, Say Yes to the Dress Hulu $400,000 // Impressions: 9,411,765 // Clicks: 7,590,133 30 second video ads will run on Hulu to reach consumers who watch TV online. Respectively, the first segment is 182%, the second segment is 85% more likely to watch shows on Hulu (Gfk MRI, 2013). 1. White background with text in black: “Home is a house.” [MUSIC: Imagine Dragons] 2. The word “house” is slowly replaced with “laundry” in red. 3. The word “laundry” is then slowly replaced with “coffee.” 4. The word “coffee” is replaced with “cuddling,” more and more words replace the word “cuddling” at a faster pace. 5. The last word slides into place to complete the phrase is “Home is you,” shown in all black. 6. It fades out and the final message, "You're home," appears. The Glidden logo including the “Glidden gets you going” tag fades in, with “Available exclusively at Walmart” using the Walmart logo in the right corner as well as Glidden’s website in the left corner. [MUSIC: Fade out] Household 3,493,500 2,571,300 2,360,200 2,292,600 2,185,300 1,842,700 1,514,200 1,110,000 DMA Chicago Dallas Washington, DC Atlanta Huston Detroit Cleveland Indianapolis DMA Roanoke Knoxville Birmingham El Paso Moblie Jacksonville Wichita Oklohoma City San Antonio Memphis Household 455,900 527,800 738,800 336,600 527,900 669,900 454,600 712,600 880,700 669,900 Top Designated DMAs for Reach DMAs with highest proportion of Walmart Shoppers
  • 11.        Excite 10 HELPING HANDS MOBILE DIY TOUR: Glidden will partner with Better Homes and Gardens, DIY Network, and Walmart to execute a cross-country tour. Beginning in Cleveland, Ohio, the Mobile Home will stop at 19 different cities across the Midwest and American South refreshing neighborhood hubs. The tour will rally the power of the community to help improve local community centers and schools, the heart of small towns. The Helping Hands Mobile Home Tour will encourage community collaboration, allowing them to redefine and punctuate their hometowns. WHILE YOU WERE OUT: A partnership with Walmart’s “Welcome Home” Commitment will expand the program to give veterans of the US Armed Forces a home refresh. Glidden will provide $1000 and a team of painters and contractors to 100 heroes to assist them to develop a stronger sense of home. MAKE-A-WISH MURALS: Working with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Glidden will support an art therapy program at select children’s hospitals. Patients will be invited to visually express their idea of home. The drawings and paintings will be collected and assembled into a mural displayed on Glidden’s social media sites. Excite The Getting You Phase: Create buzz, grab attention, & heighten awareness Public Relations: Annual DIY Season $493,950 // Impressions: 123,870,870 Glidden Brilliance, in partnership with Walmart, will introduce an annual DIY Season promotion, called "Glidden Summer Homecoming." This promotion will run May through September and will aid in alligning the DIY culture with Glidden and Walmart. This annual event will further establish Glidden’s DIY positioning in the paint industry and close the perceptual gap that exists between Walmart and larger home improvement centers. The goal is to generate attention all while helping people realize their vision of home by reaching out to communities across America and connecting with them across multiple media platforms. This overarching PR initiative ties in with the “Glidden Summer Homecoming” campaign, which will provide an exclusive partnership with Better Homes and Gardens and DIY Network for Glidden to reach a specific audience and receive media coverage for all its mutual promotional efforts. Glidden will supply products and services to the networks’ home improvement and painting-related shows in exchange for media mileage in TV and magazine ad spaces.
  • 12. Excite       11 Out of Home $800,000 // Impressions: 22,142,763 OOH media efficiently delivers to large audiences given its visual impact and Glidden’s specific focus in high traffic areas. Glidden will set up digital interactive billboards proportionately across 20 cities with high Walmart customer traffic. This will enable Glidden to establish a localized creative execution for each DMA target in conjunction with the PR and Cable TV strategy. Excite The Getting You Phase: Create buzz, grab attention, & heighten awareness This execution will trave with the Helping Hands Mobile DIY Tour. The community will have an interactive experience sponsored by Glidden, as they put their digital handprint on the wall, along with their definition of home. The content compiled will be shareable on their social media sites and will ultimately become a localized mural of their community home. These billboards will feature Instagram and Twitter photos tagged with a state-specific hashtag created for Glidden Brilliance (ex. #TXisHome). These billboards will switch between a message exclaiming, "You're Home" and geographic specific messages and photos uploaded by residents. The billboard will update on a real-time basis throughout the five-month campaign.
  • 13.        Inspire 12 The print ads reflect the very core belief of our campaign strategy, that Glidden sponsors the emotions involved in the transition of making a house into a home. This belief is demonstrated through the two-part peel-off ad and with the detailed imagery in the body copy. B Inspire The Getting You Going Phase: spark interest, generate ideas & motivate action Magazines $768,060 // Impressions: 10,067,457 The campaign will incorporate magazine advertisements to reach our target segments with defined interests and lifestyles. Magazines provide visual inspiration and more detailed information to audiences who look for specific topics. Our selected publications, HGTV Magazine, DIY Magazine, and Country Living are gold mines for audiences who are interested in painting and home improvement. Magazines have a high pass along readership rate because of its portability, time independence, and visual element. Our target audience, on average, is 40% more likely to read the above mentioned magazines than the average American. (GFK MRI) Your home. It’s the one drawer that needs a little extra pull to open. Or the fourth stair that creaks every time you step on it.  It’s the rattle of the upstairs bathroom window during a thunderstorm. It’s thethunderstorm. It’s the freedom that allows you to be completely yourself. You’re home. Glidden gets you going.
  • 14. Inspire/Engage       13 Inspire/Engage The Getting You Going Phase: spark interest, generate ideas & motivate action & The Keeping You Going Phase: further interaction, nurture consumer relationship & develop communication Social Media Ads: $400,000 // Impressions: 819,333,037 // Clicks: 318,181,819 Social media ads deliver high impression volumes and click-through rates. On average, our target segments are 75% more likely to use Facebook, 120% more likely to use Twitter, & 93% more likely to use YouTube than the average American. Glidden could inspire and engage the target segments by involving them in the creation, discussion and sharing of user-generated content, as well as leading them to Glidden’s site and content hub. (GFK MRI) Organic Content Aside from advertising, Glidden will leverage and create organic content across various social media platforms. Glidden will engage with customers and the greater DIY community. Content will generally provide inspiration and know-how needed to complete DIY projects, as well as showcase Glidden-sponsored projects, user-submitted works, and updates for all Glidden- related events. Link Facebook to Glidden-powered mycolortopia.com by sharing blog posts on FB Timeline. Share posts linked to Glidden Summer Homecoming, like the Helping Hands Tour. Effectively utilize tagging function to connect partners and followers to posts and re-posts. Link posts back to Glidden website and Digital Content Hub to drive online traffic. Diversify and structure videos posted on Glidden YouTube Channel. Focus Summer 2014 testimonials recorded during the Helping Hands Mobile Home Tour. Compilation of respondents defining home as the anchor of Glidden’s broadcast advertisements. Include how-to tutorials and Q&As with DIY bloggers and professionals. Increase daily post frequency to capitalize on Twitter’s instantaneous nature. Retweet and reply to followers’ content to drive interaction. Host Twitter Chats to discuss DIY projects and questions using #DIYWG. Use @Glidden_Paint as a customer service line with #Glidden911. Utilize Instagram’s nature to showcase the strong visual element of paint and DIY projects. Create transparency by displaying behind-the- scenes events. Repost and promote user-generated photos using #DIYWG. Link to the Glidden Summer Homecoming events with hashtags, visually sharing the Tour’s story.
  • 15.        Inspire/Engage 14 Google Ad Networks, Facebook Ad Exchange, Doubleclick Ad Server $935,000 // Impressions: 109,803,922 // Clicks: 68,627,451 The partnership with a third party ad network, ad exchange, and ad server will significantly aid in optimizing Glidden’s campaign. While the cornerstone sites deliver a more focused audience, the third party vendors will efficiently reach a wider audience in both digital and mobile site partners and properties. The collaboration between these vendors will allow the incorporation of geographic, content, and behavioral targeting, as well as site, search and contextual retargeting, to minimize any waste in media spend. This will allow Glidden to serve ads based on the consumer’s interconnected behavior on the desktop and mobile space, and further optimize the campaign strategy based on data collected by floodlight tagging and online behavioral tracking capabilities from ad server, Doubleclick. Online Advertising $800,000 // Impressions 226,490,196 // Clicks 164,205,210 Online Advertising is a strategic media option to efficiently deliver a high amount of reach, generate awareness, and capture quality engagement. Glidden’s digital spending will invest in cornerstone sites, such as DIYNetwork.com and HGTV.com to reach a more focused audience. The campaign will employ content targeting, to ensure that Glidden’s display ads are served to the targets at the most appropriate and relevant time of their online activity, and lead them to our content hub and main site landing page. Sites: DIYNetwork.com and HGTV.com Targeted Content: Articles, Videos, Reviews Targeted Sections: Painting, Rooms, Decorating, Techniques 300X250 BANNER ADS. Inspire/Engage The Getting You Going Phase: spark interest, generate ideas & motivate action & The Keeping You Going Phase: further interaction, nurture consumer relationship & develop communication
  • 16. Inspire/Engage       15 Inspire/Engage The Getting You Going Phase: spark interest, generate ideas & motivate action & The Keeping You Going Phase: further interaction, nurture consumer relationship & develop communication Search Engine Optimization $68,540 // Impressions: 1,615,302 // Clicks: 41,090 As search is a significant part of the online user experience, Glidden’s organic and paid SEO strategy is fully integrated with other digital media buys. With the purchase of the following keywords, “How to Paint,” “DIY Projects,” “DIY,” “Paint Wall,’ “Home Décor,” and “Walmart,” Glidden integrates the search strategy with third party retargeting capabilities and closes the perceptual gap between DIY, paint, home improvement, and Walmart. The Glidden website has incredible potential to effectively attract audiences online because of diverse content. However, Glidden’s current SEO prohibits consumers from finding Glidden via search and the website landing pages are not structured to enable seamless user interaction. With improved SEO strategy, the Glidden website will be optimized as a gateway to purchase. Organic Search Recommendations: GOOGLE+ The creation of a Google+ brand page will help optimize awareness for Glidden with a more prominent position in the search engine results page (SERP). As a DIY brand, the Google+ page will provide Glidden the opportunity to be a leader in content generation, creating an easier consumer search process. META TAGS The internal titles and descriptions of each landing page are not currently optimized for user search experience. By rewriting the code to include more descriptive titles and tags, Glidden will improve how search engines interpret the site’s information. CURRENT CODE FOR GLIDDEN’S INTERIOR PAINT HOW-TO PAGE <head> <title>Glidden&reg; Paint | How to Bring Your Interior Painting Ideas to Life</title><meta name="description" content="Got interior painting ideas you don't know how to start? Issues with an old paint job you don't know how to fix? We can help!" name="description"/> NEW CODE FOR GLIDDEN’S INTERIOR PAINT HOW-TO PAGE <head> <title>Glidden&reg; Paint | How to Paint the Interior of Your House </title> <meta name="description" content="Instructions on how to paint a room. DIY Interior painting can be simple with Glidden. " name=”description”/> SEARCH RESULT TITLE Editing the SERP entry of the Result title will make Glidden more search-visible online and give users a more detailed understanding of what content the website hosts. Changing Glidden’s website Search Result Title to “Glidden | Simple Paint Solutions for your Home” will provide a more accurate summary of the website while reflecting the Glidden brand mission. Paid Search Recommendations Glidden will also implement a paid search campaign over 5 months, bidding on relevant keywords to the brand and the DIY audience. The keywords can be seen to the right. Paid Keywords "How to Paint” $38 “Home Décor” $2,170 “DIY Projects” $18 “DIY” $60 “Paint Wall” $9 “Walmart” $1,278
  • 17.        Sell 16 Interactive Kiosk & iPad Application As an in-store go-to resource for all things DIY, users can access the Glidden’s social media and the Digital Content Hub to read up on DIY how- to’s, find out how to pick out the right paint, and can even generate a supply list or promotional coupon for all the materials necessary to start their next project. This kiosk is meant to be a uniform customer service tool where consumers do not need to rely on employees and can be self-sufficient in navigating through product information. Interactive Paint Waterfall Projection This point of purchase element features a touchscreen that depicts a waterfall made completely out of paint. Users can interact with the waterfall as if it were real water and brush it to the side to reveal messages about home. This is incredibly effective for Basecoats with children, as it is a fun and engaging way to connect with Glidden. Point of Purchase $2,842,725 // Impressions: 1,000,000 Point of Purchase executions can significantly drive sales given that this point defines how a consumer’s mindset is inclined towards making a purchase decision at Walmart. Glidden’s executions will take place in all 3,500 stores nationwide, and will be supported by our mobile ad network and its geo-fencing capabilities. Sell The Going Phase: attract customers & drive purchase
  • 18. Evangelize       17 Evangelize The Going Beyond Phase: acknowledge success, share fulfillment & repeat excitement, inspiration, engagement, and sale Digital Content Hub: Housekeeping Glidden will host a digital content hub called “Housekeeping”, which will provide a library of simple how-to’s, tips, supply calculators, wish lists, color generators, and more to help make consumer’s projects a little easier. The hub will also serve as a landing page for all the display banners, help boost Glidden’s organic search ranking and consolidate a visitor database that integrates with Glidden’s loyalty program.
  • 19.        HubUserExperience 18 Hub User Experience The Media Ecosystem demonstrates how Glidden’s campaign is integrated across multi-media platforms in relation to the consumer. It connects the dots between the media vehicles that deliver a high level of reach along with those that deliver quality engagement. The spatial relationship between the medium and consumer is reflective of the consumer’s distance to the purchase decision. THE MEDIA ECOSYSTEM Housekeeping User Experience: 1. Annie Googles “How to Paint.” 2. Annie selects an article link from the results page. 3. A Glidden Brilliance ad will be distributed to Annie courtesy of an ad network. If Annie clicks on the Glidden ad: 4. By clicking the ad, Annie will be taken to a relevant article on the Digital Content Hub. 5. Annie can explore the Hub functions, including store locator & sup- ply calculator. 6. A unique code will be generated for Annie when she enters specifics for her project. 7. Annie can go to the nearest Walmart, enter her code at the Glidden Design Center kiosk, and receive a store map to find all of her proj- ect supplies. If Annie does not click the Glidden ad: 4. Annie goes offline. 5. The next day Annie checks the news on CNN.com. 6. Contextual and site retargeting tracked Annie’s online behavior and deliver another Glidden Brilliance Collection ad. 7. Annie’s previous paint search encouraged her to click on the ad, leading her to the Digital Content Hub.
  • 20. MediaCalendar/Budget       19The chart describes the pulsing five month media schedule and details the campaign's media spending by month on the x-axis and by medium on the y-axis. information about total impressions and clicks are also included to imply a significant reach for awareness and engagement. Media Calendar/Budget
  • 21. 20        EvaluationandMetrics Optimization & Media Plan Flexibility The campaign will implement a monthly reporting scheme that will enable the optimization and reflect the flexibility of our media plan. We will closely monitor the performance of our site and network partners to ensure the timely delivery and reconciliation of expected impressions and clicks. We will also incorporate retargeting strategies, dynamic creative optimization, and custom content through our third-party partners, Google Ad Network, Facebook Ad Exchange, and Doubleclick to efficiently maximize every single dollar of the campaign budget. Benchmarks Walmart will need to measure paint department positioning relative to other home improvement centers. We seek to increase DIY market share from 5% to 8%. Glidden will also measure positioning relative to ColorPlace in Walmart. We aim to reverse the current in-house split by achieving 60% of Walmart paint sales in the Glidden portfolio. Evaluation and Metrics How We Evaluate and What We Measure Reaching out to the targets could potentially yield the following projected sales figures over each segment’s lifetime: $183mil $703mil $181mil Primers Basecoats Sealants Key Performance Indicators The campaign aims to: 1 Raise awareness of Walmart as a paint retailer from 66% to 90% Conduct awareness survey before the campaign Measure impressions for traditional and online media to quantify and qualify campaign reach Boost level of consideration from 23% to 63% Measure interaction and engagement across multiple media platforms Facebook: post likes, shares, fan growth, page views, and unique visitors Twitter: Retweets, follower growth, @mentions and favorites Pinterest: Repins SEO page rankings Use ticker to measure the number of visits to Walmart paint department Usage of in-store kiosks and tracking codes on Creative License customer loyalty cards Close the Perceptual Gap Online social scanning via NetBase will analyze the sentiment regarding Paint & Walmart, and Glidden & DIY to evaluate and measure the perceptual gap. The outcome of post-campaign survey will assess overall awareness, consideration, and the closing of the perceptual gap. 2 3 For total lifetime sales of $1 billion
  • 22.        ChapterTitle 24