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  • 1. Form 1 Syllabus
    Topics covered during the Form 1
  • 2. Topic 1 - Shapes and Plans
    The first topic deals with outline maps (Malta, Europe and the World).
    It also deals with several types of plans such a the plan of a room to a plan of a house.
  • 3. Topic 2 – Maps Skills
    A number of different skills used in mapping are presented in Topic 2 including scale-line, contour lines, grid reference and the compass.
  • 4. Topic 3 – Transport
    The different modes of transport (air, land, sea) used in Malta are explored in this topic.
    The topic of land transport is covered into more detail for its daily impact on our lives.
  • 5. Topic 4 - Settlements
    Settlement is where we live and this area of study will give an insight about the difference between the settlements of the Maltese Islands.
  • 6. Topic 5 - The Weather
    The weather effects our daily lives.
    The weather elements such as the sun, rain, air pressure, temperature, wind speed and wind direction are focal points of the topic.
  • 7. Topic 6 - Geology
    Topic 6 deals with the Rocks of the Maltese Islands. The various characteristics of the rocks are explored along side with other geological aspects.
    Upper Coralline Limestone
    Blue Clay
    Globigerina Limestone
    Lower Coralline Limestone
  • 8. Topic 7 - Farming
    Farming is divided into 2 categories; Arable and Dairy Farming and number of aspects related to each farming type will be covered.
  • 9. Topic 8 - Fishing
    Fishing has been practiced in Malta since pre-history and this topic gives an overview of types of fish caught and the fishing methods used.
  • 10. Topic 9 - Industry
    The first part of Topic 9 covers places of work and how this are placed within the context of job classification.
    The second part of Topic 9 covers the European Union
  • 11. Topic 10 - Tourism
    This topic covers the idea of tourism, touristic sites in the Maltese Islands and the impact of tourism on the Mediterranean Region.
  • 12. The End
    Mr. C. Formosa (2008)