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The Scarlet Ibis Final
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  • 1. “ The Scarlet Ibis” Concluding Notes
  • 2. Foreshadowing: hints of clues of events that have yet to occur
    • a) “summer was dead, but autumn was not yet born”
    • b) “…last graveyard flowers were blooming”
    • c) such times make him “remember Doodle”
    • d) coffin
    • e) Doodle’s real name only looks good on a tombstone
    • f) arrival of the bird, its death, and Doodle burying it
    • g) Doodle not feeling well
  • 3. Mood
    • Mood: the emotion created in the reader by all or part of a literary work
    • a) haunted, lonely- created through many dead things, dying, empty cradle, graveyard flowers
    • b) tension between Doodle and brother in which brother is trying to get Doodle to do what he wants
    • -brother wants to smother him with a pillow for not being “all there”
    • -brother makes Doodle touch the coffin
    • -brother is intent of having Doodle walk because of his own pride
  • 4. Point of view: the vantage point from which a story is told
    • 1st person: the narrator is in the story and refers to self with the pronoun I/me
    • Omniscient 3rd person: narrator knows and tells what each character thinks and feels
    • Limited 3rd: narrator relates the thoughts and feelings of only one character/ the story is viewed by that character’s perspective
  • 5. Point of View
    • Scarlet: 1st person
    • Why?
    • Confession of guilt
    • Wouldn’t be as tragic from someone else’s perspective
  • 6. Simile
    • Simile: comparison using like or as
    • Ex: Doodle’s real name
    • “ William Armstrong, which was like tying a big tail on a small kite.”
    • What other similes can you find?
  • 7. How is pride “wonderful and terrible”?
    • Wonderful because he teaches Doodle to walk
    • Terrible because he does it for selfish reasons
    • How does this quote function in the story??
  • 8. How is the Scarlet Ibis like Doodle?
    • Storm contributes to their deaths
    • Both died- position is similar
    • Both are different/out of place
    • Both are sick
    • Both are red
    • Both are beautiful in their own way