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Russian Rev Powerpt For Website

  1. 1. Russian Revolution Notes Background to Animal Farm
  2. 2. Allegory-using figures and actions to represent actual events or truths about human existence
  3. 3. I. Concepts of Communism
  4. 4. A. Communist Manifesto Written by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels Published in 1847 Fredrick Engels Karl Marx
  5. 5. B. The Theory of Capitalism • Encourage competition between citizens • Provide rewards unequally Why is this okay? Factory owners take risks or master skills that the factory workers do not.
  6. 6. C. Problems with Capitalism (according to Communists): 1. The wealthy get rich at the expense of the poor 2. The rich hoard resources for themselves and deny the poor opportunities
  7. 7. D. Solution to Capitalism? COMMUNISM: •Equal distribution of goods and services •Rich must give their surpluses to poor
  8. 8. E. Results of Communism • Poverty, ignorance & starvation will vanish • Each will work based on his/her abilities • Each will consume only what he/she needs • No one will have more than anyone else
  9. 9. II. Why Communist Theory becomes popular in Russia
  10. 10. A. Failing Russian Economy Early 1900’s • Russia hasn’t caught up with the Industrial Revolution. • Can’t compete economically with industrial countries! World War I 1914-1918
  11. 11. B. Problems within Russia: 2. Illiteracy is high 3. Poverty is widespread 4. Good land is scarce 5. Little food available 6. Any supplies available go to the war for supplies-nothing left for the common peasant
  12. 12. C. 1914-1917 Minor Revolts in Russia • Hunger workers join communist “soviets” (councils) • Protests and labor strikes organized • Communists promise: LAND PEACE BREAD
  13. 13. D. Vladmir Lenin 1870-1924 • son of a government official • older brother tried to assassinate Alexander II •helped start Bolshevik (majority) party of soviets •Flees to Germany to save his life from?
  14. 14. LENIN
  15. 15. All Power to Soviets! Lenin edits the newspaper PRAVDA (meaning ‘truth’ in Russian) The Bolshevik leader, Lenin, promised quot;bread, peace, and landquot; to the working class of Russia.
  16. 16. E. The Romanov Dynasty Troubled Czar (Tsar) Nicolas II and wife Aleksandra and children
  17. 17. 1. Czar does not understand the basic needs of his people
  18. 18. 2. Aleksandria is extremely worried about her only son, Tsarevich Aleksey, and seeks the help of mystic Rasputin
  19. 19. a. Rasputin becomes extremely influential among the rich…
  20. 20. b...and the Royal Family.
  21. 21. c. Rasputin’s Assassination in 1916 • Too powerful • Murder plotted by Romanov uncles
  22. 22. III. The Revolution Begins
  23. 23. A. February/March 1917 Revolution • Tsar is overthrown (by abdicating) • Revolution spreads throughout Russia • Moderate socialist Kerensky leads new Provisional Government • Russia remains in WWI
  24. 24. B. Lenin Returns, April 1917 Returns from Germany in a sealed train-why sealed? The German government clearly hoped Lenin's return would create political unrest back in Russia, which would help to end the war on the Eastern Front, allowing Germany to concentrate on defeating the Western allies. -Declares cannot continue the war -No Provisional Government
  25. 25. C. Bolshevik Revolution, Revolution October 24, 1917 Winter Palace, St. Petersburg
  26. 26. The new Soviet government: • Strips land from owners • Forbids holding private property • Redistributes fields according to need • Gets out of WWI EQUALITY AND PEACE FOR ALL!
  27. 27. D. Peace Pact Problems 1. Must surrender land and money to Germany (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) 2. Wealthy Russians upset and organize a campaign against the Soviets U.S. and Great Britain help-WHY? So that Germany does not win the war.
  28. 28. IV. Continued Revolution! 1918-1921 Civil War A. Soviets for The Red Army B. Wealthy Russians for the White Army
  29. 29. Cossack, with whom are you?
  30. 30. Who were they? • The Cossacks (Каза́ки, Kazaki) are a traditional community of people living in the southern regions of Russia. They are famous for their self-reliance and military skills, particularly horsemanship. • quot;Cossackquot; may also refer to a member of a Cossack military unit.
  31. 31. Who did they fight for? • After the Russian Revolution • In the Civil War that followed the Russian Revolution, the Cossacks found themselves on both sides of the conflict. Many officers and experienced Cossacks fought for the White Army, and some of the poorer ones joined the Red Army.
  32. 32. Lenin Dies 1924
  33. 33. Lenin Mausoleum
  34. 34. V. Russia becomes Stalin’s USSR If you were one of Lenin’s right hand men, how would you try to gain control?
  35. 35. Trotsky Stalin
  36. 36. Trostsky vs. Stalin B. Trotsky- 1. Great military leader for Red Army 2. Wants Russia to industrialize B. Stalin- 1. In network of powerful men 2. Wants to feed the Russian people
  37. 37. Why does Stalin win?
  38. 38. Stalin Seizes Control! 1. Exiles Trotsky 2. Blames USSR’s problems on Trotsky
  39. 39. Stalin’s Actions within USSR • Stalin decides to industrialize and begins “Five Year Plans” • No toleration of ideas • KGB-spies on the country, silences any opposition
  40. 40. 1934 Great Terror Political Purges • High ranking officials arrested, forced to admit to crimes they DID NOT COMMIT and executed • Photos doctored • Anywhere from 2-7 million killed!
  41. 41. Stalin Dies 1954