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Catcher  50s Culture

Catcher 50s Culture






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    Catcher  50s Culture Catcher 50s Culture Presentation Transcript

    • Catcher in the Rye By J.D. Salinger
      • Perfect by Alanis Morisette 

      • Sometimes is never quite enough
      • If you’re flawless, then you’ll win my love
      • Don’ t forget to win first place 

      • Don’ t forget to keep that smile on your face
      • Be a good boy 

      • Try a little harder 

      • You’ve got to measure up 

      • And make me prouder
      • How long before you screw it up 

      • How many times do I have to tell you to hurry up
      • With everything I do for you
      • The least you can do is keep quiet
      • Be a good girl 

      • You’ v e gotta try a little harder
      • That simply isn’ t good enough
      • To make us proud
      • I’ l l live through you 

      • I’ll make you what I never was
      • If you’ r e the best, then maybe so am I 

      • Compared to him compared to her 

      • I’ m doing this for your own damn good 

      • We’ l l love you just the way you are if you’ r e perfect
    • Holden feels ostracized, isolated, depressed. He constantly evaluates others as being phony. In what ways is he a phony himself? Can you think of things he’s done in the book that show that he’s really phony also?
      • Holden runs away from Pencey Prep because he doesn’t feel he can ever fit in there.
      • What do you think he’s looking for?
      • Does he have a good idea of who he really is?
      • Who do you think he really is?
    • Conformity and why it was crucial
      • This was the first era when television made people aware of what other people all around the world were doing/getting/wearing
      • Advertising came into your home and made you realize that you didn’t measure up unless you bought the right stuff.
      • Appearance and conformity were highly prized. Everybody who conformed, in Holden’s opinion, was a phony.
      • On 
page seven, Holden quotes Dr. Thurmer, “ L ife is a game, boy. Life is a game that 
one plays according to the rules.”
    • Are you popular?