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Animal Farm  Review Game
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Animal Farm Review Game



Published in Lifestyle
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  • 2. 1. Which animal hides during the Battle of the Cowshed? Boxer Mollie Clover Jessie
  • 3. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 4. CORRECT Next Question
  • 5. 2. To whom does Napoleon sell the farm’s pile of timber? Snowball Mr. Frederick Mr. Pilkington Mr. Jones
  • 6. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 7. CORRECT Next Question
  • 8. 3. How does Napoleon express his contempt for Snowball’s windmill plans? By writing Snowball a letter By urinating on them By giving a scathing speech By spitting on them
  • 9. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 10. CORRECT Next Question
  • 11. 4. Who reduces the ideals of Animalism to the phrase “Four legs good, two legs bad”? Napoleon Snowball Squealer Boxer
  • 12. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 13. CORRECT Next Question
  • 14. 5. Who teaches the sheep to chant “Four legs good, two legs better”? Napoleon Squealer Moses Clover
  • 15. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 16. CORRECT Next Question
  • 17. 6. What is Sugarcandy Mountain? The name of the lullaby that Napoleon forces the pigeons to sing to his thirty-one piglets The idea of animal heaven propagated by Moses the raven The setting for the story that Mollie tells to the lambs The mountain visible on Animal Farm’s horizon
  • 18. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 19. CORRECT Next Question
  • 20. 7. How many letters is Boxer able to learn? All twenty-six, plus certain letters in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet Four—A through D Zero Six—the number of different letters in Napoleon’s name
  • 21. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 22. CORRECT Next Question
  • 23. 8. Which of the pigs proves the best writer? Curly Snowball Squealer Napoleon
  • 24. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 25. CORRECT Next Question
  • 26. 9. Which pig writes the poem lauding Napoleon? Squealer Minimus Snowball Napoleon himself
  • 27. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 28. CORRECT Next Question
  • 29. 10. What does Napoleon rename Animal Farm in his toast at the end of the novel? Napoleon Farm The Manor Farm Freedonia Pig Farm
  • 30. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 31. CORRECT Next Question
  • 32. 11. Why does Napoleon believe that he is dying the morning after he drinks the whisky? Because he feels a bizarre desire to leave Animal Farm Because he has a miserable hangover Because he was visited by the vengeful ghost of Snowball during a drunken trance Because he was visited by the vengeful ghost of Old Major during a drunken trance
  • 33. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 34. CORRECT Next Question
  • 35. 12. With whom does Napoleon play cards at the end of the novel? Mr. Frederick Mr. Pilkington Mr. Jones Mr. Wiltshire
  • 36. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 37. CORRECT Next Question
  • 38. 13. What is the name of the quasi-Marxist socialist philosophy advocated by Napoleon and Snowball? Porcinism Animalism Communalism Fourleggism
  • 39. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 40. CORRECT Next Question
  • 41. 14. What are Boxer’s maxims? “Snowball is always right” and “I will work harder” “I will work harder” and “Napoleon is always right” “I will work harder” and “For the glory of Animal Farm” Snowball is always right” and “For the glory of Animal Farm”
  • 42. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 43. CORRECT Next Question
  • 44. 15. Which animal voluntarily leaves the farm? Napoleon Mollie Boxer Squealer
  • 45. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 46. CORRECT Next Question
  • 47. 16. What is Boxer’s ultimate fate? He dies of old age Napoleon sells him to a glue factory The windmill falls on him Mr. Whymper shoots him
  • 48. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 49. CORRECT Next Question
  • 50. 17. What is Mr. Jones’s main vice? Cigars Alcohol Gambling Lust
  • 51. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 52. CORRECT Next Question
  • 53. 18. Which of the following pigs composes the song that replaces “Beasts of England”? Maximus Minimus Snowball Napoleon
  • 54. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 55. CORRECT Next Question
  • 56. 19. What title does Napoleon eventually assume for himself? King of the Animals President of the Republic God of Beasts Lord of Manor Farm
  • 57. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 58. CORRECT Next Question
  • 59. 20. Which animal refuses to become excited about the windmill? Old Major Old Benjamin Boxer Clover
  • 60. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 61. CORRECT Next Question
  • 62. 21. What is the reason for the windmill’s initial collapse? Snowball sabotages it It falls in a storm The farmers blow it up with dynamite Napoleon sabotages it and frames Snowball
  • 63. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 64. CORRECT Next Question
  • 65. 22. Which animal discovers the truth about Boxer’s destination Old Major Benjamin Muriel Mollie
  • 66. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 67. CORRECT Next Question
  • 68. 23. Which Russian leader does Snowball most resemble? Gorbachev Stalin Trotsky Lenin
  • 69. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 70. CORRECT Next Question
  • 71. 24. Which Russian leader does Napoleon most resemble? Trotsky Stalin Tsar Nicholas Khrushchev
  • 72. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 73. CORRECT Next Question
  • 74. 25. What Russian institution does the raven Moses evoke? The education system The Russian Orthodox Church The Congress The Secret Police
  • 75. INCORRECT!!! Try Again
  • 76. CORRECT Next Question
  • 77. End of Game A B D C