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To reach the global wide students we have introduced online training. It would help the students who want to learn new technologies and helps the employees who want to upgrade their skill set by staying at their home place itself.

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  2. 2. About Us Keen IT Technologies Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading IT training Institutions, located in Hyderabad with the objective of providing a Training services for various requirements in IT industry. We deliver corporate trainings as per the student requirements colonize and innovator of global eLearning solutions and providing technology enabled online training for individuals and corporate educators. We have highly talented faculty in their respective courses. We furnish with online training given us an edge on numerous Technologies.
  3. 3. Introduction Oracle Identity Manager 11g ( is a highly flexible and scalable enterprise identity management system that manages access privileges of users within enterprise IT resources. This course helps to answer the critical compliance questions of "Who has access to what, when, how and why?”
  4. 4. Learn To: Build authorization policies to manage access rights. Access Oracle Identity Manager reports using Oracle BI Publisher. Enable auditing for Oracle Identity Manager. Use Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control to access logs and monitor the state of Oracle Identity Manager. Export and import Oracle Identity Manager configuration objects. Create, load and manage Oracle Identity Manager users, organizations and roles. Automate provisioning users through a request and approval workflow.
  5. 5. Benefits to You: Secure your organization's critical applications and sensitive data to lower operational costs. Manage the entire user identity life cycle across all enterprise resources. 1. First, you'll gain an understanding of the importance, benefits, terminology, functional aspects and infrastructure of identity management and identity administration. 2. Next, you'll learn about Oracle Identity Manager, including how it uses connectors to manage reconciliation and provisioning workflows
  6. 6. Types of Reconciliation You'll also learn about two types of reconciliation: authoritative reconciliation and account reconciliation. Instructors will review how authoritative reconciliation is used to identify new user accounts on trusted sources and transfer them into Oracle Identity Manager. Similarly, you'll learn how account reconciliation is used to recognize changes to user accounts on non-authoritative sources. Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Explore Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, including how to use this tool to view logs and monitor Oracle Identity Manager and its components.
  7. 7. Course Objectives 1. The purpose of predefined Oracle Identity Manager connectors, including benefits, best practices, and real-worlds scenarios for using these connectors 2. Direct and automated provisioning workflows, including how to implement these workflows to create user accounts in external resources manually and automatically.
  8. 8. Course Content Identity Management and Administration Overview  Identity Management: Overview  Entity Management: Importance  Identity Management: Benefits  Identity Management: Values  Identity Management: Terminology  Identity Management: Functions  Identity Administrations: Overview  Identity Administrations: Benefits
  9. 9. Launching Identity Manager Oracle Web Logic Server Overview: Domains Comparing Administrator Server and Managed Servers SOA Server Overview Starting Administrator Server and Managed Servers Oracle Identity Manger Interfaces Oracle Identity Manger Administrative and User Console Overview Understanding Oracle Identity Manager Road Map
  10. 10. Oracle Identity Management Products Oracle Identity Manager: Overview Oracle Identity Manager Features: Self-Service and Delegated Administration Oracle Identity Manager Features: Workflow and Policy Management Oracle Identity Manager Features: Password Management Using Predefined Connectors Using Predefined Connectors (Initial On boarding) Oracle Identity Manager Connectors: Overview
  11. 11. Types of Oracle Identity Manager Connectors Transferring Oracle Identity Manager Connectors: Ways Transferring Oracle Identity Manager Connectors: Best Practices Transferring Oracle Identity Manager Connectors: Tools Using Oracle Identity Manager Connectors: Setup Configuring Oracle Identity Manager Server: Enabling Logging Understanding Manual and Automated Provisioning Understanding Manual and Automated Provisioning Oracle Identity Manager Connectors
  12. 12. Differences Between Assigning Resources and Provisioning Resources Assigning Resources to Users: Overview Assigning Resources to Users: Criteria Assigning Resources to Users: Direct Provisioning Types of Provisioning Manual Provisioning Auto provisioning Step 1: Creating an Auto Membership Rule Provisioning a User with a Resource Manually Modifying an Oracle Identity Manager Connector Provisioning a User with a Resource Automatically
  13. 13. Understanding Approval Processes and Requests Understanding Approval Processes and Requests Request Workflow and Approval Process Overview Approval Process Oracle SOA Platform Understanding Reconciliation Reconciliation and Provisioning Reconciliation: Types Authoritative Reconciliation: Single and Multiple Trusted Sources Implementing a Reconciliation Workflow Configuring Oracle Identity Manager Server: Enabling Logging Modifying a Scheduled Job: Target Resource
  14. 14. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us Please feel free to mail us for demo session or call @91+ 9989754807 Contact: trainings@keentechnologies.com Website url: http://www.keentechnologies.com
  15. 15. THANK YOU
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