HR & Ops Exec Forum Presentation by Deon Benito


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How e-learning can be used as a mechanism to further talent pipeline development for call centre team leaders at an industry level. Presented by Deon Benito, who previously headed up the Talent Management Division at Metropolitan, to Status Staffing (who hosted the event) to show them how to leverage this skill and give them a better understanding of the e-learning environment.

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HR & Ops Exec Forum Presentation by Deon Benito

  2. 2. Learning technology and team leader development: The opportunity for technology to shape team leader pipeline development.
  3. 3. What we do Primarily a learning technology company with a strong focus on content development Content is developed in various formats: eLearning, video, animation and games Content is deployed through technology – LMS Portals, Mobile Devices and Tablets
  4. 4. BPeSA Skills Strategy highlights the issues facing team leader development in the Western Cape: 1. Competent team leaders are very difficult to recruit 3. Lack of standardised training content 2. Slight variations in skill requirements between BPS&O companies 4. General need to keep training costs low
  5. 5. Leadership Pipeline Model Did you know? Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, and James Noel developed the Leadership Pipeline Model, based on 30 years of consulting work with Fortune 500 companies. They published the model in their 2000 book, "The Leadership Pipeline," which they revised in 2011.
  6. 6. Group Manager to Enterprise Manager Business Manager to Group Manager Functional Manager to Business Manager Managing Managers to Functional Manager Managing Others to Managing Managers Managing Self to Managing Others
  7. 7. Talent Management Cycle Diagnosing & Assessing Readiness Providing Feedback Determining Business Drivers Measuring Success Building the Success Profile Executing the Development Plan Creating the Development Plan
  8. 8. How can technology support the talent management cycle?
  9. 9.  Competency based assessments  Leadership potential assessments  360 degree assessments  Case Studies  Simulations Diagnosing and Assessing Readiness
  10. 10. • Email Providing Feedback • Webinars • WebEx • Chat rooms • Online forums
  11. 11. Creating the Development Plan • Traditional LMS systems Able to deploy content and assessments • Talent Management Systems Able to facilitate:  Performance management  Goal management  Compensation management  Talent acquisition / recruiting  Learning management systems  Career development  Succession planning
  12. 12. Executing the Development Plan 2. 1. Classroom training means time out of the operational environment Balancing operational requirements & individual development 3. Not enough engaging content Challenges facing team leader development
  13. 13. Executing the Development Plan A course menu that team leaders can access at their desks: Self Awareness Communication Diversity Motivation Delegation Performance Management Team Synergy Situational Leadership Coaching & Mentoring
  14. 14. Executing the Development Plan Benefits of this approach: Generic content – standardised & quality vetted Aligned to the industry objectives In the near future this will include qualification content as well
  15. 15. Executing the Development Plan Develop an Online Toolkit Employment Conditions Career development Performance Reviews & recognition Selection CULTURE Training & performance feedback Performance Planning Recruitment Orientation Probation
  16. 16. Executing the Development Plan Creation of a Team Leader Toolkit Performance Planning What do team leaders need to know? Definitions & Context How to do it? What tools do team leaders need? What resources could assist team leaders? Policy Guidelines Videos / Demos Checklists Discussion Forums / Peer Collaboration Tutorials "Ask an expert?"
  17. 17. Gamification Responsive design – computer, mobile & tablet Mobile & tablet application Increased video & animation content Executing the Development Plan Creating Engaging Content