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Slik bruker oljeselskapene sosiale medier for å dele læring fra uønskede hendelser
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Slik bruker oljeselskapene sosiale medier for å dele læring fra uønskede hendelser


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. 1www.lessonlearned.noA global platform that allows for sharing lessons learned fromunwanted incidents across the Oil & Gas industryChul Christian AamodtDirector of Strategy and Business Developmentchul.aamodt@trainingportal.no
  • 2. 2Sosiale medier
  • 3. 3Unintentional events/incidents
  • 4. 4Industry Challenge• We can learn more from unintentionalevents/incidents across:• Suppliers/contractors/operators• Installations• Disciplines• Borders• We need to improve our search methods forretrieving relevant information and strengthen themanagement commitment for knowledge sharingprocesses.
  • 5. 5Lesson Learned• A new way of getting experiencefrom unintentional events/incidents• Learning across companies• Easy accessible and searchable
  • 6. 6Easy access• All employees have read access• Free text searchand advanced search• Save/Print One-pagers• Share lessons• Subscribe for lessons
  • 7. 7Lesson Learned
  • 8. 8Freetext search
  • 9. 9Freetext search
  • 10. 10Advanced search
  • 11. 11Advanced search
  • 12. 12Search result
  • 13. 13One pager / PDF
  • 14. 14One pager / PDF
  • 15. 15
  • 16. 16Add:• Photos• Links• Documents• Additionalinformation• Metadata
  • 17. 17Share lesson
  • 18. 18Copy link
  • 19. 19Subscribe for lessons
  • 20. 20Share the lesson learned (example: ConocoPhillips)Internal sharingConocoPhillips sharesinternally
  • 21. 21Share the lesson learnedExternal sharingConocoPhillips shareswith contractors
  • 22. 22Share the lesson learnedExternal sharingConocoPhillips shares withother operators
  • 23. 23Share the lesson learnedShare between members
  • 24. 24Routines for sharingThe lesson is added by selected positions/employees.
  • 25. 25Routines for sharingCompany internalThe lesson is shared online to companyemployees by accredited ConocoPhillips personnel.
  • 26. 26Routines for sharingExternal The lesson is shared online withall members by accreditedConocoPhillips personnel.
  • 27. 27Management systemLesson Learned is implementedin ConocoPhillips Norway.Employees/contractors shall searchfor relevant events/incidents in:• pre-job meetings and safe jobanalysis• HSE meetings• crane forums• engineering and planning phase
  • 28. 28Lesson Learned - opportunities• Better learning from unintentional events/incidents across theOil & Gas Industry• Reduced risk for unintentionalevents/incidents
  • 29. 29Lesson Learned
  • 30. 30Lesson LearnedQuestions?
  • 31. 31Lesson Learned
  • 32. 32Background and facts• Mintra Trainingportal was established in 1997 as a spin-offfrom the research organisation SINTEF in Trondheim.• Mintra Trainingportal is the largest e-learning vendor to theNorwegian oil and gas industry and currently consists ofapproximately 50 professionals.• Mintra Trainingportal has offices in Oslo and Stavanger.• Mintra Trainingportal is present inUK through its fast growing subsidiaryMintra Training Portal Ltd (MTP).MTP consist of approximately20 professionals.The UK office is locatedin Aberdeen.
  • 33. 33TRAININGPORTAL – Training for the Oil and Gas Industry