Customer Centricity Axisof High Performance May2008


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Customer Centricity Axisof High Performance May2008

  1. 1. Customer Centricity The New Axis of High Performance
  2. 2. Customer Centricity
  3. 3. Customer Centricity The New Axis of High Performance Focusing on the new has shown, in fact, that designing the customer to her destination on time at a right customer experience and delivering competitive price, but if it loses the bag consumer it the right way leads to better financial she needs for a critical meeting, it still performance, stronger brand value and stands to lose her business permanently. Today’s customers seem to think the improved customer loyalty.1 world revolves around them—and To weather the economic and cultural they are right. Make no mistake, however: achieving transformations now underway and and sustaining customer centricity is achieve high performance, organizations The global economy has entered a new a challenging proposition which grows must refocus the entire experience and complex phase, as the contours more challenging every day. Around the they provide around the desires and of the commercial landscape are world, consumer expectations are rising intentions of their target customers— reshaped by unprecedented levels of quickly, and their perceptions are defined from the first impressions created by competition, eroding customer loyalty through an increasingly complex set of marketing and sales to the day-to-day and the quickened pace of innovation. interactions. Moreover, new consumer experience of using a product from Together, these forces have triggered populations are emerging with distinct its initial purchase until it is upgraded a seismic shift in the balance of power needs and preferences of their own. or replaced. They must also achieve between providers and their customers. this level of customer-centricity with With so much changing, few This is good news for organizations that the speed, flexibility and certainty organizations are fortunate enough see the opportunity amid the change demanded by their market. To make to maintain a deep understanding of and align themselves quickly and this change, they will need insight, what customers want and a clear view effectively around a new focal point: leadership and commitment to of what they really experience—or the delivering a customer-centric expe- excellence—a challenging journey, to be ability to keep experience aligned with rience—profitably and consistently— sure, but one that must be made. expectation. An airline, for example, designed end-to-end around customer may claim success when it gets a perspectives and intentions. Accenture’s High Performance Business research The Customer Service Dilemma: Balancing Cost 1 and Quality. Accenture White Paper. 2006. Customer Relationship Management 3
  4. 4. Drivers of Change 1. Consumerism Product-centric Customer-centric 2. Commoditization competition differentiation • More options, lower prices • Customer portability • Product ubiquity • Shorter lifecycles for innovation 3. Convergence • Industry and channel blurring • (Retailization) • Category expansion/bundling • Extended industry networks 4. Saturation Seller-drive Buyer-driven • Over-stored/overcapacity market market • Liberalization (Europe and Free Trade) • Virtualization (Internet) Organizations must respond to the forces reshaping the global economy—or risk becoming irrelevant and, ultimately, obsolete. Why customers are product information and the opinions markets will require new insights and of other buyers are easily available, new approaches to marketing, sales the new focus courtesy of the networked world. and customer service. Accelerating product life cycles pose Another factor helping to tip For most enterprises, growth comes another challenge. The rapid pace the balance of power away from from developing new customer or market of innovation means competitive companies is their own success. While segments, bringing new products and advantage is increasingly short-lived, learning to satisfy latent customer services to market, or driving more value forcing providers to improve the demand—for speed, efficiency, from current customer relationships. impact and velocity of innovation and convenience—organizations also taught The challenge at the center of all these increasing the damage they incur when their customers to expect more from growth strategies is their volatile target: a launch backfires or a product fails. all providers. Consider how overnight today’s customer—more elusive, more delivery became the new normal in the Increasingly, enterprises must also demanding and more diverse than ever. courier business, or how the ubiquity consider a changing consumer base, Even with providers working harder of online banking has compelled other often including entirely new buyer to win their favor, customers seem providers to offer around-the-clock segments. The demographics of mature only to find more to dissatisfy them, service channels. Hotels with check-in economies are evolving, and companies from shoddy toys to stale vegetables, lobby kiosks, for example, help late must respond to changing buyer needs while finding little dissuade them arrivals reach their rooms faster. They and values. Also, emerging economies from defecting to competitors. Buyers also lead guests to expect all hotels to are becoming important consumer today tend to categorize providers into offer the same experience. markets in their own right, expected to polar extremes—the “distinctive” and account for more than half of global Customers have even come to expect “everyone else.” Earning a place in the consumption by 20252. These “new” every provider to meet the service distinctive category has become far consumers have distinct characteristics standards set by other industries. Few more difficult and costly. and may regard foreign brands with For one, consumers know more—and uncertainty or doubt. Understanding their knowledge is power. Detailed and appealing to buyers in these Estimate adjusted for purchasing power 2 differences. 4 Customer Centricity—The New Axis of High Performance
  5. 5. Differentiated customer experience Differentiation Loyalty Profitable growth Product and experience define a Competitive moat created around Minimize impact of quot;me—tooquot; combination that stands out for customers, who become less price and promotions target customers sensitive to price and focus on total value and convenience Entry to new markets/segments profitably Designing and consistently executing a customer experience designed around customer intentions and preferences helps organizations respond to market changes in ways that strengthen their brand, reinforce customer loyalty and support profitable growth. Profitable growth. They will minimize consumers use multiple cell phones experience. Even when customers view from multiple wireless companies, for the impact of “me-too” price and their experiences as fair or good, they example—but they do interact with promotions, and make entry to new, are quick to leave—as switching costs airlines, banks and a host of other high-growth markets and customer decline, even the most revered corporate providers, and how they are treated by segments more profitable and less risky. brands are vulnerable. Conversely, these organizations in these industries consumers identify a differentiated In short, delivering a differentiated influences how they expect to be treated experience as the chief reason for customer experience is the cornerstone by their wireless phone company—and choosing a new provider. To address of cost management, customer their grocer, cable company, government these myriad challenges to growth, satisfaction and profitable growth. While institutions and so forth. successful businesses will transform many organizations already understand their strategies, workforces and and even embrace this concept, many Delivering the operations to be increasingly customer- also struggle to execute the customer- centric. By refocusing on delivering differentiated centric agenda successfully. an experience designed to satisfy the intentions and preferences of target customer experience Translating strategic objectives into customers—through their marketing, sustainable results is what separates sales and customer service functions— In short, today’s customers demand an the merely interested from the leaders. they will produce significant, sustainable exceptional experience in return for Organizations striving to become high- impact on performance. their business and loyalty. Being merely performance businesses will replace the adequate is no longer adequate. traditional focus on customer relationship Differentiation. They will offer a management with a focus on customer combination of product and brand According to Accenture research,3 a poor experience management. Like star experience that stands out for target customer experience is the most-often customers. cited reason for customer flight. Our research also indicates that fully half Loyalty. They will create a competitive Customer Satisfaction in the Changing Global 3 of all consumers leave a product or moat around customer relationships; Economy: Satisfying new requirements for high service provider at least once every 12 buyers become less sensitive to price and performance. Accenture 2007 Global Customer months because of an unsatisfactory Satisfaction Survey. 2007. focus on total value and convenience. Customer Relationship Management 5
  6. 6. Enterprise agility Companies foster the organizational agility required to effectively execute customer relevance. Customer relevance Execution excellence Market leaders convert High performers implement advanced customer insight people and business into value through products, processes and technology services, experience and capabilities to deliver marketing. a tailored customer experience. Accenture believes that true customer centricity is founded on three core principles: customer relevance, enterprise agility and excellence in execution. athletes who change the momentum capability development and execution— All three tenets must have the of the game with a curve ball, a bit to improve business performance and wholehearted support of the senior of backspin or a sudden pivot on the build customer loyalty. Organizations management team, and they must be playing field, they will shift away from may transform at different speeds, but combined in a concerted and holistic the old transactional view of customer transformation is the ultimate goal. approach that revolves around the interactions, concentrating instead on entire customer experience and which To center on today’s customer— the accumulative impact of every experi- crosses many functional areas. more knowledgeable, demanding ence—across channels and over time. and empowered—high-performance Accenture has identified five imperatives businesses embrace three principles. for achieving customer-centric benefits— Becoming customer an integrated set of new and adapted centric Customer relevance. High performers business capabilities designed and convert advanced customer insight executed to provide differentiated value into value through products, services, for target customer segments. Becoming truly customer centric requires experience and marketing. something other than more investment Becoming customer relevant. in sales training, advertising campaigns Execution excellence. High performers Customer-centric organizations rely on or call center technologies. Indeed, organize and enable their people and segmentation strategies that replace companies that have embarked solely create processes and technological the academic with the actionable: on implementing CRM solutions have capabilities that enable them to predictive, recognizable and executable seldom become customer centric because deliver a tailored and consistent customer insight. the other dimensions of their customers’ customer experience. experiences have not changed. Delivering the differentiated Enterprise agility. High performers customer experience. Customer Accenture defines customer centricity foster the organizational agility centricity depends on a new level as incorporating the customer’s required to effectively value, execute of alignment and integration across perspectives, values and actions into and sustain customer relevance. customer-facing operations, including the business and operations strategy, marketing, sales, customer service and supply chain operations. 6 Customer Centricity—The New Axis of High Performance
  7. 7. Where Does Your Organization Stand on the High-Performance Axis? Organizations can approach customer centricity in different ways and move at different speeds across the transformation spectrum—ranging from tactical improvements in individual business units to cross-enterprise initiatives. Every path toward customer centricity, however, should be mapped according to the issues that matter most. • How are you responding to the buyer-driven market? • How well do you know your customers? • Just how loyal are your customers? • Is your customer experience differentiating or diluting? • How are your brand and your experience (stores, products, metrics) tailored around the world? • Who in your organization has accountability for the customer experience across fragmented organizations? • Do you simply offer multiple channels, or is your customer experience truly multichannel? • How do your customers participate in and own the innovation process? • Do you know where to place your bet on customer centricity: on important projects or on a strategic program? Customer Relationship Management 7
  8. 8. The new physics of Managing the workforce ecosystem. Accenture helps senior marketing executives quickly gather the insights, Customer-centric organizations marketing, sales and tools and processes they need to create recognize that the workforce influencing competitive advantage in both mature the customer experience is wider in customer service and emerging markets. We focus on today’s networked world and is actually building highly differentiated value propo- an ecosystem of channel partners and Transforming marketing sitions for each target customer segment, other third parties. on executing these strategies at speed With account-based marketing now Customer-centric performance and on continuously refining marketing an established practice and concepts management. Organizations that put strategies and messages. The result: more such as “one-to-one marketing” part of the customer at the center of business relevant and more consistent customer the marketing lexicon, marketers could strategy and operations also manage experiences that drive profitable growth be forgiven for thinking they have their business in a customer-centric by helping to ensure more effective mastered customer centricity. way, realigning metrics, scorecards and customer acquisition and retention. management practices to deliver new In reality, however, the complexities customer outcomes. Accelerating growth of customer-centric marketing have confounded most efforts to understand Customer-engaged innovation. In a recent study, 23 percent of orga- deeply what customers want today—let A truly customer-centric organization nizations reported that the numbers alone anticipate what they may want involves the customer in shaping the of products and services they offer tomorrow. Moreover, the average customer experience. have more than doubled in the last tenure of the chief marketing officer five years.5 Clearly, the intricacies of (CMO) at a leading company is only 1.9 the marketing mix can make it seem years—leaving a very narrow window for Russell 3000 Index analysis. Stuart. May 2003. 4 impossible for customer centricity to achieving growth and innovation targets.4 Unravelling Complexity in Products and Services. 5 be a reality for more than a handful of Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania premium customers. and The George Group. March 2006. Accenture Marketing Accenture Sales Transformation Transformation Societe Nationale des Chemins de In a globalized marketplace where Fer Francais (SNCF)—the French consumer electronic goods are rapidly state-owned railway company— is becoming commoditized, Canon one of the key players in Europe's vast needed to differentiate itself, and and sophisticated land transporta- the value it provides, in the eyes tion network. With Accenture's help, of consumers and retailers. With SNCF has developed a dedicated Accenture's help the electronics capability to build loyalty and create company transformed its sales marketing campaigns for its most function by identifying the core valued customers. According to roles required within the sales force, CRMServices' CEO, Sylvie Latour: and then devising a curriculum to quot;Our new subsidiary, CRMServices, train employees for those roles. The provides a critical link between loyalty training is now carried out within a and marketing, and it is on track not newly established Sales Academy and only to help SNCF generate significant has been responsible for improved savings, but also to reach three to five skills and behaviors amongst the sales million customers through targeted staff, as well as higher-than-average promotions. The support of the customer satisfaction levels. The Accenture team enabled us to focus company is now well on its way to on customer marketing and strategy achieving high performance in sales. and better target our key clients while optimizing pricing.quot; 8 Customer Centricity—The New Axis of High Performance
  9. 9. Consider Samsung Electronics: With Nevertheless, leading marketers enabling them to quickly develop, 14 product categories across 200 are making progress with customer implement and manage fact-based countries, Samsung’s marketing centricity. A few years ago, Best Buy marketing strategies. Specifically, executives manage a complex matrix segmented its customers and crafted we leverage customer centricity by of customer-centricity options. At specific value propositions for each generating a consistent branded companies such as Johnson & Johnson, segment, achieving strong economic customer experience across new and marketers must optimize marketing results that have been widely acknowl- existing target customer touchpoints. investments across 180 categories edged in the business press. Campbell We further accelerate growth by in 250 countries: 45,000 category- Soup—which has long dominated the pinpointing the new market, product country combinations. Then, factor condensed soup market—has also used and services propositions required to in other dimensions such as product smart customer segmentation to drive win new customers and develop new proliferation, market segment, channel growth.7 By systematically investi- market spaces. and media and the complexity of the gating the articulated and unarticu- challenge becomes staggering. lated needs of its consumer base, the company has been able to reinvent Executives understand the magnitude itself—and its market—by introducing a of the task facing them. Accenture has new generation of product categories found that more than 60 percent of designed for the needs of a new cheif marketing officers believe their generation of consumers. companies are good at developing growth initiatives; 41 percent say To match these results, companies they have a strong ability to plan must first understand where and how Innovation and Profitable Growth. Accenture 6 end-to-end implementation of these to invest their marketing resources and the Economist Intelligence Unit. March 2006. Carl Johnson and Henry Rak, “Reframing the initiatives; and just 30 percent feel for the best return. Accenture helps 7 Market to Achieve Transformation Growth,” they have the ability to execute quickly organizations accelerate growth by Grocery Manufacturers of America Forum, and stay ahead of the competition.6 Winter 2005. Precedents and Questions 1543: Nicolaus Copernicus 1687: Isaac Newton formulates 1920s: Edwin Hubble uses overturns the prevailing three laws governing the Einstein's theory of general conception of the universe by movement of objects, including relativity to prove that the edges identifying the quot;truequot; center of the rule that for every action of the universe are expanding. the solar system. there is an equal and opposite In the year 2000, astronomers reaction. discover that the universe is, in addition to expanding, Does your business accelerating. Can you execute have the flexibility new customer to stay centered on Does your organiza- strategies with what matters most tion have the ability certainty of to customers, as to adapt to changing the results? their expectations economic forces, at change? the pace the market demands? Customer Relationship Management 9
  10. 10. Transforming sales flexibility and adaptability, they find Accenture helps sales organizations themselves severely handicapped when identify customer preferences at every they attempt to reach new buyers, stage of the relationship, and match Sales force performance is a major expand into new markets or in any way those preferences to the sales talent challenge in most companies—a attempt to refocus the sales force on best suited to each stage. We help consistent concern for chief sales different goals or methods. them identify critical selling skills officers who know that the overall and develop stronger approaches to profitability of their enterprise depends Enhancing sales performance acquiring, retaining and compensating on either reducing the cost of sales or and productivity talented people. We also work with boosting the revenue their organization sales organizations to determine the generates. Yet, according to Accenture Given the growing complexity of the technologies they need to support their research on high-performance sales environment, it’s no surprise professional talent and optimize the workforces, as few as 25 percent of that many organizations have seen latest tools for capturing, analyzing senior sales executives believe their a decline in sales force productivity. and sharing business intelligence. workforce performs at a high level. With growth now a focus of the executive suite, sales executives are As a result, we help the sales organiza- The chief sales officer is compelled under extreme pressure. tion boost revenues, increase sales pro- to drive sales revenue further and ductivity and reduce the cost of sales. faster—for example, by entering Experienced salespeople know how We have helped improve our clients’ new geographic markets or by to sell existing offerings to existing sales conversions, boosted sales quota increasing sales to small and mid-sized clients, yet even the most experienced attainment and developed systems businesses. Tapping these oppor- may struggle to adopt new sales that enable new sales hires to become tunities may call for strategies and strategies designed to spur growth: proficient very quickly. By working with approaches that are significantly cross-selling, up-selling, capturing new Accenture, sales organizations acquire different from those the sales workforce business and reaching new customers. and use deeper customer insights, understands—for example, driving sales In fact, Accenture has found that improve selling behaviors, closely align through indirect channel partnerships. while more than half of companies sales initiatives with sales strategy and believe they are capable of expanding With product lines growing more implement stronger sales capabilities. sales with existing customers, only 23 complex, as new products and service Transforming customer service percent feel equally confident about bundles are introduced to meet their ability to acquire new accounts. changing customer expectations, an Over the last decade, companies unprepared or poorly equipped sales In addition, sales performance tends have implemented more and more force poses a major impediment to to be managed using metrics based on varied interaction channels and the improving sales productivity and the lowest costs of sales. Shifting to customer experience now typically increasing revenue. new metrics that reward salespeople spans multiple touchpoints. With so for performance across the sales A recent Accenture study illustrated many points of contact to manage, the spectrum—from pre-sales through to the magnitude of these challenges cost of customer contact is exploding— post-sales interactions—requires a level by discovering that more than 30 globally, corporations invest billions of boldness and innovation relatively percent of chief sales officers annually in managing customer rare in the typical salesforce culture. believed they needed to improve the contact. Yet despite their investment, alignment between their companies’ customer satisfaction remains low: in a Accenture believes that companies can solutions and their customers’ needs. recent Accenture survey, for instance, simultaneously reduce their cost of Nearly 40 percent also conceded that nearly half (47%) of the respondents sales and boost revenues by focusing they needed to improve the way they said that companies meet their expec- on selling behavior and sales intel- communicate with customers. tations only sometimes, rarely or never.8 ligence. Giving this key workforce access to the information they need Most sales organizations, however, Customer service has also grown more to perform higher, and helping both are hard wired to focus on just one complex. Customers behave the way new and existing sales representatives element: the sales transaction. In that they want to behave, and will embody the personalities, competencies addition, few have conquered the contact providers for reasons and in and behaviors exhibited by the most challenge of making a more customer- ways that can be hard to predict— successful salespeople, will help the centric approach repeatable across using different channels, for example, enterprise take major strides toward multiple sales opportunities with a even changing channels in the course new goals for revenue and productivity. wide range of customers. Lacking both of a single transaction—and their intentions are not always clear. Customer Satisfaction in the Changing Global 8 Economy, Accenture 2007. 10 Customer Centricity—The New Axis of High Performance
  11. 11. Accenture Service Transformation Mortgage and savings provider HBOS changed the way its contact center agents handled calls and selling opportunities by implementing, with Accenture, a set of operational interventions called Perfect Call. As a result, customer satisfaction, call handling times, sales conversion and call consistency have all improved. HBOS is the United Kingdom's largest mortgage and savings provider, with over 22 million customers and 60,000 employees. It employs 6,000 people in its Retail Contact Centers which are based at nine locations across the UK. What is clear, however, is the critical Any company not working to tailor they are doing it in the context of impact that poor customer service has the customer experience to customer relationship development—protecting on business performance. Accenture preferences—or any company that still the customer relationships while research suggests that the majority serves customers the same way it did trimming operating expenses. of consumers worldwide left at least five years ago—is extremely vulnerable Accenture has found that achieving one provider in the past year because to competition. In our increasingly widespread, consistent performance of a bad service experience. However, multi-polar world, competition can is the result of focusing on three consumers also reward good service: come from virtually any geography, key areas: knowing the customer, in our research, consumers identified including emerging economies such as exceeding customer expectations and service quality as their foremost consid- India, China, Latin America and Eastern fulfilling promises to the customer. eration when choosing a new provider, Europe. In this environment, the ability and 77 percent reported being much to deliver a satisfying service experience Customers want to be recognized for more inclined to continue doing business may be a company’s best source of who they are as soon as they contact with a company that delivers a positive sustainable competitive advantage. you: their history, their preferences, service experience. Yet few companies are distinguishing their intentions. Leaders, therefore, themselves for service quality. build a blueprint for handling customer Even when customers don’t take the interactions based on detailed Creating advantage through ultimate step of switching providers, knowledge of the customer, and they customer service most do not simply accept bad service. execute this blueprint consistently When it happens by phone, many regardless of how the customer Leading organizations, however, drive will ask to speak to a supervisor or contacts them—whether they call, come growth by delivering a differentiated call back in the hope of getting a on line on the web; walk into a branch experience—designed around customer more helpful representative, thereby office. This can be tough; at many intentions and preferences—that is increasing call volume and operating companies, this information tends to both satisfying and profitable. These costs. Many customers will also tell be scattered throughout the orga- leaders have mastered the new market others about their experience—and, in nization or distributed between the dynamics that compel them to focus on today’s networked world companies are customer, you and third parties. becoming customer-centric. They are well-advised to remember the ability still working to reduce costs but now that consumers now possess to use the Internet to broadcast their criticisms. Customer Relationship Management 11
  12. 12. Service strategy Field service Customer- and support centric effectiveness service Sales strategy Pace Flexibility Enterprise Customer agility relevance Sales Service process delivery Marketing design management strategy Actionable segmentation Loyalty and insight management Customer- centric marketing Billing/ Service Customer- Customer customer performance centric Marketing intentions Customer data credit and management sales ROI and management collections experience Category, Marketing product operations and brand optimization management Campaign Trade Sales Sales management promotion operations channel optimization management management Service Multi- Pricing operations channel management optimization synchroni- zation Sales incentive High-performance compensation sales workforce Sales and reward technology enablement High- Multi-channel performance self-service service workforce Desktop Telephony and mobile integration and solutions management Enterprise execution Certainty Accenture offers integrated solutions to help organizations drive business through cus- tomer centricity, enabling them to respond to changing customer expectations, keep pace with changing market dynamics and execute with high certainty of results. 12 Customer Centricity—The New Axis of High Performance
  13. 13. Customers today also expect instant zations must become truly customer Moreover, we have identified the crucial gratification, and quickly become centric, incorporating the customer’s capabilities characteristic of high per- frustrated when placed on hold perspective, values and actions into formers—such as the ability to develop or transferred to another agent or their business and operations strategy, and consistently deliver a differentiated directed to another store. Frustrated capability development and execution. customer experience. Acquiring these customers are also difficult to For many organizations, this may prove capabilities—quickly, cost-effectively and persuade to buy more or buy more to be a hard transition to make. with maximum performance impact—has often—they are in fact difficult even to long been a challenge for companies. Accenture will help chart the most keep as customers. Leaders more than Today, it’s an even greater challenge. The intelligent and practical course to meet customer intentions—they exceed technology, for example, that enables achieve high performance in a world them. Moreover, they deliver on their the front-office capabilities needed to that is increasingly “multi-polar,” promises at the right time and every drive loyalty and growth is undergoing with economic growth occurring in time, whether that is a day, a month or dramatic changes. While technology virtually every geographic region and even a year after the original sales. providers offer many more options today, interdependency an essential part of many of these options are unproven Accenture helps organizations global business. or unfamiliar, and no single solution transform the way they serve their provides everything organizations need Our knowledge of customer centricity— customers by addressing all three of to achieve customer centricity. gained through extensive market these dimensions. We begin by helping research, and our deep experience, our clients create deep insight into Accenture offers a fully integrated accumulated through years of client customer intentions and preferences, set of solutions and services to work—combine to create a powerful and translate these insights into address every dimension related to resource for transformation. Accenture profitable actions. We also help them creating a satisfying, lasting and will help quickly develop new growth leverage the latest technology and profitable customer relationship— strategies in light of changing consumer process innovations for optimizing from customer segmentation and demands and new market opportunities. the performance of customer service analytics, to market and customer We help operationalize new approaches operations. Through this combination strategy development; from to customer segmentation, producing of insight, innovation and operational marketing and sales optimization to more relevant offerings and better dif- excellence, we help drive growth, service management and contact ferentiated service experiences. And we and shareholder value by delivering optimization. We also offer integrated help execute these models, quickly and a more satisfying, more profitable services for managing key operational effectively, across the supply chain. customer experience—while simultane- elements—such as data management, ously reducing the cost of delivering campaign management and contact A legacy of leadership customer service. center management—on an ongoing basis, to ensure the effective delivery For nearly two decades, Accenture has Accenture: Your guide of an optimal customer experience. been a trusted advisor to the world’s to customer centricity largest enterprises on their customer- focused strategies and operations. This is a time of tremendous potential Our work is grounded in research- and enormous challenge. Rapid based insights and unmatched commoditization and extreme price delivery experience. pressure are eroding traditional sources Accenture’s groundbreaking research of competitive advantage. Increased into the defining characteristics of competition is undermining customer high-performance businesses and loyalty. While emerging markets offer governments spans 36 industry significant growth opportunities, at the segments and more than 6,000 same time, their very newness presents companies. Through this research, we significant challenges. have determined that the ability to In this increasingly complex world, the win customer loyalty is the defining ability to deliver a satisfying service characteristic of high performance in experience is the most powerful source marketing and customer management. of sustainable competitive edge—nothing Organizations that enjoy strong else compares. To deliver the kind of customer loyalty also realize higher differentiated customer experience margins, revenue growth and that drives high performance, organi- shareholder value. Customer Relationship Management 13
  14. 14. Our solutions and services help orga- management. Our reputation and Based on the scope and depth of nizations drive business performance success also attracts the market’s our capabilities, Accenture is widely through customer centricity, by enabling top talent—seasoned professionals recognized as the leading provider them to keep pace with evolving market from leading technology and service of solutions and services that help conditions, achieve the flexibility to organizations who have proven their clients achieve high performance. In respond quickly to changing customer ability to succeed in both consulting recognition of our strengths, CRM expectations, and execute differenti- and operations management roles. magazine has named Accenture as ated customer experiences with a high We have organized our professional the CRM consulting market leader for certainty of results. development programs to ensure several consecutive years. our people continue to build deep, Continuous investment in innovation specialized skills in marketing, sales keeps our offerings on the leading and customer service. edge, by translating our client work into repeatable solution components— Our client teams leverage a global including several patents granted or network of Accenture-operated and pending—which speed delivery and third-party facilities, as well as—when accelerate benefits, while reducing the preferred—the client’s own resources. risk of implementing new capabilities. This hybrid approach enables us to offer a mix of delivery and sourcing options Accenture continuously sets new ideally suited to the client’s performance standards of excellence in managing targets—an innovative alternative customer relationships, through to acquiring CRM infrastructure and innovative application of new tech- execution capabilities that optimizes the nologies and through breakthroughs balance of cost, quality and scalability. in business process design and 14 Customer Centricity—The New Axis of High Performance
  15. 15. About Accenture performance with additional research, High-Performance Research including an annual survey of consumer expectations and attitudes concerning customer service. The most To examine the impact of customer recent Accenture Customer Satisfac- loyalty and how marketing and tion study surveyed more than 3,500 customer management can help consumers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, companies increase margins and China, France, the United Kingdom and build shareholder value to become United States. high performance, Accenture initially conducted qualitative and quantitative research on a sample set of decision makers at more than 700 business-to- business and business-to-consumer companies globally. The research identified and correlated specific capabilities with financial performance while pinpointing how these capabilities create and enhance customer loyalty to contribute to margin, growth and shareholder value. Accenture has since extended these insights in high About Accenture For more information about developing Accenture’s Customer Relationship and successfully executing customer- Management service line helps centric strategies that help your organizations achieve high Accenture is a global management organization achieve high performance by transforming their consulting, technology services and performance, visit our web site marketing, sales and customer service outsourcing company. Combining at functions to support accelerated unparalleled experience, comprehensive growth, increased profitability and capabilities across all industries and greater operating efficiency. Our business functions, and extensive research, insight and innovation, research on the world’s most successful global reach and delivery experience companies, Accenture collaborates have made us a worldwide leader, with clients to help them become serving thousands of clients every year, high-performance businesses and including most Fortune 100 companies, governments. With 178,000 people in across virtually all industries. 49 countries, the company generated net revenues of US$19.70 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2007. Its home page is Customer Relationship Management 15
  16. 16. Copyright © 2008 Accenture All rights reserved. Accenture, its logo, and High Performance Delivered are trademarks of Accenture.