Trails For Kids 2009


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These trails are for kids.... the kid in all of us. On February 7, 2009 while walking with my daughter Rachael at Don Davidson Park in Fayetteville, Tennessee we discovered land that we thought could one day be a trail or greenway.

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Trails For Kids 2009

  1. 1. Trails for Kids 2009 Who knew going for a walk with my daughter would result in 3 miles of public mountain biking and hiking trails at Don Davidson Park in Fayetteville, TN? February 17 February 7 On a fun scale between 1-10 this was a 2, until they rode a bike on the trail they just built! The fun factor turned into a 7 and I’m February 17 sure it’s a 10 for everyone today!
  2. 2. Trails for Kids Trails for Kids was started when I went for a walk with my daughter Rachael and discovered all the land in Don Davidson Park that was not being used. With the help of 6 kids, sponsors, and friends… Trails for Kids built 3 miles of mountain biking and hiking trails in 2009. Thanks to Rickey Honey Director of Fayetteville Parks and Recreation, Jim Lee Fayetteville City Administrator, Ray Fraley, Steve Swindall, my wife Tina (photographer) and of course my children who went for walks and believed that there could be a trail… a “Trail for Kids”.
  3. 3. Proposal to Fayetteville Parks & Recreations • Why a trail at Don Davidson Park Club Park? Fayetteville has many parks, SJ King, Stone Bridge, and Wells Hill. A bicycle trail would help all of these parks so let’s start with Don Davidson. • Lions Club is by far the largest and most productive of all our parks, softball, soccer, and baseball are by far the #1 sport at Lions Club. We believe this park could be so much more, it’s still missing something, a bicycle trail, 365 days of the year this park would have activity. The land is there waiting for a trail, this park would echo health and wellness year round. • Starting in 2009 several groups in Fayetteville will make this project possible, Boy Scout Troop 357, Trails for Kids & Fayetteville Parks and Recreation, etc. • Boy scouts will donate their time to build and maintain this trail for service hours and future Eagle Scout projects. • Friends of the Trail will also help build and maintain this trail, as well as raise money threw events to help with future projects at Don Davidson Park. • Fayetteville Parks and Recreation will over see this project so not to infringe on other sporting activities.
  4. 4. Value to a community • These articles show just how valuable a trail can be to a community. • Hosted by American • Trails are important to home buyers, survey shows • See the chart of priorities for features in new homes below: • From National Association of Home Builders and the National Association of Realtors • In April, 2002 a survey of of 2,000 recent home buyers was co- sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders and the National Association of Realtors. The survey asked about the "importance of community amenities," and trails came in second only to highway access. Those surveyed could check any number of the 18 amenities, and 36% picked walking, jogging or biking trails as either "important" or "very important." Sidewalks, parks, and playgrounds ranked next in importance. • Ranking much lower were ball fields, golf courses, and tennis courts. However, the home buyers indicated that price and home size were far more important than proximity to work, the city or schools. Given three statements to choose from 62% indicated "the top concern was price," while 31% said that "finding a home in the right neighborhood was the top priority." Just 7% of respondents said that "being close to work and minimizing the commute was really important."
  5. 5. Trails are considered very important!
  6. 6. Economic Benefits • Trail users spend money on bicycles, other durable goods and equipment maintenance related to their recreation, often in the October 25 & 26… areas near the trails. Local hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, Don Davidson Park bakeries, gas stations, and other businesses also benefit from cyclocross racers tested tourists’ spending. The state Department of Tourism developed these newly made trails! numerous publications that promote statewide trail use. • Studies show that long trails, which attract users from far away, represent the most spending per user. Shorter, urban trails generally get more users, so they also have a high economic impact. This spending results in higher sales tax revenues for the state and counties. • For example, the communities along the Elroy-Sparta State Trail have seen an increase in tourism since the trail opened in 1968. The city of Sparta now proclaims itself the "Bicycling Capital of America." Promotions by the cities of Elroy and Sparta attracted businesses to serve trail users. The Wisconsin Bicycle Transportation Plan 2020 cites data from a 1988 study of the Elroy- Sparta trail that indicated a per person spending of $25.00 per day. Once adjusted for inflation and assuming 60,000 visitors annually, users of this trail spent in excess of $2 million per year on trail- related activities. • The presence of trails often increases the value of properties adjacent to the corridors, especially those through residential neighborhoods. The National Association of Home Builders cites trails as the second and third most important amenity that would influence people to move to a new location. Quality of life is an increasingly important factor in attracting and retaining businesses in a community, and trails are important contributors to the quality of life. Corporations bring jobs to communities and help support other businesses. • Additionally, health improvement due to outdoor exercise can help control medical costs in the long run.
  7. 7. Community Pride Social Benefits Leopard Frog Loop was built Trails can provide a sense of place and a source of over the 2009 spring break! community pride. When integrated with features such as historic sites, commercial or residential areas, and parks, they can improve the overall character of a region. They are beautiful places for people to enjoy the natural beauty of our state. Trail corridors can become outdoor classrooms where children and adults can observe and learn about their natural and cultural environment
  8. 8. Health Benefits Health Benefits Trails provide pleasant places for people to walk, run, bicycle, or do other exercises, all of which help control weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, build strength and endurance, and help prevent osteoporosis, diabetes and depression.
  9. 9. Map of Don Davidson Park 3 Trails for Kids Map 2 1) Trailhead, map of the trail, rules of the trail. 2) King fisher trail, ½ mile in length, listen for the 4 2 3 1 King fisher when you ride this trail. 4 3 3) Perimeter trail, 1 mile along the edge of the Ball fields. 4) Leopard frog trail, super sweet single track That twist and turns through the flood plan, 1 mile 4 In length. 6 5) Leopard frog loop, a ¼ mile loop where leopard 5 frogs surprise every trail user. 6) Three bridges, one of many obstacles on the Leopard frog trail.
  10. 10. Eagle Scout Project August 2009 Boy scouts hanging Wood duck boxes near the trail (Hunter Freeman's Eagle Project). 15 Wood duck boxes were put out near the trail along the creek and on the Elk River.
  11. 11. Planting SEEDS FOR OUR FUTURE! September 2009… Planting Water Oaks and Dogwoods on the Leopard Frog Trail. Over 100 native trees were planted or from seed and seedlings. Pine, Oak, Dogwood, Redbud, Walnut, and Tulip Poplar. Privet had taken over Don Davidson Park, we are slowly eradicating this pest.
  12. 12. The Brains of the Trail “Trailhead” The Trails for Kids Trailhead on the south side of the lake, has a map of the park, rules of the trail, map of the city of Fayetteville with arrows to restaurants and businesses that support Trails for Kids. 90% of the materials used to build the trailhead Kiosk were from recycled wood.
  13. 13. Signs = Communication Small signs help communicate flow and where trail users are you on the trail.
  14. 14. I can versus I can’t! June 2009 Trails develop a sence of I can versus I can’t!
  15. 15. One memory after another! Making memories on the trails!
  16. 16. Nana and the Grandkids September 2009 December 2009 September 2009 September 2009 December 2009 September 2009 Making memories on the trails!
  17. 17. Surprise! Nature Jewel Weed (Touch me Not) Aphids on a vine Wasp Harlequin Bug 2009 Flowers and insects on the trail
  18. 18. More Nature! Dragonfly (Mosquito Hawk) Bee Mimic, actually a fly! 2009 Flowers and insects on the trail
  19. 19. Beat the Freak Cyclocross Series Bicycle riders came from as far as Tampa, Florida, Johnson city, and Nashville, TN just to ride these newly built trails. September and October 250 riders came to Fayetteville to race at Don Davidson Park in Fayetteville, TN. Bicycle racers can have a positive effect on the local economy while they race - motels, restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores all can benefit from trails and bicycle racing. Beat the Freak Cyclocross Series September,2009
  20. 20. Community Support! Paint donated by The Paint Store to paint the trail markers and signs.
  21. 21. Never Doubt! Margaret Mead
  22. 22. Sponsors & Friends 2009 Sponsors and Friends • Planet Bike ,Hammer Nutrition, Pendergrass Supply & Rental • Little Caesars Pizza, Williams Office Supply, Cline Towing • Braden Surveying, , KENDA TIRE,The City of Fayetteville • Rickey Honey - Fayetteville Parks & Recreation • Wal-Mart, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Lincoln Paving • Tennessee Mountain Bike Alliance, • Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association,, • La Fuente Mexican Restaurant, Outback Steak House • The Paint Store, Paper house, Freak Adventures • Trails for Kids - Kevin Freeman & Family, • Steve Swindal & Family, Ray and Debbie Fraley, • Monty Hall & Family, Farris Ralston & Family, • Kristina Pigg & Family, Tasha Osgood & Family, • Chris Davis & Family, Cody Keele & Mika Keele, • Casey Harman, Greg Taylor& Family, Todd Jenkins & Family, • Karen Gardner, Andy Mirick, Meme Hughes, • Gail Randolph - Keep Fayetteville & Lincoln County Beautiful • Jim Lee –Fayetteville City Administrator, Dick Farrar • Don Counts and Fayetteville Public Utilities