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Simple Machines



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Simple Machines Presentation Transcript

  • 2. WEDGE: THUMBTACK Used to push between something, in this case, it’s WEDGING itself into the poster, and then into the corkboard to hold the poster in place on my wall. Picture taken: In my room
  • 3. WEDGE: KNIFE The knife slices through foods “wedging” itself to cut things Picture taken: Kitchen
  • 4. WHEEL&AXEL: BIKE WHEEL The bike wheel is used to mobilize the bicycle by turning on its axel with help from the pedals. Picture taken: In my backroom
  • 5. WHEEL&AXEL: CAR WHEELS The car wheels help to mobilize the car when the gas pedal is pressed Picture taken: Outside my house
  • 6. LEVER: DOORKNOB A doorknob is a lever. Your elbow is the fulcrum. Doorknobs are an easy way to open doors without much pushing and pulling.
  • 7. INCLINE PLANE: CAGE DOOR Instead of making a big leap out of the cage which is pretty tall, Mr. Bun-Bun uses the incline plane of the cage door to hop down. Picture taken: Living room
  • 8. SCREW: GLUE The bottom part of the glue stick is used to screw upwards to press the glue further up as it starts to get smaller. Picture taken: Kitchen
  • 9. SCREW: BOTTLE Screw tops on bottles are very common. They help to keep dust/dirt/etc. out and keep carbonation in sodas and keep water fresh.
  • 10. PULLEY: WINDOW SHADES A pulley is used here to make closing the shades easier. Instead of climbing up to lower or heighten the shades, there is a mini pulley system with a string that allows us to tug on it and raise/lower the shade with ease Picture taken: Living room
  • 11. PULLEY: BLINDS There is a non-visible pulley system in the blinds on my window. It’s like a quick release system that doesn’t need strings. All you do is gently tug on the blinds and it will raise and lower itself Picture taken: Front room
  • 12. COMPOUND MACHINE: STAPLER Inside of a stapler is a lever and a wedge. The lever (stapler handle) is used manually by pressing down on it with force. The wedge (staple) then pokes through the paper. Picture taken: Kitchen
  • 13. COMPOUND MACHINE: SCISSORS Scissors combine a screw and a lever. The screw is used to hold the parts in place, while your hand is the force that pushes the scissors together to cut through paper. I guess it could also be a wedge because it slices THROUGH the paper or whatever else you use to cut.