Don't ignore Google+


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A presentation by Donna Papacosta to the Halton-Peel Communications Association about the benefits of a presence on GooglePlus.

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Don't ignore Google+

  1. 1. Please don’t ignore GooglePlus! May 15, 2014 @DonnaPapacosta
  3. 3. What is G+ exactly? •  A social networking and identity service from Google •  A “social layer” that enhances many of Google’s online properties •  An authorship tool that associates Web content with its author
  4. 4. Social networking and identity service
  5. 5. Social layer within Google world •  Google+ as a social destination •  Personalized Search •  Google Maps •  Google Play •  Google Local (reviews)
  6. 6. Authorship tool
  7. 7. G+ benefits •  Integrated with Google Search, etc. •  Google Hangouts useful for video conferences, meetings; Hangouts on Air – live broadcast •  You can create and nourish Communities •  Network and learn •  Build yourself up as trusted authority
  8. 8. G+ Circles
  9. 9. Google+ Hangout on Air Do an interview live Automatically publish to YouTube
  10. 10. G+ Communities
  11. 11. How to get started •  Create your account (need a Google account) •  Write a strong About page with links to your products/services on website
  12. 12. G+ tips •  Use Circles to group people you follow •  Add appropriate #hashtags to post (helps your SEO) •  Join Communities •  Use plenty of photos! G+ is very photo friendly
  13. 13. Pros and cons: Google+ Pros •  Clean interface •  No ads •  Integrated with Google search •  Supports rich multimedia •  Communities add value Cons •  People you know may not be there •  Google has history of dropping platforms
  14. 14. Blog as hub Blog  Twi)er   Google+   LinkedIn   Facebook   Pinterest  
  15. 15. Design your social media roadmap •  Know your business objectives and social media goals •  Choose social networks (where is audience?) and automation tools •  Make sure your profiles rock •  Always share great content •  Engage with people; don’t just broadcast
  16. 16. Where to learn more •  Social Media Explorer •  Social Media University Global •  Social Media Examiner •  Seth’s Blog •  Six Pixels of Separation blog and podcast •  For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report podcast
  17. 17. Will you try this? •  Set up a Google+ profile •  Complete your “About” section •  Share your own blog posts; link to others •  Join a Community •  Start a Hangout
  18. 18. Please keep in touch Donna Papacosta 905.844.7645 @donnapapacosta