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Week One Intro To Selling New Version Summer 2011
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Week One Intro To Selling New Version Summer 2011


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  • 1. Professional Selling: A Practical Approach Class # X 460-16 Tuesday evenings - 6:30 – 9:30pm June 21st – August 30th 6:30 – 9:30pm Location: UCLA Campus Instructors: Mark Stern - Room : Haines Hall A44 Dave Novak -
  • 2. Sales & Marketing Challenges 2010 and forward “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up.It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you better start running” African Proverb, “The World Is Flat”
  • 3. The Difference Between Good and Great 62% of Salespeople Fail to Ask for Commitment 86% of Salespeople Ask the Wrong Questions 82% of Salespeople Fail to Differentiate 99% of Salespeople Fail to Set the Right Call Objectives 95% of Salespeople Talk Too Much and Listen Too Little The Five Critical Selling Skills 1 2 3 4 5 Gaining Questioning Sales Sales Call Presentation Commitment Skills Process Planning Skills*Source: The Sales Board: Action Selling
  • 4. Why Choose Sales As A Career An opportunity to make friends through relationship selling Flexibility Ability to move up within an organization Always changing environment Challenge of building market share Introducing new products to market Global Market Opportunities An opportunity to earn big
  • 5. Personal Qualities Required For Sales Success
  • 6. The Cost Of A Sales Call Do The Math On average, a salesperson makes approximately 15 calls per week This = 720 calls per year If each call costs $107.00, this = $77,040.00 a year per salesperson If you have 5 salespeople, your total sales expenses = $385,200
  • 7. The Cost Per Sale  By Industry:  Manufacturing $158.00  Retail $98.00  Service $106.00  Wholesale/Distribution $81.00  By Company Revenue:  Less than $4million $87.00  $4 million- $19.9 million $108.00  $20 million - $99.9 million $117.00  $100 million + $131.00 (Figures include salary, travel and entertainment expenses only)*Source: Sales and Marketing Management Magazine
  • 8. The Selling Concept Sales & Marketing Working Together Where marketing is the process of planning and execution, selling is the process of motivating and inspiring the buyer to make a purchase and developing relationships that result in repeat sales and customer loyalty Sales and Marketing departments must work together to assure that the company is meeting the customer’s requirements and providing customer satisfaction
  • 9. Sales and Marketing As A Process A process is a series of activities designed to produce certain results  Allows you to produce and measure results
  • 10. Traditional Organization
  • 11. Trust-Based Organizations
  • 12. Traditional Selling Method
  • 13. Today’s Selling Method
  • 14. Traditional vs. 2011 Salesperson Traditional  Today’s Salesperson  Product oriented  Customer oriented  Creates customers needs  Motivates and inspires customer  One-way communication  Two way communicator  Pushes products  Listens, learns and teaches  Sells products & services  Sells solutions  Short term sales  Long-term partnerships  No after sales follow-up  Emphasis on follow-up  Works alone  Works as part of a team  Customer service driven = Trust-Based Selling = Relationship Selling
  • 15. The Four Stages Of A Buying Life Cycle The sales person can approach the prospect/buyer at different stages depending on where they are at in the buying process:
  • 16. The Selling Concept The Selling Concept - Do you have the tools to successfully be an effective sales professional and create demand for your product or service  Training & understanding what selling is  Concepts  Listening and communication skills  Researching and presentations  Being adaptable to different personalities  Developing relationships and long-term partnerships  Being passionate about your work  Customer service support  Commitment from top management
  • 17. Selling “B2B” When sales of products and services are sold directly to a business  Sales to resellers  Apparel products manufacturer sells to a retailer who then resells to consumer  Sales to business users  Manufacturer sells directly to a business i.e. G.E. sells parts to Boeing  Sales to institutions  Dell sells its products to UCLA
  • 18. Selling Business to Business “B2B” Business marketing is the marketing of products and services to other companies, government agencies, institutions and organizations Business marketing facilitates and supports other facilities and operations in their business plans to provide product and service to consumers, etc
  • 19. Selling to Consumer Market “B2C” Consumer marketing is the process of planning activities that move a product/service from the produce to the consumer Approximately 45% of family expenditures are spent on product and services directly to the consumer
  • 20. Selling B2C These sales jobs are selling products and services directly to the end-user  Retailing  Real Estate  Multi-Level Marketing  Avon & Mary Kay  Supplemental Health Products
  • 21. Total Quality Sales Process Successful selling is the effective use of people, systems and procedures Customers Sales & Inter- Management Departmental Sales Support & Support Process Commitment Effective Operating Procedures
  • 22. The Business Of Selling Building Long Term Partnerships
  • 23. Consumers Buy To Satisfy Wants and Needs… Solution Selling Wants and needs are a mixture of rational and emotional factors  I want a car that gets good mileage – WANT  I need a hybrid car that gets 45-50 mpg – NEED Good salespeople sell solutions and inform the buyer what the product will do for them….. Not just what the product is  This washing machine has a faster spinning drum  This washing machine can save you time and money because it has a faster spinning drum
  • 24. Factors That Influence The Sales Process
  • 25. Trust-Based Selling Characteristics  Expertise  Ability, knowledge and recourses to meet customers expectations  Dependability  The predictability of your actions  Candor  Honesty of the spoken word  Customer orientation  Placing as much emphasis on the customer’s interest as your own  Compatibility  Developing and maintaining a relationship with the buyerSource: Professional Selling, A Trust-Based Approach
  • 26. Relationship Selling Loyal customers- it is more costly to develop new customers than to retain and grow existing customers  Repeat sales  Brand loyalty  Trust  Communication that is pro-active rather than re-active  INCREASED REVENUES  Valued partnership
  • 27. Discussion Question Do you think that the internet will replace the role of a sales person? Sales people are born and not made…  How do you feel about this? Selling is just a bag of tricks? It’s all about price when it comes to selling?
  • 28. What is your Purpose and Your Vision “Living a life of integrity starts with making and keeping promises, until the human personality, the senses, the thinking, the feeling, and the intuition, are ultimately integrated and harmonized”  Stephen R. Covey – Author, Philosopher and Motivational Speaker “Living With Passion – This is the core of the human spirit…If we can find something to live for – if we can find some meaning to put at the center of our lives- even the worst kind of suffering becomes bearable.”  Victor Frankl- Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Holocaust Survivor
  • 29. Why – Be – Do Process Why defines your vision and purpose Be defines how will you be, what you stand for Do defines what will you do Mark’s example: * I am committed to being healthy, fit and energ etic s o that I will enjoy life to the fulles t, focus ing my priorities on my family and friends . I will do this by reg ularly exercis ing and eating healthy, loving and caring about the world we live in and continuing to focus on my teaching and mentoring throug h extens ion cours es . I am g rateful for my s piritual teachers , family and friends and my bes t friend and s oulmate. S tudent Example: * I commit to being the mos t kind, warm-hearted pers on, becaus e inlife, it’s all about relations hips that ultimately define our quality of life. I am inbalance, living a life of emotional, phys ical, s piritual, mental and financial luxury.To do this , I will continue to challeng e mys elf to learn in my relations hips andg row in my career, s ucces s fully taking on life’s trials that pres ent thems elves indiffering s hapes and forms .
  • 30. WHY – BE – DO Process Why defines your vision and purpose Be defines how will you be, what you stand for Do defines what will you do Mark’s example: * I am committed to being healthy, fit and energetic so that I will enjoy life to the fullest, focusing my priorities on my family and friends. I will do this by regularly exercising and eating healthy, loving and caring about the world we live in and continuing to focus on my teaching and mentoring through extension courses. I am grateful for my spiritual teachers, family and friends ,and especially my soul mate and life partner, Kathy. Student Example: * I commit to being the most kind, warm-hearted person, because in life,it’s all about relationships that ultimately define our quality of life. I am inbalance, living a life of emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and financial luxury.To do this, I will continue to challenge myself to learn in my relationships and growin my career, successfully taking on life’s trials that present themselves in differing
  • 31. Homework #1 Pre-Assessment Personal Mission / Purpose Statement