Virtual Marketing Technologies & Private Business Networks


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Virtual Marketing Technologies & Private Business Networks

  1. 1. New Virtual Marketing Technologies“Virtual Trade Shows&Global Private Business Networks”TradingVest
  2. 2. NEW TECNOLOGIES….Xpo & GPBN Virtual Events Vs. Physical Events Current Technological Scenario Current technological requirements for businessand companies: Matrix SWOT Visibility and Contact How to keep in touch TradingVest- eZ-XPO- SOLUTION Video XPO & GPBN Missed Opportunity Video Trading Vest & eZ-XPO as your partner
  3. 3. Current Virtual Events/Situations Web Conferences e-Learning Collaborative working meetings Collaborative training and education meetings Virtual Onsite Event Recreation Platforms E-Commerce/Trade Social Media Network Traditional online contacts: email, chats, etc.
  4. 4. Virtual Events Vs. Physical Events
  5. 5. Events Market Size/yearPhysical + Virtual =650 bill Dollars
  6. 6. Virtual Events never weremore real than now !50% of total eventswill be virtual in 2016
  7. 7. Reasons for Virtual Events Advance(Physical Event Cons) Higher Physical events costs Time Management Stress Inefficient qualified contact acquisition process Higher transportation and lodging costs for visitors Time is also a limited resource for visitorsIn short: Physical Event is a few days increasinglyinefficient expensive process
  8. 8. Reasons for Virtual Events Advance(Virtual Events Pros) Clearly Reduced Costs compared to Physical Time management limits are not an issue Very efficient acquisition process for qualifiedcontacts Visitors can access with no transportation andlodging costs Time availability is not an issue for visitors
  9. 9. Future Consequences Physical will be continuously decreasingduring the near future Virtual will be increasing its participation Hybrid events will be offering a goodbalance to optimize both, contact acquisitionand costs Keeping the traditional onsite/personalcontact but with a lot of advantages comingfrom the virtual events participation……
  10. 10. Additional Concept Actual technological environment impliesOpportunities and Threats Let me name some of them…..
  11. 11. Current Technological ScenarioO & TOpportunities Global Coverage Technological Marketingoptions Improved Contactprocess SophisticatedEngagement processdevelopmentThreats Traditional Visibility Traditional Contactingsaturation/overload Traditional engagementprocess becominginefficient
  12. 12. How can you maximize those opportunitiesand minimize those threats, all at the sametime? There is a solution for that dilemma? Yes, TradingVest has the solution !!! Let me explain that solution…
  13. 13. Virtual Events Web Conferences e-Learning Collaborative working meetings Collaborative training and education meetings Virtual Onsite Events Recreation Platforms E-Commerce/Trade Social Media Network Traditional online interactive & non interactivecontacting: email, Chats, Forums, et
  14. 14. The solution should be conceptually composedby the following elements and concepts A visible contacting and engagement solution Offering Total Integration Composed by all the previously detailed types ofvirtual events and situations All-in-1 system solution: A Virtual Showcase Platform A Web conference, e-learning and trainingcollaboration environment With CRM and Social Media integration To create and define a multimedia interactive PRIVATEBUSINESS NETWORK ONLINE MARKET PLACE(PBNM) spacethrough the Private Business Network interactive concept.
  15. 15. Here is the specific Solution eZ- Xpo Platform= 24/7 Online Market Place+ eZ Social Learning Suite= 24/7 Social Learning Market Place= An effective and efficient Private Business Network OnlineMarket Place to find and to be found, to contact and to becontacted and finally to engage the relationship with yourclients, partners, suppliers and staff.
  16. 16. PBNMPrivate Business Network Online Market PlaceTRADINGVESTEXPOPBN1PBN2PBN3PBN4+
  17. 17. Global Private Business Network Online Market Place
  18. 18. TradingVest Solution This marketing proposal is a real game changerthat enables you to jump into the next level ofglobal visibility, contact and engagementthrough a totally integrated solution. TradingVest and eZ-Xpo solutions are the edgeyour company needs for today’s technologicaland economical business reality Be a part of our TradingVest Private BusinessNetwork Online Market Place or build andcreate your own Private Business Network. We can help you to reach your goals
  19. 19. TradingVest eZ-Xpo Trade Show
  20. 20. TradingVest Private Business Network Marketplace&TradingVest Money EXPOVIDEO 9 min
  21. 21. Business NetworkseZ-XpoTradingVestWordenPBN 2PBN 1
  23. 23. Expositor as a part of a PBN Visible: As a part of the GPBN ecosystem Contact Process: visitor come to booth andExpositors receive real time visitor activitytracking reports. Engagement Process : Live Interaction withqualified leads and current customers,Marketing Automation Totally Integrated: CRM, e-Learning SocialLearning ( Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, etc),Mobile devices, VideoConferencing
  24. 24. Online Market Place INTEGRATION WebConference (LIVE or RECORDED) Webcast/Stream(LIVE or Recorded) E-Learning Platform(Training and Collaborationeducational events/courses Event Management( Eventbrite ) Trade Shows Online monetization/ e-Commerce Social Media Networks-VIRAL replication-Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube,etc) CRM : Sugar, Sales Force, etc.) Traditional contacting channels (e-mail,messages, LIVE Chats, Forums, etc. )
  25. 25. Missed OpportunityAd. VIDEO
  26. 26. TradingVest LATAM & eZ-Xpo