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You will learn how Tradeshift CloudScan is designed to create value for both large enterprises or shared service centers that want to optimize accounts payable processes along with smaller suppliers who want to send invoices free and in the fastest possible way.

CloudScan allows you to receive 100% electronic invoices from day one.

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  • WelcomeThanks for comingSpeaker presentation
  • Founded on the back of easy tradeThen Invited to EU to do Pepol
  • In 2011 the problem of paper has not beensolved, in fact the opposite has happened. It’sironicactually, as weget more and more advanced computer systems to run our business, to do ouraccounting or workflow but we still feedthese systems a steadystream of paper, invoices from business partners, purchaseorders and delivery notes. The majority of our business transactionsare still paperbased. A streamthat has been growing proportionally and which is now out of control for most companies.
  • Demo Script:Account A sends Account B a POAccount B asks a question to Account A about the POAccount A answers the question to Account B via the document level messaging toolAccount B Approves document and flips PO into an InvoiceAccount A approves InvoiceAccount B views invoice status in the portalNeed to have 2 browsers open in full screen or presentation mode. Switch the mode before you start the presentation. Use Command+Tab to get back to the presentation after you are done with demo.
  • Tradeshift CloudScan Webinar

    1. 1. CloudScan Webinar July 10th 2012 Christian Hjorth Mikkel Hippe Brun
    2. 2. Your presenters today Christian Hjorth Chief Commercial Officer, Tradeshift Been with Tradeshift since the early start and came from and SAP Mikkel Hippe Brun Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, Tradeshift Co-Founder and previously Technical Director PEPPOL and Chief Consultant at Danish IT and Telecom Agency
    3. 3. Today’s AgendaTradeshift Business CloudCloudScan® introductionCloudScan® demoSummary and Q&A
    4. 4. About Tradeshift At Tradeshift we have the ambition to change the waybusiness is done by allowing organizations to exchange invoices for free. We connect businesses to all their suppliers andcustomers regardless of company size, not only saving cost but also ensuring they get paid faster at both ends of the supply chain.
    5. 5. Every day companies exchange morethan 300 million pieces of paper in the form of invoices and orders.
    6. 6. Innovation in the industry - Business empowered network - State of the art Technology - Free for suppliers 2012 - Industry best onboarding rates - Easy connectivity / integration An integrated approach - Support interoperability (PEPPOL) - App-Framework to extend processes - Supply Chain Finance Solutions - Focus on both P2P and O2C - Ready for the future First pure electronic invoicing networks appear 2000 First internet trade portals appear with limited success 1998 Scanning and OCR become a solution outside EDI, but still very error prone 1995 Electronic data interchange takes off 1990 among very large companiesInvoice printing gets automated 1950
    7. 7. How we approach the supply chain# of invoices Automatic integrations (per year) and self-service configuration Plug & Play connectors to large accounting systems, self-service configuration State of the art invoice application or CloudScan™ service # of suppliers Tradeshift Integrated WebSolutions Existing Solutions or Use of Portals Approach Scanning
    8. 8. e-invoicing has failed to keep customers happy* Only 12% Said their current solution was very satisfactory. Efficiency and cost Are the biggest barriers to becoming a universal solution. 57% agree that adoption would be widespread if it was free to suppliers. 47% think its pointless E-invoicing is pointless without widespread supplier adoption and addressing. These barriers are going to be key in reaching that stage. *CFO research across 600 organizations Dec 2011
    9. 9. We address the problem with 3 key approaches1. We make it FREE for suppliers to use2. We make it EASY and provide many different channels for suppliers3. We make it simple and efficient for you to ENGAGE and MONITOR progress
    10. 10. The Tradeshift Business Cloud Custom Enterprise Apps Invoicing Financial Products Network EngagementMaster Data CloudScan Archiving Purchase Orders Business Firewall Branch Management
    11. 11. CloudScan
    12. 12. From traditional OCR to CloudScan Paper based Input OCR + data capture or manual data entry Validation in AP Import into ERP Moving to 100% electronic High quality data directly into ERP Validation is pushed to the supplier. Invoice must pass buyers validation rules OCR + data capture
    13. 13. Options for integration with Tradeshift WEB TRADESHIFT WEB Email + CloudScan Sender Receiver PDFSUPPLIER account account BUYER Connector Connector File transfer File transfer <XML> <XML> API API Custom Custom 1 Web interface (manual invoice creation / document uploader) 2 CloudScan / PDF 3 Connectors for large ERP and online accounting systems 4 File transfer via FTP, SFTP, FTPS 5 Integrate with our API 6 3rd party integration assistance
    14. 14. This is how CloudScan works1. Just tell your suppliers to send all invoices as PDFs or pictures via email Generic: or Specific: bigco.KdvQg@ts.tt2. The CloudScan service will automatically convert the invoices to XML3. CloudScan then sends the result to the supplier for validation or correction4. When the invoice has been validated by the supplier, it’s send directly to you as XML
    15. 15. Validation of invoices• Business Firewall • Prevents invalid invoices from being sent • Valid PO#, Cost center, Person Reference etc. • Configurable • Support for “supplier groups”• Invoices sent to the generic email address • • Will be validated with the standard validation rules• Invoices sent to the specific email address • • Will be validated with the appropriate validation rules
    16. 16. CloudScan advantages (compared to traditional OCR and and Data Capture)• Supplier Validation • The supplier signs-off on the conversion• Costs • Every invoice validated by a supplier is one less invoice to validate by you• Data quality • The Business Firewall prevents invalid invoices from being submitted • It’s in best interest of the supplier to ensure that the invoice is correct• First step towards “real” e-invoicing • The supplier can easily move from PDF to sending real e-invoices
    17. 17. Ways to use CloudScan• Email + PDF (or scanned) invoices from suppliers • Supplier validation• Paper invoices (internal usage) • Scanned and sent to CloudScan • Validated by Accounts Payable
    18. 18. Legal implications• Two options:• PDF as legal invoice • Captured and validated data is “just” data • The XML-data is informative • The PDF-document will be used for: • Disputes • Audits• XML-data as legal invoice • Supplier accepts EDI agreement • Captured and validated data is normative • The PDF-document is informative • The XML-data will be used for: • Disputes • Audits
    19. 19. Our quality guarantee• First 6 months of operation: • All invoices gets checked by an operator • OCR and capture gets fine tuned • Supplier satisfaction is measured • An average of 3 or above on a 5 grade scale • SLA: 3 hours (within normal business hours)• After 6 months: • All invoices that does not pass automatic validations will be sent to an operator • Supplier satisfaction must not decrease • An average of 3 or above on a 5 grade scale
    20. 20. Demo
    21. 21. Summary
    22. 22. Tradeshift pricing
    23. 23. Try Cloudscan with Fast Track today• 25,000 documents per year and unlimited suppliers• Full integration support for suppliers• Tradeshift’s CloudScan™• Pull UBL-based documents into your finance or ERP systems• VAT compliance reports covering more than 33 countries• XML and PDF feeds of all business documents received• Business Firewall• 5 languages supported
    24. 24. Summary• Lowers the barriers to e-invoicing significantly • Reach all the suppliers that send PDF or paper invoices today • First step towards “real” e-invoicing• Data quality • The Business Firewall prevents invalid invoices from being submitted • The supplier always validates the invoice • It’s in best interest of the supplier to ensure that the invoice is correct • Much higher quality data compared to the traditional error prone and costly scanning process• Costs • Every invoice validated by a supplier is one less invoice to validate by you
    25. 25. Q&A
    26. 26. Thank