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Wiinclub presentation_en


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Enroll now, invite two people and make US$202,500.00 (150,000.00 Euro) guaranteed after 9 cycles! …

Enroll now, invite two people and make US$202,500.00 (150,000.00 Euro) guaranteed after 9 cycles!

Access now and choose Gold Starter Pack:
Get the opportunity of being pioneer in this amazing business!

You also will be part of Wiin Club and take residual monthly income, that you never got before!

Wiin Club is the first online financial school that offers the possibility of creating a growing monthly income (cash flow) while learning the secrets the rich teach their children and that you do not learn in school or college.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. Presentation V 1.3 “Find out secrets to create wealth”
  • 2. WELCOME TO WIIN CLUB We welcome you to this presentation. Wiin Club was created to help millions of people and to explain them money management, to pay off their debts and to get a cash flow system which will allow to achieve growing monthly income every month. This presentation is for youth and adults who don’t have any special knowledge in finance, they only have to have sufficient capacity to understand that time is changing and we have adapt us to newly emerging professions. “Wiin Club is an exclusive service for all franchise consultants of Goldbex”.
  • 3. GET FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE The rich teach their children from an early age how to make money work for them. That absolutely differs from what is taught in the traditional educational system. Our educational system from school to university prepares people to be slaves who are ready to work for the completely old financial and labour systems. Wiin Club teaches you how to make money working for you even when you sleep and the system of passive income can help you to generate wealth from the beginning. “Without financial education you will ever get financial success”
  • 4. MASTER OF FINANCIAL EDUCATION Master of financial education is composed of 25 lessons, divided into 6 training cycles. The course is given through internet and has different audios and e-books for your disposal in Virtual Office of the company. When you register in Goldbex as a franchisee you get the first basic training cycle of Wiin Club. The basic cycle is composed of 5 lessons which will help you to understand easily what is possible to know in the following classes of Master of Financial Education of Wiin Club.
  • 5. WHAT IS WIINCLUB? Wiin Club is a very exclusive financial academy offering “Master of financial education” which is prepared for personal development of necessary skills leading to wealth. To get out of debts and to create growing perpetuity cash flow is for the small group of people who want to acquire financial intelligence. Moreover, Wiin Club does not only offer you knowledge but also gives you a learning system with which you generate income at the same time you study, even from the first day you access our training cycle. “Wiin Club is much more than only a simple financial academy”
  • 6. DISTANCE EDUCATION From any place and media player you can access to all classes of “Master of Financial Education” of Wiin Club. It’s available in different languages and from any part of the world.
  • 7. HOW SHOULD I START? You must be a franchisee of Goldbex in order to have an access to the training. For this you have to pay only 160€ as a fee which will give you the right to commerce and to receive training of all income generating systems of the company Goldbex; well-known and successful acumulation plans of gold are included. When you register you will receive username and password. With the help of them you will enter your Virtual Office where there will be the first training cycle of Wiin Club at your disposal, composed of 5 first lessons.
  • 8. HOW MUCH DOES MASTER COST? Once you have studied and revised the first training cycle you decide whether to continue or not with the upper grades where you will know the secrets how to generate passive income with Wiin Club. If you decide to register to rest part of Master you should do it in Wiin Club through your Virtual Ofice The price of the course is 100 €/month during 5 months in total from the day of your registration. Once you finish Master you receive a certificate of our academy. Later on you can if you wish continue studying in our academy by receiving updates on the content of Wiin Club.
  • 9. GENERATING INCOME WITH WIIN CLUB From the first day you get an access to the classes of Wiin Club it is possible to use an offered system to generate perpetual and increasing income. By this way we don’t only study but, moreover, we get monthly income for recommending service of the financial academy. But certainly the following question comes: Do we know anyone who wants to find out secrets of how the rich earn their money? The answer is obvious and clear : “all people in the world”. So, by this way easily and simply we’ll start to create monthly income, because very soon the system of Wiin Club will work for us.
  • 10. INCOME SYSTEM Wiin Club has developed a generating system of passive income to reward people upto 5 levels who recommend our academy. Each student pays a fee of 100€/month, except the first payment of 160€ (registration as a franchisee), from which he gets 100€ in case of a direct recommendation. That’s so easy to get income with Wiin Club as to recommend it to the great number of people. They’ll do the same and we’ll see our profits increasing month by month. “That’s the magic of duplication…”
  • 13. FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE FREE Now it’s possible to get financial intelligence free with Wiin Club. With only 3 recommended people to the academy your study becomes totally FREE. “Referring only 3 direct people my montly fee is covered”
  • 14. WHY IS WIIN CLUB? Because we want to evolve and acquire financial intelligence to overcome these times of crisis and recession. Because while we study we begin generating cash flow from the first day we enter the academy. Because Wiin Club provides us with skils which the rich taught their children during centuries. Because Wiin Club gives us back the illusion to create wealth. “Wiin Club is an academy to create new rich people”
  • 15. REGISTER NOW The person who invited you to watch this presentation will give you a link to register as a Franchisee of Goldbex. If he/she doesn’t have a link to registrer now it’s possible to apply for it on: Once you register you can access to your Virtual Office and enjoy your first 5 classes of Wiin Club. We remind you that the registration fee is 160€ and later on you decide to continue or not the following training cycles. Don’t forget that you get 100€ for each new recommended person who subcribes in our Master of financial education.
  • 16. METHODS OF PAYMENT FOR REGISTRATION Bank transfer: Details will be sent to your registartion email. Debit and credit cards: Visa, Master, American Express, Diners Club, JCB. Electronic payments: Okpay, Payza, Liqpay, Wallet one, etc…
  • 17. THINK… “A millionaire says to a thousand people: “I have read this book and now I’m on the way to be rich”. Guess how many people went out to search the book?. Very few. Isn’t it incredible?. Why don’t all people look for a book? A mystery of life”. Jim Rhon
  • 18. “We can change the world”