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Medica 2011 catalogue

  1. 1. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Come meet us at hall 16: G40 in
  2. 2. Israel Medical Innovation 2011Page Contents 3 Table of Contents (By Category) 7 Table of Contents (By Alphabetical Order) 12 Company Profiles 44 Schedule a Meeting 2
  3. 3. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Table of Contents (by category) Click on Company’s name for more details Category Company Aesthetics and Dermatology Cnoga CoolSense Medical Erika Carmel Ltd. TavTech Cardiovascular and Peripheral Vascular BSP Biological Signal Processing Cnoga Elitar Medical HypnoCore Itamar Medical Sion Biotext Medical Diagnostics 3QBD BSP Biological Signal Processing Cnoga DYN Diagnostics Elitar Medical HypnoCore Itamar Medical Medoc Vasa Applied Technologies Disposables and Implantable Albaad Etview First Care Products Intromedix Mizra Medical Nava Group Noam Urim Enterprises OHK Medical Devices Sion Biotext Medical Vasa Applied Technologies E.M.S. Beth-El Industries Etview First Care Products Flight MedicalSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 3
  4. 4. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Table of Contents (by category) Click on Company’s name for more details Category Company General Health Aerotel Albaad Cnoga CoolSense Medical EarlySense Elitar Medical Itamar Medical Mizra Medical Motorika Nava Group Noam Urim Enterprises General Surgery Beth-El Industries Etview Intromedix OHK Medical Devices Infection Control and Infectious Diseases Albaad Beth-El Industries Hyginex Mizra Medical NanoVibronix Noam Urim Enterprises Sion Biotext Medical Industrial OEM Albaad Noam Urim Enterprises Intensive Care Etview Flight Medical Vasa Applied Technologies Laboratory Equipment DYN DiagnosticsSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 4
  5. 5. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Table of Contents (by category) Click on Company’s name for more details Category Company Medical and Hospital Equipment Aerotel Beth-El Industries CoolSense Medical Discover Medical Devices EarlySense Erika Carmel Ltd. ETView Flight Medical Hyginex Intromedix Motorika NanoVibronix OHK Medical Devices Polytex Technologies TavTech Monitoring Cnoga EarlySense Elitar Medical Hyginex HypnoCore Vasa Applied Technologies Neurology and Degenerative Diseases CoolSense Medical Itamar Medical Medoc Motorika Rehabilitation Erika Carmel Ltd. Flight Medical Motorika Respiratory and Pulmonary Discover Medical Devices ETView Flight Medical HypnoCore Itamar Medical Robotics DYN Diagnostics MotorikaSchedule a Meeting at Services 2P2D Solutions Arazy Group Return to Table of Content 5
  6. 6. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Table of Contents (by category) Click on Company’s name for more details Category Company Telemedicine and Healthcare IT 2P2D Solutions Elitar Medical HypnoCore Urology Mizra Medical NanoVibronix Vasa Applied Technologies Wound and Pain Management Erika Carmel Ltd. Medoc NanoVibronix Sion Biotext MedicalSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 6
  7. 7. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Table of Contents (by alphabetical order) Page Company Category 2P2D SOLUTIONS Telemedicine and Helathcare IT 12 Services 13 3QBD Diagnostics General Health 14 Aerotel Medical and Hospital Equipment Albaad Disposables and Implantable General Health 15 Industrial OEM Infection Control and Infectious Diseases 16 Arazy Group Services Beth-El Industries Medical and Hospital Equipment Infection Control and Infectious Diseases 17 E.M.S General Surgery BSP Biological Signal Processing Diagnostics 18 Cardiovascular and Peripheral Vascular Cnoga Monitoring 19 Cardiovascular and Peripheral Vascular Diagnostics General Health Aesthetics and DermatologySchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 7
  8. 8. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Table of Contents (by alphabetical order) Page Company Category Therapeutic Area(s) CoolSense Medical Medical and Hospital Equipment 20 Aesthetics and Dermatology General Health Neurology and Degenerative Diseases Discover Medical Devices Medical and Hospital Equipment 21 Respiratory and Pulmonary DYN Diagnostics Diagnostics 22 Robotics Laboratory Equipment EarlySense Medical and Hospital Equipment Monitoring 23 General Health Elitar Medical Diagnostics 24 Monitoring Telemedicine and Healthcare IT Cardiovascular and Peripheral Vascular General Health Erika Carmel Ltd. Wound and Pain Management 25 Medical and Hospital Equipment Rehabilitation Disposables and Implantable ETView 26 Intensive Care General Surgery Respiratory and Pulmonary E.M.S Medical and Hospital EquipmentSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 8
  9. 9. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Table of Contents (by alphabetical order) Page Company Category Therapeutic Area(s) First Care Products Disposables and Implantable 27 E.M.S Flight Medical Medical and Hospital Equipment 28 Rehabilitation Intensive Care Respiratory and Pulmonary E.M.S Hyginex Monitoring 29 Infection Control and Infectious Diseases Medical and Hospital Equipment HypnoCore Diagnostics 30 Medical and Hospital Equipment Monitoring Telemedicine and Helathcare IT Cardiovascular and Peripheral Vascular Respiratory and Pulmonary Intromedix Disposables and Implantable 31 Medical and Hospital Equipment General Surgery Itamar Medical Diagnostics 32 Cardiovascular and Peripheral Vascular General Health Neurology and Degenerative Diseases Respiratory and PulmonarySchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 9
  10. 10. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Table of Contents (by alphabetical order) Page Company Category Therapeutic Area(s) Medoc Diagnostics 33 Neurology and Degenerative Diseases Wound and Pain Management Mizra Medical Disposables and Implantable Urology 34 General Health Infection Control and Infectious Diseases Motorika Medical Medical and Hospital Equipment Robotics 35 Rehabilitation Neurology and Degenerative Diseases General Health NanoVibronix Urology 36 Wound and Pain Management Infection Control and Infectious Diseases Medical and Hospital Equipment Nava Group Disposables and Implantable 37 General Health Noam Urim Enterprises Disposables and Implantable 38 Industrial OEM General Health Infection Control and Infectious Diseases OHK Medical Devices Medical and Hospital Equipment 39 General Surgery Disposables and ImplantableSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 10
  11. 11. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Table of Contents (by alphabetical order) Page Company Category Therapeutic Area(s) 40 Polytex Technologies Medical and Hospital Equipment 41 Sion Biotex Medical Disposables and Implantable Cardiovascular and Peripheral Vascular Wound and Pain Management Infection Control and Infectious Diseases 42 TavTech Medical and Hospital Equipment Aesthetics and Dermatology 43 Vasa Applied Technologies Disposables and Implantable Monitoring Diagnostic Urology Intensive CareSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 11
  12. 12. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 2P2D SOLUTIONS Category: Company at a Glance 2P2D Solutions Ltd. is a pioneering technology-based company developing unique Telemedicine and solutions for various unmet needs within the healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical Healthcare IT industries. 2P2D Solutions Ltd. has developed a breakthrough automated drug monitoring system for Services use in clinical drug trials that incorporates a portable, personalized medication dispensing device using proprietary 2P2D technology. Technology and Product(s) Company Status: 2P2D Solutions Ltd. has developed ClinicAid, a breakthrough automated drug monitoring Complete Validation system that incorporates a portable medication dispensing device using proprietary Study 2P2D technology. The system dispenses personalized drug dosages designated for each specific patient or group of patients. After patient identification has been fully authorized, according to the designated clinical trial treatment regimen. This exclusive medication management system, for use in clinical drug trials, ensures unequaled compliance, accountability and accuracy. The Company’s telemedicine solution provides: • Complete and real-time knowledge of the participant’s compliance and adherence to the trial protocols. • Reduced overall duration of the clinical trial period. • Increased participant’s compliance and adherence to the given medication. • Cost effective solution for clinical trial packaging and drug accountability. Goal Objectives: Investment, Strategic Alliances Target businesses: CROs, Pharma companies, Hospitals Target Countries: WorldwideSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 12
  13. 13. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 3QBD Category: Company at a Glance Located in Arad, Israel, 3QBD Ltd. is an ISO certified start up medical device company. Diagnostics The company has developed the VGTest, is an In-Vitro Molecular Diagnostic (IVD) device based on Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) which is used currently for detection of Vaginal Discharge Infections (VDI). In December 2009 3QBD Ltd. received the European CE mark for the VGTest, a device capable of detecting and provides a positive/negative indication for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), the most prevalent women’s vaginal infection within 60 seconds. Future development plans for 3QBD include further research into the VDI field, to detect additional infections and expanding to other diseases like STD and Cancer, to offer rapid, accurate results. Further expending to other markets like food and livestock. Technology and Product(s) IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometry) Technology 3QBD’s technology is based on the well established and scientifically proven Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology – first used successfully to detect drugs and explosives. Today IMS is being used to detect presence and type of infection. Chemical changes in living systems, or degradation of cells after death through enzymatic and microbial processes, are accompanied by the breakdown of amino-acids and production of biogenic amines. Pathological conditions in the human body may be expressed in the formation of biogenic amines, so that elevated levels of biogenic amines may be indicative of dysfunctions. IMS is a sensitive instrumental technique for detecting volatile compounds. It is based on measuring the velocity of ions (ion mobility) drifting through a gas bath under the influence of an electric field. The Product The device works by measuring biogenic amines that are present at elevated levels in infections and diseases and provides a rapid and accurate indication. In the case of the BV the result is provided within one minute. The VGTest for BV spares the physician from having to perform the Amsel Test and “whiff tests” of vaginal fluid or spend time waiting for laboratory Gram Stain results Goal Objectives: Distribution for BV, Strategic allaincess, R&D Funding Target businesses: Women’s Health professionals, gynecologists, obstetricians, hospitals and health clinics Target Countries: WorldwideSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 13
  14. 14. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Aerotel Category: Company at a Glance Aerotel is one of Israel’s longest established high tech companies, specializing in the manufacturing of communication and medical devices. Aerotel is known for being the General Health first company in Israel to develop an interactive voice response (IVR) system as well as the portable “Hi-Pack” ECG gauge. The company has exported its products internationally to Medical and approximately 40 countries. Its large and diverse customer base includes leading multi- Hospital Equipment national corporations such as AT&T. The innovative MDwave system is a revolutionary development in the frequency therapy field which brings new hope to patients who have been unable to treat themselves by Company Status: means of conventional medicine. Clinical Trials Based on extensive experience in offering individualized personal service to patients, Aerotel has designed the MDwave to provide maximum flexibility and efficiency to meet each patient’s distinctive requirements. Aerotel experts are continually working to include the latest Frequency Medicine knowhow, in the MDwave system. This product has been developed over an eight-year period and is complaint with the following standards: FCC and CE 60601-1 and 2. Technology and Product(s) Aerotel Ltd. has developed a breakthrough medical device, known as MDwave, which restores energy levels and treats chronic and acute conditions through the use of Frequency Medicine. Recent studies have demonstrated the positive effect of a low strength electromagnetic field in specific frequencies, on various systems of our body, demonstrating high efficacy of such treatments. MDwave is based on creating a low electromagnetic field that impacts the human cell properties under health and diseased conditions. This field delivers a safe electromagnetic energy to the human cells, which encourages them to return to proper and balanced function, and to operate in a healthy and harmonious way. This enables the immune system to improve its ability to withstand the daily battle against energy-sapping pollutants, hence increasing the body’s ability to heal itself. MDwave is a completely safe, compact and easy-to-use device for administering Frequency Medicine therapy, via an Electromagnetic field. To get started, you simply connect the MDwave to a computer and choose from an extensive list of treatments the desired routine for your patient. Once the treatment routine is set, the MDwave operates without a computer. Goal Objectives: Searching for distributors Target businesses: Distributors Target Countries: WorldwideSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 14
  15. 15. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Albaad Category: Company at a Glance Albaad is one of the three leading producers of wipes worldwide. As a fully integrated Disposables and converter with production facilities in Germany, US and Israel, global R&D, regulatory suport and engineering teams, Albaad is a preferred contract manufacturing partner for Implantable renowned multinationals and retailers. General Health We don’t just make wet wipes; we make it our business to know everything there is to know about them, constantly studying customer needs, market trends and technological Industrial OEM innovations. Infection Control Technology and Product(s) and Infectious Albaad has registered a range of products intended for professional and consumer Diseases healthcare use. Our disinfection products are registered as medical device class 2a (FDA and EPA where applicable). Production is also ISO 13485 certified. Company Status: The range includes several surface and medical device disinfectants, hand hygiene, patient care and bathing kits, adult incontinence wipes and several consumer solutions including Initial Revenues natural fever relief, jellyfish relief, hemorrhoids relief and antiseptic wipes. Albaad wipes are one-step ready for use wipes, tailored to meet our customers’ special needs and requirements. They are made with soft fabrics and impregnated with gentle yet effective liquids. The wipes are produced and tested according to stringent standards and inspected by strict quality assurance procedures. Goal Objectives: Seeking disinfection liquid customers who wish to find a wipe expert partner to expand their line with wipes in Europe. Seeking Private Label manufacturing opportunities for Healthcare distributors in the EU and worldwide. Target businesses: Institutional distributors, disinfection brands and consumer healthcare brands Target Countries: EU, worldwideSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 15
  16. 16. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Arazy Group Category: Company at a Glance The Arazy Group expertise is regulatory affairs and quality assurance for the medical Services device industry. Arazy Group offers medical device registration services in more than 53 countries and have gained market clearance for medical devices and IVDs in North and South America, most Company Status: European countries, various Asian markets, MENA, Africa and Australia. We implement advance global regulatory products that enable our client to overcome the traditional; Revenue Growth multiple-country regulatory compliance that is currently achieved through multiple- submission processes. For more than 16 years, our professional consultants have utilized validation, verification and regulation processes on a diverse portfolio of medical devices,and are responsible for thousands of successful registrations globally. Our customized solutions accommodate all stages of medical device’s life cycle and our adaptable services fit any application and any size organization. We Expedite Success of Safe Medical Devices. Technology and Product(s) GlobaR™ – One World Process™ Traditionally, multiple-country regulatory compliance is achieved through multiple- submission processes. The common practice is fragmented, inefficient, costly and time consuming. GlobaR™ regulatory intelligence system generates unique Global Master Regulatory File for any medical device called a GlobaR™ dossier. The following registration process is quick and efficient since this single file complies with international harmonized standards, local standards and manufacturing quality management system, creating one universal dossier which shows your device is safe and effective. Whether you are seeking enter your device into one market or multiple markets, we have the solution Our experts are often outsourced for quality and regulatory (QA/RA) positions to design and implement regulatory strategy for some of the most advanced and complex devices. Our past experiences comprise of successful registrations of various medical device categories such as, Drug Delivery, Imaging and Navigation systems, Diagnostic Software Energy emitting technology, Therapeutic Devices, Combination Devices, Active and Passive Implants, Diabetic Products, IVDs, Surgical Disposables, Dental Implants and Dental Lab Products. Goal Objectives: Increase client base and locating local agent in additional countries. Target businesses: Medical device manufactureres, regulatory affairs consultants and R&D companies Target Countries: WorldwideSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 16
  17. 17. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Beth-El Industries Category: Company at a Glance Beth-El Industries is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical negative pressure isolation systems and collective NBC filtration systems. Medical and Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in the air filtration field, Beth El Industries Hospital Equipment Ltd. now offers the medical market an array of stationary and portable Isolation Chambers, Clean Rooms and stand-alone Air Filtration Systems for applications in hospitals and Infection Control ground or airborne ambulances. and Infectious Beth-El’s IsoArk® isolation chambers are designed to quarantine infected people and protect the outside enviroment from contagious diseases like SARS, Ebola and TB. Diseases A unique series of products was developed and are now used by International Disaster Relief organization in difficult environments worldwide. E.M.S Our main features: General Surgery • Quick and effective isolation • Simple and fast assembly with no additional tools • Portable solution can be brought to the problem • Variety of sizes and custom manufacturing according to our client’s requests • Costs only a fraction of the price of a Company Status: permanent stationary isolation rooms. Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd. is certified for ISO 9001:2000, AQAP-2110 and AS Revenue Growth 9100 quality management systems and is audited regularly by external entities. Technology and Product(s) IsoArk - portable, negative pressure chamber designed for a rapid set up of a biologically isolated environment, for a quick and effective isolation of contagious people and equipment. The system includes an airlock attached to the main chamber, an air filtration system and special features that enable to treat the patient from the outside, avoiding contamination of equipment and staff. All components of the system meet and exceed today’s standards for infection isolation. IsoArk N36-4 - portable isolation chamber for transport of a single person in biological isolation. Designed specifically for the unique requirements and confided spaces of ambulances and helicopters, this new product incorporates both Isolation Chamber and Clean Room features, cleaning both the incoming and the outgoing air. Either positive or negative air pressure can be created inside the chamber, according to the users needs. With the battery fully charged, the system can operate for up to 10 hours independently of external power source and guaranties a complete isolation of the space inside the chamber during transport. The “collapsible”, lightweight structure allows for a quick set up of the system and minimal storage requirements when not in use. Goal Objectives: • Agent able to promote our products in the medical and emergency prepardness sectors in his country • Contact with potential end customers. Target businesses: Government agencies in charge of emergency prepardness, hospitals, importers and distributors of medical equipment, ministry of health, ambulance andSchedule a Meeting at ambulance equipment companies, airports. Target Countries: Worldwide Return to Table of Content 17
  18. 18. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 BSP Biological Signal Processing Category: Company at a Glance Founded in 2000, BSP Biological Signal Processing Ltd. is a medical device company with Diagnostics corporate offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and a US subsidiary – BSP Inc. in Boston, MA. BSP is publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 2006 (TASE:BSP). Cardiovascular and BSP develops and commercializes a new generation of systems for non invasive diagnosis Peripheral Vascular and monitoring of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), based on advanced signal processing of the ECG signal which integrates the Company’s unique, patented, HyperQ technology. Company Status: Technology and Product(s) Initial Revenues BSP has pioneered the clinical implementation of high-frequency ECG and has developed it into a fast, accurate, low-cost, simple to operate and non-radiating technology for detecting CAD with greater clinical value than the current standard ECG. The company’s proprietary HyperQ™ technology extracts and analyses the high-frequency components of the ECG and provides a unique diagnostic index. Thousands of patients have been tested with the HyperQ system to date, demonstrating consistently that HyperQ is far superior to conventional ECG both in sensitivity and specificity, with the potential to save up to 50% of the unnecessary radioactive imaging procedures, while improving the standard of care. BSP’s Intellectual Property portfolio is backed by four granted patents and 14 filed applications in different stages. HyperQ EX-300: The world’s first advanced system incorporating conventional stress ECG and the revolutionary highly accurate HyperQ CAD diagnosis in a single, small footprint unit. This system is FDA (510k) cleared and CE marked. HyperQ AD-100: Seamlessly integrating the highly accurate HyperQ CAD diagnosis into the existing workflow, HyperQ AD-100 is an “add-on” to standard stress ECG systems, enhancing conventional ECG results. This system is FDA (510k) cleared and CE marked. Goal Objectives: The Company’s primary strategic objectives include establishing HyperQ as the first line modality for monitoring and diagnosis of CAD in cardiology clinics, ambulatory and hospital settings and attaining reimbursement code and premium coverage over competitors for the HyperQ diagnostic modality in the US. Growth in market penetration and market share will be achieved through a combination of business partnerships with equipment and healthcare service providers, and by the establishment of a global marketing and sales presence. Target businesses: Distributors specializing in cardiovascular diagnostic devices, leading manufacturers in the field of cardiovascular diagnostic devices for potential business partnerships, leading health service providers. Target Countries: WorldwideSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 18
  19. 19. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Cnoga Medical Category: Company at a Glance Cnoga Medical is an innovative developer of easy-to-use, touch free and non-invasive medical devices. Monitoring It is Cnoga’s belief that the time is soon approaching when most blood tests will be Cardiovascular and conducted by the patients themselves, in the comfort of their own homes, and with a Peripheral Vascular simple non-invasive device. Diagnostics Technology and Product(s) General Health CNOGA Medical’s technology provides a new patent pending and state of the art solution for the non-invasive / touch free methods of measuring physiological parameters. Aesthetics and Dermatology CNOGA’s technology is based on real-time tissue photography, tissue image color is being processed in real-time, providing the temporarily color distribution, using dynamic range of at least 36 color-depth representing over 6.8^10 color combination then by using Company Status: sophisticated mathematical algorithm, the vast amount of information is being computed Initial Revenues and analyzed for detecting the correlation between temporarily color pigmentation and a specific bio or physiological parameter. Products: The TensorTip VSM – Pulse rate, Blood Pressure and SpO2 monitoring device The Hemoximeter – Hemoglobin, Pulse rate, SpO2 monitoring device The Glucometer – Blood glucose, non-invasive, monitoring device Goal Objectives: Meet potential business partners and distributors as well as potential customers Target businesses: Medical Device Distributors, hospitals and medical insurance companies Target Countries: GlobalSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 19
  20. 20. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 CoolSense Medical Category: Company at a Glance COOLSENSE Medical Ltd. is a subsidiary of the M.D. Clinic Group based in Tel-Aviv, Israel; an established and prestigious medical health center whose specialty in non-surgical Medical and aesthetic procedures serve an extensive network of cosmetic treatment clinics. Hospital Equipment CoolSense Medical Ltd. was responsible for the R&D that preceded the manufacture of Aesthetics and the innovative hand-held CoolSense™ pain numbing applicator. CoolSense’s successfully Dermatology implemented concept offers medical personnel, aestheticians and the general public a revolutionary but simply operated instrument that eliminates the pain and discomfort of General Health injection procedures. CoolSense™ Pain Numbing Applicator which received CE approval, FDA Certification as well as the Israeli “Certificate of Free Sale” is in use worldwide. Neurology and CoolSense Medical intends launching MIGROCALM™ during Medica 2011. MIGROCALM™ Degenerative is an innovative self-regulated therapeutic device for the emergency relief of severe Diseases migraine type head pain. Company Status: Technology and Product(s) The innovative CoolSense™ device, when applied to the skin immediately anesthetizes the Initial Revenues site of injection with no after effects. The CoolSense Pain-Free Injection Applicator has been accepted as an indispensable instrument for health care personnel when performing medical or cosmetic skin invasive procedures. The CoolSense™ Applicator is also an invaluable tool that greatly improves the quality of life for individuals who are obliged to undergo injection procedures on a daily basis. CoolSense™ acts within 3-5 seconds to do away with the stress and fear that is associated with receiving injections, the most common health-care procedure worldwide. The MIGROCALM™ - An innovative self-regulated therapeutic device for the emergency relief of severe migraine type head pain. MIGROCALM™ has been designed for personal use in the home; offers drug-free, noninvasive and highly effective relief of severe migraine associated head pain. Goal Objectives: Finding potential distributors for main European and Latin American countries Target businesses: Distributors Target Countries: Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, Latin America.Schedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 20
  21. 21. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Discover Medical Devices Category: Company at a Glance Discover Medical Devices (DMD) has developed a revolutionary new Continuous Positive Air Medical and Pressure (CPAP) interface – the SomnuSeal masks line for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Hospital Equipment Patients quickly adjust to the comfortable self-adaptable oral mask, solving the market’s greatest problem – how to increase the low compliance rates for CPAP treatments. This is Respiratory and an unmet need and DMD is the first to successfully address it. DMD makes it possible for Pulmonary the market, with its well established distribution, sales and reimbursement infrastructure, to grow from $3B and reach its full $30B potential. SomnuSeal benefit for a strategic partner: Company Status: • Will increase worldwide market by >3b$/yr Clinical Trials • Answers an unmet need (no current competition) • Perceived “Innovative” and “Leading edge” technology. • Will provide a massive competitive advantage and ‘locking in’ of the newly acquired market share of non compliant patients Technology and Product(s) Approximately 5% of the population requires CPAP treatment for OSA, including more than 15 million people in the US and 350 million more around the world. DMD designed the revolutionary SomnuSeal masks from the ground up to solve the most serious problem in the OSA market today – despite the dangers of OSA, roughly 50% of diagnosed patients stop their CPAP treatment because they cannot sleep comfortably with the cumbersome masks that exist today. In contrast to available traditional masks, DMD’s solution (the SomnuSeal masks line) uses the natural oral cavity anatomy to create the seal required for effective CPAP treatment. This innovative development makes it very easy for patients to quickly adjust to the DMD small self-adaptable mask, which does not occupy external facial structures, does not contact sensitive internal oral structures, and does not create any of the side effects that are typical of existing devices. The SomnuSeal is the first and only mask that addresses the non compliant patient market segment successfully. Goal Objectives: To establish distribution network Target businesses: Distributors that are experienced and successful in sales to sleep apnea patients Target Countries: WorldwideSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 21
  22. 22. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 DYN Diagnostics Category: Company at a Glance Dyn Diagnostics Inc. is engaged in marketing, sales and support scientific and engineering field tests of body fluids IVD - (In Vitro Diagnostics) and in research laboratories (Applied Diagnostics Science). Robotics Dyn Diagnostics was founded in 1990 and since its inception some twenty years ago, is the exclusive representative in Israel of Roche Diagnostics, which is the world’s largest and Laboratory leading company in the IVD field. Equipment The company completes it’s product line in which Roche is inactive by representing leading companies such as - (Horiba ABX, Grifols, Aesku.Diagnostics etc.), wide product range allows the perfect offering and comprehensive solutions in the field of diagnostics. Company Status: Dyn Diagnostics is working to implement technologies, innovative processes and advanced Revenue Growth testing of human body fluids in the various performance sites. The company’s activity is based on a foundation of over a hundred employees with a broad education and skills such as - biological sciences and engineering, information systems, distribution and logistics as well as on experience and knowledge accumulated in the last twenty years. Technology and Product(s) DYN DS Decapper, Sorter and Archiver The DYN DS is a primary sample decapper/sorter and archiver that is built to efficiencies. The DYN DS decaps different types of closures on standard primary sample tube sizes and automatically sorts up to 1,000 tubes per hour. Tubes are sorted for any laboratory analyzer or target and then finally for archiving. Genotype DNA marker kits We at Dyn market commercial vegetable DNA marker tests. We have been marketing DNA marker test kits, and services locally, for more than 3 years, to all major local vegetable breedersseed companies. Our customers use our test either as a DNA marker selection tool to assist breeders, or as a post control tool to confirm seed production purity. Goal Objectives: • Establish Joint Ventures; • Find Business Partner that would like to represent our products in various countries; • Establish business reletaions with international Medical Device companies looking to enter the Israeli market. Target businesses: Distributors Target Countries: WorldwideSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 22
  23. 23. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 EarlySense Category: Company at a Glance EarlySense is bringing to market an innovative contact-free patient supervision technology. Medical and EarlySense’s continuous early sensing capabilities and patient management tools empower Hospital Equipment the medical staff in the unmonitored units to improve clinical outcomes and reduce Monitoring pressure ulcers and patient falls by measuring key parameters through a sensor places underneath the patient’s mattress. General Health The continuous patient supervision device that follows and documents patients’ vital signs and movement, allows nursing staff to proactively reduce adverse events. EarlySense’s system bridges the critical time gap between patient deterioration and Company Status: clinician intervention. In light of the Joint Commission’s 2009 Patient Safety Goals for Initial Revenues healthcare organizations, EarlySense’s technology offers a timely solution for detecting changes in a patient’s condition, while also assisting nurses to focus on the patients who need their immediate attention. Technology and Product(s) EarlySense’s technology has three main components: 1. a unique single plate sensing unit 2. a bedside monitor that processes and displays the measured data; and - 3. a Central Display Station that enables complete coverage of a unit wide set of monitors at the nurses’ station and the different alerts are delivered to the nurses’ handheld devices. The system’s built-in management tools include a wide range of reports on the status of patients at all times and can be printed for documentation and clinician analysis. Once placed under a bed mattress, the sensing unit immediately self-activates when sensing the patient in bed. The system is FDA cleared and CE approved and has been shown to improve clinical outcomes in general care units. Goal Objectives: To be a market leader in the Medical Supervision Field Target businesses: Sales in USA, Major Clniical study in Harvard/leading university Target Countries: US, EuropeSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 23
  24. 24. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Elitar Medical Category: Company at a Glance Elitar Medical is a medical device company founded in Israel in 2005. The company’s mission is to offer a full range of non-invasive, multi-parameter patient monitoring devices Diagnostics and health management software tools to the full satisfaction of its customers and end- Monitoring users. Elitar stations can be used for preventive screening for emergency room of national Telemedicine and hospitals. Elitar develops and manufactures distinct and innovative products hardware Healthcare IT and software. The company’s unique approach encourages the adoption of a preventative medicine Cardiovascular and and healthy lifestyle by simplifying the diagnosis and implementation processes by health Peripheral Vascular stations, both of the individual and for the accompanying professionals. General Health Technology and Product(s) Elitar provides: health station, specially designed to meet the needs of individuals and Company Status: organizations that either wish to cut down their costs (e.g., hospitals and retirement Initial Revenues homes), to increase their profits (e.g., pharmacy chains and gyms), or to improve their health and nutrition management. The health station provide gold standard measurement some or all of the following vital signs: height, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate),hand grip strength test, body composition, blood pressure, pulse rate, electrical activity of the heart (EKG), heart rhythm regularity oxygen saturation, body temperature – all through a quick, non-invasive, single-posture process. In addition, they can be complemented by external monitoring devices. Elitar’s health station is automatically subscribed to the complementary health and weight management software BioFat and can be subscribed to Telehealth CheckUp, Elitar’s most advanced health station model, also includes video-conferencing any other external database, including electronic medical records (EMRs) and other telecommunications features, and can be also compatible with the medical magnetic or smart card. Goal Objectives: To establish distribution network worldwide, joint-ventures with customers or distributors of diagnostic devices, health insurance companies Target businesses: Hospitals, private clinics, medical devices distributors, health spa channels, pharmacies Target Countries: Europe, Asia, North Africa, Middle EastSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 24
  25. 25. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Erika Carmel Ltd. Category: Company at a Glance As a company whose goal is to bring innovations in treatment, care, and quality of life to Wound and Pain more and more people, we are proud to present you with cutting edge technology in soft Laser Therapy: B-Cure Laser is the world’s first portable soft Laser medical device WITH Management THE HEALING POWER OF A CLINIC. Aesthetics and B-CURE Laser is recommended by the best leading specialists and is used widely in Israel Dermatology by the leading pain clinics, wound healing clinics, and orthopedic departments in the following hospitals: Hadassah-Jerusalem, Sourasky, Rambam, and Shiba (Tel Hashomer). Rehabilitation It is also used in physiotherapy clinics of Israeli Defense Forces, leading sports clubs, and the best sportsmen in Israel, as well as by thousands of individuals for self-treatment at Medical and home. Hospital Equipment On January 2010 B-Cure Laser received the European CE 0120 approval for 16 indications and is presently being exported to some European countries. CE 0120 approved indications for the B-Cure Laser are: knee pain, neck pain, pain in lower and upper back, sports Company Status: injuries, muscle pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, achilles tendonitis, carpal tunnel Revenue Growth syndrome, inflammation, wound healing, burns, fresh surgical scars, post-pregnancy stretch marks, acne, herpes simplex, dental medicine, acupuncture. Technology and Product(s) B-Cure Laser - LLLT 808 - Low Level Laser Treatment The soft-laser affects the skin’s surface and simultaneously penetrates the skin without heating or hurting the skin. Soft laser treatment biostimulates the body’s natural healing mechanism on a cellular and systemic level. The result: every kind of cell receives the energy required for activating and enabling optimal functioning in the body, thus allowing it to “self-heal” and naturally overcome specific problems. B-CURE LASER - an international breakthrough in soft-laser therapy for professional and personal treatment of the above mentioned indications. Thanks to an exclusive, patent-pending development, we have created an exceptional combination: the power and full coherence of a clinic’s soft-laser device over a large area of 4.5 cm², with a portable, rechargeable, safe and easy-to-use device – all at a reasonable price. The result: a perfect combination of the most effective therapy with the ability to provide immediate and continuous treatments, thus enabling high quality and fast recovery in shorter individual treatment times, and with less total healing time. OUR INNOVATION FOR MEDICA 2011: B-CURE LASER PROFESSIONAL. Goal Objectives: Distribution Target businesses: End-users for self-treatments at home, Pharmacies-a unique business model, Clinics, Hospitals, Sports teams, Athletes, Security forces, Home care, Nursing homes.Schedule a Meeting at Target Countries: EU, USA, South America, Australia Return to Table of Content 25
  26. 26. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 ETView Category: Company at a Glance ETView is a commercial stage, publicly traded medical device company focused on Disposables and combining airway management with continuous direct visualization for multiple thoracic surgical procedures as well as long term ventilator dependent patients. ETView Implantable manufactures the Tracheoscopic Ventilation Tube (TVT), an endotracheal tube fitted with Intensive Care a camera and a light source. TVT combines high-flow ventilation, airway management and continuous video monitoring to overcome current limitations and associated adverse General Surgery surgical procedure events during lung isolation surgeries as well as managing and limiting potential surgical injuries resulting from percutaneous tracheotomy and anticipated Respiratory and difficult intubations. Pulmonary The TVT is also sold as a trainer, and is the ideal device for teaching and refreshing intubation skills to medical students, anesthesiology residents and emergency personnel. E.M.S Medical and Technology and Product(s) Hospital Equipment ETView’s patented single-use tracheoscopic ventilation tube (TVT) incorporates a video camera and light sourc embedded in the tip of an endotracheal tube. The images from the TVT can be viewed on ETView’s dedicated monitors, or on other hospital medical Company Status: monitors. Revenue Growth With a camera at this critical location, medical personnel can effectively monitor surgical procedures such as the placement of endo-bronchial blockers in lung isolation procedures and the performance of percutaneous tracheotomy in long term ventilated patients in the ICU as well as constantly monitor the endotracheal tube tip’s position in such patient groups. The TVT is indicated for use in the OR and ICU. Goal Objectives: To find distributors which will sell the TVT in their respective markets Target businesses: Distributors Target Countries: WorldwideSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 26
  27. 27. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 First Care Products Category: Company at a Glance First Care Products specializes in the development and marketing of new products for pre- Disposables and hospital emergency medical situations. The company’s mission is to provide intelligent, innovative, effective and simple to use products which assist in life-saving, improve the Implantable treatment provided and yield significant savings in time and resources. E.M.S Save One Life, Save A World Active in medical R&D, the company develops beneficial solutions for pre-hospital medical emergencies. First Care Products provides medics, first responders and the Company Status: injured themselves with easy and quick to use, effective products for the control of Revenue Growth hemmorhage resulting from trauma that save lives and greatly boost the treatment provided whether on the battlefield, homefront or accident scene. The company brings its years of comprehensive R&D and field experience to create products that when every second counts make the difference between life and tragedy. Technology and Product(s) The Emergency Bandage First Care Products’ first and flagship product, The Emergency Bandage in all its versions has been designated as the “STANDARD” Personal Field Dressing by numerous major, quality military organizations and is being utilized by Special Forces and military medical corps worldwide. The Emergency Bandage is combat and clinically proven, being relied upon as an integral and vital component in the treatment of hemorrhage and trauma related injuries. Beyond Military Use In addition to militaries around the world, First Care Products supplies its innovative bandages to governmental and private emergency medical services, Fire Rescue, Police and Prison Authorities, First-Aid and Survival Academies, and suppliers of first-aid equipment to the general public. Worldwide Patent and Approvals First Care Products’ bandages are Patented worldwide, FDA and CE Approved, with Health Ministry Approvals in each territory, NATO Reference Numbers, and NSN’s in the USA. First Care Products manufactures all its products according to the highest International Standards including ISO 13485. Goal Objectives: Strategic Alliances Target businesses: Target Countries: WorldwideSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 27
  28. 28. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Flight Medical Innovations Category: Company at a Glance Flight Medical is a leading manufacturer of high end PORTABLE VENTILATORS. The company developed and manufacture the legendary HT50 and sold over 15,000 worldwide. Flight Medical and Medical has recently launched the Flight 60 ventilator deploying its proprietary leading Hospital Equipment edge technology. Rehabilitation Technology and Product(s) Intensive Care The Flight 60 follows the success of more than 15,000 HT50 ventilators deployed Respiratory and worldwide. Flight 60 is an all-purpose ventilator designed to address the growing need Pulmonary for ventilation in Home Care, Long Term Care, Emergency, Transport, Hospital and Sub- Acute. The newly introduced Flight 60 Ventilator is offering a lot more – E.M.S • A Complete Ventilation Suite • All Pressure and Volume ventilation modes • Actual flow measurements (Vti,Vte) Company Status: • Embedded FiO2 sensor Revenue Growth • Single limb and dual limb mode • Autonomous • 12 hours battery life further extended by hot swap • Low flow and high pressure oxygen source connection • Light weight, portable and robust • Intuitive and Easy to Use • 7” colored touch screen • All ventilation parameters on a single screen • Enhanced graphical display • Cutting-Edge Dual Micro Piston Technology • Top clinical performance • Low power and O2 consumption • Low heat generation • Low cost of ownership Goal Objectives: Establish global distribution network. Target businesses: Distributors of medical devices to Home Care, Hospitals and Long Term Care markets Target Countries: Asia, Americas, Europe, IndiaSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 28
  29. 29. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Hyginex Category: Company at a Glance Hyginex, founded in 2008, brings a new era to hospital hygiene and infection control. Hyginex’s technology combines an advanced network of sensors, and an online server to Monitoring process and display hand hygiene information. Infection Control The Hyginex breakthrough enables for the first time real monitoring, management and and Infectious control of the hospital staff hand hygiene protocol compliance and quality. With “You Can Control Only What You Can Measure” as its motto Hyginex’s product Diseases enables hospital management to receive simple and detailed reports that describe the Medical and hand hygiene compliance and the washing act. Hospital Equipment Technology and Product(s) Company Status: The Hyginex system is a complete wireless hand hygiene monitoring system for healthcare staff – monitoring whether they clean their hands when needed and if they do so according Revenue Growth to the protocol. The system creates detailed reports from the collected data and provides a simple and flexible user interface for understanding current status and trends of the hand hygiene in the hospital. Constant monitoring increases hand-hygiene compliance with almost no management effort and minimal educational overhead. On-line Real-time alert system enables management to be updated immediately on any deviation from the hospital defined hand hygiene policy. Personal alerting enables workers to receive immediate feedback that enables them to greatly improve their hand hygiene compliance and quality. Goal Objectives: System Marketing, Establishment of Distribution partnerships Target businesses: Distributors Target Countries: WorldwideSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 29
  30. 30. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 HypnoCore Category: Company at a Glance HypnoCore’s vision is to become the global leader of sleep diagnostics services, devices, and solutions for the medical and consumer markets. Diagnostics HypnoCore Ltd. aims to revolutionize the field of sleep diagnostics and improvement Medical and solutions utilizing web and mobile technologies, medical and consumer devices, to allow Hospital Equipment accurate and affordable access to sleep diagnostics and health improvement solutions for the consumer and medical markets. Monitoring Telemedicine and Technology and Product(s) Healthcare IT Following over a decade of academic research and years of R&D, HypnoCore Ltd. has developed patented, FDA and CE approved technology that analyzes the strongest and Cardiovascular and most robust signal, the electrocardiogram (ECG), in order to evaluate sleep and diagnose Peripheral Vascular sleep disorders. Respiratory and Based on it’s core IP, HypnoCore developed a set of products: Pulmonary • HC1000P: HypnoCore’s flagship product - reliable, automated diagnostic software that relies on ECG and oximetry measurements to evaluate sleep and diagnose sleep related breathing disorders Company Status: • HC1000: Diagnostic software that analyzes ECG data to diagnose insomnia Initial Revenues • SleepWay: Web-based system for centralized scoring and data management • SleepRate: Utilizing the latest sensor technology, internet and mobile technologies, HypnoCore Ltd. is developing a new lineup of consumer products and services under the SleepRate brandSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 30
  31. 31. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Intromedix Category: Company at a glance Intromedix is an Israeli manufacturer of premium quality, cost- effective, generic, disposable Disposables and surgical equipment. Implantable Intromedix has been certified ISO 13485 and has applied a Quality Management System according to 93/42/EEC. Certification was given by the German Notified Body Medcert. Medical and Hospital Equipment Technology andProduct(s)* General Surgery • Surgical sutures - absorbable and non absorbable • Surgical staplers • Skin staplers Company status: • Surgical Mesh Revenue growth *All products are certified Goal Objectives: Establish global partnership channels for the distribution of our products Target businesses: Distributors Target countries: AllSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 31
  32. 32. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Itamar Medical Category: Company at a Glance Itamar Medical Ltd., is a public traded (TASE: ITMR) bio-medical technology company. Itamar develops and markets noninvasive diagnostic medical equipment based on proprietary Diagnostics PAT™ (Peripheral Arterial Tone) Signal. The PAT™ Signal serves as a noninvasive window Cardiovascular and to the Cardiovascular and Autonomic Nervous Systems. Peripheral Vascular The PAT Signal is acquired by measuring pulsatile arterial volume changes in the fingertip by specialized noninvasive probes. Itamar’s FDA cleared and CE marked PAT-based General Health products are: • Endo-PAT2000: noninvasive, office-based, user-independent device for endothelial Neurology and function assessment – the precursor (earliest clinically detectable stage) of cardiovascular Degenerative disease. Diseases • Watch-PAT200: ambulatory diagnosis of sleep related breathing disorders and sleep staging (Wake/REM/Deep sleep/light sleep stages). Respiratory and Both devices are used in preeminent clinical institutions, research centers and Pharmaceutical Pulmonary clinical phase studies in over 40 countries which have yielded nearly 300 publications. Company Status: Technology and Product(s) Revenue Growth Sleep testing - at home Considered “best in class”, WatchPAT (FDA cleared and CE marked) is a wrist mounted device for at-home testing of sleep apneas and sleep staging (REM/Deep Sleep/Light Sleep/Wake stages). WatchPAT also measures snoring and body position and provides a perfect combination of natural sleep at home with sleep-lab level data. WatchPAT works without the multiple cables and electrodes needed by other technologies which provide in-depth analysis of sleep, so it has an incredibly low failure rate. Yet the physician gets a comprehensive report with all the clinical parameters needed for patient treatment and monitoring. While the data is calculated automatically by the WatchPAT’s software, the physician can easily edit the data too. Noninvasive cardiovascular risk assessment Atherosclerosis is the clinical manifestation of endothelial dysfunction. Leading the field of endothelial function assessment, EndoPAT (FDA cleared and CE marked) is used in pre-eminent clinical institutions, research centers and Pharma studies. The noninvasive EndoPAT has been validated by nearly 100 publications and abstracts and provides clinicians with reliable and reproducible results in an office-based, 15 minute test. Goal Objectives: Establish wide distribution network in Europe Target businesses: Distribution Target Countries: Brazil, Germany, UK, Spain, France, China, otherSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 32
  33. 33. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Medoc Category: Company at a Glance Medoc is a leading manufacturer of neuro-diagnostic medical systems and advanced Diagnostics thermal stimulators for the assessment of chronic pain. Medocs products evaluate the Neurology and small and large peripheral sensory nerve fibers (A-delta and C fibers), constituting the Degenerative "Pain Pathway". Diseases In 2006, Medoc established the "Medoc Israel" division. This division represents companies world-wide, promoting and distributing their advanced medical solutions to Wound and Pain the Israeli market. Medoc Ltd. has developed several strategic collaborations with leading Management international suppliers from the USA and Europe including Boston Scientific for treating severe and chronic pain patients by implanting advanced spinal cord stimulation (SCS) device, Neurotherm for treatment of local pain by applying Radio Frequency (RF) directly Company Status to the pain source, Epimed for nerve block solutions and catheters and HydroCision for minimal invasive disc-ectomy. Revenue Growth Technology and Product(s) The PATHWAY Pain and Sensory Evaluation System offers new applications for advanced pain research and fMRI. The PATHWAY model CHEPS (Contact Heat-Evoked Potential Stimulator) marks a breakthrough in the field of pain-evoked potential, allowing objective assessment of evoked pain. The PATHWAY model ATS (Advanced Thermal Stimulator) and PATHWAY model CHEPS are currently used in fMRI studies and in advanced pain research. The TSA-II Thermal Sensory Analyzer is used in QST (Quantitative Sensory Testing) to clinically evaluate small nerve fibers (A-delta and C fibers). The VSA-3000 Vibratory Sensory Analyzer is used in the assessment of large peripheral nerve fibers (A-beta). The recently launched Computerized Algometer is a new software-based system, providing real-time visual and auditory feedback to control and monitor applied pressure rates. Medoc will launch a series of clinical devices in the coming year to 4 years. Medoc is also interested in expanding its scope of products in the Israeli market by signing partnership agreements with promising medical device companies offering breakthrough technology and innovative products. Goal Objectives: Looking for representatives / distributors. Medoc is curretnly in the process of penetrating the clinical market, and seeking potential collaborations with international companies which are active in the clinical field. Medoc is also interested in expanding its scope of products (for the Israeli market only) and in signing exclusive distribution agreements with promising medical device companies offering breakthrough technology and innovative products. Target businesses: Distributors; Medical devices companies offering breakthrough technologies; Distributing channels for the clinical field. Target Countries: OptionalSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 33
  34. 34. Israel Medical Innovation 2011 Mizra Medical Category: Company at a Glance Mizra Medical Ltd. developed out of a family business, Mizra Latex Products founded by Disposables and Mr. Zeev Mizra in 1955. The company was incorporated as Mizra Medical Ltd in 2002 and the company has grown to be the leading producer of latex disposable products in Israel. Implantable Mizra carries a complete line of continence care products and distributes specialized Urology products that provide solutions to the challenges faced by the elderly, disabled, and others with special needs. General Health Infection Control Technology and Product(s) and Infectious Mizra Medical carries an extensive line of continence care products and distributes Diseases specialized products that provide solutions to the challenges faced by the elderly, disabled, and others with special needs. Company Status: Goal Revenue Growth Objectives: Distribution, Alliances Target businesses: Distributors, Hospitals, Pharmacies Target Countries: Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, South AmericaSchedule a Meeting at Return to Table of Content 34