Essante Organics Overview
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Essante Organics Overview


  • 3,554 views This presentation will tell you about Essante Organics products, compensation plan, business opportunity, leadership, executive, top leaders and how to get started. ... This presentation will tell you about Essante Organics products, compensation plan, business opportunity, leadership, executive, top leaders and how to get started. Essante Organics is a network marketing company with 100% toxic free and organic products. We do not compromise on our product one bit.



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  • tell our story
  • tell our story
  • present the problem for most of us...we are surrounded by chemical comounds the air we breath, what we put on our skin an dnot just creams..but clothing, eat, drink... chemicals in so much of our skin care and body / toothpastes/ even laundry soaps that leave residue on our clothes as well and damage to the planet. the stuff we eat...isnt’ even food anymore...the largest sections of the grocery store are boxed items and chemical cleaner... endochrine disruptors - chemical that messes with your body’s natural process. bpa (plastic bottles/ banned in canada) also in makeup, phthalates used in nail polish and perfumes, anything with a number in the name? probably not a good thing to put on skin Dr. Oz the other day x of chemicals on the average woman before leaving the house 189-230 or a woman 89-130 for men fluoride is the same ingredient used to kill mice/rats food colourings and additives are made from crude oil artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours preservatives hormones in dairy / meat just look at the factories pumping out orange, brown smoke all day long, traffic, When you put something in your mouth ... It will enter your blood stream .... in 20 seconds ... On a damp or wet body ... in 45 seconds .... On a dry body ... 90 seconds .....
  • linked to infants/children, asthma, adhd and allergies (banned in toys in EU and CA) weight, muscle-building ability, skin condition and immune system lower testosterone levels, increased waist circumference and type II diabetes in mencardiovascular disease breast cancer from parabens in deodorants colon cancer from alcohol and animal products, our bodies are overloaded and if we don’t have a strong enough immune system and detoxification system...the body can’t get rid of it all i’ve read about studies that show chemicals like pcb and ddt that are still remaining in our bodies ...years and years after these chemicals were banned by governments.
  • the good that we now have the ability to know what’s going on...we can research.. internet provides us with such amazing research tools. there are more and more places you can go to for answers. documentary lover... - learn a lot of those
  • we understand that it’s almost impossible to live 100% chemical free not saying this to scare you.... we cannot live in a perfect world unless you want to live in a bubble but we can make progress...we can make choices about what we put on our skin and in our bodies including water, clothing, food and skincare. only thing we can’t control is the air we breathe but we can counteract that by building a strong immune system and ensuring we reduce the rest of the chemcial exposure we get we can learn about how essential oils help our bodies heal the toughest things is the air we breathe... but we can give our bodies a fighting chance. or we can continue put layer upon layer of chemicals into our bodies...until we have chemical overload and we can help to stop the poisoning of the planet at the same time
  • solution: Essante Organics 100% certified toxic free and organic replace the products you’re already buying “ tell story of my daughter with toothpaste other night” talk about products: nutrition - alkalize, energize, shakes weight loss, pops, kids vitamins, bee tabs, phdrops skincare - z3 , instant face life, hollywood, hair care/ serum, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body butter home care - sanitizer ( use everywhere), laundry baby bath/lotion essential / therapeutic grade, organic oils
  • products that work
  • why this resonates with me (if it’s me talking if not - andrea) what we love about it
  • 20+ Years of experience, build multiple companies, taking this company to a new level jj. dr. of chiropractic angie - in her first company she worked part time for 6 months to replace her speaker, trainer, marketer to thousands, was in the videos for her last two companies, on video with oprah..the only woman from this industry to do that. she’s opened the stage for people like dr. deepak chopra and tony robbins. she has a heart of gold and i’m excited about working with her. has created a number of great tools already and i know she’s got much more coming
  • Star, Elle, Vogue, Us, Extra TV, Good Morning America, The Doctors, The Grammys,
  • what if you knew then ...what you knew now? these companies started when the boom was in the did essante. these companies created a lot of millionaires
  • USA: $28 Billion . GLOBAL: $55 Billion  Global Organic Spending per CNN: Now 8% & in 7 years 98%  This Paradigm Shift will create more millionaires than internet
  • getting started now is going to put you in the top 3% of this company 17,000 executive between 1989 - 1992 NUSKIN created 791 millionaires ( one of which was our founder Michael Wenniger)

Essante Organics Overview Essante Organics Overview Presentation Transcript

  • Discover How To Benefit Andrea Sullenger & From The Booming “Green” Tracy Matthewman Economy
  • Andrea Sullenger - Portland, Oregon
  • Tracy Matthewman - Toronto, Ontario
  • Butylene Glycol FluorideCancer causing chemicals are all around us.... and they have acompounding effect on our bodies.
  • We Are GettingSickLinked to:Cancer, Asthma, ADHA, Allergiesin kids.In adults, immune system,testosterone levels, weight gain,diabetes, cancer, cardivasculardisease....the list goes on andon...
  • Education =Massive DemandMassive DemandInternetAllows people to research andmake their own decisions.
  • DatabaseCosmeticsDatabaseCosmeticsDatabaseCosmeticsDatabasehttp://ewg.org
  • Goal: Progress, Not Perfection
  • Products That Work & Are Safe
  • MissionLive FreeLive Chemically FreeLive Financially Free
  • FounderMichael WenningerMillionaire in Nuskin27 Years in Industry of NetworkMarketingVERY Passionate aboutChemicalFree Living
  • ManagementTeamDr. JJ Levine, PresidentAngie Levine, Chief MarketingOfficer
  • Most PublicizedShowcased at the Grammy’s
  • If you knew then what you knew now...would you do somethingdifferent?
  • The Trends• Organic spending in US: $28 billion, Globally: $55 billion• As per CNN, global organic spending now is 8%, but in 7 years will be 98%• This paradigm shift will create more millionaires than the internet.
  • Timing IsEverything• 4 Stages of Growth • Start up (95% fail) • Pre-Momentum (Today) • Momentum (2/3 rds of all distributors join here) • Stabilization (Billion Dollar Global Brand Stabilization
  • How To Get Started
  • How To Earn• #1 E-commerce Website - 30% paid weekly. Enroll 3.5 customers and you’ll be making enough to cover your own monthly order.• #2 Enroller Bonus - $50-$100 each time you enroll an executive. Enroll 10 at Elite level = $1,000• #3 Express Start Bonus - Earn $500 if in your first 30 days you help 4 people enroll 2
  • How To Earn• #4 - Endless Team Bonus - Build two teams, no flushing, no caps, no third leg, no income ceiling, bank all volume, 10% paid weekly• #5 - 100% Check Match - Ex. You enroll 5 Executives who go on to earn $5K/month. Essante matches it and pays you $25k/month• #6 - The Expansion Race - per country, $50K/ per leg, 1% of commissionable sales (first 50)
  • Tools & Training• Tons of Live & Recorded Call• Leadership Team does the presenting for you• Fast Start Training• Social Media Training• Product Trainings• Business Trainings• Quarterly Events with no FLUFF
  • Other TidBits• Build Week-to-Week• 7 Day Holding Tank• Build as fast or as slow as you want - NO Pressure• Build How You Want (Online/Offline/Both)
  • People AreExcited
  • It’s Easy• Do you care about your and your family’s wellbeing?• Do you like saving time and money on healthier products?• Do you feel extra income would help you and your family have a better quality of life?• If so...then....
  • The Right Time• This is the right time for this company.• This is the right time for you.• This is the right time to get started.• “To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.” Benjamin Franklin
  • Get Started• Thank the person who shared this with you. Tell them what you liked best.• Start living closer to chemical free and order the products that your family will love• Write off the cost of products you already use, get them for free and earn income as you help other live chemical free as well.