China Trade & Treatment Of Dissidents


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China Trade & Treatment Of Dissidents

  1. 1. China-Trade & Treatment of Dissidents Jillian Holloway
  2. 2. Most Favored Nation (MFN) List AKA National Trade • For Example quot;All countries Relations that have MFN status will • A status that is given to one pay no more than a $1 duty nation in International to export televisions to the Trade by the World Trade United States. If the United Organizations States later negotiates a • Provides an equal duty of 75¢ with Japan for opportunity for all imported televisions, countries, big and small Indonesia and all other MFN countries will pay 75¢, despite Indonesia's original agreement to pay more duty.”
  3. 3. MFN HISTORY • A move from Protective Tariffs to Free Trade in the beginning of the 20th Century • Started with Jay’s Treaty • Protects countries from in 1794 discrimination that comes along with Free • …and the Open Door Trade Policy of China • Was enacted in 1934
  4. 4. China’s Most Favored Nation Status Background • The Trade Agreements Extension Act of 1951 suspended the MFN status of the Soviet Union and affiliates • After the Trade Agreements Extension Act of 1951 was passed, the MFN status of China was suspended • Restored in 1974 with the Trade Act of 1974
  5. 5. Tiananmen Square Protests • The protests were led by student and intellectuals • Started with the death of Hu Yaobang, a pro- democracy official • 100,000 people attended the funeral • Lasted seven weeks
  6. 6. Tiananmen Square Massacre • June 4, 1989 Beijing • Chinese government’s reaction to protest • Several Hundred protesters and soldiers were killed and over 7,000 people were wounded
  7. 7. Consequences • A cancellation of China’s MFN was threatened by Congress three times in the early 1990’s. • President Bill Clinton renewed MFN status with China despite of Congress’ feelings. • Human Rights Conditions were set against China
  8. 8. Dissidents • People who disagree with a government or powerful organization such as the students in The Tiananmen Square Incident
  9. 9. Treatment of Chinese Dissidents • Many Chinese Political Activists were detained or exiled for their pro-democracy views.
  10. 10. Recently,… • Zhou Yongjun, a man that was very active during the Tiananmen Incident, was arrested • Yang Jianli was refused entry into China
  11. 11. My Advice To President Obama • I think the United States should defend the rights of the many Chinese Dissidents held in Prison for their democratic beliefs. Through peaceful negotiations and incentives with and for the Chinese government, The United States of America should help free these people and prevent another Tiananmen Incident in the future.
  12. 12. Bibliography • Favored-Nation+Status • Status.html • • sts_of_1989 • 632 • na/5317674/Tiananmen-dissident-arrested-in- China.html