All about Hurdles<br />Hurdle is nothing but a barrier over which competitors have to jump during hurdle races. Hurdle is ...
All about hurdles
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All about hurdles


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All about hurdles, Hurdles, Hurdles techniques, track and field

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All about hurdles

  1. 1. All about Hurdles<br />Hurdle is nothing but a barrier over which competitors have to jump during hurdle races. Hurdle is a type of track and field race. Hurdling requires speed and flexibility. Hurdle events occur for three distances.- Both men and women run for 400 meter race- Men run for 110 meter race.- Women run for 100 meter race.400 meter hurdle race is an important hurdle event which is played by both men and women. To start with, runners remain in their respective lanes and they have to jump over ten hurdles to reach the end point. All the ten hurdles are spaced 35 meters apart, while the first is 45 meters away from the starting line and the final hurdle is 40 meters from the finish. Hurdle are positioned in such a way that all the runners run the same distance regardless of which lane they are in. Men’s hurdles are 91.4 centimeters (2 feet, 9 inches) high while women’s measure 76.2 centimeters (2 feet, 6 inches).Buy all types of hurdles @ www.tracknfieldgear.com100 meter hurdle is meant for women. Even this hurdle race has 10 hurdles. First hurdle being placed 13 meters away from the start line, while the final being 10.5 meters from the finish line. Rest of the hurdles being placed 8.5 meters apart. These hurdles are 84 centimeters (2 feet, 9 inches) high.110 meter hurdle race is meant for men. Hurdles are 1,067 meters (3 feet, 6 inches) high. All the 10 hurdles are spaced 9.14 meters apart while the first hurdle is 13.72 meters from the starting line while the final hurdles being 14.02 meters from the finish.We are one of the leading suppliers of hurdles. Tracknfield Gear supplies three types of hurdles - Max-Power Hurdle - Replacement Hurdle Board - Training HurdleIf you’re good in hurdle race but just need a little bit of practice to get into your school or college team. Then buy these hurdles today and get selected. You don’t have to visit any shop. Just book your hurdle online and may the payment. You will receive your hurdle within 2 to 3 days and then start practicing.<br />For more information Contact Us @<br /><br /><br />