Social media for professional use


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A brief overview of popular social media sites, how to register for them, and why they should be considered for professional use.

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Social media for professional use

  1. 1. Social Media for Professional UsePresented by:Tracie N. KingInstructorDelgado Community College
  2. 2. Social Networks and Personal Branding• As a professional in the 21st century – you haveto consider a word that generations before didnot have to: Branding• Branding explained:• Social media is an effective way to establish yourbrand
  3. 3. What is Social Media?• forms of electronic communication (as Websites for social networking and microblogging)through which users create online communitiesto share information, ideas, personal messages,and other content (as videos)• First Known Use of SOCIAL MEDIA: 2004Source:
  4. 4. Examples of Social Media
  5. 5. Where do you start?• E-mail• Facebook• Twitter• Linked In• Niche Networks• Honorable Mention:• Youtube• Pinterest
  6. 6. E-mail• Have a dedicated email address for professionalcorrespondences• Free sign up: google, yahoo, live, etc.▫ Username – beginning portion of email address▫ Password – Make sure it is secure• Make sure the address is professional in nature:▫ Example: • The same email address can be used for othernetworks
  7. 7. Facebook• Signup:▫▫ enter your name▫ Birthday▫ Gender▫ email address• Features:▫ Profile▫ Wall▫ Status updates▫ Friends• Professional reasons to use FB▫ Make professional contacts▫ Post your portfolio▫ Create a page for your business•
  8. 8. Linked In• Signup:▫ first name last name email address password▫ Note: You must use your true namewhen creating a profile. Company namesand pseudonyms are not allowed.• Features:▫ On Line professional profile/resume▫ Job Search▫ Connections• Professional reasons to use linked in▫ Make professional contacts▫ Receive endorsements▫ Post your portfolio▫ Jobs suggested based on your interest▫ Search for and apply for jobs▫ Create a page for your business
  9. 9. Twitter• Signup:▫▫ enter your full name▫ email address▫ password• Features:▫ Tweet: a 140 character statusupdates▫ You follow the tweets people of likeinterest▫ People of like interest can follow you• Professional reasons to use FB▫ Transfer information in a quick format▫ Build a group of followers that youcan promote yourself or your business to▫ Share your portfolio with followers
  10. 10. Niche Networks• Information Technology:• Nurses:;• Accountants:• Entrepreneurs:• Culinary:• Administrative Professionals:
  11. 11. Honorable Mention:Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram• Very Popular social networks• Can be used for business and professional use depending onthe business• Pinterest – pin interesting internet finds to a board and followthe pins of others• YouTube – online video hosting – can view videos of othersand post your own to your chanel• Instagram – visual twitter – update followers via photos
  12. 12. Managing multiple networks?There’s an app for that!Apple Android• On your iPhone, iPod touch, oriPad open the App Store app• Search term: Social networking• You can search for the mobile appfor the specific network (twitter,facebook, linkedin, etc.) or…• Look for apps that managemultiple networks• On your Android PhoneOr tablet open the GooglePlay app (Play store)• Click on the apps button• Click on categories• Scroll to the social category• There you can find apps forindividual networks or one appto manage multiple networksSocial Media Management Apps: Hootsuite, Sessmic, MyPad, TwitterFeed, Spredfast*** facebook, twitter, linked in, pinterest, youtube, and instagram – all have apps andsign up can be done via the app straight from your mobile device.
  13. 13. Questions?•• Facebook:• LinkedIn: