Script for spanish around the world introduction


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Script for spanish around the world introduction

  1. 1. Script for Spanish Around the World IntroductionSlide 1Welcome to Spanish Around the World: Beginning Spanish with your teacher Tracie Toy.Slide 2In this introduction, we will first talk aboutThe instructorThe courseAnd you the studentSlide 3Let’s start with your instructorSlide 4My name is Tracie ToyI am an educator. Education has been in my blood since my very early childhood. When other little girlswere playing house and doing mock weddings with their dolls, I was setting up classrooms in the livingroom and making my brothers and my dolls play school.I am a minister.My call to the ministry came via a children’s ministry in which I served for nearly ten years. Currently, myhusband and I pastor a church with nearly 400 members in a 3D virtual world. I received ordination in2011.I am a wifeMy husband is one of the most incredible men on the planet. He is very supportive of my teaching andmy online activities in the classroom.My QualificationsI hold a degree in psychology which I obtained in 1988. My second degree was earned in 2007 afterreturning to the classroom. Finally, my last degree in education came in 2010. I hold state licensure inthe State of Indiana for K-8thgrade.All of my degrees came from the University of Southern Indiana where I have taught for the past eightyears as an English as a Second Language Instructor.
  2. 2. Currently, I am owner of my own company Stars Academic Athletes an academic consulting companythat works with students aged preschool through adulthood.Slide 5Enough about me. Let’s talk about the course!Spanish Around the WorldSlide 6In Spanish Around the World, you will learn vocabulary. If learning vocabulary is difficult for you, don’tworry, I give you tips and techniques for remembering new words. If you are like me and you lovelearning new words, you are in the right place. You will learn basic greeting words, words for family,friends, school, the community, numbers, how to tell time, food and many other words… It will beawesome to know so many new words.In addition to learning words, you will also learn grammar. After all, grammar is the skeleton of anylanguage. Grammar gives the language structure. You will learn parts of speech such as nouns, verbs,pronouns, how and where to place the to be verbs and many more parts of this exciting language.And finally, learning to speak a new language is fun and exciting, but speaking alone isn’t all there is toknowing a language. In order to understand the person who speaks a language, we have to know a bitabout their culture, so you will learn a little about celebrations, art, history, and many other areas in theculture of the Spanish speaking person.Slide 7So now that you have gotten a preview of a few of the things you will learn in your journey, let’s take alook at how this class will be delivered.First you will learn visually. You will meet your narrator Lynne Applewhyte from the 3D virtual grids.Lynne is really my 3D altar. She and her friends will help you learn Spanish in a fun and exciting way.Through these videos, you will encounter 3D models, video presentations with music, whiteboardteaching and a host of other things.For those of you who are more auditory learners, you have not been forgotten. Learning a language isauditory as well as visual, so you will have the spoken language everywhere. Sometimes you will havepodcasts that are only aural and you will have to listen carefully and predict the correct response, othertimes the auditory cues will be paired with visual ones.And finally, for those who learn best by doing something, we have included experiential learning. Youwill have activities that range from paper and pencil puzzles, worksheets, and diagrams, to onlinecomputer generated games. At times, you will have an assignment to complete or create a tool to helpyou learn.
  3. 3. I know this sounds like a lot of work on your part, but rest assured, you will be fine. This course isdesigned with the busy person in mind. The entire course is set up for you the learner to take charge ofhow much you study and when. It is self-paced. So, speaking of that, let’s move on to You the student.Slide 8Slide 9You are the most important part of this course. Lets discuss three areas for you.First, we will talk about your desire to learn. Ask yourself, Why do I want to learn Spanish?Perhaps you want to learn to speak Spanish just so that you can communicate with friends or family oreven just the general Spanish speaking public. Or maybe you need to learn Spanish to enhance yourbusiness or customer relationships. Or maybe you want to speak Spanish because you will travel to anexotic or exciting Spanish speaking local. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn, you are in theright place! Spanish Around the World is for people just like you who want to learn at their own paceand have confidence in their abilities!Now that we have our reason for wanting to learn out of the way, let’s talk about commitment.Commitment is the hardest part of any study plan or relationship. We live in a very busy world. We havedaily pressures and demands. Learning a new language is an exciting endeavor that does require somecommitment. The amount you choose to give is entirely up to you. Whether you want to be a prospeaker someday, someone who can get the job done, or even just a casual speaker, you will have todetermine the amount of time you must commit to reach your goals. No one says you must be a prospeaker. The choice is up to you how far you go and how much time you give. Although, it is true thatthose who spend more quality time on a topic learn it better.So, we will conclude by talking about your enthuasim for the language. Spanish is a beautiful language.In the beginning, you will feel excited to be learning this new and beautiful language. There may come atime during the learning when you begin to feel like a Don quoxte tilting at windmills, but don’t despair!If you keep pushing through and think positive thoughts, reward yourself for learning, and practicewhat you learn, you will find in the end that the result is an awesome reward! So keep going, keeppracticing, and keep on learning!!Slide 10One last thing…I am here for you. This video course does not come alone. Unlike some courses outthere, when you purchase Spanish Around the World, you get instructor support. You will have accessto my e-mail and will be able to contact me via e-mail, through social networking, and on the platformfrom which you purchase the program.Slide 11
  4. 4. So don’t delay, click on the purchase this course button and let’s get started. If you have any questions,please feel free to contact me. Click the button now, and I’ll see you in the classroom in just a fewmoments.