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Reflection essay 1
Reflection essay 1
Reflection essay 1
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Reflection essay 1


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  • 1. Tracie AmbroseProfessor GoldmanEducation 458September 2, 2010Reflections On My First WeekTuesday of this week marked my first week of student teaching. On my first day, I was abit disoriented. I was unsure of the schedule and noticed that some students seemed to float inand out of the classroom. No announcements were made regarding who was to leave and atwhat time. I did not have a printed schedule to help define the different time periods. I, also, wasnot sure which students belonged in the classroom and which did not because some came for ashort time and left.Several things that I encountered surprised me. First, Mrs. Siesky is a strict teacher. Thisdelighted me as I am also a strict teacher. I have taught for the past six years, and during thattime my students told me that I was strict. Seeing that Mrs. Siesky is strict helped to alleviate myfears that I might not work well with children. I had feared that I was not soft enough because Iset standards high and expect them to be met. The next thing I discovered was that the Pledgeof Allegiance is recited daily. Many people, especially those in my church, insist that the Pledge
  • 2. of Allegiance is no longer allowed in our classrooms. I can now tell them with confidence thatthey are wrong. At least, in the EVSC the complete Pledge of Allegiance is recited. Anotherthing that I found interesting was the lunch that the children consume. On the first day of mytenure in Dexter Elementary School, I ate the school lunch. It consisted of pasta with meatlessmarinara sauce, a bread stick, sherbet, mixed vegetables, and milk. The only protein on themenu was contained in the milk. I thought about the 80% poverty rate that I was told about andthe high obesity rate of America’s children. I considered that most of these students are onsome form of assistance and do not have access to healthy foods at home, and they are notencouraged to learn about healthy foods. It makes me wonder how the students are supposedto learn how to choose wisely when selecting healthy alternatives. If children are taught early inlife to make healthy choices, they will be more likely to do so as adults. Finally, I observed thatmost of the students are on task and doing what they are supposed to be doing. There are afew students who require extra attention to help them stay on task, however the majority do theirwork when asked to do so.By the end of the first week, I have begun to assist students with their work, observereading groups, enter grades, and grade papers. I have asked to pass papers back to thestudents so that I can begin to put names with faces. I believe that the students are beginning to
  • 3. accept me as one of the adults with authority. Generally, when I ask them to put awaysomething that is distracting them from staying on task, they do so. They also listen when I askthem to stop talking or stop some other behavior.I look forward to next week when the reading class begins reading the book, Numberthe Stars by Lois Lowry. That was one of my favorite books, and I believe this will be aninteresting book for the students to become familiar with. I am glad that Mrs. Siesky has agreedto have me in her classroom this semester. She is very experienced and knows many things. Itis refreshing to see that not only does she use the technology, but she embraces it.