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Theory Theory Presentation Transcript

  • eori esTh
  • You s h vide ould picTask o fro kam you h m th ave c e ge usic and analy hose nre that s n to follo c wing e it usin reate in a P theo g the ower ries. can t Poin Do th hen t i slide uplo that you s share ad o like an d nto this o emb ne e d it
  • Gen re
  •  Jason n Mit that i tell (2 n sell p dustries 001) argu r u Medi oducts to se genre es a pro audie to famil iar co ducers us nces. conve des a e make ntions th nd audie refer at ve ence ry oft socie nce know s to their en t l texts y and oth edge of you a . – Is this er me re loo true diau s ed c k invideo onve ing at? H the video s and ntions fro ave they refer m enced similar socie ty?
  •  Chris stian tha t g Metz enres (1974 typic go th ) argu al cyc rough ed t he i r le of a lifetim chan Look e. - I g es d at a v s this ur i ng ago f ideo rom t from true? they h 1 simil e same g 0 years Wha a r in e t a re any w nre, are conve the d ay? ntion iffere tell m s? Re nces e wh mem incomp at vid ber t aring e o yo o this t u are o.
  • Narr ative
  • Narrative Narr ative The = story
  • Todorov’s narrative theory Bulgarian structural linguist who made a great contribution to narrative studies from the 1960’s onwards Todorov argued that a story goes through stages of transformation that lead to a conclusion.  
  • He s ugge situa sts tha actio tion that the st crea n and f t is theory beg t ed. inall n dis ins w y a n rup i ew s ted bth a 1. Eq rov ituat y an uilib ion i 2. D r i um s isr or no sign uption r maTodo 3. R ‘Age ificant of the nts o acti equ lity ecog f dis on or ilibri r upt u 4. At nitio ion’an evenm by a temp n of t by 5. R t to r epai th e d isr u e tu r r th e p ti o n for m n to e ain p quili disr rota br i u upt i goni m or on  st. nor m One ality fourt f acto r disruh stagethat to over ption c , the atconside of th again an be tempt r is tha e Eq until repe to re uilib ther ated pairt the rium e is a ove the resto r and ratio n
  • 1. Equi tired librium happ NY cop – John M 2. Di y, protectleving in cClain is i srup d cit a safe a ard a Sch tion y. a nd McC oo l , a – A b o 3. Th lain nd the mb is p to wo t la e rk therrorists nted inDie H the Bdisrupti e ca s a e. sk for 4. Th ank Robb recog on i s e att er y i Equi e mp s thenised i.e t real . catchlibrium to resto heist away the robis McCl re/repai . 5. Th . b er s ain t rt b ef o r y i ng h e e eq re th t they uilib ey go r et his c catch th ium is re chop atch phr em and stored per i a M wh s desse just b cClain s en troye efore a d. the ys
  • rov Does mus the n Todo ic vi arrative deo stag es of follo in your theo Todo w th r y? I rovs e narr s the ative re a whol ysin g of th or do e e sta only ges a ppea some r.Ana l
  •  Tens s narraion and d conf tive com rama i ar y betwlict or op es fromn the ory een p  Can two s osition ides s’ Bin n Th e char be b diffe acter etween in ‘W rent s or two two and esterideologi India ns’, Co es (e.g. Strau  Sci-F o stio ns) w bo i a lm ys repre betw sentsost alwa een this cla ysL ev i hum ans/ humans sh asO pp robo /alie ts n s,
  • a us s Does bina your r y op video ha narr v ative position e a g Str that ? Tw in th are f o pe e nece ighti ople ssar ng (n y ph oppo ysica ot l ys in sing lly) o each othe r r?Ana
  • Repr esen t a t io n
  •  O’Su llivan detai ls tha et al (199 label t a st 8) s of ca that invol ereotype type tegor ves a is a evalu isatio proce ation n and ss  We c . a short n call steS tero hand reoty becau to na pes repre se such s rratives i unde sentation mplistic rstan s defi texts ding n of me e our good – e.g we k dia and w now ho is who evil. is
  •  Wha at ste been reoty used pes vide in th have o yoat? u are e musi look c ing
  • de r  How hGe n repr as gend esen e vide ted i r been o? E n yo conv .g. a ur entio re th mas culin nally e men e?
  •  Laur that ta Mulvey view he domi (1975) a body is mascu nant poinrgues – gaze is displayline. The t of G aze lvey pleas in order t ed for th female (vouy ure for th o provid e male there erism). W e male e erotic came fore obje omen a a Mu gend ra lens a ctified b re M al e spect er the nd whatey the posit ator/aud ver masc ioned to ience is La ur appa uline POVaccept thTh e looki rent in th . – Is thi e ng at e v id s ? e o yo u are