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Task 2  camera shots
Task 2  camera shots
Task 2  camera shots
Task 2  camera shots
Task 2  camera shots
Task 2  camera shots
Task 2  camera shots
Task 2  camera shots
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Task 2 camera shots


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  • 1. How camera shots are used inopening sequences to create meaning Miss Spavins
  • 2. Extreme Close UpThis shot gives us a close up of the main characters eyes. He is looking sternlyaway from the camera suggesting that he is not a friendly character. The facthe is the first character we see and they have used an ECU identified hisimportance.
  • 3. Close UpThis close up clearly shows the emotions of this character. He looks deep inthought and not happy about what ever he his thinking about immediatelysetting the tone for the film. The close up also identifies his as a main character.
  • 4. Medium ShotThe medium shot here shows the costume of some of the characters. Asthere Is a group we do not know if they are significant to the story or notbut their costume hints to the genre of the film.
  • 5. Long ShotThis long shot gives up some information about the location of the film. We cansee that it is an urban area. It is winter, we can see this by the snow. Again wesee a group of men this time a larger group so we can start to get an idea againof the genre of the film.
  • 6. Extreme Long ShotThe extreme long shot is ambiguous of the location but we can see that thearea is an urban area. The city is therefore perhaps insignificant.
  • 7. High Angle ShotWe are looking down on the main character here as he is pumping weights. He is in a vulnerableposition here but this is juxtaposed with the fact he is lifting weights which signifies his strength.
  • 8. Low Angle ShotWe are slightly lower than eye level here showing we are not on his level. He is important andpowerful. This character has dominated the scene so far which backs up this point.