Section b synergy


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Section b synergy

  1. 1. LO: To be able to explain synergy, using appropriate terminology
  2. 2.  The way in which different elements of a media conglomerate work together to promote linked products across different media.
  3. 3. The film of Harry Potter promotes the DVD which promotes the book whichpromotes the advent calendar which promotes the studio tour whichpromotes the film…
  4. 4.  Synergy works when different elements within a media (film) conglomerate create linked products e.g. film, soundtrack, video game Each distinct element promotes others
  5. 5. Can you complete one of these for the deathly hallows pt 2?In 2000 AOL and Time Warner merged. The promotion of HPATPS by AOL and Time Warner are good examples of SynergyAdverts for the film The soundtrack waswere shown on HBO released on Atlantic and WB, both Records, Part of American TV Warner Musicchannels which aresubsidiaries of Time Warner AOL’s Internet service was offering Articles about the merchandise, and film appeared in ticket promotions newspapers and tied to subscriptionsmagazines owned by for AOLs services Time Warner.
  6. 6.  Soundtrack – Warner Bros and Water Tower Music Game – WB Games &EA Games (Publisher/Developer) Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Harry Potter Studio Tour - WB Merchandise – WB Shop
  7. 7.  When and why did Hollywood switch its focus to megafranchise movies? How are megafranchise movies defined? How important are sequels in the film industry? What is ancillary revenue? How important is it? How important are video games to the film industry?
  8. 8. Big Studio MGM, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Paramount & RKO Produce the Films They owed studios to shoot in and the stars to act in their films Exhibition These big studios owned their own cinemas. The only place to watch their filmsNo longer the case as the courts ruled that the studios had to sell off their cinemas as it gave them too much of a monopoly on the industry
  9. 9.  Hollywood has moved from vertical integration to horizontal integration Because of this they now focus on producing films which can be cross-promoted with other media texts. Ancillary revenue has now become more important than box office revenue.
  10. 10.  Every piece of media within the same brand promotes every other piece of media under that umbrella. “The Disney stores promote the consumer products which promotes the parks which promote the television shows. The television shows promote the company.” Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner
  11. 11.  “The industry can scaresely be treated in terms of movie and videogames and theme- park rides as separate entities or isolated media texts. Rather, they are related aspects…of entertainment supertexts, multimedia narrative forms…the essential text within these media franchises is the Hollywood Blockbuster film” Thomas Schatz
  12. 12.  James Bond Shrek Batman Twilight
  13. 13.  Megafranchise films rely on the use of spectacle. High budget productions with expensive set design and special effects. This works as a ‘barrier to entry’ to lower- budget films, allowing the major studios to continue to dominate the film industry.
  14. 14.  Write a short paragraph explaining what you understand by synergy.