As media studies lesson 1


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As media studies lesson 1

  1. 1. AS Media Studies Welcome
  2. 2. What you will be doingCoursework: 50% Blog (40 marks) Film Opening (60 marks)Exam: 50% Representation in TV drama The film industry and audiences
  3. 3. VLEAll work will be posted onto the VLE Homework Lesson PowerPoints Resources DeadlinesIf you miss a lesson ensure you log in and find outwhat you have missed as you have strict deadlines tomeet
  4. 4. CourseworkYou will be making a film opening of a MAXIMUM OF TWO MINUTES
  5. 5. What is a film opening? Discuss this with the person next to you.What are the conventions of a film opening?
  6. 6. Se7enThis opening sequences is probably one of the most famous. What do you think of it? Is it conventional? Where there any conventions you missed?
  7. 7. Examples from last yearThe titles in the opening sequence are just as important as the narrative when you are making your own. Heres an example from last year that did a good opening sequence
  8. 8. What do you think? Did they do well?What could they have done to make it better? Was it conventional?
  9. 9. HomeworkTo complete your first blog post (we will set your blogs up thislesson)Timeline of an opening: Pick an opening (film) from art of the title and paste on your blog the nine frames. Watch the sequence, download it to your computer to enable you to look at the timeline. Get a big sheet of plain paper and mark out a timeline, then go through and write on it where each title comes in. This should give you a really good model for your own layout of a title sequence, including timings and jobs. Heres an example post:
  10. 10. Setting up your blogYou will need to set up your own blogger blog for your AS work tobe submitted on.You must set up one on blogger no other blogging websites please.Click here to register and set up your blog sure you are going to remember your details.When you have set up your blog you must send your blog details andyour email address to us. To do this click here!submit-your-details and fill in theform ensuring both your EMAIL ADDRESS (that you check) and BLOGADDRESS are included.
  11. 11. Basics about bloggingBlogs are fantastic ways of presenting your work as they are stored online so you can access themfrom anywhere without having to carry anything around. they allow you to upload files, embedyoutube videos, images, sounds and much more. Your blog should be a completely multimediaproduct. If you are only adding text to your blog you will not do very well in this subject as marks areawarded for your use of ICT and creativity.Organisation is key with your blog. You will have at least 28 posts when you submit at Christmas so it isvital that all of your posts have a decent title that is easy to see what the post is about and mostimportantly it is TAGGED or as blogger calls them LABELS! Tagging your post is like putting it into acategory. On your deadline sheet i have included a column that tells you what tag you need to add tothat post. The examiner will use these tags when marking your work so it is very important that you dothis.Although a blog is a thing that many people use casually in their leisure time to rant and rave aboutthings that is not what we are using ours for. You must remember at all times this is an examined pieceof work and you should at all times write in proper English, full sentences and SPELL CHECK your work.The blog has a spell checker that you can run. Make sure you do this!