What Is The Ultimate Game of Life?


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The Ultimate Game of Life. Ever been to a self-development or personal development seminar and you were all pumped up? Imagine if you could be that way for 90 days. The Ultimate Game of Life is more than a seminar or a home study course.

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What Is The Ultimate Game of Life?

  1. 1. What IS The Ultimate Game of Life? The Ultimate Game of Life is a 90 day Challenge that is an all inclusive system that will improve you health, wealth, and happiness. Ever been to a self-development or personal development seminar and you were all pumped up? Imagine if you could be that way for 90 days. The Ultimate Game of Life is more than a seminar or a home study course. It takes place right in your own environment. You will be given an intake form to fill out, so that the challenge can be personalized. You will have a score card. People don't succeed in certain areas of their life because they are not tracking their results. What Does The Ultimate Game of Life Look like? Well, there are 9 modules that use gamification to help you implement what you learn in each session. You will have an accountability partner and a scorecard to keep you accountable to yourself. And there are prizes to win for those who play the game to its fullest. Aren't things more fun if you make them into a game?
  2. 2. • The first module is an Orientation. You will learn what you need to play and win the game of life. This first session will also start your reconditioning and re-programming process. • The second module is called The Truth About Achievement. Here you will find out why most people are doomed to fail when trying to reach their goals. You will also learn how you will achieve a 94% success rate.
  3. 3. • The Third Module is named Life Simplified. Here you will learn one secret trick to making more money, getting more done, alleviating stress, and reducing overwhelm. • The Fourth Module is called The Real Game. You will find out about the secret world that determines how much money you make, how much happiness you feel, and how much growth you're experiencing in life that most people don't know is there. • The Fifth Module is The Nine Environments of You. You will learn about these nine environments and how unless you create these environments it is unlikely you will achieve the wealth you want.
  4. 4. • The Sixth Module is The Foundation. Here you will learn to understand your foundation is crucial to building your life. • The Seventh Module is Success Fuel. Most people are fueled by the wrong energy. In this session you will learn one little tweak that will realign your engine.
  5. 5. • The Eight Module is Financial Focus. This session will give you the game plan and true methodology needed for financial success. • The Ninth Module is Awareness in Action. Here you will learn about the 5 levels of consciousness and 4 levels of judgment. • And a Tenth Module is Victory Lap. This is a final bonus call that will wrap everything you've learned and experienced in a powerful ritual.
  6. 6. Is There Anything Else in the Game of Life? There is. Not only will you be in a supportive team, there will also be laser coaching calls. Laser Coaching Calls are short coaching sessions that are designed to get you through whatever is stopping you for winning your game. There are also two bonuses. One is the 24 Hour Wealth Challenge, where you will learn the strategies and planning needed to become wealthy. I mean it's not like you wake up a millionaire one day or push a button and money comes flying.
  7. 7. And the other is if you are a player in Rippln. You will receive 12 months of MVP status. What's that mean? You will get double commissions on all product bought from your ripple. Who is Behind The Ultimate Game of Life? The coach that will help you through this process is Jim Bunch. He has trained for Tony Robbins. He has coached many people through The Ultimate Game of Life. Corporations use this gamification coaching process as a way to incentivize their employees and clients. Why Are You Participating In The Ultimate Game of Life? I see it as a fun way to work on goals that I have set for myself to make 2013 end in a big bang for my business. I get to play with my friends and we will help each other to succeed. I am truly excited about this concept of gamification. I love games. Most of my breaks during the day consist of me playing a game. What better way for me to meet my goals than to play a game. I can't wait to get this game started. I'm going to have trouble sleeping with all of my excitement. I hope you join me in "The Ultimate Game of Life". Click HERE to learn more and buy the course. P.S. Would you like to make money buy selling The Ultimate Game of Life? Then, Click HERE for more information.