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Presentació angles ps3_xbox_360
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Presentació angles ps3_xbox_360


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  • 1. Gabriel Aciego PerezXavier Muñoz GarciaJairo Arcos
  • 2. Hardware comparison PS3 PS3 have a powerful Core called Cell Broadband Engine TM is a 8 core processor build by Toshiba, IBM, and Sony also its a core of Blade servers one of the most efficient server in year 2008. The GPU (Graphic Processor Unit) is called RSX created by Nvidia and Sony it’s more powerful but actually in 2013 the new GPU overcome so much.Cell Broadband engine GPU RSX(Realityprocessor Synthesizer)
  • 3.  CPU of Xbox 360 have 3 core its called ATI Xenos or Xeon it’s based in IBM power pc another famous server of year 2004. The difference in front the ps3 its GPU and CPU in Xbox are the same, the micro architecture is old than the ps3. Xbox 360 was launched in 2005 and the ps3 was launched in 2007.
  • 4.  PlayStation 3 System Software: This is the SO of the ps3, this system let conect the psp to ps3 for share data, also you can install another SO if you want. Play Station Network: This is the service for play online it’s absolutely free, also you can buy games in Play Station Store.
  • 5.  Dashboard: This is the OS of Xbox 360 this OS is immovable you don’t change the system. Xbox Live: This is the online service of Microsoft this service needs to pay a monthly bill for play.
  • 6.  The principal data storage of the ps3 is the Blu-ray Disc this disc in one layer have 25 GB, 2 layers 50 GB and the ultimate Blu-ray disc have 32 layers with 1TB.
  • 7.  Xbox 360 have another type of storage the HD DVD with 15 GB for one layer and 30 GB for two layers.
  • 8.  The ps3 have a yellow light problem in the first versions for extremelly reheat the console shut down and block for security. These problems produce by the ventilation estructure of the consoles.
  • 9.  In xbox 360 have the 3 red light of dead when the CPU is reheat the system locks and shut down the system, these problems produce by the ventilation estructure of the consoles.
  • 10.  In conclusion ps3 is more new than the xbox 360 the hardware and software is more powerful but the performance to run games is more or less the same. In connectivity xbox wins, the xbox live is better than Play Station network but it’s a pay service and the play station network its free.