NFC Bootcamp Seattle Day 1


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Day One presentations from NFC Bootcamp Seattle, June 2012

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NFC Bootcamp Seattle Day 1

  2. 2. What is NFC?NFC = Near Field Communications NFC• Allows for simplified transactions, data exchange, and wireless connections between two devices in close proximity to each other, usually by no Source: ECMA more than a few centimeters• Enabling a new range applications between consumers and businesses• Secure enough for banking and beyond NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 2
  3. 3. NFC vs. other Wireless Technologies Source: NFC Forum NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 3
  4. 4. What is NFC? – a closer lookWireless Communication for consumer devices• Based on existing 13.56MHz RF technology• Very short range – “Touch” use scenario• Data exchange rate up to 848kbit/secWide spread support across technology industry• NFC Forum founded to drive standards• Underlying technology well understood • ECMA340 – operating principle • ISO/IEC 14443 / ISO/IEC 18092 • NDEF – NFC Data Exchange Format • NFC Tags (Types 1 – 4)Has broad use cases for consumers everyday• Payment • Healthcare• Transit Tickets • ID Credentials• Access Control • etc.. NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 4
  5. 5. Key Milestones for NFC• 2002 – Sony and Philips Semiconductors co-invent NFC• 2004 - Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum established by Nokia, Philips and Sony• 2006 - Initial specifications for NFC Tags• 2006 - Specification for "SmartPoster" records• 2009 - Peer-to-Peer standards to transfer data, etc.• 2010 – Launch of “N” mark for use in smart posters. NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 5
  6. 6. NFC Forum• NFC Forum has 140 members from all areas of NFC ecosystem “The vision of the NFC Forum is to enable users to access content and services in an intuitive way, leading to... o a world of secure universal commerce and connectivity o in which consumers can access and pay for physical and digital services o anywhere, at any time, using any device” Learn more at: NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 6
  7. 7. How does NFC Work? 13.56MHz Source: Smart Card Alliance Smart_Card_Security_WP_20081013.pdf• Operates on the same principle as contactless smart cards and RFID tags (e.g. access control badges)• A reader initiates an RF communications and captures data from the card (or programs data into the card)• With NFC, a phone can be either a reader or a card NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 7
  8. 8. NFC has three basic modes Card Emulation Mobile payment, Ticketing, Access control (PC, car, hotel, …), Transit, loyalty card, etc. Discovery – Read/Write Get information, point to content distribution, Smart advertising, capture a coupon, etc Peer-to-Peer Communication Fast, easy device association, setup & configuration, exchange of business card / social network profiles, new gaming experiences … Touch your camera to a printer NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 to print 8
  9. 9. Mode 1: Card Emulation• The NFC phone behaves as a secure card (credential) o Payment Card o Loyalty Card o Access Control Card o Hotel Room Card• Leverages security of NFC o Proximity (user controlled) o Secure Element (encrypted data) NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 9
  10. 10. Mode 2: Discovery (Reader/Writer )• The NFC Phone behaves as a card Reader• Smart Posters/Displays contain NFC tags• NFC Tag contains URL coded per NFC Forum standard• Phone automatically jumps to URL• User is presented with guidance and information• Implementations include public transit, advertising…. NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 10
  11. 11. Mode 3: Peer to peer communication• NFC Phones act as Reader talking to each other.• Exchange or share applications, music, business cards and services• Touching the NFC mobile phone to another NFC device (e.g. PC, DVR) provides smooth authentication and transfer of data (e.g. mail, telephone directory, schedule) NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 11
  12. 12. Anatomy of an NFC Smart PhoneNFC phones contain special Phone Securehardware: Processor Element• Secure Element o Stores the encrypted data NFC• NFC Controller o Manages traffic and RF signals• NFC Antenna o Collects and transmits the RF signals NFC NFC Antenna Controller NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 12
  13. 13. NFC devices also need Software• Software developed in “stacks” to support the thee modes• Stacks are provided by device and chip manufacturers• User “apps” are written to sit on top of the stacks NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 Source: NFC Forum 13
  14. 14. What makes NFC Secure? Send me an NFC Credit Encrypted Phone Card OTA Data Processor Provision Acct Info Encrypted Data NFC Issuer TSM CarrierIt’s the system!• Secure Element in the NFC Device – the data “vault” on the phone• Trusted Services Manager (TSM) – unique entity who knows the keys• Over the Air (OTA) Provisioning – data packets sent directly to the SE NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 14
  15. 15. What is a Secure Element?• A special chip in your NFC device that acts as a data vault Examples of Secure Elements• Securely stores important information for NFC transactions• All data is encrypted• Secure Element Implementations o Embedded in Mobile Phone o SIM Card Based o Removable (SD Card)• Only accessible if you have “keys” NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 15
  16. 16. Critical NFC Terminology• Secure Element• NFC Controller• Contactless Reader• Discovery• Card Emulation• Peer to Peer• Card Issuer• Trusted Services Manager (TSM)• OTA Provisioning NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 16
  17. 17. Smartphone penetration growing, many of which will be NFC capable ... US smartphone penetration80% 70% 65% 59% Several OEMs launching US NFC60% 47% phones in 201140% 29% NFC soon to be as common as 18%20% 12% % of Subscribers bluetooth/cameras0% Sources: Nielsen, Mercator,, Morgan Stanley, Mercatus 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Partners, Mercator, Nilson reports, IDTechEx, Ltd. Phone models launched with NFC Nokia 600 Nokia 3220 + NFC Shell Sagem Cosyphone Nokia 700 Nokia 5140(i) + NFC Shell Google Nexus S Nokia 701 Samsung SGH-X700 NFC Google Nexus S 4G Nokia N9 Samsung D500E Samsung Galaxy S II Nokia C7-00 SAGEM my700X Contactless Samsung Wave 578 Nokia 6216 Classic LG 600V contactless BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Nokia 6212 Classic Motorola L7 Turkcell T20 Nokia 6131 NFC BenQ T80 BlackBerry Torch 9810/9860 Source: Wikipedia NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 17
  21. 21. NFC leveraging contactless infrastructure Public Transport Mobile phone = transport card PaymentMobile phone = Credit card Micro-Payment Mobile phone = cash Secure log-in Mobile phone = Access Control security token Mobile phone = key NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 21
  22. 22. What’s Next - beyond payments• Social networking Sharing contacts, updating social networking profiles, automated location check-in, advertisement, …• Computing Secure automatic log-in, easy pairing of devices, …• Retail Mobile wallet -payment, loyalty, advertising, - research products• Health Care Medical records / treatments, dosage tracking/tracing, …• Government Driver’s License, benefits cards, Resident/parking permit, .…• Automotive Access to services/data, pairing, motor management, keys, fleet management, driver profile transfer, …• Gaming proximity peer to peer gaming experience, easy pairing, … NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 22
  23. 23. NFC EcoSystemNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 23
  24. 24. The presentation will cover the following topics – (not in order) • The Players in the NFC Ecosystem • The Issuance and Usage Cycle • The Marketing ElementsNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 24
  25. 25. The Mobile Payments Landscape Mobile at the Mobile as the The Mobile Direct Carrier Closed Loop Point of Sale Point of Sale Payment Billing Mobile (NFC) Platform Payments Using mobile Merchants using Catch all Consumers A store builds devices that are a mobile device category for buying its own wallet equipped with with an products that ringtones or or platform for NFC to make attachment to let consumers games or digital mobile payments at the process credit send money content by payments. It can point of sale. card payments. to merchants putting the only be used at or each other. charges on their their store. cell phone bill.• Source: NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 25
  26. 26. The NFC Eco-system development• Chicken or the Egg?• NFC Phones or a Place to tap them? Should we care? NFC Issuance NFC Usage NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 26
  27. 27. Key Players in NFC Issuance Bank/Issuer Carrier Device/OS MakerNetwork Personalizer App Developer Distributor NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 27
  28. 28. The Issuer- Entity that owns the credentials on the NFC product- User has a direct relationship with the issuer through an account- Issuer can be a Bank, Wireless Carrier, Wallet Maker, Enterprise, etc.- Utimate liability for the NFC products secure functions lies with the issuerNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 28
  29. 29. The Carrier- Normally the wireless carrier or Mobile Network Operator that provides service to the user’s mobile device- Owns the data pipe between the NFC device and the back end network- Responsible for the functioning of the device if its is issued by the Carrier e.g. Handset- Provides value added services through interconnects on its networkNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 29
  30. 30. The Device/OS Maker- Adds the NFC function to the user device- Can be fully integrated – NFC handset, or semi-integrated – microSD, NFC accessory- Also covers non handset NFC devices, that have NFC capabilities – fobs, appliances, peripherals, etc- OS maker provides the SW environment for the NFC capability to function on this deviceNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 30
  31. 31. The Network- This is the network on which the secure credentials flow and get handled- Usually the payment network in the case of NFC wallet, but can be expanded to include enterprise networks and private label networks- The network ensures that the credentials make it from the Carrier to the Issuer and backNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 31
  32. 32. The Personalizer- The entity entrusted with the task of adding secure credentials to the NFC Device- TSM – Trusted Service Manager. Have a trusted relationship with the Issuer- Ensures compliance of the credentials on the device with the NFC standards- Can load credentials in a secure facility or Over The Air (OTA)NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 32
  33. 33. The App Developer- The entity that develops the User Interface for the NFC function- Normally tasked by the Issuer or Device/OS maker to build the app- App ensures the user can gain useful interaction from the NFC function – in all the modes that are supported- Provides interface to other entities that need to access the secure credentials on the NFC functionNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 33
  34. 34. The Distributor- Responsible for getting the NFC device to the consumer- Can be a retail channel, e-merchant, kitting service, carrier store, bank branch, enterprise office, etc.- First line of support for the NFC function- Ensures the correct bundling of the various NFC players before the NFC device gets to the consumerNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 34
  35. 35. NFC Device Form Factor New NFC on New TSM MNO Device Device OS/SW ControlEmbedded Device Required Required Required Required OptionalUSIM Based Required Required Required Required Required Supports Only in Not Existing Accessory Optional OptionalAccessory Required and New as SE Based NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 35
  36. 36. NFC Embedded Device IssuanceNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 36
  37. 37. USIM Based NFC IssuanceNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 37
  38. 38. NFC microSD IssuanceNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 38
  39. 39. Bank MNO Handset Payment Perso Wallet/OS Retailer NFC Maker Network Bureau DevelopermicroSD MNO Handset Wallet/OS Maker Developer Embedded NFC Secure NFC Credential Ownership MNO USIM Based NFC NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 39
  40. 40. Key Players in NFC Usage Merchant Loyalty OffersManager/Aggreg Point of Sale Promoter ator NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 40
  41. 41. The Merchant- Direct beneficiary of any NFC transactions- Brick and Mortar or Virtual goods merchant- Utilize NFC to recreate/enhance the transactional experience- New way to interact with the consumer and draw relevant traffic to the merchant storeNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 41
  42. 42. Loyalty Scheme- Utilize NFC capability to create a rewarding program for the consumer that directs traffic to a specific group of merchants- As simple as a check-in reward to as complex as purchase oriented multi- segment multi-level point/redeem system- Use physical awareness to reward real- world and online behavior- Redemption/addition of rewards at check- outNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 42
  43. 43. Offers/Coupons- Issued directly by merchant or a 3rd party intermediary- Goal is to drive new traffic to the Merchant using NFC as an enabler- Create triggers through NFC events – tag reads, check-out, online behavior, etc.- Redemption during NFC transaction at checkout- Can be promoted through NFC tagsNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 43
  44. 44. Manager/Aggregator- 3rd Party assigned the task to collect, store, manage and integrate NFC based events- A simple as a coupon aggregator to a full suite of coupon/loyalty multi-merchant management platform tied in to secure credential management system- Provide analytics on NFC behavior to drive marketing programs- Assure compatibility of various NFC triggers with NFC deviceNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 44
  45. 45. Point of Sale- Point of interaction between the NFC device and the Merchant- Conforms to NFC standards and can handle multiple NFC device form factors- Expanded function to tie in to Offers and Loyalty programs at check out- Form factor of POS may vary – standard check out stand at merchant to a hand held NFC DeviceNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 45
  46. 46. Promoter- Advertise the various NFC capabilities to end users to promote usage- Place NFC tags and NFC triggers in user accessible locations- Interacts with Merchant and Manager/Aggregator- Ensures wide spread education around the NFC functionality and its capabilitiesNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 46
  47. 47. Person to Person NFC- Bypass traditional merchant-consumer infrastructure- NFC event triggered between two consumers- As simple as an exchange of contact to as complex as the exchange of funds- Platform for enhanced social interactions- Trigger for NFC adoption if interesting use cases are created using the mobile application platform. NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 47
  48. 48. Key Players in NFC Eco-System Issuance Usage Loyalty Bank/Issuer Distributor Merchant Carrier OffersNetwork Manager/Aggregator Device / Personalizer Promoter App Developer OS Maker NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 Point of Sale 48
  49. 49. What’s In Your (NFC) Wallet?NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 49 #
  50. 50. The Modern Consumer Wallet/Purse ReceiptsTransit Ticket/Card Access Card Identification Loyalty Card Cash Credit Card Keys?? Store Card Coupons NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 50
  51. 51. My Mobile – My WalletOne of the fastest growing Don’t leave home without ittechnologies in history: > 5Busers 13 minutes average before you realize loss of mobileEmail/Internet device for over Front of pocket vs. back pocket500M users Constant companion for 18-49 segmentMusic/Video device for 100’s of High responsiveness toMillions applications and value added features beyond voice callsMore than 70% of devices Screen, keyboard and fastshipped today have a speeds for a rich interactivecamera, making it multi- user experiencepurpose NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 51
  52. 52. Consumer Preferred ConsumerService Provider CONSUMER Preferred Devices CENTRIC Key to A Successful Mobile Wallet Consumer ConsumerTrusted Brands Oriented NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 Applications 52
  53. 53. Timing and Intent Smartphone Penetration Currently, smartphones represent 40% of the market; In 2012 it’s expected to be the majority of handsets. Consumer Behavior Mobile payment transactions in the U.S. will reach $56.7B in 2015, up from the $5.2 billion in in 2009. Combined with a spike in interest for loyalty and rewards, consumers are ready for the benefits of NFC. Acceptance With companies like VeriFone making NFC standard on all future POS terminals, acceptance is gaining momentum. While not a standard, merchants and brands are beginning to find the value add in NFC. Competition Products such as the Google Wallet, ISIS and the Visa Wallet all provide healthy competition that will help build the appropriate environment forNFC BOOTCAMP to flourish. 1 NFC SEATTLE: DAY 53
  54. 54. Smartphone is key to Mobile NFC Wallet Success • NFC Wallet value can only be derived from a rich user experience • Open smartphone architectures allow value added applications and services to seamlessly interact with NFC functions • Ease of use is key for application success – user behavior has been set around the ease of use of plastic, and extra complications won’t be tolerated for similar transactionsNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 54
  55. 55. Hot Spots Of Interest/Usage of Mobile NFC WalletsNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 55
  57. 57. Mobile NFC Wallet Issuer - Revenue Sources Lease Space • Lease space to other financial credentials • Lease space to non-financial credentials i.e. access, transit, security, ID, etc. R Licensing E • • Value added application interface Standardized 3rd party app development platform V • Richer interface wallets E • User Aware Target Marketing • Context Aware N • • Merchant Aware Location Aware • Content Aware U E Retail • NFC as a separate component • NFC as package/productNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 57
  58. 58. Own the Mobile NFC Wallet – Own the Revenue More Usage Issuer Branded Wallet Ensures Top of Wallet More Customer Acquisition & Loyalty More Users Revenue Retains & Builds Customer Relation Value Added Services More Uses Monetization Through Additional Revenue SourcesNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 58
  59. 59. The Mobile NFC Wallet Benefits EveryoneFinancial Industry Wireless Industry•More Transactions = More Revenue •Increased stickiness/loyalty Speed and•More Services = More Revenue •New revenue opportunities•Reduced Fraud Convenience •Wallet provisioning revenue•Consumer Loyalty •Consumer loyalty Enhanced Customizable Security/Early Applications Loss DetectConsumers User Merchants•Fast checkout Interaction •More transactions•Protection from identity theft and •Coupons = More users•Coupons/awards/receipts = Value •Lower cost of commission/fraud Connectivity•Reduced dependence on Cash/ATM •Reduced cash and check handling NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 59
  60. 60. Mobile NFC Wallet Distribution Bank Issued To Over The Air Customer (Mailed) (AppStore/Market) Mobile Network Consumer Retail Operator Retail (J- (Brick and Mortar) hook)NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 60
  61. 61. What Does a Mobile NFC Wallet Look Like?NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 61
  64. 64. Changing Handsets How does secure personal Personalization Handset Repair data move from BB to Android to iPhone? How do master keys get How do you ensure secure loaded? Does this occur personal data is not before manufacturing or compromised? after? Corporate Devices THE CASE FOR A SE CapabilityHow to distinguish between PLUGGABLE Who pays for high end SE secure personal data and corporate data? SECURE embedded on mobile device? CREDENTIAL SE Corruption Protocols Who pays to replace handset How do you support every time SE data is evolving standards for corrupted? TSM Need interesting niche apps? What happens if user does not have connectivity? NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 64
  65. 65. The Upcoming Battle of the Mobile Wallets • 1 device, 1 bank, 1 processor • 14 Banks, 1 Visa Network • Basic app with offers • Click to Buy feature integration • Cross channel payments • Available NOW • Launch in 2012? • Multi-Bank, Multi-MNO, Multi- • Payments in the cloud Network • Person to person • Multi NFC Device form factor architecture • To launch in mid-2012 • Some NFC • Non-NFC: Barcode based • NFC on Android and • Can only be used at iPhone through microSD Starbucks stores • Prepaid – multi load • Mobile application based mechanisms • Available NOW • Available NOWNot Announced Yet:DAY 1 NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: 65
  66. 66. NFC Wallet Score Sheet speed coolness interactivity potential portability security reliability complexity availability security NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 66
  67. 67. NFC is B2C Brand to Consumer Presented by Michael J. Manley Principal, Manley RFID Consulting www.manleyrfid.comNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 67
  68. 68. Concept Creation ExecutionNFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 68
  69. 69. • Technology climate o All noise, limited signal o Pace of innovation Context o Mobile strategy• Fragmented ecosystem o Chip, Inlay, Label, Software, etc. o Small companies o NFC phone penetration• Think: simple, existing delivery systems o Product packaging, print media, out of home advertising o A part of a campaign, not THE campaign o Peripheral technology Beyond Payments: NFC is B2CDAY 1 NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: 69
  70. 70. The Brand Chip Ad Agency Mfr Inlay Mfr Label Publisher Magazine Converter PrinterBeyond Payments: NFC is B2CDAY 1 NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: 70
  71. 71. • Business drivers o Print media today o Social media Concept o First to market• Existing capabilities o In-house – manufacturing o Post-shipment analytics o Identified knowledge gaps• Validate concept o Customer voice o Can we do it? o Budget Beyond Payments: NFC is B2CDAY 1 NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: 71
  72. 72. • Workshop o Technology baseline cross-functional team o Identify areas of risk - mitigate Creation o Connecting the dots – personal• Product definition o NFC chip and antenna size o Material construction o Environmental requirements• Performance o Manufacturing test o Mailing test o Full life cycle Beyond Payments: NFC is B2CDAY 1 NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: 72
  73. 73. • Challenge o All options in-play o Late changes & commits before PO Execution o Advertising vs Semiconductor world• Work-streams o WS Packaging: Data, encoding, NFC label o Quad: Test systems o Quad: Cloud Software• Oversight o Consultant o Quad – many existing process o Quality focus Beyond Payments: NFC is B2CDAY 1 NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: 73
  74. 74. The Buzz Lexus Creates NFC Ad for Wired Magazine – from March 23, 2012 WIRED Delivers First-Ever NFC-Enabled Advertisement Featuring Lexus – March 20, 2012Beyond Payments: NFC is B2CDAY 1 NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: 74
  75. 75. • Results – general o Utilization high o Measurable brand interaction Results o Powerful analytics o Exceeds, by a large margin, other techniques• Momentum o Building o Key seasonal considerations o Awareness building re: Olympics Beyond Payments: NFC is B2CDAY 1 NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: 75
  76. 76. • Value to brand o Engages customer - directly Learning o Measurable o Creates ‘call to action’ o Brand gets information, not Google or Facebook o Supports Mobile Marketing initiatives• Value to printer o Differentiates product offering o Keeps print relevant in digital age o New channel for adding value Beyond Payments: NFC is B2CDAY 1 NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: 76
  77. 77. • Take-away o Know the ecosystem o Insulate complexity for your customer Net-Net o Brand owners are key driver o NFC is Mobile Marketing enabler o NFC is not a ‚solution‛• Interesting recent data JCDecaux Release NFC Trial Results May 29, 2012 o Outdoor advertising ‚87% of people with NFC-enabled phones are likely to repeat the experience, while 80% of o Fun, easy to use, take with non-NFC phone owners said they would like to use it in the future.‛ o People like it ‚One campaign yielded a redemption factor of 18%; the average across the trial was still high at 7%.‛ ‚Strong download conversion rates: including an average of 28% for video content, rising to a high of 49% when the content was new and previously unseen.‛ Beyond Payments: NFC is B2CDAY 1 NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: 77
  78. 78. Thank You!NFC BOOTCAMP SEATTLE: DAY 1 78