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2012 - trESS presentation EN

  1. 1. Organisation and coordination of a network on the EU coordination of social security schemes in EU/EEA/CH training and reporting on European Social Security trESS III trESS was established in 2005 and is financed by the European Commission (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion) It is implemented by Ghent University in collaboration with independent experts from 31 countries trESS III runs from 2011 to 2014
  2. 2. Objectives increase the knowledge base on the coordination regulations build networks between people professionally involved in social security coordination all over Europe report to the EC on the implementation of the EU Regulations undertake legal and statistical analysis with regard to topics connected with social security coordination provide analytical support to the European Commission in relation to the application of social security coordination legislation
  3. 3. Main activities training & networking information-sharing reporting & analysis
  4. 4. Highlights trESS III National seminars replaced by ‘specialised’ seminars trESS now covers also the EEA countries (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) and Switzerland Some new tasks added  analytical support to the EC (requests for information, contribution to studies)  mapping and analysis of statistics on social security coordination Network extended with specific areas of expertise
  5. 5. Training & NetworkingTarget groupsSocial security institutions and authoritiesSocial partnersNGOsJudges and lawyersIndependent experts confronted with problems of implementationActivities:Specialised seminarsE-learning moduleContact databaseRegular E-newslettersSocial media
  6. 6. Specialised seminars Ca. 10 seminars per year, determined in accordance with a procedure of “internal calls for proposals” All countries covered at least once over the course of the project Wide variety of seminars  Awareness-raising, practically-oriented or analytical  General or focused on one particular topic/target group  National, bi-or multilateral, in cooperation with other stakeholders Attended by experts from the Commission and trESS Reports written by seminar reporters Agenda and PPT presentations posted on trESS website Participant satisfaction is monitored – Please complete the brief participant satisfaction survey distributed at the seminar
  7. 7. Seminar calendar 2012 Latvia-Lithuania (Riga) 19 April• Cases*(Rome) Italy 30 May Greece (Athens) 27 June Switzerland (Fribourg) 28 June Estonia-Finland (Tallinn) 4 September Cyprus (Nicosia) 24 September Spain (Seville) 27 September Slovakia (Bratislava) 9 October
  8. 8. NetworkingAustria 73 Hungary 57 Slovak Rep. 41Belgium 125 Ireland 29 Slovenia 72Bulgaria 73 Italy 71 UK 130Cyprus 65 Lithuania 45 Switzerland 2 How to join?Czech Rep. 72 Luxembourg 37 Norway 1 • By sending a request to join to tress@ugent.beGermany 53 Latvia 50 Liechtenstein 1Denmark 51 Malta 109 Iceland 1Estonia 55 The Netherlands 109 Other 12 • By submitting a request viaGreece 54 Poland 160 the websiteSpain 73 Portugal 127 TOTAL 2175Finland 119 Romania 111 * Status April 2012 Current members are kindlyFrance 155 Sweden 42 requested to keep their details updated
  9. 9. NetworkingSubscriber status 2007 1732 2009 2732 2010 3210 2011 3513 April 2012 35754 issues per yearContents Information on the project and its activities Interviews with top experts in the field of social security coordination Trends, challenges and developments in the field of coordination Case law reviews & developments at legislative level
  10. 10. Information-sharing: www.tress-network.org Open access  seminar information  e-learning  national resources  European resources  e-newsletter Restricted access  contact database  internal project matters
  11. 11. Website: e-learning moduleGeneral introduction into socialsecurity coordinationGlossary of 70 keywords,reflecting main concepts of socialsecurity coordination, with 190questions & answersUpdated as necessary
  12. 12. Website: national resources National case law National bibliography Seminar information
  13. 13. Website: European resources European Reports (2008 -) Think Tank Reports (2008 -) & Analytical Reports (2011 -) Texts of the main Regulations (in all available languages) Regulations database  Articles of the Regulations linked with relevant information  Latest developments Linkage between articles of 883/2004 and implementing articles of 987/2009 Linkage between articles of 883/2004 and 987/2009, and relevant decisions of the Administrative Commission Selection of historical leading cases among case law linked to 1408/71 and 574/72
  14. 14. NEW: social media pages trESS on LinkedIn and Facebook Regular news updates on EU social security coordination Messages, comments and opinions How to join?  Become a member of LinkedIn and/or Facebook  Join the trESS pages  A direct link to the trESS social media pages is available on the homepage of the trESS website
  15. 15. Reporting on implementationYearly reports on the implementation of thecoordination regulations in 31 countries  Either a European Report (covering application of the Regulations as a whole), or  a Thematic Report, focusing on a specific topic of coordinationIn 2012: Thematic Report (available December) onthe coordination of benefits with activation measuresBased on contributions of national experts
  16. 16. Legal analysis“Think Tank Study”: Legal research with a long-termperspective dealing with strategic questionsConducted by a Think Tank, composed each yearfrom a pool of analytical expertsIn 2012: the coordination of unemployment benefits(available December)
  17. 17. Legal analysis“Analytical study”: legal research based on fact-finding with relation to ad hoc analytical needsConducted by an analytical study group, composedeach year from a pool of analytical expertsIn 2012: impact assessment report on thecoordination of long-term care benefits
  18. 18. Contact trESSwww.tress-network.org tress@ugent.be