How To Find Backlinks
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How To Find Backlinks



The Best Backlink Service On The Internet! Backed By 6000+ Campaigns. Starting at just $15!

The Best Backlink Service On The Internet! Backed By 6000+ Campaigns. Starting at just $15!



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How To Find Backlinks How To Find Backlinks Document Transcript

  • ==== ====The Best Backlink Service On The Internet! Backed By 6000+ Campaigns. Starting at just $15! ====Id like to answer the age old question "how to search for backlinks". If youre an affiliate marketer,a blogger, or just a website owner - building backlinks is essential to the survival and profitability ofyour website.Searching for backlinks actually isnt that difficult. You see, its all about keywords.  Whatwords are your customers using when they search in Google or other search engines? The firstpart when you search for backlinks, is identifying the specific keywords, for example how tosearch for backlinks - and then you can start uncovering websites that are related and relevant toyour keywords.  I recommend you get specific with your keywords. Searching for backlinksis really broad, but searching clay pottery backlinks is getting more specific!1. Use Free Backlink ToolsTheres tons of free backlink tools. One thing I recommend you stay away from is tools that offer tobuild backlinks for you. Building quality backlinks needs to be done by hand in my opinion. Would you use a program to write an article for you, based on a few keywords you gave it? Youwant to spend some time when you search for backlinks - to find relevant websites, with a specificconnection to your keywords.If you want to search for backlinks, heres a few free tools BackLink Agent is a tool that will showyou how to search for backlinks. It has a great interface and give you lots of choices for the typesof websites you can build backlinks to.2. Find Relevant & Related WebsitesAs I mentioned, when you search for backlinks, you want to keep you eyes peeled for relevant andrelated websites. I call this the Two Rs.Relevant websites are specifically targeted to your keyword. So if youre promoting a healthy dogproduct, start looking for websites related to healthy dog content. Theres tons of blogs, Youtubevideos, and other Social Networking websites that have relevant content that will fit with yourproduct.  Learning how to search for backlinks isnt just about building any backlink. If you build a backlink with a website that isnt related to your product, youre not going to get avery interested visitor - so be relevant, be specific!Related websites are similar to your website. If you have a blog about healthy dog information,and you find someone with a dog related website, ask them to exchange links. Some websiteseven have a form where you can simply add your link to their website. Linking with relatedwebsites is great for finding qualified customers. The people who browse these related websites
  • will find your backlinks interesting and click through to your website. You dont want to just buildbacklinks with any website. Being linked with reputable, related websites will help your websitespopularity with Google.3. Find Relevant Discussion ForumsThis is how to search for backlinks - I always start in discussion forums. Forums are a perfecthunting ground for backlink building and for finding potential customers.  I recommend usingcommon sense when posting backlink in forums. Keep it to your signature line, never self-promotein your posts, and make sure you add valuable content in your posts (so the admins dont see it asjust filler).If you want to search for backlinks, I recommend you check you the tools Ive mentioned andscour the discussion forums that related to your product or website.  There are thousands ofbacklink possibilities, and Ive seen some backlinks send more traffic than a good Google rankedpage.  Remember the key when you search for backlinks is to link with relevant and relatedwebsites - you dont want just any traffic, you want qualified traffic. You want a backlink thatsends you a customer!Want to learn how to search for backlinks? Take the free 3 day video ecourse on buildingbacklinks at my website http://www.getbacklinksforfree.infoArticle Source: ====The Best Backlink Service On The Internet! Backed By 6000+ Campaigns. Starting at just $15! ====