Google Updates and SEO Mangement
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Google Updates and SEO Mangement



Have you been Ripped Off by so-called SEO Companies? We're different and we would love to prove it to you...

Have you been Ripped Off by so-called SEO Companies? We're different and we would love to prove it to you...



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Google Updates and SEO Mangement Google Updates and SEO Mangement Document Transcript

  • ==== ====Have you been Ripped Off by so-called SEO Companies? Were different and we would love toprove it to you... ====Whether it is related to search, advertising, or the web in general, it seems as if Google alwayshas something cooking in the lab. More often than not, its innovations come with some ratherinteresting implications. This one holds true to form. A couple of weeks ago, the search companylaunched Google Instant, a new enhancement that provides users with live results as they typetheir keywords into the box. While this makes finding what you want much faster and possiblymore convenient, it could also have an impact on those that rely on search marketing to generatetraffic. The enhancement has already been rolled out to domains in major markets so SEOmanagers would be wise to make themselves familiar with all the logistics.The End of SEO?Although Google Instant has only been out for a short time, its short stay has not stoppedobservers from chatting about how it could mean the death of SEO. That is a valid first assumptionconsidering how the feature works, but those discussions could be a bit premature at this point. Ifanything, this feature will force SEO managers to adjust their current optimization strategies,rather than abandon them completely. Let us take a look at some of the factors that coulddetermine what type of affect the enhancement has on the search game as we know it.User IntentionOne of the biggest things the SEO community fears is that Google Instant will lead to users visitingwebsites they did not intend to initially. For example, if someone is looking for pizza in Chicago,they could end up visiting a Chicago-based site that sells life insurance because results are beingdisplayed as they type. This is potentially bad news for pizza places in the city, but it could alsopresent new opportunities to businesses that optimize their sites with local searchers in mind.However, if someone is determined to find a pizza in Chicago, Google Instant may only serve as aminor distraction for the user, and affect the luck pizzeria in no way.User AdoptionTake a look around at the responses online and you will notice that people tend to either loveGoogle Instant or hate it. There is very few in between. These responses are important becausethey could impact the future of this enhancement, and thus influence the effect it has on searchmarketing. If the response becomes overwhelmingly negative as time progresses, Google justmay pull the plug, thus allowing SEO managers to "instantly" rest easier. You also have toconsider that the feature can be disabled so not everyone is using it in the markets where it isavailable.
  • Algorithm ChangesNo one can deny that Google Instant and its ability to deliver real-time results while the user typesrepresents a significant change, but there is no reason for SEO managers to start panicking justyet. The only real reason to panic would be if the enhancement resulted in changes to thealgorithm, and according to Google, the algorithm remains the same and search engine rankingswill not be affected. This basically means that all the SEO strategies you currently apply willcontinue to be effective.Gary San is a best practices activist and advocate for a leading Web and permission-based emailmarketing service.Article Source: ====Have you been Ripped Off by so-called SEO Companies? Were different and we would love toprove it to you... ====