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Building Backlinks For Google PageRank Success



The Best Backlink Service On The Internet! Backed By 6000+ Campaigns. Starting at just $15!

The Best Backlink Service On The Internet! Backed By 6000+ Campaigns. Starting at just $15!



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Building Backlinks For Google PageRank Success Building Backlinks For Google PageRank Success Document Transcript

  • ==== ====The Best Backlink Service On The Internet! Backed By 6000+ Campaigns. Starting at just $15!http://goo.gl/wq34N==== ====Looking from this angle, it would seem backlinks and PageRank complement one another. In otherwords, the more the backlinks a webpage has, greater will be its PageRank. Available evidencehowever does not always support this.Googles rise as a search engine giant and its known emphasis on PageRank led people to buildup mammoth quantity of backlinks to webpages. Link farms specializing in creating backlinks inthousands crowded the scene and managed to make fast bucks in no time. To be true, manywebsites did flourish by exchanging or buying backlinks.But axe was soon to fall. Today, after several rounds of Googles purging, the concept ofreciprocal linking or mutual backlinks has firmly taken a backseat.So, how the picture looks like? Are backlinks passé? If not, what could you do to increasebacklinks to your website so that ultimately your PageRank improves?Quality of BacklinksIn an interesting study [http://www.prweaver.com/blog/2004/11/15/49-relationship-pagerank-number-of-backlinks] on relationship between PageRank and number of backlinks, Olivier Duffezhas this to say:"... a page can have PR5 with a single backlink whereas another one can have3,000 backlinks and PR5 too."What this means is that a few backlinks from high PageRank sites are worth many times morethan hundreds of backlinks from low PageRank sites.Nature of BacklinksAdmittedly, securing backlinks from high PageRank sites is easier said than done. Unless there issome intrinsic value and / or focused convergence of content, there is no reason why highPageRank sites will feel compelled to provide backlinks.Nonetheless, backlinks from same (or even a notch lower) PR sites, dealing in similar topics asyours, are always a great boon for PageRank.Focus on KeywordsAs far as possible, ensure that anchor texts of backlinks exactly relate to the topics of pages linkedto. In addition, if anchor texts of backlinks are also your keyword phrases, it is all the more better.To give an example, suppose fishing in queens harbor is your keyword phrase and you have acontent page titled Fishing In Queens Harbor - Pleasure Untold. Ensure now that the backlinksthat point to this content page have your keyword phrase as anchor text - something like below:"Ifyou are game to weekend adventures, do not forget to try fishing in queens harbor".Such specific backlinks notify search engines that your webpage is indeed important for the topic,thus helping in obtaining higher PageRank for that webpage.Article SubmissionsThis has become a rage among potential PageRank seekers. If you subscribe to newsgroups, youwill be flooded with new articles everyday. There is no harm in joining this crowd. In fact this is onearea where you can play around with your backlinks.If you are writing articles, ensure that they are informative, have a distinct style and above all, areable to capture imagination. The truth is if your articles have no takers, there will be no backlinks.On the flip side, article submissions are a great way not only to get many backlinks (and thereforehigher PageRank), but also to boost your profile as a prolific writer. There are thousands of articlesubmission sites out there. Notable among them are GoArticles, IdeaMarketers, iSnare,PromotionWorld, EzineArticles, etc.Other Techniques
  • Blogs and forums are good places to earn backlinks. Unfortunately, they are being increasinglyused for link-spamming. So much so that it will not be uncommon to find that a blog administratorsonly job is to delete spurious comments that contribute no value.Yet, blogs and forums are meant for larger public participation in order to encourage and nourishideas and discussions. If you are serious about quality backlinks, do participate constructively inrelated blogs and forums. Once again, they help to grow your stature among fellow participants.And they also help to get top-quality backlinks.Article by Josh at http://www.hostingfrenzy.comVisit his site for a comprehensive web hosting directory, articles, tools, and much more.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joshua_Mabilia==== ====The Best Backlink Service On The Internet! Backed By 6000+ Campaigns. Starting at just $15!http://goo.gl/wq34N==== ====