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7 Easy Backlink Sources To Get You To The Top Of Google



The Best Backlink Service On The Internet! Backed By 6000+ Campaigns. Starting at just $15!

The Best Backlink Service On The Internet! Backed By 6000+ Campaigns. Starting at just $15!



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7 Easy Backlink Sources To Get You To The Top Of Google 7 Easy Backlink Sources To Get You To The Top Of Google Document Transcript

  • ==== ====The Best Backlink Service On The Internet! Backed By 6000+ Campaigns. Starting at just $15!http://goo.gl/wq34N==== ====Because backlinks boost a web pages level of authority - and authority is a key search engineranking factor - it is absolutely essential that any web page you are trying to promote has a lot ofhigh-quality backlinks pointing to it in order to achieve high search engine rankings.While the best backlinks are those that are earned on the strength of great content, great contentwill not be seen unless the web page it occupies is highly visible in the search results. If its notseen, it wont attract backlinks. If it doesnt attract backlinks, search engines will not see it as anauthoritative page and, as a result, it will be virtually invisible in the search results. Little or novisibility in the search results perpetuates the vicious cycle of little or no search referral traffic, fewor no backlinks, and low authority.Popular Sources of Easy-to-Get BacklinksWhile theyre on their way to being discovered for their great content, many website ownersembark upon campaigns to proactively build backlinks by targeting websites that permit (and evenencourage) the creation of backlinks.Following are some of the most commonly targeted backlink sources:Backlink swappingWebsite directoriesArticle directoriesBlogsForums and bulletin boardsSocial bookmarking sitesWhile the quality of backlinks obtained from the above-noted sources varies greatly, they can helpto accelerate your progress towards greater visibility in the search results, more natural searchtraffic, natural backlinks, and increased authority, which, in turn, leads to even greater visibility,more traffic, more natural backlinks, and more authority. On and on it goes.Your Competition as a Source of BacklinksAnother great and often overlooked source of powerful backlinks is your competition - specifically,competing web pages that rank at or near the top of the search results for the same keywordsyoure targeting.After all, they attained their high search engine rankings due, in large part, to their authority - and
  • since authority is mostly a function of backlinks, its theoretically possible for you to achieve thesame level of authority simply by embarking on a backlink-building campaign that targets the samebacklinks they have. Very simply, if you could get all of the web pages that have backlinks on themto a competitors web page to add backlinks to one of your web pages - all other things beingequal - that page would be equal to the competitors web page in terms of authority.In fact, its theoretically possible to surpass the authority of any top-ranking individual web page bytargeting all of the backlinks of the top two, three, or four search results - rather than only thebacklinks of the top search result.Finding Backlink Data on the CompetitionTo find backlink data on any web page, simply visit Yahoos Site Explorer, enter the URL of a pagewhose backlinks you want to identify, and click on the "Explore URL" button. You will be served upwith a list of the backlinks point to the page you specified (note: you can harvest backlink data onGoogle and other search engines, but Yahoo will report up to 1,000 backlinks - which is more thanany other search engine).If you want to dive a little deeper in your backlink analysis - by reviewing backlink quality factors -consider installing SEOQuakes free extension for Firefox and Chrome. In addition to providingyou with a list of backlinks (it uses Yahoo Site Explorer for this), it will also report on a number ofdifferent factors that affect backlink quality, such as PageRank of the page and the domain,"Nofollow/Dofollow" status of the backlinks on the page, domain age, and so forth.Target Your Top Competitors Backlinks for Some Quick and Easy WinsWhile its true that many web pages earn the majority of their backlinks on the strength of greatcontent and not a backlink-building campaign, it is not at all uncommon to find that a number oftop-ranking web pages in some industries have a disproportionate number of backlinks comingfrom sources that are generally regarded as questionable in quality: forum profiles, socialbookmarking sites, blog comments, and so forth.Nevertheless, since "questionable quality" backlinks form a major part of the backlink foundationupon which high search engine rankings are built for so many web pages, you should set yoursights on your top competitors backlinks and embark upon a backlink-building campaign that canput you on the fast-track to the top.Dave Banner invites you to learn more right now about "aggressively practical" ways to build yourbusiness and make money online by visiting him athttp://www.onlinemarketingbusinessbuilder.com, where you find loads of useful information, how-tos, videos, and so forth intended to teach you all about building your business and makingmoney online - in an aggressively practical way.
  • Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dave_Banner_==== ====The Best Backlink Service On The Internet! Backed By 6000+ Campaigns. Starting at just $15!http://goo.gl/wq34N==== ====