5 Dangerous Itfalls of New Twitter Marketers
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5 Dangerous Itfalls of New Twitter Marketers



To Market Effectively on Twitter you need a good base of Followers. I can get you the Twitter Followers you need to succeed!

To Market Effectively on Twitter you need a good base of Followers. I can get you the Twitter Followers you need to succeed!



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5 Dangerous Itfalls of New Twitter Marketers 5 Dangerous Itfalls of New Twitter Marketers Document Transcript

  • ==== ====Need More Twitter Followers to become an authority in your niche, sell more of your products, getmore traffic to your site, etc? Then youll love our service!http://mysocialbomber.com/twitter==== ====Just about everyone has figured out by now that Twitter has an amazing potential to be a fantasticsales tool for their business. There are, in fact, many other benefits to Twitter besides direct salesthat are just as valuable if not MORE valuable. If you build your Twitter account the right way, youshould be taking advantage of each and every one of these benefits. This Twitter Marketing Tipshows the top 7 ways to use Twitter to build your network and monetize it.1)  Direct MarketingThe reason most of us are using Twitter is to get our messages out there in front of thousands ofvery targeted people. You can do this in several ways using Twitter. The first way is by simplyputting your link in your Twitter profile and having people come to your website or blog to checkyou out.Many people who visit your Twitter page will click on your link and decide to visit your website. Ifyou are targeting people correctly, this can be a fantastic source of traffic for your website or blog.Some of these people will come back time after time, if they like what youre saying. Many willeven purchase the products you recommend.The second way to get your sales message out on Twitter is to create Tweets with your links rightin them. Please dont be obvious and say things like, "Hey, check this out." or "Click here now."That will make you stick out like a spammer for sure. Instead, write a compelling headline that willattract peoples attention and entice them to click on your link because it interests them. Gettingand keeping peoples attention is of utmost importance on Twitter.2) NetworkingNetworking and building business relationships are the key to building any successful business.Almost every important milestone or big success in my own personal business can be attributed toknowing the right people to get things accomplished.Twitter allows you to network with thousands of people in your chosen targeted field, people whohave the skills you need. I dont know any other way besides Twitter where you can find such ahuge amount of targeted people to network with so quickly. Just be really careful that you choosethe right people. Check out new contacts very carefully before making decisions. Try to buildrelationships so you get to know the people you may end up working with.People ask how you can benefit from a huge list of followers. Well, you are noticed when you havea big following. Many are against having lots of followers, but how often do you talk to your mom,
  • dad, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, etc? You can still have a relationship with people even if youdont directly talk with them daily or weekly.You are just opening up a line of communication. If someone wants to talk with you, they can. Ifyou send emails out to your list, you dont really talk to each of them either. But youre still buildingup a relationship and influencing them.3) Joint VenturesThis is kind of like networking... but its networking on steroids. One of the easiest and fastestways to make money on Twitter is to build up relationships with people in your specific nichemarket and then invite them to joint venture with you. Heres a secret the gurus dont want you toknow.Shhhhh... Its all about building relationships.The gurus network constantly to make their money. They go to lots of conferences and seminarseach and every month. Its not just to speak and sell products. Thats second on their agenda. Thereal reason they travel constantly and show up all over the world isnt even to brand themselvesand learn new techniques. All of these reasons are important to the gurus, of course, but theyrenot the most important. Want to know what it is? Its to network! They sometimes call it "The BackScratchers Club." What happens when you join your list with someone elses list? It can double ortriple your list and you only have to work with one person. Thats called leverage. So find people inyour niche to joint venture with on Twitter and watch your business explode.4) BrandingI personally think this is one of the biggest benefits of using Twitter. I know that for my ownbusiness it has been even more powerful than direct sales. I have always built businesses byhaving a good following of people who I network with and by having them send me referrals. Sincestarting my Twitter account, that recognition is growing exponentially.People who Ive never spoken with, people who werent referred to me by someone else, arealready familiar with me because of my Twitter brand and many of them have the impression that Iam an expert in my chosen field. When you have people coming to you like that, completely pre-sold on the idea of doing business with you, its priceless!5) FeedbackYou can ask any question you can think of and get an answer on Twitter in just seconds. Ipersonally have thousands of people that could view my question and possibly answer me back.Its like having Google, with real life experience, right at your beck and call. You can ask forfeedback on a blog youre working on, you can ask a question about the product you are thinkingabout buying or selling. I even ask questions about my dogs. People are just waiting to help youwith their honest opinions.6) Customer Service
  • Businesses have always been aware of the fact that their online reputation is very important. Now,with Twitter, they have to be extremely aware, and in real time.One bad Tweet can travel very, very far with the power of a simple RT (Retweet). You need to beon your toes with what you are Tweeting about and how you are promoting or branding yourbusiness. It can really put the hurt on your Twitter brand if you make someone unhappy with lessthan top notch customer service.On the other hand, if a customer takes the time to Twitter a frustration with your business, it alsogives you the ability to immediately react and fix the problem (publicly) before a bad thought oridea can become associated with you or your business as well. So use Twitter to give greatcustomer service to your customers. This pays long term dividends.7) Media CoverageWe all know that this world we live in loves the media. TV, Internet, Videos, etc. are a way of lifenow. What would we do without it?Well, Twitter covers this too.You can post photos of your puppies, videos of your latest project or product, online trainingpodcasts or videos that you have on your blog, just about anything you can think of. Your Tweetscan alert you to the latest trends, new online products, a sale at WalMart, whatever. You canreverse this and Tweet in a video about what you want or have for sale. There is just no limit tohow you can use Twitter to improve and monetize your life.There are 100s more Twitter benefits than these 7 Ive just covered. People are constantly findingnew ways to integrate Twitter into our lives everyday. I believe we have yet to see some of theamazing things that will come from Twitter. If youve found another way Twitter is benefitingyou,please share your Twitter Marketing Tip with us.To learn more about how to create traffic with Twitter, Social Marketing and Affiliates, you cancheck out Carol at http://FromMyKitchenTable.comYoull learn all about Marketing Tips That Work, Social Marketing - Traffic Generation - ListBuilding - Affiliate Marketing - Product Creation.From Carol Hansen - From My Kitchen Table - Bizness Wizard.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Carol_Hansen
  • ==== ====Need More Twitter Followers to become an authority in your niche, sell more of your products, getmore traffic to your site, etc? Then youll love our service!http://mysocialbomber.com/twitter==== ====