Brull Re-Branding

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Brull Re-Branding

Brull Re-Branding

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  • 1. By Jami Brull
  • 2. Brand Audit
    • Strengths
    • Open to re-branding
    • Cheap prices
    • Order online & able to watch the processes
    • Weaknesses
    • Already had to re-brand
    • High in calories
    • Bad brand image online
  • 3. Brand Audit
    • Opportunities
    • Open up to new menu items that are healthy
    • Pizza recipe that will top all competition
    • Threats
    • More bad online stories/videos
    • Competitors creating more product variety
    • Competitors lowering prices more
  • 4. Loyal Customer
    • Erica Bittel Loyalty:9
    • 27 years old, married, 2 daughters
    • From Hays, KS
    • Loves Domino’s because it brings back college memories. Even though she doesn’t care for the taste of the new pizza as well as the old, she still devours the pizza because she loves the brand. She doesn’t think Hays’ Domino’s is nice or clean, but she still will patronize it.
  • 5. Stakeholders
    • J. Patrick Doyle – CEO
    • 11 Executive Vice Presidents
    • Board of Directors: Overseen by David A. Brandon (previous CEO)
    • Stockholders
    • Consumers
    • Employees & managers
    • Suppliers, vendors, and farmers
  • 6. Why Re-Brand?
    • Domino’s did not ask their customers about re-branding before they did the last time.
    • Bad brand image
    • Domino’s first re-banding is not good enough
    • Bad brand experience
  • 7. Recommendations
    • Change the hours
    • Make the Domino’s franchise more “family” oriented
    • Improve brand image
    • Start a successful feedback process
    • Have new commercials displaying different emotions
  • 8. Story Board Talking about coming home and can NOT wait to have a home-cooked meal
  • 9.  
  • 10.  
  • 11.  
  • 12. YAY! for Domino’s that is as delicious as a home-cooked meal!!