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Go to market success strategies

Go to market success strategies



Go to market success strategies

Go to market success strategies



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    Go to market success strategies Go to market success strategies Presentation Transcript

    • INCREDIBLE FACTS• Over 60% of new product innovation never makes it to market• 40% of new products are withdrawn within the first year, failing to become profitable.• When Go-to-Market risks are overlooked… According to a study of venture-backed start- ups, fever than 15% of start up firms are still in operations after initial funding !!!
    • The only CURE for that dilemmaNew inventions or product innovation Go-to- Market concepts need to succeed integration of effective… DISRUPTIVE - PRODUCT INNOVATION STRATEGIES
    • Inventions or new product ideas need Disruptive Innovation Launch Concept Canvassing to succeed in its market !
    • The only effective Go-to-Market keysuccess strategies for disruptive newinventions or product innovations are:• Product - Market fit with Go-No Go Decision development• Successful market positioning AND differentiation• Selection of the correct early adopter target market• Develop a winning disruptive Go-to-Market Strategy• Effective distribution concept development• Pricing not easily matchable by competition• Marketing message development that rasonate well• Immersion Marketing & Sales tactics for disruption
    • How do we know, if we got these strategies right ?
    • Path to Go-to-Market Success• Any initial Go-to-market strategy assumption will be always part right and part wrong• Therefore the only way to get it right is to prioritize and work on all Go-to-Market risks first and manage them down to zero:• Think of: – Deal killer risks – Path depending risks – all other uncertainties
    • But any entrepreneur can beat the odds of failure • Detect all Go-to-Market risks first • Prioritize all Go-to-Market • Work these risks from the most important one down • Try to manage these risks until it’s ok • The three main Go-to-Market risks of any venture are: 1) Deal Killer risks 2) Path to market depending risks 3) All other easy to solve risks • The two main risks MUST be managed successfully and solved before business launch !
    • Addressing the two main risks EARLY in theplanning process gets quick proportional strategic results - Any Go-to-Market Launch becomes more likely a SUCCESS !
    • Market Adoption ConceptAdoption is key to the success of products and services. When evaluating a concept,prototype, or completed product launch, the evaluation really boils down to one fundamental question: Will people use it ? Will people buy it ?
    • The Art of Quality ConsultingStep by Step to Product Launch Success Concept We develop and integrate effective disruptive innovation product development key steps before your innovative idea gets introduced in its market, we…• Check what customers (or Investors) look for here• Manage all barriers to adoption before launch• Constantly evaluate the products perceived value
    • Our Strategic Framework builds up your effective Go-to-Market Launch Plan1. We define the perceived value of the product or service2. We get to know the market forces acting on your industry3. We identify and manage all risks4. We establish your strategic business development goals5. We define measurable performance milestones6. We define needed competitive differentiation resources7. We develop and execute a tactical Launch plan8. We measure and compare expected to actual results9. We capture insights to make strategic/tactical changes10. We develop a future vision for your strategic priorities
    • The Result• A product which is perceived as being capable of delivering a unique, valuable benefit to customers• A product or service perceived as distinctly different from its competitors• High Focus on delivering that unique benefit to customers• A great Tagline: a memorable slogan that sums up the product’s unique benefit in a clear, concise, and compelling way• With a price easily affordable by the mass market
    • Lesson LearnedThe main reason why innovative product launches are sofailure-ridden is not that the product itself is a failure, or because of the outcomes are kind of unpredictable (You change around anyway a couple of times…),but rather that some of the fundamental marketingparadigms like selection of the RIGHT market segment, superior to competition brand building and/or exact customer understanding are violated. The odds of success are much higher when the Go-to-Market structure gets framed according to the customers product usage perception, and…
    • Winning Best Practice Go-to-Market Solutions are all based on development ofSMART PILOT PROGRAMS
    • SUCCESS STRATEGY = PILOT PROGRAMS• Making it work on small scale first• “Spend a little to learn a lot” strategy• Run a pilot product launch first• Test it out as long as it takes• Focus on sharpening the business concept• Initiate “life” focus group sales• Run surveys• Apply lesson learned and… You will most likely belong to the WINNERS !
    • GET YOUR WINNING GO-TO-MARKET CONCEPT NOW ! The Art of Quality Consulting…a Brand of Technology Applications International LLC. Orlando, FL, USA 5635 Commerce Drive, Orlando, 32839 Phone: 407-342-8458 - Fax: 407-442-3016 email: info@theartofquality.com website: http://www.theartofquality.com