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Using your mlis skills in information architecture
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Using your mlis skills in information architecture


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Gives MLIS students an idea on how to transition skills from school to an information architecture career path.

Gives MLIS students an idea on how to transition skills from school to an information architecture career path.

Published in: Career, Education, Technology
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  • 1. Using Your MLIS Skills inInformation Architecture Theresa Putkey
  • 2. My Background• Technical writer to requirements analyst• Employee to independent• Technical writer to information architect• To MLIS degree
  • 3. What Is IA?• Helping people organize information• Understanding who is going to use it and designing for them• Design can be for a content management system (CMS), digital asset management system (DAM), digital library, Intranet, website
  • 4. Why IA?• Corporations have tonnes of information but have no idea how to organize it• Or they organize it but no one can search for it or find it
  • 5. The IA Approach• Is a user-centred design approach• We learn about what users need (just as a librarian learns about services patrons need)• Use research skills such as surveys and interviewing• Apply our understanding of information seeking behaviour.
  • 6. IA Analysis and Design• Do a content inventory• Card sorting to find out how people organize content• Create metadata and taxonomies, a site map to show site structure• Advise on and review the search interface• Design wireframes• Conduct user testing
  • 7. What Skills Do IAs Use?• 240 – basic structure of a website, some HTML and CSS• 244 – search tools (I did a paper on federated search)• 247 – a lot about non-traditional classification• 281 – all about metadata• 282 – digital asset management• 285 – research skills• 287 – digital libraries (which can be corporate, too!)• 294 – taxonomy internship• WISE – information interaction
  • 8. Challenge MLIS Students Face• Many MLIS students lack practical, on the job experience in corporations• Aren’t sure how to speak the language and adapt the skills• Solve this by doing a non-library internship• Find a company you want to work for and ask them to have you as an intern.
  • 9. ResourcesWith these resources, you’ll find a LOT moreinformation• ASIST• IA Institute• My 240 project s/iatopics.php• My website
  • 10. Contact Me• 604 563 6317••• @tputkey