The Users are Restless
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The Users are Restless



An argument for simpler pages, Responsive Web Design, and Semantic HTML.

An argument for simpler pages, Responsive Web Design, and Semantic HTML.



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The Users are Restless The Users are Restless Presentation Transcript

  • The Users are RestlessTerry Ryan | Developer EvangelistTwitter: @tpryan
  • Who are you?
  • Would you like a movie review?
  • How would youlike pancakes?
  • I would like to visit my alma mater.
  • Source:
  • How about on mobile?
  • Pop quiz:What are you packing?
  • Demo Text Point your browsers
  • Users have noticed
  • The users are restless
  • And by “restless”I mean “pissed”
  • How dowe fix this?
  • Build sites thatcater to users needs
  • Get rid of stuff you want
  • Ensure you havewhat users want
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Semantic HTML
  • SEMANTIC HTMLA Flexible starting place
  • OXO
  • Definition• HTML where specific elements are used• HTML where elements are not misused• HTML with no presentation information
  • Semantic HTML?<div>Heartland  Developers  Conference</div>
  • Semantic HTML<div>Heartland  Developers  Conference</div>
  • On HDC Site<h1>Heartland  Developers  Conference</h1>
  • On My Site<h2>Events</h2><ul>        <li>Heartland  Developers  Conference</li></ul>
  • Semantic HTML is a moving target• Not Boolean• Not always objective• A continuum Text
  • ExampleUnsemantic Semantic<body  background="css/bg.png"> <body><font  face="Calibri”><center> <div  id="header"><table  width="800"  bgcolor="#FFFFFF"   <h1>The  Awesome  Blog  of  Awesome</h1> Textborder="10"  bordercolor="#FFFFFF"> <p  class="tagline"><tr><td><table  width="100%"  bgcolor="#f0f0f0"   Text Text Awesome  is  a  State  of  Mind </p>border="0“>   </div> <tr> <td><h1> <font  face="Palatino  Linotype">The   Awesome  Blog  of  Awesome</font> </h1></td> </tr> <tr>         <td  align="right"><p> <i>Awesome  is  a  State  of  Mind</i> </p></td> </tr></table>
  • HTML5 adds more semantics <body>        <header>                        <h1>The  Awesome  Blog  of  Awesome</h1>                        <p>Awesome  is  a  State  of  Mind</p>        </header>        <nav>           <ul>                        <li><a  href="">Home</a></li>                        <li><a  href="">Blog</a></li>                        <li><a  href="">About</a></li>                        <li><a  href="">Contact</a></li>                </ul>        </nav>
  • <header> <nav> <article><aside> <section> <nav> <footer>
  • RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGNContent that adapts to user capability
  • HTML isResponsive
  • Source:
  • Everything added makes the web less responsive
  • How do we do it
  • Responsive Web Design• Develop like your browser is just one big linear display• Tweak for mobile• Enhance for wider screens• Test it on targets• Iterate until it works right
  • It’s not just layout
  • ResponsiveTypography
  • Responsive Images
  • Demo Alternate HDC site
  • CONTENTIt’s the content, stupid!
  • AVON
  • Eliminate the stuff your users don’t want.
  • But I have thisthing they have to know about...
  • You are not in control ofhow your users experience your site
  • Zite Readibility Flipboard InstapaperPocket Read it Later Safari Pulse
  • They’re all different
  • But they’reall the same
  • It’s okay, they’rejust content sites
  • Nope, apps too.
  • If you don’t get rid of stuff, users will
  • Source:
  • Mobile Engagement• Paypal mobile payments: • 2009 - $141,000,000 • 2011- $4,000,000,000 Text• Fab - 2X more likely to buy on mobile• Financial Times - 2x more likely to subscribe• Flipboard - 3x more likely to engage Source:
  • Not the future
  • Not thenear future
  • The present
  • We can go beyondnot angering our audience
  • We candelight them
  • Make things digestible with Semantic HTML
  • Your contentshould workeverywhere with Responsive Web Design
  • Give your userswhat they want with Simplified Content
  • Follow up?• Preso will be up at: -• Feel free to contact me - Text - - Twitter: @tpryan